Risk of Rain 2 Loader: Unlock, Build, and Best Items Guide

The Complete Risk of Rain 2 Loader Guide.

Loader is Risk of Rain 2’s powerful burst damage character that can cause havoc on the battlefield with her Gauntlets and Grappling Hooks. She was ranked in Tier A+, this ultimately makes her one of the best Survivors in the game. The information might have tuned your mood, but this does not necessarily mean, you know everything about Loader in Risk of Rain 2. Having said that, a guide is importantnt, and this Risk of Rain 2 Guide will show you how to unlock Loader, best builds, best items, and her abilities.

Key Highlights
  • Loader in Risk of Rain 2 is one of the most powerful Survivors in the game that can cause damage on the battlefield with her damaging abilities.
  • Complete Guidance offline challenge for unlocking Loader. Find 5 blue vulture egg nests to complete the challenge and destroy them. These eggs are lying in the game in different locations.
  • After destroying all the nests, you have to defeat the boss Alloy Worship Unit to officially unlock the Loader.
  • You can mainly achieve two types of builds with the Loader, which include Attack Speed Build and One-Shot Build. Attack speed is a better option for Loader because it’ll grant you the same number of points on every hit.
  • As for the Loader, you need different items that increase her movement speeds which include Kjaro’s band, Backup Magazine, Lens Maker’s Glasses, Wil-o-the-wisp, Focus Crystal, Energy Drinks, Paul’s Goat Hoofs, Ukulele, and ATG Missile.

How to Unlock Loader In Risk of Rain 2

Best Answer: The fastest way to unlock the Loader is by completing the Guidance Offline Challenge in Siren’s Call. Which is one of the two possible fourth stages. To complete this challenge, you will need to find and destroy 5 blue vulture egg nests.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Vulture Egg Nest

These nests are hidden across the map and have randomized spawns. Once you destroy the fourth nest, the following text will appear in your chat.

You hear a distant whirring.

Destroying the fifth nest will trigger the boss spawn. Another text will appear in your chat that will read “The whirring grows loud” after you destroy the last nest. Shortly after, the Alloy worship Unit will spawn in the center of the map. The Alloy Worship Unit is not so easy to kill because it is always flying.

When the boss’s health drops below 50%, it unleashes alloy supercharged detonation attack. A shield surrounds the boss, and around two to six large blue circles randomly appear on the ground. These circles reduce survivors’ mobility and explode after five seconds. Anyone caught in a blue bubble will receive 400% damage and get launched into the air.

You will need to play with a survivor that has good long-range attacks such as The Huntress. You can also use the Mercenary to defeat the Alloy Worship Unit by jumping above it and then shifting into it. Defeating the boss will unlock the Loader in Risk of Rain 2. The boss will also drop a Legendary item for each player.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader Abilities

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Risk of Rain 2 Loader Abilities

Loader has a total of eight abilities. All of these abilities pack a serious punch and make her a survivor with the highest damage output in Risk of Rain 2. Here is a breakdown of all her abilities.

Primary Ability – Knuckle Boom

This is Loader’s main melee attack that can hit multiple enemies at once and deal 320% damage. You can gain a lot of barrier when combined with Scrap Barrier and easily destroy any common enemy.

Secondary Abilities – Grapple Fist and Spiked Fist

The Loader has two options to choose from for her secondary ability. Both of these abilities have a cooldown of 5 seconds.

  • Grapple Fist: The Loader can fire her gauntlet forward, pulling her to to the target. Grapple Fist can be used to grapple to anything including walls, ceiling, and even enemies.
  • Spiked Fist: A better alternative to the Grapple Fist. Deals 320% damage upon firing the gauntlet forward. Pulls you towards heavy targets. Light targets will be pulled towards you.

Passive Ability – Scrap Barrier

The Loader has an incredibly useful Passive. She is immune to fall damage. Striking enemies with the Loader’s gauntlets grant a temporary barrier.

Utilities – Charged Gauntlet or Thunder Gauntlet

The Loader has two options to choose from for her Utility. Both of these utilities have a cooldown of 5 seconds.

