How To Win A Group Match In Tekken 8

One of Tekken 8's achievements requires players to win a group match which can be found inside the Tekken Lounge mode.

Tekken 8 has a group match arcade machine in the Tekken Lounge mode where you can play a group match and win it to unlock the Please Dont Tell My Father achievement. Additionally, a group match isn’t exactly what it sounds like as you won’t be engaging in group battles, it is still a 1v1.

Key Takeaways
  • Group matches can be accessed once players enter the Tekken Lounge mode.
  • The Tekken Lounge mode is a new online hub area in Tekken 8 similar to SF6’s battlehub.
  • Group matches are not exactly group battles as you will be doing 1v1s here as well.
  • Winning a group match unlocks one of the many achievements in the game.

Entering Tekken Lounge Mode

win a group match tekken 8
My Avatar Inside The Tekken Lounge Mode In Tekken 8. (Image Captured by Us)

Before you can start a group match, you’ll need to enter the Tekken Lounge mode first.

  • Entering Tekken Lounge: Select the Tekken Lounge mode from the main screen or inside the online tabs menu.
  • Creating An Avatar: If you haven’t already, create an avatar to enter the Tekken Lounge and meet other players.
  • Selecting A Region: After creating an avatar, select the appropriate region to enter the lounge and enter the lounge filled with players.

Starting A Group Match

win a group match tekken 8
The Purple Colored Arcade Machines For Group Matches In Tekken 8. (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once inside the Tekken Lounge mode, you can then proceed to enter into a group match. Make your way to the area with the arcade machines. Now look for the purple-colored arcade machines specifically present there for group battles. At the top of these machines, it even states that these are for group battles.

Sit at one of the purple arcade machines and wait for an opponent to challenge you. After an opponent arrives, you must beat him in a 1v1 to win the group match, unlocking the Please Dont Tell My Father achievement. I personally fought here with a friend to unlock the achievement ASAP as he let me win.

Tekken 8 is already considered one of the best fighting games and it features a base roster of 32 best characters from the franchise. There are so many characters that cater to both professionals and new players. If you’re struggling to learn Tekken 8, then you should start with a beginner-friendly character.

This concludes my guide on how you can enter and win a group match in Tekken 8. The process itself is a bit complicated but once you enter Tekken Lounge mode, you can easily access group matches. I hope that the guide helped you to unlock the achievement tied to group matches. Let me know what you think about Tekken 8 in the comments below!

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