Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List: Best and Worst Items

All Best and Worst Items In Risk of Rain 2!

Risk of Rain 2 is a story about surviving the growing monstrosity at Petrichor V planet. Players control one out of eleven playable classes in the game. By the way, we have a character tier list for that. These characters have set of abilities and equipment. To increase the chances of emerging victorious while fighting monsters, each survivor equips special items. These little trinkets grant offensive, defensive, and support strength while equipping single or multiple stacks of items.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 180 items in Risk of Rain Returns.
  • These rankings are based on offensive, defensive, and support strength, usage convenience, versatility, efficiency in a build, drop rate, and stacking perk bonus.
  • Best Items in Risk of Rain 2:
  1. Tougher Times
  2. ATG Missile MK.1
  3. Harvester’s Scythe
  4. Shatterspleen
  5. Armor-Piercing Rounds
  6. Tri-Tip Dagger
  • Worst Items in Risk of Rain 2:
  1. Blast Shower
  2. Effigy of Grief
  3. Wake of Vultures
  4. H3AD-5T v2
  5. Item Scrap (almost every) 

Item Tier List Picks

Here is Risk of Rain 2’s Item Tier List summarized:

Item Tier List Items Ranking Table 
Tiers Items 
S-Tier Lens Makers Glasses, ATG Missile MK.1, Harvester’s Scythe, Paul’s Goat Hoof, Soldier’s Syringe, 57 Leaf Clover, Soulbound Catalyst, Shattering Justice, Crowbar, Disposable Missile Launcher, Tougher Times, Predatory Instincts, Will-o’-the-wisp, Gesture of The Drowned,  Shatterspleen, Armor-Piercing Rounds, and Tri-Tip Dagger 
A-Tier Infusion, Personal Shield Generator, Royal Capacitor, Fuel Cell, Backup Magazine, Stun Grenade, Unstable Tesla Coil, Halcyon Seed, Sentient Meat Hook, Berzerker’s Pauldron, Hopoo Feather,  Repulsion Armor Plate, Death Mark, Charged Perforator, Mired Urn, Molten Perforator, and Hardlight Afterburner 
B-Tier  Genesis Loop, Kjaro’s Band, Shaped Glass, Bundle of Fireworks, Ukulele, Topaz Brooch, Rose Buckler, Jade Elephant, Old Guillotine, Focus Crystal, Ceremonial Dagger, Runald’s Band, Gnarled Woodsprite, Titanic Knurl,  Focused Convergence, Spectral Circlet, Ifrit’s Distinction, Purity, Empathy Cores, Artifact Key, Planula, Defensive Microbots, Gorag’s Opus, Forgive Me Please, Recycler, Primordial Cube, Super Massive Leech, Sawmerang, Bison Steak, and Interstellar Desk Plant 
C-Tier  Armor Piercing Rounds, Primordial Cube, Fuel Array, Irradiant Pearl, Pearl, War Horn, Brilliant Behemoth, War Banner, Preon Accumulator, Queen’s Gland, Wax Quail, Aegis, Sticky Bomb, Beads of Fealty, Energy Drink, The Backup, Transcendence, Gasoline,  Delicate Watch, Ignition Tank, Mocha, Power Elixir, Oddly-shaped Opal, Shipping Request Form, Regenerating Scrap, Shuriken, Squid Polyp, Spare Drone Parts, Symbiotic Scorpion, Pocket I.C.B.M., Laser Scope, Ben’s Raincoat, Encrusted Key, Lost Seer’s Lenses, Lysate Cell, Needlestick, Plasma Shrimp, Essence of Heresy, Her Biting Embrace, N’kuhana’s Retort, Silence Between Two Strikes, Mercurial Rachis, Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn, Defiant Gouge, Hooks of Heresy, Executive Card, Pluripotent Larva, Polylute, Safer Spaces, Singularity Band, Tentabauble, Voidsent Flame, and Weeping Fungus 
D-Tier  Happiest Mask, Lepton Daisy, Bustling Fungus, Old War Stealth Kit, Chronobuable, Brainstalks, Cautious Slug, Medkit, Alien Head, Razor Wire, Ocular HUD, Red Whip, Dio’s Best Friend, Hardlight Afterburner, Rusted Key, Bandolier, Leeching Seed, Fresh Meat, Resonance Disc,  Roll of Pennies, Hunter’s Harpoon, Stone Flux Pauldron, Light Flux Pauldron, Molotov (6-Pack), Remote Caffeinator, Goobo Jr., Newly Hatched Zoea, Benthic Bloom, Item Scrap, White, Bottled Chaos, Defense Nucleus, Egocentrism, Eulogy Zero, and Shared Design 
F-Tier Milky Chrysalis, The Crowdfunder, Frost Relic, Ghor’s Tome, Monster Tooth, Foreign Fruit, Radar Scanner, Brittle Crown, Spinel Tonic, Volcanic Egg, Corpsebloom, Strides of Heresy, Little Disciple, Hellfire Tincture, Visions of Heresy, Blast Shower, Rejuvenation Rack, N’Kuhanas Opinion, Eccentric Vase, Glowing Meteorite, H3AD-5T v2, Wake of Vultures, Effigy of Grief,  His Reassurance, Item Scrap Red, Item Scrap Yellow, and Item Scrap Green 