  • Charged Gauntlet: The Loader can charge up a piercing punch for 600%-2700% damage. This ability can be used to instantly kill almost all of the enemies in the game. This skill deals more damage the faster you are moving.
  • Thunder Gauntlet: The Loader can charge up a single-target punch for 2100% damage that shocks enemies in a cone for 1000% damage. Similar to the Charged Gauntlet, this skill also deals more damage the faster you are moving.

Special Ability – M551 Pylon and Thunderslam

  • M551 Pylon: The Loader can throw a floating pylon that zaps up to 6 nearby enemies for 100% damage. The floating Pylon can be grappled. It has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Thunderslam: Slam your fists down, dealing 2000% damage on impact. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Best Combos

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Loader Combos.

Now that you know all of the Loader’s Abilities in Risk of Rain 2, you must also know how to mix them all to get the highest damage while keeping yourself safe from enemy attacks. Loader is above MUL-T if you are curious to know how good she is.

  • You can use knuckle boom for crowd control. This attack slightly stuns and knocks enemies a little further away from you with each hit. However, small-sized enemies like Beetles, Imps, and Hermit Crabs rush you and surround you to deal with simultaneous attacks. In situations like these, you should use knuckle boom to your advantage.
  • Secondary skills grapple fist and spiked fist only receive a cooldown whenever they land on an enemy or a terrain. Otherwise, their usage does not count and becomes ready for re-use. You can mix this with knuckle boom to reel back in the enemy to your melee attack range.
  • Charged gauntlet’s damage increases with loader’s movement. Also, you can charge the gauntlet while you are reeling a smaller enemy to you or pulled by a big enemy. Unleash the charged attack at the apex of approaching an enemy. The skill will land massive damage instead of charging it at a standstill position with zero movement speed. Once again, executing a combo by mixing grapple fist, spiked fist, and the charged gauntlet is a perfect solution for serious damage and confusing the enemies. The grapple’s high mobility will render the enemies running after you while you deal more damage and escape every time.
  • Do not make a combo by using a thunder gauntlet and charged gauntlet. Doing this makes the former useless, and the latter deals the damage only. However, the thunder gauntlet pairs well with thunder slam. Therefore, it guarantees significant damage after executing both moves in a combo attack.
  • Since a single M551 Pylon remains inactive for 1.65 seconds, we highly recommend using it with an attack that stuns enemies. You can get the most of M551 Pylon after using a thunder slam skill.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader Build

The two main types of builds that you can achieve with the Loader are the Attack Speed Build and the One-Shot Build.

Attack Speed Build

To create this build, you will require the Artifact of Command. Without it, you will have a hard time finding the items you need for the build.

You will need at least 6 to 7 Lens Makers’ Glasses that would be used for white items, 2 fuel cells for green items, and a 57 leaf clover for your Legendary. To get an early legendary, you will need to find the newt altar on either stage 1 or 2, this will enable you to go through the void fields easily.

You can get three Gesture of the Drowned at the Bazaar if it is unlocked. Along with a Spinel Tonic. The combination of 2 fuel cells and 3 Gesture of the Drowned will make the tonic last forever. You will need 2 war horns when your Spinel Tonic is constantly activated, This will enable you to have a permanent 70% bonus to your attack speed, along with Spinel Tonic’s bonus. Once you have enough Lens Makers’ Glasses, you can balance Lens Maker’s Glasses and Tougher Times to minimize the amount of damage received.

After having 2 war horns, you will need to combine 3 Predatory Instincts and add them to the Critical Chance. This will allow Loader to be more Tanky and get a lot more attack speed after adding Tougher Times. You should opt for infusions when you have Predatory Instincts. You could combine any Legendary with this build and it would perform well, except for Shaped Glass which will cut temporary hitpoints in half.

One-Shot Build

The requirement for the One-Shot Build is the upgraded Spiked Fist and the default utility Charged Gauntlet. Although Thunder Gauntlet is also a good choice it can not compete with the Charged Gauntlet. You can go for full glass cannon and shade glass with this build because the One-Shot protection is not so great on the Loader. To increase your damage output, you can go for the Elite Ukulele and Guitar Bands.

