Anime Adventures Tier List: All Units Ranked [December 2023]

Thanks to our Anime Adventures Tier List, you no longer have to wonder about the best character and get you the victory you desire.

Unable to pick a favorite character? You may use our Anime Adventures tier list. “Anime Adventures” is a tower defense game that tests your ability to assemble your beloved anime characters and dispatch them to battle swarms of foes. They may be leveled up to get more strength, and you can assemble your ideal squad.

Key Highlights
  • Anime Adventures features a total of 42 characters for its fun-filled anime experience. 
  • While overall performance viability is a crucial criterion behind every ranking, Anime Adventures characters are also graded based on versatility across different meta settings and team formations. 
  • Anime Adventures characters that fulfill all the detrimental factors include Blackbeard, Akainu, and Lelouch. They are the most potent options onboard and should be your go-to choice for winning. 
  • Zenitsu, Mihawk, Piccolo, Kakashi, and Ichigo are the weakest on the split hand. Avoid choosing them as their vulnerable stat distributions and the extra inferior abilities are not something you would want to bear.
Anime Adventures Tier List Units Ranking Table 
S-TierBlackbeard, Akainu, and Lelouch
A-TierJotaro, Giorno, Erwin, Dio, Broly, WhiteBeard, Todoroki, Bulma, Shanks, and Madara
B-TierFrieza, Speedwagon, All Might, Itachi, Ace, Killua, Josuke, Inosuke, Gaara, Future Gohan, Pain, Overhaul, and Levi
C-TierSanji, Sakura, Rengoku, Kizaru, Kakyoin, Goku Black, Genos, Eren, Dabi, Armin, Zenitsu, Piccolo, Mihawk, Kakashi, and Ichigo

All Anime Adventures Units & Comparison

The units stats in Anime Adventures:

CharacterTierAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type
All MightB91294Physical
Future GohanB81685Magic
Goku BlackC61965Magic


Anime Adventures Tier List Tier List S-Tier

The majority of team formations and meta settings perform nicely with the top-tier, S-tier troops on the list of the Anime Adventures tiers.

These flexible individuals are the best to invest in because they are the most powerful on the market right now. Anime Adventures’ S-Tier heroes should be your priority if you’re seeking anything truly effective.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The summoning ability of Lelouch, an OP unit, allows for the summoning of warriors with 2K HP who can deal a lot of DMG to their foes.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

One of the finest mythical heroes; Akainu has the highest DMG of all mythological units, a range that is comparable to Broly’s, and the largest AOE radius in the game. However, his SPA is quite subpar, nearly matching Madara’s, but his amazing numbers more than make up for this. The superior variant of Madara is Akainu.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Blackbeard is renowned for his ability to curse. His strikes curse opponents, increasing the damage dealt by other members of your squad by 1.1 to 1.5 times. His SPA and Reach stats are excellent, and he even has a Complete AOE, which increases the versatility of his Curse.

Blackbeard’s assault is weak, but it is irrelevant because his job is to curse opponents so that teammates on the squad can deal greater damage.


Anime Adventures Tier List Tier List A-Tier

Even though they don’t have a skill set as varied as the S-tier dwellers, the Anime Adventures Heroes featured below are usually worthwhile to consider. They are excellent investments for all types of players and should be a player’s main priority if finding an S-tier unit seems challenging.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Broly has excellent DPS, range, and AOE capabilities. The skill CD duration is comparable to Madara’s. There is only one drawback, and that is cost.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Dio is a Multifunctional famous unit. His upgrade changes ATK to Timestop and pairs it with generally great stats. His spa is a little high, but Timestop makes up for it.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The finest legendary support unit in the game is Erwin. Erwin boosts nearby units’ DMG by X25 percent and summons a unit having 1000 HP every X10 seconds, providing extensive coverage.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Giorno is a balanced legendary unit overall. His overall numbers are quite good. His DPS, reach, SPA, and cost are all impressive. He lacks some skills, yet he is good.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Jotaro is the finest epic hero in Anime Adventure right now. He possesses incredible damage output for an epic hero with a large line of fire. He has the power to freeze adversaries with a time stop. Despite being a single target unit, he makes up for it with his numbers and abilities.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

A legendary hero in Anime Adventure with powerful DMG-causing skills is Madara. He can do AoE DMG damage. Although not the finest, the range of blows is fairly respectable.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The most beneficial legendary hero in the game right now is Shanks. He possesses strong DMG, but when combined with his absurd SPA, his damage is considerably greater, it matches Akainu, Whitebeard, and Madara in terms of performance.