Every item in this item tier list category, be it offensive or defensive, is a fantastic addition to your inventory. Not only do they increase a better survival chance, but they make every run in Risk of Rain 2 a breeze.

After all, the game’s core mechanic is to rinse and repeat the entire expedition from stage one to Commencement. Therefore, we highly suggest keeping an eye out for these items while doing runs.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
S-Tier Items List
Name of ItemShort Description
Soldier’s SyringeYou get a 15% additional increase in attack speed. Each stack gives 15% more speed to the base speed.
Paul’s Goat HoofYou receive a 14% increase in the movement speed, and each stack gives 14% more movement speed.
Harvester’s ScytheYou get an additional 5% chance to critical strike an enemy. All Critical strikes attacks will heal you now for 8 hp. Stacking gives 4hp per item.
ATG Missile MK.1Get a mounted missile launcher on shoulder having 10% chance to fire a missile at enemies. The attack can deal 300% damage and each stack of item provides +300% damage.
Lens Makers GlassesYou get an additional 10% chance to land critical hits on your enemies. The strikes will deal double damage as well.
Tougher TimesYour survivor receives 15% chance to block the damage regardless of a minion or boss attack. Each stack of item gives additional +15% chance to block.
Predatory InstinctsYou get a 5% critical chance after equipping this item. All critical hits will significantly increase your attack speed: 12% for one item and max 36% attack speed can be achieved by stacking the items.
Will-o’-the-wispAs soon as you kill an enemy a lava pillar appears, dealing burn damage in a 12m radius.
Gesture of The DrownedYou get a 50% reduction in overall equipment cooldown. Further stacking of the item gives 15% more chance. Also, your equipment fires automatically after getting cooldown.
57 Leaf CloverThe item rolls all random effects of the equipped items.
Soulbound CatalystAll kills while equipping this item drastically reduces the overall equipment cooldown by four seconds. Each stack of item gives additional two seconds.
Shattering JusticeA survivor can drastically lower the overall armor of an enemy after hitting consecutively for five times.
CrowbarThe item grants damage buff of 75% on an enemy if enemy’s health is above 90%.
Disposable Missile LauncherThe launcher fires a total of twelve missiles with each dealing 300% damage.
ShatterspleenGrants a 5% critical chance
Armor-Piercing RoundsYou can inflict 20% extra damage to all bosses
Tri-Tip DaggerGive a 10% Bleed chance for 240% of base damage


All items falling under our A-tier list offer great value when it comes to surviving solo or with a teammate. Unfortunately, they are not the best items you should eye for. But still, if you happen to come across the following mentioned items from our item tier list, pick them up and make the most use out of them.

Additionally, all these items are by far the most used ones by the players in creating dynamic builds. Be it a human playable class like Huntress or the infamous half-robot-half-plant Rex; all these items are known to be a big help in creating strong builds.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
A-Tier Items List
Name of ItemShort Description
Backup MagazineYou receive additional usage charge on you Secondary skill. Stacking the item grants one more charge to be used before cooldown occurs.
Fuel CellThe item reduces the overall cooldown of an equipment by 15% and also gives you one extra charge to use the equipment before it goes to cooldown.
Royal CapacitorYour survivor can hurl down a lightning strike from the sky on a singular targeted enemy. The lightning deals 3000% damage and it also stuns all the nearby creatures of all sizes as well.
Personal Shield GeneratorYou get a shield that auto-recharges whenever you are out of danger. The shield is 8% of your total health, and each stack gives additional 8% shield.
Tritip DaggerYour survivor gets a 10% chance to cause an enemy bleed damage. The overall damage is increased by 240%.
InfusionYou can increase your overall health by 1hp after killing one enemy. Maximum stack is 100hp.
Hopoo FeatherThe item allows you to do double jump. Each stack gives you one more jump.
Berzerker’s PauldronYou go into a frenzy mode after killing three enemies within a second. The frenzy mode significantly increases your overall movement speed and attack speed by 50% and 100% respectively.
Sentient Meat HookYou get a 20% chance to hook enemies nearby and bring them closer. The hooks deal 100% of base damage.
Unstable Tesla CoilYou get the ability to electrify enemies using the lightning of the item. It can hit up to 3 enemies, and each stacking gives two more targets to electrify. The overall duration of the attacks is 10 seconds.
Halcyon SeedEquipping this item allows you to summon Aurelionite, a helper, who fights alongside you after interacting with a teleporter.
Stun GrenadeYou get additional 5% chance to stun enemies for two seconds. The stun offers high-time to attack.
Repulsion Armor PlateShrinks incoming damage by 5
Death MarkDebuffed enemies are marked so they take 50% extra damage from all hits
Charged PerforatorGrants a 10% chance to down a lightning effect and deal 500% extra damage on every hit
Mired UrnWill theter the nearest enemy so you deal 100% damage and also heal simultaneously
Molten PerforatorGives a 10% chance to call magma balls that each deal 300% damage
Hardlight AfterburnerAdds two utility skill charges while also reducing 33% of its cooldown


