Tekken 8: How To Get Bad Ending [Explained With Images]

Here are all the questions answered regarding what is the sad ending in Tekken 8 and how you achieve it in the story mode of the game.

The new story “The Dark Awakens” offers a unique storyline that occurs six months after the Tekken 7 story ends. The story unfolds many new secrets and the backstories of new Tekken characters, like Azucena, Victor, and Reina. However, the main thing was Jin’s recent development, as he learned more about his devil form. This guide breaks down how to get the bad ending in Tekken 8.

Key Takeaways
  • “The Dark Awakens” is Tekken 8’s latest storyline mode, covering recent events.
  • Last chapter, “Strength and Conviction,” features Jin vs. Kazuya.
  • The fight between father and son is very long and has a lot of cut scenes and choices that affect their fight as it progresses.
  • Winning and hitting countdown button leads to Jin’s victory (good ending).
  • Missing countdown button results in Jin’s defeat (bad ending).
Disclaimer: This guide contains spoilers for the ending of the story mode “The `Dark Awakens.”

What Is The Bad Ending In Tekken 8?

Jin vs Kazuya
The Dark Awakens in Tekken 8 [Screenshot by Exputer]
In the story mode of Tekken 8, we experience the story of Jin as he fights against his father, Kazuya. In the last chapter of the storyline mode, “Strenght and Conviction,” both father and son face each other on the map “Fallen Destiny,” which compliments the story as the end game.

During the fight, players have multiple choices: to give up or to continue, which affects the health and heat of the player or the opponent according to their choice. If you press the required button during the countdown, Jin may receive a power boost; otherwise, he will lose his health before the battle.

Cut Scene between the fight
Cut scene during fight showcasing the ending in Tekken 8 [Screenshot by Exputer]
If you continue to fight and win each battle, you will eventually defeat Kazuya. After this, we see Jin looking at the sunrise after a long night of storms and thunder. He looks at the scenery and thanks his mother, saying, “We will meet again,” and the end credits will appear.

But even after defeating Kazuya, you will still find some stories that are not unlocked in the gallery. For that, you will have to open the secret ending, which is also considered the bad ending to the story.

How To Unlock Bad Ending

Jin vs Kazuya
Jin vs Kazuya Final battle in Tekken 8 [Screenshot by Exputer]
If Kazuya defeats you in the game, the screen displays a “YOU LOSE” message, and you must replay to see the ending. And if you keep fighting and defeating Kazuya in all rounds, you will get a good ending. But how do we get the bad ending or the secret ending?

You have to survive all rounds but miss all the choices you get during the battle. Kazuya receives a boost when you miss a choice, while Jin continues the battle with a slightly low health bar. 

last choice during battle
The Last choice during battle in Tekken 8 [Screenshot by Exputer]
To get the bad ending, you have to do the following,

  • Lose Battle: To lose the final battle, you must skip all the mid-battle choices and let Kazuya defeat you. You cannot do so by simply not pressing any button, as it will dodge any move if you do so.
  • Let Kazuya Defeat You: Keep moving and try to do slight damage to Kazuya as well. Kazuya has to defeat you during the fight to get the bad ending, even if Jin regenerates some health. This probably happens on the sixth battle, where Jin starts in heat mode, and Kazuya starts in rage.
Jin defeated
Jin was defeated in the final story in Tekken 8 [Screenshot by Exputer]
Once you have been defeated, there will be a cutscene in which Kazuya throws Jin’s body off a cliff in typical Mishima fashion. You will also get the secret ending trophy after this battle.

After this, you will get the end credits for the game, but wait, there is more. After the credits, there is an end credit scene after both the sad and the good ending. One relates to Kazuya, while the other links to Reina, the newly added character.

The Mishima Fashion
Kazuya throwing Jin off the cliff in Tekken 8 [Screenshot by Exputer]
You have now been informed about the sad or secret ending of the storyline mode. That concludes the information regarding this topic. I would say both endings sum up the story very well. But the battle is tough, so I recommend practicing combos like this Kings Combos guide


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