Risk Of Rain 2 Celestial Portal: How To Find & Access

Our Celestial Portal guide entails what these portals are, how the players can access them, and what benefits they'd get.

What Is Celestial Portal 

celestial portal ROR 2
Celestial Portal – Risk of Rain 2

It’s possible that you’ve heard about Hidden Realms in Risk of Rain 2, but even if you play through all levels of the game, there’s still a possibility that you won’t be able to access them. This is due to the fact that you will need to locate special gateways to access them, such as the Celestial Portal — and each of them has its own set of requirements to meet before it can emerge.

A Hidden Realm known as A Moment, Fractured may only be accessed via a unique portal known as the Celestial Portal. To trigger its appearance, you must first make it to the Sky Meadow, which is the fifth level, and then exit it by using the Primordial Teleporter. While you’re at it, consider reading Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom and Artifacts guides.

Only then will it become visible. If you continue to do this, the game will enter a loop, and you will be forced to start again at the beginning of the game. Also, why not go through our Risk of Rain 2 characters tier list and items tier list

Key Highlights

To access “A Moment Fractured,” a hidden realm, follow these steps:

  1. Trigger Appearance: Reach level 5 and access the Sky Meadow stage, then use a Primordial Teleporter.
  2. Create a Loop: Repeatedly access Sky Meadow and use the teleporter to create a game loop.
  3. Enter the Portal: Eventually, you’ll find the Celestial Portal. Enter it to access the hidden realm.
  4. Island Hopping: Navigate between islands using blue pebbles.
  5. Obelisk Buildings: Commit suicide near large Obelisk buildings to complete the “True Respite” challenge.
  6. Challenge Completion: The challenge is completed after obliterating for the first time. You’ll unlock the Mercenary character with strong attack abilities. Completing Survivor’s Mastery Challenge on Monsoon Difficulty awards a Survivor’s Alternative Skin.

How To Find Celestial Portal 

To find and access the Celestial Portal and reach the hidden realm known as “A Moment, Fractured,” you need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete at Least One Loop: In Risk of Rain 2, a loop involves playing through five levels, with the last one being Sky Meadow. After completing these five levels and reaching Sky Meadow again, you’ll have completed one loop.
    Looping At Moon Risk of Rain 2
  2. Reach the Third Stage of the Loop: Once you’ve completed one loop, you need to play through the third stage of that loop. At this point in the game, a Celestial orb will appear and start orbiting the teleporter on the third stage of the loop.
  3. Activate the Teleporter: After the Celestial orb appears, complete the teleporter event on the third stage of the loop. This event involves defeating all enemies that spawn while charging the teleporter. Once the teleporter event is successfully completed, the Celestial Portal will become available.
  4. Interact with the Celestial Portal: After defeating the enemies and charging the teleporter, an interactable Celestial Portal will spawn near the teleporter. Approach it and interact with it to access the hidden realm, “A Moment, Fractured.”
    interact with the portal to loop ROR 2
  5. Explore “A Moment, Fractured”: In “A Moment, Fractured,” you’ll find yourself on a series of floating islands. Explore these islands to reach the final island where you’ll encounter a powerful character called the Mercenary.
  6. Complete the Obelisk Event: On the final island, you’ll also find a massive structure known as the Obelisk. Interact with it, and it will offer you a choice. If you accept, the True Respite quest will be completed, and your current character will be eliminated, unlocking the Mercenary. If you decline, it will make a second offer. If you accept the second offer, it ends the run for all participants and rewards everyone with five Lunar Coins.
    Activated Obelisk RoR 2
  7. Optional: Continue the Run: If you decline the second offer, you can continue playing with your current character. To exit the Obelisk world without giving up your character, look for a gateway that appears to the right of the Obelisk structure and move towards it.
  8. Optional: Explore Hidden Realms: If you have the Beads of Fealty Lunar item, you can prolong your run and explore more hidden realms beyond the Obelisk world.
    Risk of Rain 2 Obelisk

Remember that the appearance of Celestial Portals can sometimes seem random, and the game’s creators have not disclosed a specific mechanism for reliably finding them. So, keep an eye out for Celestial orbs and portals throughout your runs in Risk of Rain 2.

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Rewards For Interacting With Celestial Portal

Interacting with the Celestial Portal and completing the associated event in Risk of Rain 2 offers several rewards, with the primary reward being the unlockable character, the Mercenary. Here are the rewards you can expect:

  1. Unlocking the Mercenary: The most significant reward for interacting with the Celestial Portal and completing the event is unlocking the Mercenary as a playable survivor. The Mercenary is a unique and agile character with powerful melee abilities.
  2. True Respite Challenge Completion: By choosing to accept the Obelisk’s proposition and committing suicide at the Obelisk, you complete the True Respite challenge. This challenge is necessary to unlock the Mercenary and is part of the process.
  3. Alternative Skin: Completing a Survivor’s Mastery challenge and unlocking their alternative skin requires you to play on the Monsoon difficulty setting. This doesn’t directly relate to the Celestial Portal event, but it’s worth noting as an additional challenge and reward for dedicated players.

The True Respite quest will be finished after you have successfully obliterated for the first time. It will then unlock the Mercenary character. Additionally, completing a Survivor’s Mastery challenge and gaining access to that Survivor’s alternative skin requires that the task be played on the Monsoon difficulty setting.

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