Classifying items into this item tier list category was a bit tricky. All these items are a mixed bag when it comes to usability and drop rate in the game. Some of the items mentioned down here were nearly as good as items of A-tier. Still, we had to put them into this category.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
B-Tier Items List
Name of ItemShort Description
Topaz BroochYour survivor receives a temporary barrier if you kill an enemy.
UkuleleThe item grants chain lightning attacks on three enemies for overall 80% of total base damage. Each stack gives you opportunity to attack two more enemies and overall 25% is the chance of occurrence.
Genesis LoopIf your health falls below 25% of overall health, you will explode and cause a massive damage of 6000% of base damage.
Bundle of FireworksWhenever you open a chest or repair a bot, you will launch eight fireworks rockets dealing a total of 300% base damage to nearby enemies.
Shaped GlassYou receive a massive base damage buff by 100% by sacrificing overall health by 50%.
Kjaro’s BandIf you land greater or equal to 400% damage to an enemy, Kjaro’s band will cast a runic flame tornado. The item ability deals 300% damage as time passes. The cooldown is 10 seconds.
Ceremonial DaggerYour survivor spawns three homing daggers whenever you kill a monster. Each dagger can deal up to 150% damage.
Focus CrystalA red circle surrounds survivor indicating the buff zone to land a 20% increased damage on enemies. Each stack gives 20% more damage buff.
Old GuillotineEquipping this item allows your to drop Elite enemies dead whenever their health drops below 13% bar.
Jade ElephantYou get a fortification of armor by equipping this item. Receive an additional 500 armor that lasts for the next five seconds.
Rose BucklerWhile sprinting, your survivor receives increased armor capacity. Each stack gives you 30 more armor whenever you only sprint.
Titanic KnurlYour survivor receives buff in overall health bar and health regeneration. Health increases by 40 and base hp regeneration increases by nearly +1.6 hp/s.
Gnarled WoodspriteYour survivor gets a Woodsprite companion which can heal the overall health per second of 1.5% the entire hp bar.
Runald’s BandIf you land greater or equal to 400% damage to an enemy, Runald’s band will cast a ice blast attack. The item ability deals 250% damage as time passes and slows down enemies for 80% for next three seconds. The cooldown is 10 seconds.
Focused ConvergenceTeleporters with this item will charge with 30% increased speed
PurityReduces all skill cooldowns and rolls random effects once
Empathy CoresCalls a pair of Solus Probes that gains 100% damage per every ally
Artifact KeyRenders immense power
PlanulaGrants a healing effect against all incoming effects
Defensive MicrobotsShoots down consecutive missiles
Gorag's OpusSends allies in frenzy state for 7 seconds while the player's movement and attack speeds increase by 50% and 100%, respectively
Forgive Me PleaseCalls a cursed doll to activate any on-kill effect on you
RecyclerWill transform any item into another
Primordial CubeLike Singularity Band launches a Black Hole that pulls every enemy within 30 meters
Super Massive LeechRenders healing effect that matches 20% of damage dealt
SawmerangThrow three massive blades consecutively that will slice through them also render damage on their way back
Bison SteakSwells max HP by 20
Interstellar Desk PlantPlants a fruit seed that heals for 5% of max HP when fully grown
Spectral CircletYou can significantly slow down every enemy that's hit and also gains the Invisibility Celestian Cloak buff
Ifrit's DistinctionBlazing Elite powers will let you inflict Fire Damage equal to 50% of the total damage. Hurt enemies will then leave a trail that renders further harm to anyone who crosses it


All the items grouped together perform better with certain classes only. They are helpful as long as you have a suitable class whose abilities synergize with the item. Otherwise, they are not a go-to kind of item that can be used with all the game’s playable classes.

