Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide: All Abilities and Best Items

The complete Huntress guide.

Huntress is one of the best characters to use in Risk of Rain 2. There is a reason why she was ranked as an A-tier character in our Risk of Rain 2 tier list. Her attacks are potent and are capable of taking down powerful enemies within seconds. The only downside about Huntress is her deficient base health, which is just 90. But once you learn how to play her properly, this won’t affect you.

Key Highlights
  • Huntress is one of the most powerful characters in ROR2.
  • Completing the third teleporter event will automatically unlock the Huntress.
  • 5 different abilities of Huntress help her deal with damage control, including Strafe, Laser Glaive, Blink, and Arrow Rain. Each of these abilities will help her survive in the game.
  • More three different alternative abilities are offered to the Huntress, which can be unlocked by completing certain challenges. Flurry deals 100% damage; Ballista deals 900% damage, and Phase Blink.
  • You’ll need to choose the right item for the Huntress, which can help her overcome the base health weakness.
  • The Old War Stealthkit is the best option because it will boost her overall speed and make her invisible after her health touches anywhere below 25%. 
  • Other items include Dio’s Best Friend, Soldier’s Syringe, Backup Magazine, and Rose Buckler.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide

Here are the stats of Huntress from ROR2:

Character NameHPHP RegenDamageSpeedArmor
Huntress90 [+27 per lvl]- Drizzle: 1.5/sec [+0.2 per lvl]
- Rainstorm: 1/sec [+0.2 per lvl]
- Moonsoon: 0.6/s [+0.2 per lvl]
12 [+2.4 per lvl]7 m/s20 (Drizzle: 90)

How To Unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2

Before we talk about her abilities and all, you first need to learn how to unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2. Before the Anniversary Update, which was released in March, players had to complete the third teleporter event to unlock Huntress. But now, she is unlocked by default, and the challenge is now required to unlock Bandit. Therefore, there isn’t anything you need to do to unlock her.

Huntress Abilities

Ability NameTypeCooldownProc CoefficientEffects
StrafePrimaryN/A1.0- Fire A Seeking Arrow
- Damage: 150%
FlurryPrimaryN/A- 0.7x3
- 0.7x6 For Crit Strike
- Fire 3 Seeking Arrows
- Total Damage: 3 x 100%
- 6 Arrows Are Fired In Crit Strike
Laser GlaiveSecondary7 secs0.8 Per Bounce- Throw A Seeking Glaive That Bounces 6 times
- Damage: 250%
- +10% Increase In Damage Per Bounce
BlinkUtility7 secsN/A- Disappear
- Teleport Towards The Direction You Are Facing
Phase BlinkUtility2 secs / chargeN/A- Disappear And Teleport Horizontally
- 3 Charges Stored
Arrow RainSpecial12 secs0.2x19- Teleport In The Air And Make Arrows Rain In A Specific Area
- Slows Down Enemies
- Damage: 330% Per Second
BallistaSpecial12 secs1x3- Teleport In The Air
- Fire 3 Energy Bolts
- Damage: 3 x 900%

Now that I have covered the unlock part, let’s jump to Huntress’s abilities. Unlike most characters, Huntress does not offer a Passive Ability.

Primary – Strafe

This ability allows Huntress to fire a seeking arrow that does 150% damage quickly. In addition to this, the attack is agile, meaning that it can be used while sprinting. This makes Huntress one of the two characters in the entire game who can use their Primary Ability while sprinting.

The fire rate of the attack is 0.5s, meaning that you’ll be able to shoot two arrows in a second. In addition to this, whenever an enemy is within the required range, Huntress will automatically lock onto them while attacking.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

Secondary – Laser Glaive

Laser Glaive is Huntress’s main AoE attack ability. It throws a seeking glaive that bounces up to 6 times and deals 250% damage. The best part is that the damage increases by 10% with every bounce, meaning that the final blow will deal a lot of damage.

The cooldown of this ability is 7s, so you should use it carefully. Before throwing the glaive, you must first lock onto an enemy. The glaive will then automatically attack all the nearby enemies and will keep on hitting them until the 6th bounce.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Laser Glaive

Utility – Blink

Blink allows Huntress to disappear and teleport forward. This ability is useful at times when you are looking for a quick escape. In addition to this, you can also use it to reach higher ground quickly as it gives the character a strong push when teleporting. However, blink has a cooldown of 7s, and you should use it only when necessary.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

Special – Arrow Rain

Arrow Rain is my favorite ability of Huntress. She can teleport into the sky and then rain down arrows in a selected area. The arrows will hit 19 times for a total of 6s and deal 110% damage with every hit. This means that it will deal a total of 2090% damage, which is enough to take down a powerful enemy.

