Anime Adventures Tier List: All Units Ranked & Compared

Thanks to our Anime Adventures Tier List, you no longer have to wonder about the best character and get you the victory you desire.

Unable to pick a favorite character? You may use our Anime Adventures tier list. “Anime Adventures” is a tower defense game that tests your ability to assemble your beloved anime characters and dispatch them to battle swarms of foes. They may be leveled up to get more strength, and you can assemble your ideal squad.

Key Highlights

Anime Adventures features a total of 42 characters for its fun-filled anime experience. 

  • We Ranked characters based on versatility across different meta settings and team formations. 
  • Anime Adventures characters that fulfill all the detrimental factors include Blackbeard, Akainu, and Lelouch. They are the most potent options onboard and should be your go-to choice for winning. 
  • Zenitsu, Mihawk, Piccolo, Kakashi, and Ichigo are the weakest on the split hand. Avoid choosing them as their vulnerable stat distributions and the extra inferior abilities are not something you would want to bear.
Anime Adventures Tier List Units Ranking Table 
Tiers Units 
S-Tier Blackbeard, Akainu, and Lelouch
A-Tier Jotaro, Giorno, Erwin, Dio, Broly, WhiteBeard, Todoroki, Bulma, Shanks, and Madara
B-Tier Frieza, Speedwagon, All Might, Itachi, Ace, Killua, Josuke, Inosuke, Gaara, Future Gohan, Pain, Overhaul, and Levi
C-Tier Sanji, Sakura, Rengoku, Kizaru, Kakyoin, Goku Black, Genos, Eren, Dabi, Armin, Zenitsu, Piccolo, Mihawk, Kakashi, and Ichigo

All Anime Adventures Units & Comparison

The units stats in Anime Adventures:

CharacterTierAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type
All MightB91294Physical
Future GohanB81685Magic
Goku BlackC61965Magic


Anime Adventures Tier List Tier List S-Tier

The majority of team formations and meta settings perform nicely with the top-tier, S-tier troops on the list of the Anime Adventures tiers.

These flexible individuals are the best to invest in because they are the most powerful on the market right now. Anime Adventures’ S-Tier heroes should be your priority if you’re seeking anything truly effective.

Lelouch Overpowered unit, known for his summoning ability. He can summon warriors with 2K HP who deal significant damage to their foes. With a high attack rate and range, Lelouch is a versatile and powerful unit that should be a priority investment for any player seeking effectiveness.
Akainu Akainu is one of the finest mythical heroes, boasting the highest damage among all mythical units. With a range comparable to Broly’s and the largest area of effect radius in the game, Akainu excels in dealing damage to multiple enemies. Despite a subpar SPA, Akainu’s exceptional stats more than compensate for it, making him the superior variant of Madara.
Blackbeard Blackbeard is renowned for his curse ability in Anime Adventures. His strikes curse opponents, increasing the damage dealt by other members of the squad. With excellent SPA and reach stats, as well as a complete AOE, Blackbeard enhances the versatility of his Curse. Despite his weak assault, Blackbeard’s primary role is to curse opponents, allowing teammates to deal greater damage.


Anime Adventures Tier List Tier List A-Tier

Even though they don’t have a skill set as varied as the S-tier dwellers, the Anime Adventures Heroes featured below are usually worthwhile to consider. They are excellent investments for all types of players and should be a player’s main priority if finding an S-tier unit seems challenging.

Broly Boasts excellent DPS, range, and AOE capabilities, making him a formidable unit with comparable skill cooldown duration to Madara. High cost may be a drawback.
Dio Multifunctional unit with a unique upgrade to Timestop, enhancing already great stats. Slightly high SPA compensated by Timestop ability, versatile and valuable.
Erwin Finest legendary support unit, boosting nearby units’ damage and summoning additional units periodically. Invaluable asset in any battle.
Giorno Well-balanced legendary unit with impressive DPS, range, SPA, and cost. Overall solid choice for various situations.
Jotaro Finest epic hero, boasting incredible damage output and ability to freeze enemies with time stop. Powerful abilities and high damage make him formidable.
Madara Excels in dealing damage with powerful AoE skills. Respectable range and strong damage-dealing abilities.
Shanks Most beneficial legendary hero with strong damage and wide range. Impressive SPA enhances damage output significantly.
Bulma Best money hero, providing significant production boost every round. Invaluable for acquiring expensive equipment and maintaining strong economy.
Todoroki Strongest epic debuffer with impressive damage, range, and SPA. Potent AoE debuffer, capable of inflicting significant damage to multiple targets simultaneously.
WhiteBeard Solid DPS unit with cone AoE target and full AOE capabilities. Strong damage output and AoE abilities make him a reliable choice for powerful damage dealing



The B-tier characters in Anime Adventures aren’t the best, but they usually do a great job. You’ll notice, for instance, that these heroes do well in some game modes but poorly in others.