For example, the Energy Drink item works well if you stack it while playing with loader. Likewise, the charged gauntlet skill of the character shines when you get extra movement speed through the said item. Similarly, Preon Accumulator synergizes well while playing with Artificer survivor.

Items of our C-tier category will not do wonders unless you do not have a suitable playable class. We also think they are not a great fit while doing speed runs with a random survivor in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
C-Tier Items List
Name of ItemShort Description
The BackupYour survivor can call four strike drones that fight as an ally against the enemies. The drones aid for 25 seconds only.
TranscendenceYou get 50% max health and convert the remaining into regenerating shields.
GasolineWhenever you kill an enemy you ignite other enemies who happen to be in a 12 meter radius to the killed one.
Wax QuailWhenever you sprint and jump, you reach further and cover a longer distance because of the item boost. .
AegisYou get the ability the heal more than 100% of your overall health. Your survivor receives a 50% health barrier as an extra health.
Sticky BombYou get a 5% chance on strike to attach a bomb onto an enemy while combat. The explosion damage causes 180% of the base damage.
Beads of FealtyPlayer(s) enters the Celestial Portal to enter A Moment, Fractured and obliterates themselves at the Obelisk, they will be transported to A Moment, Whole before ending the run.
Energy DrinkThe item gives you increases sprint speed and greatly improves it by 25%. Each stack of the item grants additional +25% of sprint speed.
War HornUsing the item allows you to receive 70% increased attack speed for the next eight seconds. Each stack gives +4 seconds on attack speed.
Brilliant BehemothLand exploding attacks to the enemies who are in a 4 meter radius near you.
War BannerYour survivor drops a war banner, significantly raising the attack and movement speed of all survivors by 30% as long as they remain in the radius of the war banner.
Preon AccumulatorYour survivor can fire a preon tendril that electrifies and stuns enemies in a 35 meter radius The attack deals 600% damage per second.
Queen’s GlandYour survivor gets the ability to summon a personal Beetle Guard who fights enemies right by your side.
Armor Piercing RoundsThe ability allows you to land 20% additional damage on the bosses only. The item has no effect on regular monsters in the game. Each stack of the item gives 20% more damage.
Priomordial CubeYour survivor fires a black hole that can draw and stick enemies together for up to 10 seconds so that you and your team can focus fire.
Fuel ArrayThe item grants explosion damage whenever triggered. It deals nearly 150% damage of the a player’s health to themselves and all nearby enemies as well. The item is effective if used within 30 meter radius of enemies.
Irradiant PearlYou survivor gets significant increase in all of the stats he/she currently rocks while fighting the enemies by 10%. Each item stack gives 10% more.
PearlYour survivor receives an increases health bar by 10%, and each item stack gives additional 10% health.
Encrusted KeyUnveil an item containing cache at every stage and corrupt rusted keys
Lost Seer's LensesGives a 0.5% extra chance to kill any non-boss enemy instantly and corrupts Len's Makers Glasses
Lysate CellShrinks your special skill's cooldown by a whopping 33% and corrupts fuel cells
NeedletickGrants a 10% per stack collapse chance for a base damage rate of 400%. It also corrupts Tri-Trip Daggers
Plasma ShrimpYou will get a shield that matches 10% of your Max HP. Item also corrupts AtG Missile Mk 1
Pluripotent LarvaConsumes to bring you back to life if downed while also granting invulnerability for 3 sec. Dio's best friend will be corrupted
PolyluteGet a 25% Lightning chance that renders 60% DMG. Corrupts Ukuleles
Safer SpacesBlocks incoming damage and corrupts Tougher Times
Singularity BandWill help inflicts 400% extra damage while also launching Black Hole to pull all enemies within 15m surroundings even closer. Corrupts Kjaro's and Runald's Bands
TentabaubleGives a 5% enemy root chance on every hit and corrupts Chronobaubles
Voidsent FlameWill stack up a Lava Pillar for 260% Base DMG within a 12m radius whenever a full HP enemy gets hit. Corrupts Will-o'-Wisps
Weeping FungusGrants a 2% Health buff on sprinting and corrupts Bustling Fungi
Trophy Hunter's TricornWill grant a special reward or item of an enemy on killing it
Delicate WatchSwells damage by 20% but will break if HP is any lesser than 25%
MochaIncreases movement speed by 7% and attack speed by 7.5%
Power ElixirRenders healing effect equal to 75% of max HP. Less than 25% of Health will consume this item.
Oddly-shaped OpalWill increase armor by a whopping 100 if you are not close to danger
Ignition TankHelps deal 300% extra overtime damage effect
Shipping Request FormDelivers parcels containing random items
Regenerating ScrapNo such use. Employed when using Uncommon 3D printers
ShurikenRenders 400% base damage
Squid PolypWill call a Squid Turret that deals damage at an attacking speed of 100%
Spare Drone PartsActivates Col. Droneman while Drones receive cooldown reduction, 50% extra attack speed, 10% missile firing chance, and automatic chain gun ability.
Symbiotic ScorpionDeals a 100% armor-reducing chance on hit
Pocket I.C.B.M.Adds two extra missiles reloads to all missile equipment
Laser ScopeRenders 100% extra damage on critical strikes
Ben's RaincoatRepels debuffs and pull a temporary barrier that consumes health
Defiant GougeSummons all nearby enemies into your team
Hooks of HeresyTurns secondary skill into Slicing Maelstrom and charges up projectiles so they deal 875% more damage
Essence of HeresyThe item replaces your special skill with a ruin of choice.
Mercurial RachisSummons a Ward of Power at a random spot that will grant extra damage buffs to all allies as well as enemies
Executive CardGives back 10% of gold spent on making all purchases
Her Biting EmbraceYou can significantly slow down every enemy that's hit
N'kuhana's RetortDeal heal turning off debuff to all enemies for 8 seconds while projecting spiked balls to factor in simultaneous damage
Silence Between Two StrikesReplaces half of your heal with enhanced defense and take enemies with lightning bombs


