Street Fighter 6 Cammy [Moves, Story & Voice Actor]

Take a look at a detailed guide on Cammy in Street Fighter 6, including her story, voice actor, age, and special arts. 

Cammy is one of the breakthrough fighters in the character roster of Street Fighter 6. She is a rush-down fighter with powerful anti-air and damage attacks. Most of her attacks compromise defense and health to deal maximum damage to enemies. Furthermore, her offensive attacks are pretty fast and make her moves hard to react to. 

Key Takeaways
  • Cammy is a rush-down fighter in Street Fighter 6 with powerful damage attacks. 
  • Her voice actor is Caitlin Glass, and in Street Fighter 6, her age is 16 years old. 
  • Her play style is rushed, and she is capable of sacrificing her defense for maximum damage output. 
  • She has a great range and is perfect against enemies like Blanka. 
  • Her special moves include attacks like Spin Drive Smasher, Killer Bee Spin, and Delta Red Assault. 


In terms of story, in Street Fighter 6, Cammy’s appearance is very different from her previous versions.

Cammy – (Image Captured By: eXputer)

She first started out as one of the members of the special forces team called the Delta Red. 

  • She was also code-named Doll Cammy and Killer Bee.
  • Cami has changed a lot of groups, but most of the time, you will see her in specialized military groups with her main goal of defeating M Bison. 
  • In Street Fighter 6, we see her in casual clothes, which is way different from her previous incarnations. 
  • Cammy’s voice actor in Street Fighter 6 is Caitlin Glass. 
  • However, according to her in-game birth date, Cammy’s age should be around 55 in Street Fighter 6, as she was born on January 6th, 1974. 


Being one of the confirmed characters in Street Fighter 6, Cammy has fast-forwarded and switchable attacks. She is also able to do powerful combinations like the hooligan combo that makes her attacks hard to react and counter.

If your opponent is backing up a lot, Street Fighter 6 Cammy can easily cross the distance, thanks to her speed.

Street Fighter 6 Cammy
Moveset – (Image Captured By: eXputer)

Keep in mind that she is not meant for blocking attacks as she is capable of sacrificing her defense and health to deal maximum damage output to her enemies. 

  • Cammy’s blocking is not powerful, making her vulnerable to characters like Marisa and Zangief.
  • She struggles against enemies with a larger health pool, like Ken, due to her rushed gameplay.
  • To counter, avoid giving characters like Ken opportunities for special attacks to preserve Cammy’s health.
  • Cammy excels against characters such as Manon and Blanka with her good range, making her effective against Zoners.
  • In Street Fighter 6, Cammy shines as a rush-down fighter, perfect for those who enjoy a riskier playstyle sacrificing defense for more damage.
  • If your play style is defensive, Cammy may not be suitable due to her limited health pool; consider fighters with higher health for a defensive approach.

Special Moves 

Her special moves include attacks like the Spiral Arrow, which is great for ending deadly kick combinations. However, I recommend using it at a longer range as it is punishable by enemies.

Using punishable attack – (Image Captured By: eXputer)

Her anti-air attack, called Cannon Spike, is also a good option. 

  • One of her best special moves is the Hooligan Combination which is great for confusing enemies.
  • You will also be able to feint this attack in case you have been using it a lot in battles. 
  • Her Cannon Strike Attack will allow Cammy to jump in the forward direction and perform a dive kick while aiming at the lower torso of the enemy.
  • This is great for throwing them off and making them vulnerable to incoming attacks. 
  • Another one of her special moves includes the Quick Spin Knuckle, but you can perform a side switch and deal a powerful punch to take up a major amount of enemies held. 

Super Arts 

There are three super arts of Street Fighter 6 Cammy that you can perform.

Street Fighter 6 Cammy guide
Special Arts – (Image Captured By: eXputer)

The first super art is the Spin Drive Smasher, best used with other attacks to make up a powerful combination.

  • Cammy’s level 1 Reversal is a powerful move providing a significant advantage against enemies.
  • The second super art, Killer Bee Spin, is unlocked at level 2 and can be performed in the air, involving kicking opponents.
  • Killer Bee Spin is versatile, serving in various combinations or as an ender move.
  • Cammy’s level 3 super art, Delta Red Assault, is effective against projectile-heavy opponents like Ryu.
  • Delta Red Assault can dodge incoming projectiles, making it useful in combinations and against different attacks.

My Experience With Cammy In SF6

Cammy is a pressure machine. The key to rising the ranks with her is to make the most of her speed and mix-ups to confuse your opponents. While it takes a fair amount of practice to adjust her playstyle and long combos to do great damage, Cammy can be untouchable in the right hands.

nameer zia sf6 steam
My SF6 playtime on Steam

However, If you’re just starting out, I strongly recommend utilizing her basic combos for damage instead of hopping into the advanced stuff.

Use her Hooligan combination for mix-ups, and use the Quick Spin Knuckle to find cracks in a zoner’s defense. With enough practice, you may reach Diamond and Master like the cool kids.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on Street Fighter 6 Cammy, along with her voice actor, age, and story.

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