However, the characters will prove to be highly dependable when teamed with the right friends. All that is necessary is that you play to their advantage. When you initially start, it could be smart to invest in B-tier characters.

Ace Special hidden unit with incredible range and damage capabilities, obtained through specific summoning conditions. High SPA and AOE abilities make him a valuable asset despite the high cost.
Itachi Although stats are comparable to Goku Black, Itachi’s black flames provide a slight advantage. However, still falls short of expectations for a legendary unit.
All Might Fantastic mythical unit with high damage and range, particularly effective with his AOE bubble attack. Cost-effective and reliable in dealing damage to multiple enemies.
Speedwagon Formerly the best moneymaker, now overshadowed by Bulma. Still useful for generating income, especially for units with high upgrade costs.
Frieza Excellent neutral unit with decent damage and powerful AOE abilities. Despite lacking certain abilities, his overall performance compensates for it.
Future Gohan Well-balanced mythical hero with excellent stats across the board. Despite ranking lower than other mythical units, his overall performance is solid.
Gaara Second-best epic debuffer with excellent DPS, range, and AOE abilities. Shocking opponents for a duration adds to his utility in battle.
Inosuke Strong neutral unit with high DPS, range, and AOE capabilities. Effective in both story and endless modes.
Josuke Strongest rare hero known for consistently stunning opponents. Despite being expensive, his good range and SPA contribute to his effectiveness in battle.
Killua Well-balanced epic hero with decent damage output, strong range, and sizable AOE circle. Effective when combined with high SPA.
Levi Excellent support DPS unit with amazing DPS, SPA, and range. Limited by small AOE cone but still valuable in killing bosses.
Overhaul Comparable to Killua with strong damage output, decent range, and sizable AOE circle. High cost is a drawback.
Pain Despite low DPS and high cost, Pain’s massive AOE and powerful pushback ability make him valuable in various game modes. Effective against bosses and resistant to their attacks.



Rarely, in any circumstance or game mode, may heroes rated here turn out to be useful. The C-tier heroes make mistakes because of their weak stat distributions or have inferior abilities, even when managed by the most enthusiastic Anime Adventures gamers.

Therefore, it’s often a good idea to keep your distance from these people. However, if you can’t find somebody from the top ranks, those who are just starting may still choose these.

Kakyoin Subpar squad with decent range but minimal damage and lacking special abilities.
Kizaru Lacks damage but possesses decent AOE and SPA, placing him lower due to his lack of talent.
Rengoku Decent DPS-supporting unit with good damage and burn capabilities, respectable range, and SPA.
Sakura Second-best attack buffer with weak attack and short range, not advised due to Erwin’s superiority.
Sanji Second-best rare unit with good burn damage, AOE, and DPS, serves as a backup if Josuke is unavailable.
Armin Worst mythical hero with subpar abilities and low damage output, disappointing despite a sizable AOE cone.
Dabi Worst hero in the tier with unimpressive numbers, large AOE circle, high SPA, poor DPS, and range, overall weak stats.
Eren Rendered essentially worthless by Erwin’s introduction, poor minion HP and weak assault titan.
Genos Poor hero with mediocre single target DPS and SPA, extensive range but weak damage output.
Goku Black Subpar stats with weakest DPS generation despite strong AOE cone, reach, and SPA, unimpressive overall.
Ichigo Worst epic hero with low DPS, decent AOE, respectable range, but high cost and weak damage output, not recommended for purchase.
Kakashi Unimpressive epic hero with decent AoE cone and range, but low DPS and moderately good SPA, lacks compensation for subpar DPS.
Mihawk Weak hero with poor damage generation and weak stats overall.
Piccolo Poor epic unit with terrible straight-line AoE, sub-average DPS, and wide range that doesn’t compensate for his weaknesses.
Zenitsu Decent damage output and range, strong straight-line AoE cone, but too costly and unreliable, poor DPS.

Tier List Criteria

The same process that eXputer has been using to create every one of its tier lists was employed to create this one. Making The Anime Adventure’s Tier List, which strives to assist all new and old players, required a lot of thought and research.

Our team evaluated each conclusion in the game as well as an event that takes place. Not to forget that throughout the whole process, we had assistance from skilled players who, applying their extensive knowledge, frequently expressed their perspectives on what qualities the perfect Anime Adventure team should have.

Players may examine the tier list to rapidly make more informed decisions by perceiving the performance of the game’s many characters. Since each player chooses to display their favored playing style, it’s good if a handful of users differ with any element of our rating.

Nonetheless, we assure you that a substantial portion of this list is grounded on general views. We continually strive to uphold it given our constantly accessible comment areas that are open for healthy discourse but closed to criticism.

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