The items falling under this category of our tier list are the least favored and used items in the game. They are not straight away useless. It is just that these items are not the most picked items when it comes to running solo or creating damage-dealing builds in the game.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
D-Tier List Items
Name of ItemShort Description
BandolierYour survivor receives 18% chance on kill to reset all of ability cooldowns if you pick up the ammo pack.
Leeching SeedUsing this item, you can heal yourself for 1hp for each damage dealt on an enemy.
Fresh MeatWhenever you kill an enemy, your base health bar increases by 2 points.
Resonance DiscThe resonance disc hurls itself towards monsters after charging it by killing four enemies within seven seconds. The disc deals damage and explodes at the end. After explosive damage, the disc returns back to the survivor while piercing all enemies on its way coming back.
Ocular HUDYour survivor can land frequent critical hits by receiving 100% Chance for the next eight seconds.
Red WhipWhenever you run away from the enemies, or stay away from the combat, your survivor gets increased movement speed by 30%. Each stack of items gives additional 30% movement speed.
Dio’s Best FriendWhenever you die, the item will sacrifice itself and will resurrect the survivor, granting him/her invulnerability for the next three seconds.
Hardlight AfterburnerThe item greatly reduces utility skill cooldown. The 33% reduction and two more charges of your utility skill allows you to spam them frequently.
Rusted KeyThe rusty box contains items with a combination of 80% uncommon and 20% legendary items to spawn if you open the box with a rusted key. The key is consumed if you open a rusty box.
BrainstalksWhenever you kill an elite monster, your survivor becomes frenzied for the next four seconds and all of his/her cooldowns have 0.5 seconds duration only.
Cautious SlugYou survivor’s base health regeneration speed is increased by +3 hp per seconds. The status effect applies if you go outside the combat.
MedkitYour survivor applies medkit and heals for 20 health point. The status effect starts after 2 seconds from the point of receiving the damage.
Alien HeadThe item significantly reduces the all skill cooldowns by 25%. Each stack gives 25% increase in the cooldowns.
Razor WireYour survivor bursts into razors whenever taken a hit by a monster. The item deals 160% damage and can strike up to five monsters in a 25 meter radius.
Happiest MaskUsing the item, your survivor gets a 7% chance to spawn the ghost of the killed enemy who fights alongside you for max 30 seconds.
Lepton DaisyThe Lepton Daisy heals all allies and yourself for 50% of the max health during a teleporter boss fight. It occurs one time and for more occurrences you need to stack more items.
Bustling FungusWhenever you stand still, a healing fungus zone appears which heals all allies in the radius for 4.5% of max health.
Old War Stealth KitWhenever your survivor falls below the 25% health level, you will get an increased movement speed and invisibility by 40% and 5 seconds respectively. The cooldown on the items is 30 seconds.
ChronobuableWhenever you hit enemies, they will be slowed down for -60% of their movement speed for the next two seconds. Each stack of the item grants additional two seconds.
Roll of PenniesEarns three golds on every damage taken
Hunter's HarpoonSwells movement speed by a whopping 125% on each enemy killed
Stone Flux PauldronWill swell your Max HP by 100% at the expense of reducing movement speed by half
Light Flux PauldronHalves all skill cooldowns at the expense of decreasing 50% of attack speed
Molotov (6-Pack)You can throw igniting cocktails on the enemy to render 500% instance damage
Remote CaffeinatorRequests for you an EZV machine that is able to deal 2000% damage and healing effects
Goobo Jr.Summons a clone that has 300% health and damage
Newly Hatched ZoeaSummons a random Void-type ally after every minute and corrupts Boss/ Planet items
Benthic BloomWill corrupt all the 57 Leaf Clovers and upgrade items to the next high rarity as the stage starts
Item Scrap, WhiteNo such use. Employed when using 3D printers
Bottled ChaosRandomly activates an equipment effect
Defense NucleusHelps gain Alpha Construct with each Elite monster taken
EgocentrismGives an orbiting bomb after every 3 seconds. Each detonates, giving out 360% damage
Eulogy ZeroProvides a 5% chance to turn the item into a Lunar item
Shared DesignLets you fire massive damage-rendering bombs, lay down crippling effects on enemies, and enjoy enhanced movement speed and max HP