He can startle opponents and has a very wide range, which is excellent. Shanks can also perform well against minions and monsters.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The best money hero right now is Bulma. She has a maximum production of 8,000 every round, which is quite helpful when employing pricey equipment.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The strongest epic debuffer in Anime Adventure is Todoroki. His attacks burn targets after a brief period of freezing them. He has excellent damage for an AoE epic hero when combined with a strong range, and his incredible SPA renders him the greatest epic debuffer.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

He has a cone AoE target and is a full AOE hero. Although he is a solid DPS unit overall, Broly and Akainu still outperform him.



The B-tier characters in Anime Adventures aren’t the best, but they usually do a great job. You’ll notice, for instance, that these heroes do well in some game modes but poorly in others.

However, the characters will prove to be highly dependable when teamed with the right friends. All that is necessary is that you play to their advantage. When you initially start, it could be smart to invest in B-tier characters.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Ace is a special hidden unit that you can only obtain by summoning Luffy adjacent to an ocean star or by exchanging X100 fire shards for it. He has an incredible range and spa, and he can deal out a considerable amount of DMG. He costs a lot, like Goku, but is ranked better thanks to his incredible SPA and AOE.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The poorest unit, Goku Black, has stats identical to Itachi’s. But we have Itachi a better rating because of his black flames, which burn a bit. Nonetheless, he is still quite disappointing for a legendary.

All Might

NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type
All might91294Physical

All Might is another fantastic mythological unit with fantastic DMG and a fantastic range. He is cost-effective since his Bubble AOE attack deals DMG to the majority of the foes.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Before Bulma, Speedwagon was the biggest moneymaker. He doesn’t top the Anime Adventures Tier list since most heroes in the game can be maxed up with the money you earn from waves. He is very helpful for units with hefty upgrade costs.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Frieza makes an excellent neutral unit. He deals decent damage for an epic unit. He possesses a powerful AoE with an incredible range. Although he lacks some ability, his numbers more than help compensate for it.

Future Gohan

NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type
Future Gohan81685Magic

Future Gohan is the top 25th exclusive hero on the rankings. He has excellent Damage, Reach, Circle AoE, and SPA. He is a highly well-balanced mythical hero. Future Gohan is ranked lower than other Mythical Units because of his poor stats in comparison.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

His assaults shock opponents for around two seconds each time. Gaara is the second-best epic debuffer thanks to his excellent DPS, large range, and large AoE circle.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Inosuke is an excellent neutral unit as well. He possesses strong DPS, range, and spa. He strikes in a single direction with a cone AoE. Inosuke works well for both stories and endless.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The strongest rare hero in the Anime Adventure is Josuke. He dissembles or stuns opponents for around two seconds each time he strikes.

He can be a hero who can consistently stun foes when combined with decent damage for just a rare hero. Josuke has a good range and an extremely good spa. However, he is rather expensive.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The game’s best-balanced epic hero is known to be Killua. He has decent damage output, a strong range, and a sizable AoE circle. He is a very well epic hero when combined with a quality SPA.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The best support DPS unit. Amazing DPS, SPA, and range. The only downfall is that his AOE cone is too small. He’s a supporting unit that can help kill bosses but not the main unit that can carry you.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Within the same grade as Killua is Overhaul. He possesses strong damage output, decent range, a sizable AoE circle, and a strong spa. His only drawback is that he is quite expensive.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Pain’s power: Although his DPS numbers are low and his cost is rather high, his massive AOE with his op ability more than helps compensate for it. His pushback is incredibly useful in all game modes. Pain’s power has a drawback in that it only reaches a small number of enemies. He can also resist bosses.



