Risk of Rain 2 Alien Head: How to Get and Use Properly

Any Kind of Cooldown Reduction is Always Welcomed!

Risk of Rain 2 takes players on a journey of eleven survivors who fight monsters to escape the dreaded Petrichor V planet. Each playable class comes with a unique set of skills, which offers diversity and keeps the gameplay fresh while exploring and beating monsters to death. The skills are the game’s core mechanics, and using them once puts them on a cooldown for a couple of seconds. So naturally, you as a player are to spam as many skills as possible to better your survival chances. That is when the cooldown reduction items come into play. They significantly reduce the overall time on skills to be reused again frequently. Whenever we are asked about the item that offers the best skill cooldown reduction, Risk of Rain 2 alien head legendary item always pops in our head first.

You can use alien head item with all playable classes. However, we think Huntress takes the most benefit from the said item. With a shorter cooldown on her skills, she can spam her ranged arrow attacks frequently. Moreover, Alien Head item can also prove devastating for enemies while using her laser glaive attack as it has Area of Effect (AoE). It can be spammed in quick succession with the help of the legendary item. The item is pretty helpful if you play with Bandit. By stacking at least two or three Alien Head items, you can turn Bandit invisible almost 80-90% of the time. Using his Smoke Bomb utility, it is achieved, which deals 200% damage and turns the character invisible. In any case, a reduction in cooldown of skills is always a welcome gesture in Risk of Rain 2.

How To Unlock Alien Head

The Alien Head item falls under legendary rarity. Like every other item of this category, you will need to open legendary chests to get a chance to receive the item. One way to spawn this item easily is to collect and accumulate Rusted Keys as much as you can. Doing so allows you to open Rusty loot boxes which contain legendary items.

Things You Should Know About Alien Head

Many items returned from the first game into Risk of Rain 2, and Alien Head is also one of them. Even though the item has made a return, it works slightly differently from how it functioned in the first game. This time around, Alien Head offers cooldown reduction on a survivor’s skills in an exponential style. Each stack of the legendary item reduces skill cooldowns by 25%. Moreover, the official description says that each stack adds +25% to the base 25% cooldown reduction time. In reality, that is not how the Alien Head item works in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Alien Head
Alien Head – Item Description

Moreover, the item caps at 0.5 seconds of skill cooldown. Therefore, it will not provide further reduction of seconds on a survivor’s skills. If it did, the item could have easily been exploited in Risk of Rain 2. When it comes to perks offerings from items in Risk of Rain 2, all legendary items work best in one or max two stacks. Whereas, common items like Ukulele, give the best results if it is stacked more than five times.

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How Alien Head Works in Risk of Rain 2?

Unlike ‘Tougher Times’ item, which works in a more hyperbolic fashion of stacking, Risk of Rain 2 Alien Head item offers a cooldown reduction stat in an exponential manner of stacking. Suppose you have one Alien Head item with you. In that case, you will get a 25% cooldown reduction. Moreover, another addition of the said item will not double the stack bonus. It is because the item does not follow a linear stack trajectory; it increases exponentially. Essentially, two Alien Head items will give 43.8%, and three items will offer a 57.8% cooldown reduction. Take a look at the image here for your reference.

Risk of Rain 2 Alien Head
Alien Head Item Stack Graph
Image Source: Risk of Rain 2 Fandom

If you notice from the image mentioned above that stacking more Alien Head items does not give a massive jump in cooldown reduction time. Instead, we think stacking two items is more than enough, as acquiring two Alien Head items is much easier than, say, four or six of them. Also, the stack bonus of Alien Head is significant with two items only, and further grinding does not seem to offer an advantage.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Risk of Rain 2 Alien Head item. Did the concept of cooldown reduction intrigue you? Are you planning to grab this item in your future run while playing with Artificer, Loader, or any other class for that matter? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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