The items falling under this category in our tier list are straight away useless. They have the longest cooldowns than items belonging to other tier classes, but activating their perks requires an enormous effort. It is why most of the time, they occupy space in your inventory and do not offer an edge while fighting monsters.

If you read the item description of these items here below, you will get an idea of how difficult it gets to trigger the perks of these items.

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
F-Tier Items List
Name of ItemShort Description
Monster ToothWhenever you kill a monster, it will drop a healing orb that can regenerate eight HP. Each stack of this item grants +2 HP.
Ghor’s TomeYou get a 4% (+4% on stack) chance, by equipping this item, to receive a treasure of $25 if you kill an enemy. The overall money value increases over time.
Frost RelicWhenever you kill and enemy, an ice storm will surround you. The attack deals a total of 1200% damage per second and it also drastically slows nearby monsters by 80% for the next 1.5 seconds only. Stacking more kills will grow the storm and its radius by 2 meters as well. Max Stack: 18meters.
The CrowdfunderYou get to fire continuously for 100% damage at the expense of available gold in your inventory. Each bulltet costs $1. The overall cost also goes up the more you use it.
Milky ChrysalisYou get the wings and the ability to fly for the next 15 seconds whenever you are in air. You also get a +20% movement speed for the duration.
Volcanic EggYour survivor turns into a fireball for the next five seconds, dealing a total of 500% damage whenever you impact with a monster.
Spinel TonicBy drinking the item, your survivor gets various buffs on movement speed, attack speed, and increased health bar and regeneration speed as well. When the tonic wears off, your survivor gets negative status effects.
Brittle CrownYour survivor receives a 30% chance to get two gold at every attack. The overall drop rate increases with time as you continue to use it. Also, you will lose the gold if you take incoming damage from the monsters.
Radar ScannerThe ability allows you to see through all interactables available within 500 meters for the next ten seconds only.
Foreign FruitUsing this item gives you 50% health instantly of your overall health bar.
Visions of HeresyThe item replaces the Primary Skill with Hungering Gaze. Your survivor gets the ability to fire tracking shards that detonate after a delay, and it deals 120% of the base damage. You can carry up to 12 charges in total which reloads after two seconds.
Helfire TinctureYour survivor ignites him/herself along with allies and enemies for twelve seconds in a 15 meter radius. A 0.5time your damage of the burn damage is applied on to you and allies. While the enemies get 24x your damage onto them.
Little DiscipleYour survivor gets the ability to fire tracking wisps while sprinting. The overall damage of the wisp is 300% of the base damage. The fire rate in start is 1.6 seconds only and it scales with your overall movement speed.
Strides of HeresyThe item can replace your Utility Skill with Shadowfade. Using the item grants you increased movement speed and heal for 18.2% of overall HP. The effect lasts for three seconds.
CorpsebloomYour survivor heals 10% of max health per second. All sorts of healing is applied over time and health regeneration happens on the fly.
Glowing MeteoriteYou get the ability to bring the meteor raining destruction on monsters. However, it also causes harm on you too so use wisely. The ability does 600% damage per blast, and it only lasts for the next twenty seconds.
Eccentric VaseYour survivor gets the ability to create a quantum tunnel of up to 1000m in length. The tunnel remains open for the next thirty seconds only.
N’Kuhanas OpinionYour survivor can store 100% of healing as Soul Energy. Once the Soul Energy depletes and stands at 10% of max HP, you can fire a skull dealing 250% of Soul Energy damage.
Rejuvenation RackYour survivor gets to heal +100% more than the normal health. The item stacking allows additional 100%.
Blast ShowerYour survivor gets the ability to remove all negative effects after equipping this item.
Effigy of GriefCasts a radius and slows allies, you and enemies if caught inside the radius. It also reduced the overall armor by 20.
Wake of VulturesYour survivor gets the ability to steal the power of any elite monster after killing it for the next eight seconds. Each item stack gives +8 seconds.
H3AD-5T v2Your character can jump vertically higher using this item, It also creates a five meter to hundred meters kinetic explosion after your survivor touches the ground. The attack deals 1000%-10000% base damage and it increases with the fall distance. The item cooldowns in ten seconds only.
Item Scrap, RedNo such use. Employed when using 3D printers
Item Scrap, YellowNo such use. Employed when using 3D printers
Item Scrap, GreenNo such use. Employed when using 3D printers
His ReassuranceWill help render healing effects to all allies nearby and summon the Healing Core if dead