Rarely, in any circumstance or game mode, may heroes rated here turn out to be useful. The C-tier heroes make mistakes because of their weak stat distributions or have inferior abilities, even when managed by the most enthusiastic Anime Adventures gamers.

Therefore, it’s often a good idea to keep your distance from these people. However, if you can’t find somebody from the top ranks, those who are just starting may still choose these.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Kakyoin is a fairly subpar squad. He has a large AoE circle and excellent range, however, his damage is minimal he lacks any special abilities.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

DMG is absent from Kizaru, but other features like AoE as well as SPA are decent. Due to his lack of talent, he is placed lower.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Rengoku is a decent DPS-supporting unit. His damage is good, and he also has ok burn damage, a strong range, and a respectable spa.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Sakura is the game’s second-best attack buffer. She is a complete AoE attacker and grants a 10% attack buff. However, her attack is weak and has a short range. Because Erwin is a thing, we do not advise her for an attack buff.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The second-best rare unit is Sanji. Every time he attacks, he deals with serious burn damage, good AoE damage, and good DPS. If you don’t have josuke, you have him as a backup.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Anime Adventures’ Tier List’s Worst Mythical Hero is Armin because of his subpar ability and low damage output. He uses a skill with a sizable full AOE cone to attack every 60 seconds. Attacking every 60 seconds by around 5k DPS is rather disappointing.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Dabi is the worst hero in this tier list for Anime Adventures. His numbers are unimpressive. He has a large AOE circle, high spa, and poor DPS and range. Even though his AOE circle is large, his poor stats nonetheless prevail despite this.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Erwin’s introduction rendered Eren essentially worthless. The hp of Eren’s minions is poor, and his assault titan isn’t significantly stronger. Erwin is superior in every way.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Another poor hero is Genos. He only has one target unit. He has ok single target DPS and ok spa. Despite his extensive range, his weak damage output cannot be offset.

Goku Black

NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type
Goku Black61965Magic

Goku Black has subpar stats. The DPS generation is the weakest despite his strong AoE cone, reach, and SPA. He is an unimpressive unit.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

The worst epic hero in this Anime Adventures Tier List is Ichigo. His DPS is quite low. He has a decent AoE and respectable range, however, his maximum cost is around 8000 and he only deals 20 damage. We advise against purchasing him.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Kakashi is a rather unimpressive epic. He has decent AoE cone and range, but his DPS is rather little. His moderately good SPA does not help compensate for his subpar DPS, though.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Mihawk doesn’t have good damage generation. His stats are also really weak which makes him a very weak hero.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Piccolo is a really poor epic unit. He has a terrible straight-line AoE and sub-average DPS. Although he has a very wide range, his attack and poor straight-line AoE severely drag him down.


NameAttack RateRangeSPASpawn CapDamage Type

Zenitsu has decent damage output, decent range, and a strong straight-line AoE cone. His greatest flaw is that he’s still far too costly. He is unreliable for any game mode and has poor DPS.

Tier List Criteria

The same process that eXputer has been using to create every one of its tier lists was employed to create this one. Making The Anime Adventure’s Tier List, which strives to assist all new and old players, required a lot of thought and research.

Our team evaluated each conclusion in the game as well as an event that takes place. Not to forget that throughout the whole process, we had assistance from skilled players who, applying their extensive knowledge, frequently expressed their perspectives on what qualities the perfect Anime Adventure team should have.

Players may examine the tier list to rapidly make more informed decisions by perceiving the performance of the game’s many characters. Since each player chooses to display their favored playing style, it’s good if a handful of users differ with any element of our rating.

Nonetheless, we assure you that a substantial portion of this list is grounded on general views. We continually strive to uphold it given our constantly accessible comment areas that are open for healthy discourse but closed to criticism.

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