Risk Of Rain 2 Celestial Portal: How To Find & Access

Our Risk Of Rain 2 Celestial Portal guide entails what these portals are, how the players can access them, and what benefits they'd get.

Risk of Rain 2 is full of mysteries, and there is no telling which portal takes you where. The only way to know for sure is to interact with the spawning portals and land at places you may or may not have visited before. A doorway into a hidden dimension may be found in The Risk of Rain 2: Celestial Portal. After completing the assignment in this secret setting, which is also referred to as a Hidden Realm, you will have the opportunity to make contact with a strong figure.

Key Highlights
  • Players need special gateways to access hidden realms in Risk of Rain 2. A Moment Fractured is a hidden realm in the game that can be accessed through Celestial Portal.
  • Players can trigger its appearance by accessing Sky Meadow at level 5 and then exit it using Primordial Teleporter.
  • Continuing this process forces the game into a loop, and players need to restart the game.
  • After entering the portal, players need to go from one island to another using blue pebbles.
  • Players also come across great Obelisk buildings. Here, players need to commit a suicide to meet the requirements for true respite challenge.
  • This Celestial Portal challenge is complete after players have obliterated for the first time. On completion, players unlock a Mercenary character which has exceptional attacking powers.
  • Players also get a Survivor’s Alternative Skin if they complete Survivor’s Mastery Challenge on Monsoon Difficulty.

What Is Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2

celestial portal ROR 2
Celestial Portal – Risk of Rain 2

It’s possible that you’ve heard about Hidden Realms in Risk of Rain 2, but even if you play through all levels of the game, there’s still a possibility that you won’t be able to access them. This is due to the fact that you will need to locate special gateways to access them, such as the Celestial Portal — and each of them has its own set of requirements to meet before it can emerge.

A Hidden Realm known as A Moment, Fractured may only be accessed via a unique portal known as the Celestial Portal. To trigger its appearance, you must first make it to the Sky Meadow, which is the fifth level, and then exit it by using the Primordial Teleporter. While you’re at it, consider reading Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom and Artifacts guides.

Only then will it become visible. If you continue to do this, the game will enter a loop, and you will be forced to start again at the beginning of the game. Also, why not go through our Risk of Rain 2 characters tier list and items tier list

How To Find Celestial Portal 

The teleportation portal that leads to a mysterious location known as A Moment, Fractured may be found behind the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2. The exotic planet is actually a Hidden Realms Environment, which means that you can’t get there from the main stages.

In case you were wondering how to get there, you have to go around the loop at least once and then go to the third level before you can discover the Celestial Portal. So, what exactly is a loop? It’s not hard at all; you only need to go through five levels, the most recent of which is named Sky Meadow.

For the time being, this is the last stage. As soon as you approach it, you will either go to the next stage or go back to the beginning of the stage again. You must next finish the subsequent three phases in order for the gateway that you are looking for to become available.

Because the creators of the game continually add more content, there may be some adjustments made in the near future. However, for the time being, if you decide to head back to playing again after completing five environments, the gateway in question will appear at the third stage. Because of it, you will be able to view it in the eighth, thirteenth, eighteenth, and twenty-third stages, amongst other places.

In conclusion, and to make sense of all the information presented so far, a Celestial Doorway is a portal that goes to the A Moment, Fractured. In order for one to spawn, the player has to have completed at least one loop and be in the third stage.

At this point in the stage, a Celestial orb will appear. In this scenario, an orb of celestial origin may be observed going around and around the teleporter. After the teleporter event has been successfully concluded, the Celestial Portal will become available for use. Before reading further, consider going through Risk of Rain 2 Loader and MUL-T guides.

How To Loop & Reach A Moment, Fractured

Looping At Moon Risk of Rain 2

To initiate a loop, you will need to activate the Primordial Teleporter, which can be distinguished from a standard teleporter or an artifact gate based on its appearance. Instead of having two horn-like prongs, it has eight spires that are twisted inwards.

This gives it a unique appearance. Avoid engaging in any kind of interaction with the central base. Instead, you will need to ‘align it with the planet’ by clumping the prongs into two groups that are diametrically opposed to each other before you may loop back around.

interact with the portal to loop ROR 2

However, if you reach the fifth environment and decide not to return to the previous ones, the spires have to be left in the position that they were in when you started the game so that they are aligned with the planet. You may activate the teleporter by going to the center of the room and pressing the E button. 

