Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins: All Locations And Uses

Complete Guide On Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins

Risk of Rain 2 takes players on a journey of survival and escaping the treacherous planet filled with all kinds of atrocious monstrosities. So naturally, you, as a survivor, must obtain the best items and equipment to better the odds of facing different kinds of enemies. One way is to find the loot boxes containing valuables – a hectic process. However, a more convenient method is to buy the items and equipment directly and get the edge your survivor needs to reach and board the rescue ship. Risk of Rain 2 Lunar coins and gold are the only two in-game currencies that allow you to buy these valuables, and they carry over while doing runs.

Why Do You Need to Look For Lunar Coins?

Lunar coins are the rare currency that a survivor picks up to purchase high-end Lunar items and Lunar equipment in the game. They appear as a large-sized blue coin that requires a pickup prompt manually. Moreover, they serve a much higher purpose other than being a currency for trading top-tier valuables in the game.

All Lunar items and Lunar equipment will surely give you a boost in clearing environments and shredding enemies to bits. Say you are struggling with Loader, Mercenary, Engineer, or any other class for that matter, always make a run for the valuables mentioned above and better your chances for survival. After all, it is the crux of Risk of Rain 2 – perfecting each run than the previous one. If you are new to the game and are not sure which class is easy to master and which one is difficult to control, our Risk of Rain 2 tier list guide may prove very useful to you.

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Where to Spend Lunar Coins?

For starters, you can use lunar coins at Newt Altars. All the altars look like a crushed crystal stone, and approaching and interacting with them costs one lunar coin. Doing so spawns a blue portal and guarantees a safe passage to Bazaar Between Time hidden realm environment. This is where you will find a merchant/shopkeeper called Newt, who sells Lunar items and Lunar equipment. You can purchase five lunar items (each costing two lunar coins) from the shop at Bazaar Between Time. The catch here is that you will only be able to buy specific items from Newt if you unlocked them while doing the run.

Secondly, Risk of Rain 2 Lunar coins are also used to interact with shrines. There are seven unique shrines in the game, each giving different items upon interaction. Thirdly, you can use Lunar coins to reroll the Lunar Buds of the shop, with each interaction costing you one Lunar coin, and it doubles at the next iterating interaction.

Fourth, at the cost of three Lunar coins, you can use Lunar Seer to see the upcoming environment. You will be given two options to select the next stage; however, it only comes true if you decide to exit Bazaar Between Time by using the portal. A word of warning: if you visit the Void Fields, all consumed Lunar coins at Lunar Seer will be wasted.

Risk of Rain 2 Lunar coins also serve the purpose of unlocking the Artificer playable class in the Risk of Rain 2. Near the shop, you will find a crystal, and inside it will be this fantastic survivor. All you need to do is pay 10 Lunar coins and release the survivor suspended in time. Doing so not only unlocks the character but also completes the “Pause” challenge in the game.

How to Obtain Lunar Coins?

As of the game’s current state, a lunar coin can drop with a 0.5% chance from an enemy. The more you receive lunar items from enemies, the less its chance to drop becomes. Figuratively, every time you pick a lunar coin after killing an enemy, the drop rate is cut to half. Considering the original 0.5% drop rate, which is quite slim, getting lunar coins back to back while doing runs is out of the question. So, how do you get more coins?

Lunar Coins Location

Other than beating monsters to death and hoping to get a Lunar coin, what you can do is visit the following places to guarantee receiving, not just one but many Lunar coins.


After reaching Bazaar Between Time, go through Void Fields and advance further in the Hidden Realm. You will reach an object called Obelisk, which allows your survivor to obliterate. Doing so will end your run, but it will give you 5 Lunar coins.

Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins
Obelisk Location

A Moment, Whole

Again, to reach here, you need to be in front of Obelisk. If you or your teammate holds Beads of Fealty item, proceeding with obliterate option will not perish you or other survivors. Instead, the Obelisk will take you further deep into another Hidden Realm environment. Next, you will be tasked to kill a Twisted Scavenger, who drops 10 Risk of Rain 2 Lunar coins. If you pull this off, you will get a total of 15 Lunar coins (five from Obelisk and ten from the Twisted Scavenger).

Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins
Twisted Scavenger Loot
Image Source: Risk of Rain 2 Fandom


After reaching the Moon, the final stage in the game, you will need to beat the final boss, Mithrix, and escape using the rescue ship. Doing so not only rewards you with 10 Lunar coins but also unlocks Captain survivor.