Arrow Rain has a cooldown of 12s. This means that you should save it for the moments when you encounter a strong opponent and are unable to take it down with your other abilities.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Arrow Rain

Alternate Abilities

Next up in my Risk of Rain 2’s Huntress guide are the alternate abilities. Huntress offers a total of three alternate abilities. These can be unlocked by completing a different challenge.


Huntress’ Primary Alternate ability is Fury, and it draws back a volley of 3 seeking arrows that deal 100% damage. In addition to this, the Critical Strikes fire 6 arrows instead of 3. Just like Strafe, Flurry is also an agile ability, meaning that you can use it while sprinting. To unlock it, you must complete the Huntress: Finishing Touch challenge, which requires you to land a killing blow with every possible hit of a single glaive.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

Phase Blink

Next up, we have her Alternate Utility ability called Phase Blink. It works just like Blink, as it allows Huntress to disappear and teleport a short distance. However, it can store up to 3 charges, and each charge has a cooldown of 2s. While the distance covered is relatively small compared to Blink, you can use it more often. You will need to complete the Huntress: One Shot, One Kill challenge to unlock this ability. 

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Phase Blink


Ballista is Huntress’s Alternate Special ability, and it deals a lot of damage. It teleports the warrior into the sky and she can then fire 3 energy bolts in a targeted area. Each energy bolt deals 900% damage, taking the total amount of damage to 2700%. To unlock it, you must complete the Huntress: Piercing Wind Challenge, which requires you to start and finish the Rallyoint Delta or Scorched Acres without letting your health fall below 100%. You can do any one of the two.

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

Best Items for Huntress In Risk of Rain 2

As there are a lot of items in Risk of Rain 2, some players often get confused about which ones to choose. This is because not every item is going to suit the style of Huntress. Therefore, I am going to list some items in my guide that we think are best for Huntress. Keep in mind that the following list is based on personal preference, and you might find some other items that are well-suited for the said character.

Old War Stealthkit

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Old War Stealthkit
Rarity Category Effects Per Stack Buffs Stack Type
Uncommon Utility Cooldown: 30 secs 50% decrease in cooldown Exponential Type

As we mentioned above, Huntress’s base health is incredibly low, meaning that she can get killed instantly. This is where Old War Stealthkit comes in. When used, the item turns the player invisible after their health falls below 25% and boosts their speed. This can prove to be useful at times when you are unable to escape a critical fight or are surrounded by a group of powerful enemies.

Dio’s Best Friend

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Dio’s Best Friend
Rarity Category Effects Per Stack Buffs Stack Type
Legendary Utility Uses: 1 +1 usage addition Linear Type

Next up, we have Dio’s Best Friend. This is yet another item that covers up the major flaw of Huntress. For someone who uses Huntress as their main character, it can get quite frustrating to worry about getting killed quickly all the time. But if you have the Dio’s Best Friend in your arsenal, then you don’t need to worry about anything. This is because it gives players a second chance after they get killed.

Soldier’s Syringe

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Soldier’s Syringe
Rarity Category Effects Per Stack Buffs Stack Type
Common Damage Attack Speed: 15% Additional 15% increase in attack speed Linear Type

Huntress is a fast-paced character, and her movements are quick. This is something that helps her with staying a step ahead of her enemies. However, if you want to transform her into a killing machine, then you should opt for the Soldier’s Syringe. This item will increase her attack speed by 15%, thus making her even deadlier in combat.

Backup Magazine

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Backup Magazine
Rarity Category Effects Per Stack Buffs Stack Type
Common Utility Charge: 1 +1 additional extra charge Linear Type

Backup Magazine is easily one of the best items for Huntress in ROR2. It gives an additional charge to secondary skills, meaning that it can help you use Laser Glaive without worrying about the long cooldown.

Rose Buckler

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress
Rose Buckler
Rarity Category Effects Per Stack Buffs Stack Type
Uncommon Utility Armor: 30 +30 Armor Increase Per Stack Linear Type

The final item we would like to suggest for Huntress is Rose Buckler. As mentioned above, Huntress can attack her enemies while sprinting. Although she is quick, her enemies can still target her easily. But if you have Rose Buckler equipped, then the amount of damage you receive while sprinting will be reduced. This is because it increases the armor by 30 while sprinting.

This was all regarding my Risk of Rain 2’s Huntress guide. We hope that it will help you learn more about her playstyle. In any case, she is one of the best characters in the entire game, and there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t give her a try.

Her low base health might make her seem like a weak character, but you’ll notice that it isn’t that big of a problem once you start playing with her. Before you leave, make sure to check out our Risk of Rain 2 Engineer and Aqueduct’s Secret guide as well.

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