Street Fighter 6: How To Complete Equivalent Exchange

In Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange, players will meet Counterfeit Leonardo and will be given a task to find certain items.

Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange is a side quest that players will find in the World Tour mode. In the World Tour mode, you will travel worldwide, meeting all legendary fighters and others while progressing through the story. Although it is a side quest, it will be of immense value to you. These side quests in World Tour mode will provide you with loads of style experience and extra character. Rushing toward the end without getting new fighting styles, Zenny, and costumes is not worth it.

Before You Start: Make sure you have completed The Search for the Bag quest of the main storyline.
Key Takeaways
  • Players will find Equivalent Exchange side quest in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.
  • To begin the quest, players must visit Counterfeiter Leonardo, who is located at Sky Lane in Metro City.
  • Completing the quest require players to find two Rings, Pipes, and Cards by fighting NPCs.
  • Players can find two Rings at Bayside Park, which is the south end of Metro City.
  • Pipes can be found in Chinatown, which is west of Beat Square, the same place where players meet Chun-Li in Chapter 2.
  • Lastly, Cards can be found at Beat Square, which is on the east side of Metro City.
  • After collecting all these items, players need to return to Counterfeiter Leonardo.
  • That concludes the side quest, and players are rewarded with three energy drinks and an Officer’s cap.

Equivalent Exchange Sidequest Location

Street Fighter 6: Starting Equivalent Exchange quest
Meeting with Counterfeit Leonardo [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
In the early stages of the World Tour mode, you will meet Counterfeiter Leonardo in Metro City. However, before meeting him, you must complete The Search for the Bag quest, which is a part of the main storyline. Through that quest, you will get to know how NPCs drop items. Moreover, how you can check the potential items, an NPC can drop without even starting a fight.

The side quest revolves around fighting NPCs for specific items, and it can sometimes be difficult to find out which NPC has what item. Therefore, the prior quest is extremely important to complete if you want to complete the World Tour Equivalent Exchange side quest effectively in Street Fighter 6.

How To Complete Equivalent Exchange Sidequest

Collecting Items from NPCs
Getting The Required Items [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
To begin the Equivalent Exchange side quest in Street Fighter 6, you must first visit Sky Lane in Metro City to meet Counterfeiter Leonardo. As you meet him, he will talk about completing another project, and for that, he needs your help. He will give you the task of acquiring these items:

  • Two Rings: commonly  found around the Bayside Park
  • Two Pipes: commonly found around Chinatown
  • Two Cards: commonly found around Beat Square

Although there is no time limit for completing the side quest, you should get the job done so you can focus on other things. After reaching the locations, simply go near the citizens and press Triangle/Y to see their details. If you see that they are carrying the items that you need, press Square/X to challenge them to a fight. Once you defeat them, you can acquire the item.

After you spend some time at the locations mentioned, you will eventually get the required items. However, you may face challenges in looting Pipes from Chinatown as a small section of the area receives a pipe spawn. Therefore, if you can’t find NPCs carrying it, try leaving the area and then coming back.

Moreover, you may struggle in fighting against the NPCs as they might die soon. If you get in that situation, you can simply eat some meals in Beat Square that lower your attack for a limited duration. With your attacking skills nerfed, you can easily fight NPCs and get the items without killing them.

After you get two of each required item, your job will be to deliver it to Counterfeiter Leonardo. Once you deliver these items, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Three energy drinks
  • Officer’s cap

To conclude, Street Fighter 6 Equivalent Exchange is a side quest in World Tour mode. You will need to visit Counterfeiter Leonardo to start the quest. In total, you will have to fight NPCs to get Rings, Pipes, and Cards. Visit the locations mentioned where you will have a higher chance of finding these items. After completing the quest, you will receive three energy drinks and an Officer’s cap.

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