How to Farm the Lunar Coins

If you need more Lunar coins than from the places mentioned above, you need to farm them. One of the easiest ways we recommend is picking up ‘Forgive Me Please’ and ‘Soulbound Catalyst’ equipment. The former essentially charges a Resonance Disc whenever you kill enemies, and the latter reduces equipment cooldown by four seconds at every kill.

To be specific, if you kill four enemies in 7 seconds, the disc will be charged, and it will launch itself towards enemies for explosive damage. The more enemies you kill using this method, the higher the equipment cooldown and the increased drop rate of Lunar coins drop. To speed up the process, we highly recommend bringing in a companion.

Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins
Forgive Me Please and Soulbound Catalyst Equipment

Lunar Items to Buy

There are 14 Lunar items and 4 Lunar equipment you should look for in the Risk of Rain 2.

S. noName of Lunar ItemDescription
01Beads of FealtyPlayer(s) enters the Celestial Portal to enter A Moment, Fractured and obliterates themselves at the Obelisk, they will be transported to A Moment, Whole before ending the run.
02Brittle CrownYour survivor receives a 30% chance to get two gold at every attack. The overall drop rate increases with time as you continue to use it. Also, you will lose the gold if you take incoming damage from the monsters.
03CorpsebloomYour survivor heals 10% of max health per second. All sorts of healing is applied over time and health regeneration happens on the fly.
04Defiant GougeThe item spawns stronger enemies while interacting with a Shrine.
05Essence of HeresyYour survivor’s Special Skill is replaced with Ruin.

Attack the monsters adds a stack of Ruin for 10 seconds seconds. Whenever you activate the skill, all stacked Ruins will start detonating. The range is practically unlimited in the game and it deals nearly 300% damage plus 120% Ruin damage on each stack. The cooldown is eight seconds only.

06Focused ConvergenceUsing this item your survivor charges all teleporters 30% faster. However, the overall size of teleporter is shrunk down to 50% smaller
07Gesture of the DrownedYou get a 50% reduction in overall equipment cooldown. Further stacking of the item gives 15% more chance. Also, your equipment fires automatically after getting cooldown.
08Hooks of HeresyA survivor’s Secondary Skill is replaced with Slicing Maelstrom.

Using this equipment, you can charge a projectile, dealing nearly 175% damage per second to all monsters nearby for exploding damage for the next three seconds. It also deals 700% damage and root enemies for three seconds. The equipment has five seconds cooldown.

09Mercurial RachisThe equipment spawns a power source bubble that buffs nearby enemies and allies both within sixteen meters. All attacks receive +50% damage increase.
10PurityUsing this equipment, you can lower to cooldowns of a survivor’s skills by two seconds Also, you get random roll effects on the items in the inventory.
11Shaped GlassYou receive a massive base damage buff by 100% by sacrificing overall health by 50%.
12Strides of HeresyThe item can replace your Utility Skill with Shadowfade. Using the item grants you increased movement speed and heal for 18.2% of overall HP. The effect lasts for three seconds.
13TranscendenceYou get 50% max health and convert the remaining into regenerating shields.
14Visions of HeresyThe item replaces the Primary Skill with Hungering Gaze. Your survivor gets the ability to fire tracking shards that detonate after a delay, and it deals 120% of the base damage. You can carry up to 12 charges in total which reloads after two seconds.

Lunar Equipment to Buy

S. noName of Lunar EquipmentDescriptionCooldown
01Effigy of GriefCasts a big radius and slows allies, you and enemies if caught inside the radius. It also reduces the overall armor by 20.15s
02Glowing MeteoriteYou get the ability to bring the meteor raining destruction on monsters. However, it also causes harm on you too so use wisely. The ability does 600% damage per blast, and it only lasts for the next twenty seconds.140s
03Helfire TinctureYour survivor ignites him/herself along with allies and enemies for twelve seconds in a 15 meter radius. A 0.5time your damage of the burn damage is applied on to you and allies. While the enemies get 24x your damage onto them.45s
04Spinel TonicBy drinking the item, your survivor gets various buffs on movement speed, attack speed, and increased health bar and regeneration speed as well. When the tonic wears off, your survivor gets negative status effects.60s

Now that you know how to get Risk of Rain 2 Lunar coins, where to spend them, and the new Lunar items and equipment, are you willing to bag them in your future runs? Let us know more about it in the comments section. Also check out Huntress, since she would be in highly need of these Lunar Coins.

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