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MUL-T is an effective playable class in Risk of Rain 2. Not only it offers ranged attacks with decent damage, but this robot is also capable of landing serious stun, heavy and average damage in close proximity as well. For us, the Transport Mode and the Blast Canister of MUL-T are the two favorite abilities. We can never get tired of dropping few canisters, run away till the cooldown resets the skill to rinse and repeat the same process. The movement speed is a tad bit of a letdown, but you can always equip items to compensate MUL-T in this department.

Key Highlights
  • MUL-T is one of the unique survivors in Risk of Rain 2 that carries more than one piece of equipment at a time because of his Retool skull.
  • Completing the teleport event five times will automatically unlock the MUL-T character in the game.
  • MUL-T has a total of 8 Abilities that help the player to survive in the game.
  • Power Mode is the best ability of MUL-T, which gives you more strength and double the player’s damage per second which makes him unique.
  • The other abilities include Auto-Nailgun, Rebar Puncher, Scrap Launcher, Power Saw, Blast Canister, Transport Mode, and Retoot.
  • Risk of Rain 2 also provides the best items that help the players to increase their strength and also maintains your health bar.
  • The best weapons in the game that can cause immense damage to the opponent include Crowbar, Backup Magazine, Harvester’s Scythe, Tri-tip Dagger, Soldier’s Syringe, and Paul’s Goat Hoof.

How to Unlock MUL-T In Risk of Rain 2

Unlike the Artificer, who has a long questline tied to unlock and play with the character, MUL-T is probably the only playable class that unlocks without much trouble in Risk of Rain 2. All you have to do is complete the first teleporter event five times, and you’d find MUL-T sitting in your character roster.

MUL-T Abilities

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T
MUL-T All abilities Icons

MUL-T robot is equipped with all the tools and equipment to survive the harsh environments and deranged monsters of the hostile alien planet. This survivor has four primary type of abilities, one secondary and a utility, and has two special abilities.

S. No.Skill NameTypeDescriptionCooldown
1Auto-NailgunPrimaryMUL-T can rapid fire 12 nails, dealing nearly 840% damage per second on enemies.1.152s after releasing fire button
2Rebar PuncherPrimaryMUL-T can attack enemies using its piercing rebar and dealing a total of 600% damage on monsters.1.8s time between shots
3Scrap LauncherPrimaryMUL-T can fire a rocket, dealing 360% explosion on monsters. You can hold maximum of four rockets.1.5 seconds
4Power SawPrimaryMUL-T can grind and saw through monsters, dealing 1000% damage per second.
5Blast CanisterSecondaryThis is a Stun damage, as a MUL-T launches a canister, dealing 220% damage. The five small Stun bomb bomblets deal 44% damage.
Max Capacity: (Canister: 1, Bomblets: 0.3)
6s seconds
6Transport ModeUtilityUsing this ability, MUL-T gets 200 armor and 220% movement speed, dealing overall 250% damage to the monsters.
Capacity: (Charge:01, Ram: 01)
6 seconds
7RetoolSpecialMUL-T can hold up to two equipment at once while battling the enemies. If you use the ‘Retool’, it switches the active Equipment and MUL-T’s primary attack between each other for a greater flexibility.0.5 seconds
8Power ModeSpecialMUL-T enters a heavy stance using its Power Mode. The ability allows the robot to equip both primary attacks at once. Additionally, MUL-T also gets 100 armor, but sacrifices on -60% movement speed.5 seconds

Build / Pro-Tips for MUL-T

Now that you know all the abilities associated with the Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T character, you must also know how to mix various attacks and create unique combos. Mastering all abilities ensures a high survival rate and guarantees high damage per second attacks, essentially while fighting enemies.

  • While using the auto-nailgun, the overall damage falls over time. The quick succession of nailgun attacks coupled with good enough attack speed gives MUL-T a longer air time. To achieve it quickly, you can use the power tool and wield two nail guns at once. It is a reasonable strategy that offers value whenever you are surrounded by flying enemies and grounded ones as well. You can remain in the air for some time to kill the flying enemies first and after that clear the remaining ones on the ground.
  • The power-saw, like an auto-nailgun, can be put to use while running and in Transport mode as well. This skill receives proc or tick increase for attack speed buffs
  • Run around enemies and gather them in closer proximity. After finding enemies close enough or within arm’s length, use your blast canister to stun a maximum number of enemies. This technique ensures you deal stun damage on several targets in a single-use.
  • Use the Retool skill to gain an advantage. Equip Scrap Launcher for medium to long-range attacks and Power Saw for close quarters only.
  • Unlike the playable loader class, MUL-T takes fall damage. However, the transport Mode grants armor that can take fall damage instead of the health bar. If you trigger this skill at the right moment, say before touching the ground from a certain height, you can save MUL-T from taking a hit on its health bar.
  • Use auto-nailgun as a ranged weapon. However, when you see enemies rushing you or cornering you into a spot, use transport mode to get away and also deal some damage while running away in the process.
  • If you ram into a large-sized enemy, you will stun him, and the transport mode will end on the impact. This condition applies to the tall or bulky type of enemy class such as Stone Golem.
  • We know Rebar Puncher has a cooldown interval between the shots. However, you can use rapid fire to equip it to both the primary and misc loadout slots and cycle weapons with Retool skill. It will significantly lower the waiting time while firing high-damaging Rebar Puncher.
  • The Power Mode is the best ability MUL-T offers to strengthen the rest of its abilities. It doubles the player’s damage per second as well as damage output. Equipping two Power Saw’s and triggering power mode is an example of using this skill at its maximum potential.
  • While in Power Mode, the spread of the equipped primary weapon determines the spread of the misc weapon. Always slot a primary weapon that offers greater accuracy.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T Best Items

