The Complete Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret Guide

Kjaro And Runald.

The structure of Risk of Rain 2 has allowed the developers to fill their game with a bunch of different hidden quirks. One of these is the Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret, which some players have difficulty figuring out.

It’s a simple little hidden objective that has to be finished for players to complete the ‘Death Do Us Part’ Challenge. It also helps that seeing this through to the end earns you two really useful items.

So with this Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret guide, we’ll show you everything you have to do to discover this hidden content. Also read Risk of Rain 2 Death Do Us for more missions. 

Risk Of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret Guide

Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret
Ancient Gate.

First of all, players have to be in the Abandoned Aqueduct region to start this whole process. This is one of the two Second Stage environments in the game, with the other being the Wetland Aspect.

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When exploring this region, you should be able to easily find the Ancient Gate structure. This is a doorway that has been built into the cliffside, and it is locked from the start. In order to unlock this gate, players will have to find two different pressure plates on the map.

The placement of these switches is somewhat random, due to the different variations of the same map. But as a general rule, they are usually found behind trees and large boulders.

Once the pressure plates have been found, they have to be activated simultaneously for the Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret to be unlocked.

How To Activate The Pressure Plates

Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret
Pressure Plates.

When you’re playing with a friend or two, this will be no problem at all. Simply standing over the plates at the same time should be enough to unlock the gate.

If you’re a solo player instead, the process is a bit more involved but not difficult. All you have to do is start the run as the Engineer class, since his turrets can be placed on the pressure plates to activate them.

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In fact, there are several different items in the game that can be used as weights for the plates:

  • Captain’s Orbital Supply Beacon.
  • Effigy of Grief.
  • Engineer’s Turrets.
  • Explosive Tar Pots.
  • Loader’s M551 Pylon.

We recommend the turrets above all else, however, because they’re the most readily available.

Regardless of what method you use to trigger the plates, the Ancient Gate will open up to reveal the Hidden Chamber.

Inside, players will find two unique Elite Elder Lemurian enemies named Kjaro and Runald. They’re relatively challenging, but defeating them will reward two extremely powerful items.

  • Kjaro’s Band: Attacks that deal more than 400% damage also create an area-of-effect Runic Flame Tornado that deals 300% damage over time. It has a cooldown period of 10 seconds.
  • Runald’s Band: Attacks that deal more than 400% damage also hit enemies with a single-target Runic Ice Blast that deals 250% damage. They are also slowed down by 80% for 3 seconds. It has a cooldown period of 10 seconds.

Once all of this is done, and the ‘Death Do Us Part’ Challenge has been completed, the two items mentioned above can drop in future runs.

This has been eXputer’s Risk of Rain 2 Aqueduct Secret guide.

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