Risk of Rain 2 Ukulele: Why To Stack and Use it More

Stack Ukulele Items and Become a Master of AoE Damage!

Risk of Rain 2 takes players on a survival story at Petrichor V planet. Each playable class from the 11 in-game characters comes with different skills and movesets, giving each a fair share of advantages and disadvantages while fighting monsters. However, equipping items ranging from five rarities also proves beneficial. They provide the survivors with an edge in certain situations that otherwise would not have been possible. Depending upon the rarity and item type scale, these valuable collectibles can provide direct damage or area of effect (AoE). However, when someone asks us about the latter, Risk of Rain 2 Ukulele always pops in our head first.

Whether you are playing Risk of Rain 2 with a humanoid character, like Captain, or a half-robot-half-plant such as Rex, having a ukulele in your inventory is always a relief. The weapon not only is excellent when it comes to crowd control, but it also goes well in synergy with other offensive items such as Unstable Tesla Coil and Sentient Meat Hook.

Why You Should Keep Ukulele in Your Inventory

As mentioned in the snippet above, Risk of Rain 2 ukulele item can hit enemies with chain lightning attacks. Say you are playing with Loader; every single hit you land on an enemy has a 25% chance to trigger an Area of Effect (AoE) chain lighting. Ukulele targets enemies within a 20-meter radius, and every monster who comes inside the range is dealt with 80% of total damage. Being an uncommon (green) item in Risk of Rain 2, the ukulele is by far one of the many underrated weapons in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Ukulele
Ukulele item stats

The questions remain the same: why should you keep the ukulele in your inventory? For starters, it matters not if you are doing a run solo or with a teammate; having a ukulele with you is no less than having a companion. Suppose you are playing with Bandit, which is more of a one versus one kind of a playable class in Risk of Rain 2. What if monsters spawn in overwhelming numbers? How efficiently can you deal with them? In situations like these, valuable items such as ukulele are a great asset to have in your inventory. You can deal massive damage in quick succession and wipe the floor while doing solo runs. It is why we think you should always keep the Ukulele item(s) with you while doing runs.

What Benefits Can You Get By Stacking Ukulele?

The survival in Risk of Rain 2 is all about stacking offensive and defensive items. Like playing with Artificer, you need to keep an eye out for items that provide massive AoE damage to strengthen the survivor’s overall damage output. The same formulae apply with the Risk of Rain 2 Ukulele item. With each stack, you increase the overall radius by two meters and chain lighting to two more targets. Well, that does not mean you can hold as much as, say, 30 Ukulele items and become a god of AoE offense while doing the runs. No, it does not work like that.

The maximum cap on the Ukulele item(s) in the game’s current state is eleven stacks only. If you hold more of the said items, you will not receive additional stack bonuses. So next time, if you are doing a run with, say, Commando or Acrid, always remember the number 11 while collecting the ukulele in your runs.

How to Get Ukulele?

As a green or uncommon loot item in the game, the ukulele is not hard to get in Risk of Rain 2. You should get plenty of this item type by defeating monsters, visiting shrines, or looting chests of all sizes. It really is not that difficult to find in the game.

How Proc Coefficient of Ukulele Comes into Play

In Risk of Rain 2, Proc Coefficient is a fancy term of indicating a multiplier of an item to trigger, have a high duration or longer status effect. Naturally, the higher the Proc Coefficient, the better is the item. So, there are two Proc Coefficients of the weapon when it comes to Risk of Rain 2 Ukulele. The first one is related to the chance to trigger the AoE damage output of the damage item. The second is ukulele’s lighting arcs, which have a 0.2 Proc Coefficient.

Now, you must that in Risk of Rain 2, items that have lowered Proc Coefficient essentially hit faster than others. These valuable collectibles also tend to have also more AoE attacks as well. It also explains why the ukulele is an AoE kind of offensive item type. Suppose you consider the individual Proc Coefficients of this uncommon (green) item. In that case, you’d realize how powerful a ukulele item gets when you stack more of the said items and increase the overall stack from 0.2 to say 0.5.

It’s all about playstyles in Risk of Rain 2. You can use the MUL-T character in the game, which also has the lower Proc Coefficient on its attacks. Still, if you know what items and equipment to go with, you will dominate your runs.

Now that you know everything about the Risk of Rain 2 ukulele item, are you looking forward to doing your next run with it? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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