This will take you to the sixth and last level, which is called Commencement. Here, you will confront Mithrix, the game’s final boss, on the moon of Pertichor V, and the game will conclude either if you are killed in the fight with him or if you overcome him and escape by a dropship.

In the event that you go back and continue through the stages until you reach Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres, a message will appear notifying you that a Celestial Orb has emerged at that point in the levels. In order to access the A Moment, Fractured area, players must first wait for the teleporter event to finish playing out and then use the freshly generated Celestial Portal rather than the teleporter.

How To Access Or Open Celestial Portal

You are able to use the Celestial Portal to travel into a hidden area of the game known as A Moment, Fractured as soon as one of these portals has appeared and you have interacted with it. You will then be able to explore this world’s many floating islands in order to get access to a strong figure, the Mercenary, who will be waiting for you on the last island.

In ROR2, portals appear seemingly at random, and the game’s creators have not disclosed a mechanism that may reliably be used to access these portals. There have been earlier reports of it being found on level 7. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how to improve your odds of discovering a Celestial Portal.

In addition to the looping method described before, you could stumble into it unexpectedly in one of the other levels. Therefore, make sure that you always keep an eye out for an “orb alert” on your screen.

You will be brought full circle if you use the blue gateway that sometimes appears adjacent to teleporters in the game. Even at stage 5, it is possible for it to show up; regardless of the alignment of the Primordial teleporter, it will bring you back to the beginning of the game through the hidden world of the Bazaar Between Time.

Reaching Obelisk Structure

Activated Obelisk RoR 2

The Obelisk is a humongous structure that cannot be moved and can be found on the final island in the environment known as A Moment, Fractured. It is composed of two gigantic monoliths that are each around 30 meters in length. Once it is triggered, the Obelisk reveals a spherical hollow inside of it that is illuminated by a glittering bright light.

After you have interacted with the Obelisk, it will inquire as to whether or not you would like to be destroyed. If you consent to do so, the True Respite quest will be accomplished, your previous character will be eliminated, and the Mercenary will be unlocked.

If you choose to decline the Obelisk’s initial proposition of destroying oneself, it will make a second, almost identical offer of the same thing, which is to do the same thing. The act brings an end to the run for all of the participants if you accept this time as the end of the run. Five Lunar Coins are given to each participant in the game.

Risk of Rain 2 Obelisk

You have the option of continuing the run with the character you created by turning down the second request as well. Traveling through a gateway that appears to the right of the structure allows you to exit the Obelisk world without having to die or give up your character. It may be accomplished by moving to the right of the structure.

Obliterating at the Obelisk will transfer you to a new hidden realm setting called A Moment, Whole. If you or a member of your team have the Beads of Fealty Lunar item, you will be able to prolong your run by a bit and go through more of the hidden realms.

Prepare yourself to take on one of the four extremely powerful Twisted Scavenger bosses located in this area. In the event that you are victorious, you will be granted 10 Lunar Coins in addition to a more satisfying and honorable passing. If you lose, you will perish regardless.

Rewards For Interacting With Celestial Portal

Discovering the Celestial Portal is critical and absolutely necessary in order to obtain the Mercenary playable survivor in Risk of Rain 2. In order to open the Celestial Portal, you must first go through the processes outlined above, which will transport you to a location known as A Moment, Fractured. 

This concealed region contains a number of islands that float in it. It is necessary for you to get from one island to the next by utilizing the blue pebbles that emerge in between two of the islands as stepping stones in order to get to the last island.

The Mercenary character, like the other characters, has exceptional attacking powers in the melee range. He has excellent agility and can sneak into or out of a fight to throw off his opponents and confound them. Because of his dexterity, he can attack at precisely the perfect moment and wipe off his opponents with a few well-placed blows.

In this location, you will discover the enormous Obelisk building. When you make contact with the ancient-appearing edifice, it will make a suggestion that you commit suicide by giving you the option to do so. By agreeing to the proposition, you will meet the requirements of the True Respite challenge and be able to unlock the Mercenary character. Be aware that it brings a stop to your run, and you will need to start over from the beginning.

The True Respite quest will be finished after you have successfully obliterated for the first time. It will then unlock the Mercenary character. Additionally, completing a Survivor’s Mastery challenge and gaining access to that Survivor’s alternative skin requires that the task be played on the Monsoon difficulty setting.

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