With this build, you should always go for the Crowbars so your gauntlet can get the highest burst of damage in the game, for a single target. Doing up to 2700% damage depending on how fast you are moving. You can apply the same enhancements to Engineer, who also proved to be efficient.

Attack Speed Build or One-Shot Build

One of Loader’s special abilities is that you will gain temporary hit points every time you attack someone using the Knuckleboom, Spiked Fist, Charged Gauntlet, or Thunder Gauntlet. Thing is, the amount of temporary hit points gained is not determined by how hard you attack.

You will gain the same number of hit points per hit whether you deal low damage or very high damage. This is why you should focus on increasing the Attack speed with Loader. Hence, Attack Speed Build is the better option for Loader.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader Best Items


Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Best Items For Loader.

Loader is a heavy-hitting melee character in Risk of Rain 2. She is excellent for clearing crowds or dealing significant damage to a single target. But, of course, all of the raw power comes at the expense of mobility as the Loader is the slowest of the 11 survivors.

The only two ways to increase her movement speed are using items and skills; spiked fist and grappling fist. With the Loader, your main focus should be the items that increase the movement speed and AoE damage. Here are some of the best items that you can choose for your Loadout.

Kjaro’s band

Just like Acrid, the Kjaro Band works very well with Loader. This item will hit enemies with a runic flame tornado upon attacks that deal 400% damage or more. The loader is capable of doing more than 400% damage very easily, making this item very useful.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Kjaro’s band

Backup Magazine

This item will give the player an additional charge (+1 additional charge per stack) of their secondary. Backup Magazines are very essential for the Loader because you can get an additional grapple per stack. This was also the case with Artificer, whom we tested during the recent patch.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Backup Magazine

Lens Maker’s Glasses

This item gives the player a 10% chance per stack to critically strike on each hit, so you can deal double the damage using the Loader. The critical effect will not only apply to your four abilities but also to other forms of damage, like equipment.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Lens Maker’s Glasses


Using this item will improve Loader’s crowd control. This item spawns an area-of-effect attack in a 12-meter radius upon killing an enemy. The damage increases by 280% and the range increase by 2.4 meters when this item is stacked. Equip this and AtG Missile Mk. 1, and you have the perfect combination of becoming a singular threat to the enemies.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader

Focus Crystal

The loader can make perfect use of the Focus Crystal since she is a melee survivor. The Focus Crystal increases damage by 20% to enemies if they are in a 13-meter radius. Thus, equipping this item tops your loader’s existing base damage with an extra 20%, which will prove devastating while doing the runs.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Focus Crystal

Energy Drinks

It will be a poor strategy to equip all the damage-dealing items and miss out on the mobility ones. As mentioned earlier, Loader is a bulky brute who has mediocre dexterity. It is why we highly recommend using Energy Drinks since they can boost the sprint speed of Loader by 25%. You can also use this with Mercenary and see an ultimate boost.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Energy Drinks

Paul’s Goat Hoofs

This item can also be used to increase the Loader’s mobility. It increases her movement speed by up to 14%.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
Paul’s Goat Hoofs


The Ukulele gives every single attack a 25% chance to hit up to 3 enemies within 20 meters with lighting for 80% damage. Each stack increases the max amount of targets by two and the range by two meters

Risk of Rain 2 Loader

ATG Missile

This item gives the player a 10% chance to launch a homing missile that deals 300% total damage(per stack), upon hit. The ATG Missile is extremely powerful for Loader when stacked, especially in combination with other total damage proc. items such as Ukulele.

Risk of Rain 2 Loader
ATG Missile

Final Analysis

Loader in Risk of Rain 2 is a tremendous survivor for dealing burst damage and getting out of rough spots. As a melee character, developers struck a balance by sacrificing little on her speed. However, they gave her two critical skills that enable her to flee crowds of enemies or take the fight head-on by grappling herself right into the enemy’s face. Overall, out of the 11 survivors, she can offer various playstyles and makes very good use of some of the items in Risk of Rain 2.

That concludes our Risk of Rain 2 Loader Guide. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best build and items for Loader so you can master this character and dominate the battlefield.

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