Street Fighter 6: Eternity [Background & Voice Actor]

Discover the flamboyant NPC, Eternity, in Street Fighter 6 - an immersive character who hosts "Channel Eternity" and engages players.

The sixth installment of the Street Fighter series, SF6, made a powerful impact on the gaming world, introducing many fascinating characters. Among them is an unplayable NPC character that has caught the fan base’s attention – Eternity, an announcer who will get your avatar started on their experience within the widely popular Battle Hub game mode.

Key Takeaways

Eternity is an unplayable, flamboyant NPC in Street Fighter 6 who stands out due to their unique appearance and personality.

  • Despite fan speculations about Eternity being an LGBTQ+ character, there is no official affirmation from Capcom.
  • Eternity, reminiscent of Ruby Rhod from “The Fifth Element,” hosts their in-game show, “Channel Eternity.”

Who Is Eternity In Street Fighter 6?

As an intriguing NPC character in Street Fighter 6, Eternity serves as the welcoming host in the Battle Hub – the central location for online play. In the World Tour mode, players can freely move their avatars within the Battle Hub, interacting with others and Eternity.

Eternity Street Fighter 6
Eternity ( Credit: eXputer)

Although Eternity’s flamboyant personality and distinctive appearance have stirred quite a discussion among players, it’s essential to remember that Street Fighter has a history of introducing unique characters. Here are a few crucial aspects to note about Eternity:

  1. Eternity’s character aligns with SF6’s tradition of diversity and inclusivity. While some players believe Eternity to be an LGBTQ+ character, there has been no official confirmation from Capcom.
  2. Street Fighter 6 Eternity has a striking resemblance to Ruby Rhod, a character from the movie “The Fifth Element.” Just like Ruby, Eternity hosts their own show, aptly named “Channel Eternity,”.
  3. The colorful and flamboyant character of Eternity has made them a topic of discussion among players, leading to various speculations about their gender. However, it is yet to be officially clarified.

Voice Actor

Lastly, to breathe life into Eternity’s character, Capcom entrusted the job to some incredible talents. The English voice for Eternity in Street Fighter 6 is given by Vittorio Wyatt Gray; meanwhile, the Japanese voice is lent by Natsuki Hanae.

Contribution & Presence To The Community

Not merely a figurehead, Eternity significantly contributes to the immersive experience in SF6. They host a show named “Channel Eternity,” mirroring the format of popular Twitch or YouTube streams. Their character engages players with a request for likes and subs at the end of their segment. A few notable aspects of their role are:

  1. They are among the new faces introduced in Street Fighter 6, sharing the stage with other newcomers like Jamie, Kimberly, Manon, Lily, Marisa, and JP.
  2. Though Eternity is not a playable character, their distinctive presence has certainly garnered considerable attention.


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