All the best items for MUL-T mentioned here below strengthen its ability to survive longer while taking the fight head-on. Most of the items increase a significant amount of damage MUL-T lands on enemies. However, there is one item on our list that steals life from the enemy. If you use it just the right way, your health bar should never come below 20% health.


This item grants 75% bonus damage on an enemy or a boss if their health is above 90%. Since MUL-T deals the highest damage using slow but lethal Rebar Puncher, equipping Crowbar only makes sense to give our robot the extra attack power it needs. The cherry on top is that when you stack two or more crowbars using MUL-T, the total damage sometimes will be more than a critical hit. We are talking about serious damage and crazy numbers that MUL-T can frequently land on enemies and bosses while doing the runs. Always make this item a priority if you rely on a good amount of damage using Rebar Puncher while playing with MUL-T.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T

Backup Magazine

Blast canister of MUL-T is an excellent weapon for crowd control and taking down big enemies quickly. However, the availability of a single canister only is straight up a bummer. However, you can equip more than one canister at a time and empty all barrels in a single go if you equip a Backup Magazine item. This item increases (+1 only) the amount of charge a secondary skill offers. After equipping Backup Magazine, MUL-T will unleash two blast canisters, dealing a more significant AoE damage. Must have item for players who want to do runs solo.

Other than MUL-T, Huntress also takes advantage of Backup Magazine. She can use Laser Glaive without worrying about the long cooldown.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T
Backup Magazine

Harvester’s Scythe

The life steal item every playable class in Risk of Rain 2 wants to exploit, but it is our friendly robot MUL-T who gets the most out of it. On second thought, we think Engineer also takes a great advantage from Harvester’s Scythe. Using the power saw skill, players can land multiple hits in a short duration of time. Equipping Haverster’s Scythe allows MUL-T to steal life (+8 health) in every critical hit of the power saw. Since this weapon deals the high-attack speed but the lowest damage than others, it would be a brilliant strategy to make Power Saw exclusive for restoring health by using Harverster’s Scythe item.

The Proc Coefficient multiplies the healing capacity of Harvester’s Scythe.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T
Harvester’s Scythe

Tri-tip Dagger

A great addition in item loadout to cause bleed damage and deplete enemy’s life over time. Tri-tip Dagger has a 10% chance to bleed an enemy for 240% base damage. Besides, three seconds is the base duration of bleed damage. However, Proc Coefficient can increase the longevity of the status effect. Furthermore, every time a new stack of bleed is applied to an enemy, it refreshes the previous duration. Since the Power Saw weapon of MUL-T offers attacks in quick succession, equipping Tri-tip Dagger seems a pretty good idea to cause bleed damage on enemies and bosses easily.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T
Tri-Tip Dagger

Soldier’s Syringe

To Top off Harvester Scythe and Tri-tip Dagger’s effectiveness by increasing attack speed further up a notch, we recommend equipping Soldier’s syringe as well. Additionally, MUL-T has a high-powered speedy Power Saw, and using this item can increase the attack speed by 15%. This item does not increase the overall damage perse. However, it only speeds up the animation of the skill attacks by a factor of 1.15, resulting in a drastic increase in the overall DPS. You could also use the Kjaro’s Band, but that is primarily restricted to Acrid as per our testing.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T
Soldier’s Syringe

Paul’s Goat Hoof

Last but not least, we recommend using Paul’s Goat Hoff item. MUL-T has incredible speed whenever it is in the Transport Mode. However, the robot significantly lacks mobility while it is outside this mode. Furthermore, to counter the said situation, equipping a Paul’s Goat Hoof item will increase the movement speed by 14%. It comes in handy in situations whenever your Transport Mode is on a six seconds cooldown.

Risk of Rain 2 MUL-T
Paul’s Goat Hoof


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