Final ROR2 Item Tier List

Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List
Complete Risk of Rain 2-Item Tier List

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the items tier list. As we mentioned earlier, some items require the specific survivor to perform better, while others are pretty much go-to items, usable with any playable class in the game.

However, if you have good control over Engineer, or any other class for that matter, and you love to do runs with your buddies, then you do not have to nitpick items as mentioned in our tier list. You can forget about categorizing items based on their cooldowns and perks and spare yourself from nitty-gritty details.

All Items And Comparison

Here’s a table for all the items in Risk of Rain 2: 

Lens-Maker's GlassesSPassiveCommonLinear
Tougher TimesSPassiveCommonHyperbolic
Paul's Goat HoofSPassiveCommonLinear
57 Leaf CloverSPassiveLegendaryLinear
Shattering JusticeSPassiveLegendaryLinear
Soulbound CatalystSPassiveLegendaryLinear
Soldier's SyringeSPassiveCommonLinear
AtG Missile Mk. 1SPassiveUncommonLinear
Gesture of the DrownedSPassiveLunar ItemExponential
Disposable Missile LauncherSActiveEquipment45s
Harvester's ScytheSPassiveUncommonLinear
Predatory InstinctsSPassiveUncommonLinear
ShatterspleenSPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Armor-Piercing RoundsSPassiveCommonLinear
Tri-Tip DaggerSPassiveCommonLinear
Repulsion Armor PlateAPassiveCommonLinear
Death MarkAPassiveUncommon Linear
Charged PerforatorAPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Mired UrnAPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Molten PerforatorAPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Hardlight AfterburnerAPassiveLegendary Linear
Sentient Meat HookAPassiveLegendaryHyperbolic
Hopoo FeatherAPassiveUncommonLinear
Berzerker's PauldronAPassiveUncommonLinear
Fuel CellAPassiveUncommonLinear
Unstable Tesla CoilAPassiveLegendaryLinear
Stun GrenadeAPassiveCommonHyperbolic
Personal Shield GeneratorAPassiveCommonLinear
Backup MagazineAPassiveCommonLinear
Royal CapacitorAActiveEquipment20s
Halcyon SeedAPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Gnarled WoodspriteBActiveEquipment15s
Titanic KnurlBPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Genesis LoopBPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Shaped GlassBPassiveLunar ItemExponential
Jade ElephantBActiveEquipment45s
Bundle of FireworksBPassiveCommonLinear
Focus CrystalBPassiveCommonLinear
Topaz BroochBPassiveCommonLinear
Ceremonial DaggerBPassiveLegendaryLinear
Old GuillotineBPassiveUncommonHyperbolic
Kjaro's BandBPassiveUncommonLinear
Rose BucklerBPassiveUncommonLinear
Runald's BandBPassiveUncommonLinear
Focused ConvergenceBPassiveLunar ItemLinear Hyperbolic
Spectral CircletBActiveElite EquipmentCelestine
Ifrit's DistinctionBActiveElite EquipmentBlazing
PurityBPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Empathy CoresBPassiveBoss/ Planet-
Artifact KeyBPassiveBoss/ Planet-
PlanulaBPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Defensive MicrobotsBPassiveLegendary Linear
Gorag's OpusBActive Equipment45 seconds
Forgive Me PleaseBActive Equipment45 seconds
RecyclerBActive Equipment45 seconds
Primordial CubeBActive Equipment60 seconds
Super Massive LeechBActive Equipment60 seconds
SawmerangBActive Equipment45 seconds
Bison SteakBPassiveCommonLinear
Interstellar Desk PlantBPassiveLegendary Linear
Delicate WatchCPassiveCommonLinear
Ignition TankCPassiveUncommon Linear
Power ElixirCPassiveCommonLinear
Oddly-shaped OpalCPassiveCommonLinear
Shipping Request FormCPassiveUncommon Linear
Regenerating ScrapCPassiveUncommon -
ShurikenCPassiveUncommon Linear
Squid PolypCPassiveUncommon Linear
Spare Drone PartsCPassiveLegendary Linear
Symbiotic ScorpionCPassiveLegendary Linear
Pocket I.C.B.M.CPassiveLegendary Linear
Laser ScopeCPassiveLegendary Linear
Ben's RaincoatCPassiveLegendary Linear
Encrusted KeyCPassiveVoid-
Lost Seer's LensesCPassiveVoidLinear
