Street Fighter 6: Cammy Gifts And Locations

There are two Street Fighter 6 Cammy gifts; Jellied Eel, and Necro Acrylic Keychain. Both increase friendship points by 5.

In Street Fighter 6 world tour mode, gifts are pivotal for the character’s development as they can upgrade their rankings through which players can unlock advanced moves of their favorite heroes. Cammy is one of the most liked heroes and also has a couple of favorite gifts that she truly admires. 

Key Takeaways
  • Gifts are essential in Street Fighter 6 world tour mode for character development.
  • Cammy is a popular character with two favorite gifts:
    1. Jellied Eel
    2. Necro Acrylic Keychain

  • Jellied Eel can be purchased from a Hawker merchant at Bathers Beach for 3920 Zenny.
  • Necro Acrylic Keychain is obtained by completing Chun Li’s Friendship mission.
  • Giving gifts to characters helps build relationships and upgrade rankings.
  • Upgraded rankings allow players to unlock advanced moves and new outfits.
  • Max friendship requires 100 points, with favorite gifts providing 5x points each.
  • Giving Cammy twenty Jellied Eels or Necro Acrylic Keychains will maximize the friendship.
  • Maximizing the friendship ranks with Cammy unlocks her classic Leotard costume.

Cammy’s Gifts And Their Locations

Every master needs a special present to use their capabilities to their maximum. Cammy has two most desirable gifts in Street Fighter 6. The gifts are:

  • Jellied Eel
  • Necro Acrylic Keychain
Street Fighter 6: Merchant Hawker at Bathers Beach
Purchasing Jellied Eel from merchant Hawker at Bathers Beach. [image by us]
You can buy Jellied Eel from a Hawker merchant for 3920x Zenny at Bathers Beach in Street Fighter 6 world tour mode. While to get the Necro Acrylic Keychain, you must complete Chun Li’s Friendship mission. Giving Cammy her favorite gifts will allow you to talk to her to build a strong relationship with her.

How To Obtain Gifts?

Gifts are literally the easiest thing to obtain in Street Fighter 6. You can get them by finishing any quests or side quests. You can also buy them from different merchants at different locations in world tour mode. All gifts you purchase or get as rewards will be visible in your inventory. 

What Do Gifts Do?

To make your bond stronger with the heroes in Street Fighter 6, you will need to bestow them with gifts. Gifts actually help them rank up more quickly, and you will also be able to unlock some crazy costumes. Giving the right gifts to heroes increases their skillset as well. 

To complete a full friendship with your desired hero, you just need a hundred points. There are two types of gifts in Street Fighter 6. One is ordinary or normal gifts, and the second is favorite gifts. Normal gifts just increase the friendship level by 2x or 3x points. In contrast, the favorite gifts increase friendship points by 5x.

Giving Jellied Eel to Cammy
Meeting Cammy and giving her Jellied Eel. [image by eXputer]
So, this means you will have to give twenty Jellied Eels or Necro Acrylic Keychains to Cammy to maximize her friendship.

Gifts are the best way to strengthen your bond with your chosen hero, as it matters a lot in Street Fighter 6. Make sure you don’t waste your gift on an irrelevant hero. To maximize the bonding level with Cammy, you will need to visit Bathers Beach twenty times and get the Jellied Eel. 

Cammy likes Jellied Eel and Necro Acrylic Keychain, which will make her feel good and use her undiscovered moves in the game. When you reach the maximum friendship points with Cammy, her classic Leotard costume will unlock, which will look ravishing on her, and the user will feel an accomplishment.

See this reddit post to get an idea about how to get different costumes for Cammy once the friendship level has been raised to 100.


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