Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order Location and Usability Guide

Want to gamble on terrible build and get a chance of receiving amazing items? Check out our Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order guide to know more.

There are a total of five shrines scattered across the landscape of Petrichor V environments in Risk of Rain 2. Finding and activating each of them requires a unique strategy and items. But, of course, wherever there is risk involved, there is also a great chance of finding fortune as well. So, the same is the case with the Shrine of Order.

Key Highlights
  • The Shrine of Order is a location in the game Risk of Rain 2 where players can interact with the Shrine by using a Lunar coin. 
  • The Shrine can be found in the third environment, called Rallypoint Delta, and also in the final stage, called Commencement. 
  • The Shrine of Order checks all items in the player’s inventory and replaces them with a randomly selected item.
  • Each item in the player’s inventory holds an equal chance to be selected by the Shrine.
  • Outcomes from interacting with the Shrine are unpredictable and can either improve or worsen players’ items and overall game run.
  • Interacting with the Shrine is a gamble, and players should weigh whether they want to risk their items for potentially better or worse outcomes.
  • It is suggested to save the last Lunar coin for interacting with the Shrine.

Where to Find Shrine of Order

To reach the Shrine of Order, a survivor needs to traverse the terrain of the monstrous planet and reach its third environment called Rallypoint Delta. Before update 1.0, this was the only place where players could find Shrine of Order. However, after the update, you can discover the Shrine of Order at Commencement as well.

There was a slim chance for Shrine of Order to spawn at Rallypoint Delta. However, the scenario changed when the Commencement was added to the game. Now, you are guaranteed to find the Shrine of Order on the Moon – the final stage of Risk of Rain 2. However, interacting with the Shrine near the end game is not worth the wait. The kind of items Shrine of Order gives you can make your existing overpowered build into the trash one, or it could do the opposite – it’s all about taking a risk and hoping the reward is worth it. Interacting with the Shrine is a gamble, and you do not want to put the faith of your end game on chance.

Rallypoint Delta Location

Shrine of Order spawns randomly at Rallypoint Delta Location. Here is an image for your reference to know if you ever come across it.

Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order
Shrine of Order

Commencement Location

While you are near the Rescue Ship, go towards the left side of the environment. The first encounter will be with Pillars of Mass. Proceeding ahead on the top side of this area, you will discover the floating rocks. Look for the Shrine of Order on these massive levitating rocks. Here is an image for your reference.

Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order
Shrine of Order – Commencement Location

How to Interact with Shrine of Order?

Let us assume you reached the said Shrine at one out of two places. Now, to interact with it, you need to have at least one Lunar coin in possession. If you don’t have one, we highly suggest keeping an eye out while running and saving at least the last coin for the Shrine. We know most players do all the shopping for equipment and items by using Lunar coins at Bazaar Between Time and overpower their Mercenary, Bandit, Huntress, or Commando class. Whatever your preferences are, you must save the last coin if you intend to interact with the Shrine of Order.

Once you shill out a Lunar coin, the Shrine will prompt a message saying, “You have been… sequenced,” indicating that you successfully interacted with it.

How Does Shrine of Order Work?

The Shrine checks all the items of all rarities a survivor holds while interacting with it. After that, the Shrine selects an item from the overall pool of items. Then, it converts the remaining ones with the selected ones. Essentially, it replaces the items and gives players the stack of a single item by consuming others.

There is no preference on items the Shrine holds. Each item that you have in your inventory holds an equal chance to get selected by the Shrine.

What Benefits A Survivor Gets?

When it comes to the Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order, the outcomes are a mixed bag. A player having ridiculously overpowered items can get awful items in return after interacting with the Shrine. The opposite could happen as well. The truth is Shrine of Order has the potential to alter the balance of your entire run for better or for worse. The question you should ask is, do you want to gamble in Risk of Rain 2? Well, if the answer is yes, then this is the place you need to look for.

Our Analysis

We think Shrine of Order brings in a new challenge to the run based on our play-through. We did the two play-throughs to experiment with the outcomes and rewards from the Shrine of Order. To our surprise, the result was satisfactory. While playing with Loader, we received 42 crowbars and 11 Medkits. In another run with Engineer, we got 30 Bandolier and 19 Bustling Fungus – which is excellent for faster cooldown and healing.

Like we mentioned earlier, our outcomes were favorable, but they were not guaranteed. For example, we could have ended up with 0 medkits while doing the run with Rex, thus destroying the entire build. Or, the Shrine could have consumed our Shatterspleen item if we had it equipped while playing with Acrid. There are countless scenarios, but the end result is always unpredictable when it comes to the Shrine of Order.

While all survivors are equally matched to fight the monsters at Petrichor V, still, some rank better in our tier list. We think these top-ranking survivors will hardly be impacted by the adverse outcomes of the Shrine of Order. In any case, you now know the repercussions of interacting with the Shrine. So, are you excited to pay a visit to it? Let us know more about it in the comments section.

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