Lysate CellCPassiveVoidLinear
Plasma ShrimpCPassiveVoidLinear
Essence of HeresyCPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Her Biting EmbraceCActiveElite EquipmentGlacial
N'kuhana's RetortCActiveElite EquipmentMalachite
Silence Between Two StrikesCActiveElite EquipmentOverloading
Mercurial RachisCPassiveLunar ItemExponential
Trophy Hunter's TricornCActive Equipment60 seconds
Defiant Gouge CPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Hooks of HeresyCPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Executive CardCActive Equipment0.1 seconds
Pluripotent LarvaCPassiveVoidLinear
Safer SpacesCPassiveVoidHyperbolic
Singularity BandCPassiveVoidLinear
TentabaubleCPassiveVoidHyperbolic Linear
Voidsent FlameCPassiveVoidLinear
Weeping FungusCPassiveVoidLinear
War HornCPassiveUncommonLinear
Wax QuailCPassiveUncommonLinear
Sticky BombCPassiveCommonLinear
Energy DrinkCPassiveCommonLinear
Brilliant BehemothCPassiveLegendaryLinear
Fuel ArrayCActiveEquipment-
Preon AccumulatorCActiveEquipment140s
Irradiant PearlCPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Beads of FealtyCPassiveLunar Item-
PearlCPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Queen's GlandCPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
TranscendenceCPassiveLunar ItemLinear
The Back-upCActiveEquipment100s
Ocular HUDDActiveEquipment60s
Alien HeadDPassiveLegendaryExponential
Resonance DiscDPassiveLegendaryLinear
Happiest MaskDPassiveLegendaryLinear
Dio's Best FriendDPassiveLegendaryLinear
Bustling FungusDPassiveCommonLinear
Cautious SlugDPassiveCommonLinear
Rusted KeyDPassiveCommon-
Leeching SeedDPassiveUncommonLinear
Lepton DaisyDPassiveUncommonLinear
Old War StealthkitDPassiveUncommonExponential
Red WhipDPassiveUncommonLinear
Roll of PenniesDPassiveCommonLinear
Hunter's HarpoonDPassiveUncommon Linear
Stone Flux PauldronDPassiveLunar ItemLinear Hyperbolic
Light Flux PauldronDPassiveLunar ItemExponential Hyperbolic
Molotov (6-Pack)DActive Equipment45 seconds
Remote CaffeinatorDActive Equipment60 seconds
Goobo Jr.DActive Equipment100 seconds
Newly Hatched ZoeaDPassiveVoidHyperbolic Linear
Benthic BloomDPassiveVoidLinear
Item Scrap, WhiteDPassiveCommon-
Bottled ChaosDPassiveLegendary Linear
Defense NucleusDPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
EgocentrismDPassiveLunar ItemLinear Hyperbolic
Eulogy ZeroDPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Shared DesignDActiveElite EquipmentPerfected
His ReassuranceFActiveElite EquipmentMending
Item Scrap, RedFPassiveLegendary -
Item Scrap, YellowFPassiveBoss/ Planet-
Item Scrap, GreenFPassiveUncommon -
Monster ToothFPassiveCommonLinear
Frost RelicFPassiveLegendaryLinear
H3AD-5T v2FPassiveLegendaryExponential
N'kuhana's OpinionFPassiveLegendaryLinear
Rejuvenation RackFPassiveLegendaryLinear
Wake of VulturesFPassiveLegendaryLinear
Ghor's TomeFPassiveUncommonLinear
The CrowdfunderFActiveEquipment-
Volcanic EggFActiveEquipment30s
Effigy of GriefFActiveLunar Equipment 15s
Milky ChrysalisFActiveEquipment60s
Little DiscipleFPassiveBoss/ PlanetLinear
Strides of HeresyFPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Radar ScannerFActiveEquipment45s
Brittle CrownFPassiveLunar ItemLinear
CorpsebloomFPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Visions of HeresyFPassiveLunar ItemLinear
Glowing MeteoriteFActiveLunar Equipment 140s
Eccentric VaseFActiveEquipment45s
Foreign FruitFActiveEquipment45s
Blast ShowerFActiveEquipment20s
Helfire TinctureFActiveLunar Equipment 45s
Spinel TonicFActiveLunar Equipment 60s

Now that you know everything about the Risk of Rain 2’s item tier list, which item are you excited to farm in your next run? Will you go for the legendary items or stack uncommon ones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Article Update On 1st Jan 2024.

Changes: Updated All Tiers and added new characters to them. Also updated the tables to reflect the new content.

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