How To Find Teleporter In Risk of Rain 2 [SOLVED]

Teleporter is pretty well-hidden in levels. So today, we'll help you solve the risk of rain 2 can't find teleporter problem.

So, you’ve also experienced this super annoying problem of Risk of Rain 2 Teleporter? After hours of gameplay, collecting items, leveling up, you get stuck in a random level with a dead end. Nowhere to go, no way to progress, only to face enemies as they infinitely spawn until your character inevitably dies. Well, allow us to explain why you can’t find a teleporter in Risk of Rain 2 and how to fix it.

Key Highlights
  • The Teleporter in Risk of Rain 2 grants you access to the next area, however, there have been multiple reports on how players are unable to find it at a certain stage.
  • The Risk of Rain 2 teleporter issue may be caused due to the teleporter being bugged out or because you still haven’t explored the map entirely.
  • Luckily, there are a few useful pointers that players can adopt while trying to find the Teleporter in Risk of Rain 2.
  • To get rid of this problem, memorize how the teleporter looks and look out for any floating particles so that you can easily point them out.
  • Look for the teleporter in hidden areas and explore every path you can find.
  • Improving your graphics can help a lot since detailed features will help you to easily spot the teleporter.

What Causes Risk of Rain 2 Teleporter Issue

Risk of Rain 2 is an exciting roguelike looter-shooter game that pits you against hoards of enemies. It’s up to you to survive through those waves of increasingly difficult enemies and collect cool powerups to make your journey a little easier to manage.

In the later stages, you’ll jump around decimating enemies as they approach you with powerful perks that you’ve received. But as you look for a way to progress the stage as tons of enemies are on your tail, you’ll realize, the teleporter is nowhere to be seen.

This stops you from progressing ahead into the game to the final stage, beating Mithrix, and escaping on the dropship.

Why Can’t You Find Teleporter in Risk of Rain 2?

Let’s get something out of the way. A teleporter is a key to every level you progress to. It’s part of the core mechanics of the game. No teleporter means no progression. 

So why is it sometimes you just can’t seem to find it? Well, it can easily be broken down into the following reasons. 

Your Teleporter Bugged Out

Risk of Rain 2 is a smooth game with no glitches or bugs in sight. So it’s hard to believe that a game this much polished can bug out one of the core mechanics of the game. However, it’s entirely possible. 

The teleporter device randomly generates in the level and it’s up to the players to find its whereabouts. But due to this randomly spawning nature, it can end up sticking through the environment or even out of it.

So, the reason why many players cannot find the teleporter at risk of rain 2 isn’t that it doesn’t exist. It’s because the teleporter has spawned in an area inaccessible to you. Since it’s not possible to reach that area nor see it, you can end up searching for a house and still come up empty-handed. 

Once you are 100% sure that it’s a bug, the best course of action is to restart your run. I know it’s a really hard decision considering the grind you went through collecting items and powering up. But what good is leveling up if you can reach the final boss and conclude your journey?

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You Haven’t Explored the Entire Map Yet

After several updates and patches, developers Hoppo Games have reduced any glitches or bugs that can plague your playthrough. So in case, you can’t find the teleporter in risk of rain 2, chances are you haven’t looked around the map well. 

The levels in Risk of Rain 2 are swarmed with changing landscapes and structures. While whizzing through enemies, drunken on powerups, sometimes you might miss the teleporter. And it’s no shame in admitting that teleporters are hard to locate. I mean, it’s like they are playing a dangerous game of hide and seek where we are always it. 

So instead of giving up and admitting defeat, let’s explore different ways you can make your hunt for teleporter a little easier.

How To Find Teleporter in Risk of Rain 2

Allow me to clear something, there are no straightforward tricks to bend the game mechanics to your will, it’s simple RnG and we all are bound to it. If everything goes great, considering it doesn’t bug out, you can expect a smooth ride.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips we gathered that can help you locate the teleporter a little faster. So let’s begin with our first tip.

Tip# 1 Keep How the Teleporter Looks Like in Your Mind

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
The Teleporter (ROR2 Wiki)

Before you say anything, yes, I understand you very well know how a teleporter in Risk of Rain 2 looks like. By knowing how the teleporter looks mean keeping a mental image of its shape while you go about your playthrough. 

Keep its weird pedestal shape in mind, its two devilish-looking horns protruding from the ground up, and an altar in the middle. Keeping its faint image in your head can instantly pinpoint the teleporter even if it comes into your peripheral vision.

Trust me, it works. It’s pretty interesting how our brain works since subconsciously, you’re telling it to let you know as soon as it spots the teleporter. In an instant reflex action that will alert you as soon as you pass by the teleporter, that you’ve found it. 

Cool right? It’s important to know that this is a trick that requires getting used to. It’s not something you can master in a few playthroughs but once you do, it will always be with you like the force.

Tip# 2 Look Out for Floating Particles

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
Particles Around the Teleporter

Teleporters are usually either far away and obscured by objects, or in small confined areas making them hard to spot. Here’s a telltale sign to know if the teleporter is in an area. 

Your priority should be to get to a high point and try to spot glowing orange lights. The color orange is key here as there are no particle effects in-game that match the color of teleporter particles. 

By following this majestic display of glowing specs in the air, you’ll find yourself in an area where the teleporter is. From there, it’s just going to take you a little looking around to finally discover the teleporter and be on your way to the next level. 

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After the latest patches, developers have also tweaked these teleporter particles to reach you from even longer distances and through walls. The visibility of these particles along with the teleporter is significantly increased. So, rest assured, you’ll have less trouble finding the teleporter if you just follow the shining astral breadcrumbs.

Tip# 3 Hidden Areas Often Hide the Teleporter

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
Hidden Areas in Risk of Rain 2

Before I tread any further, please note I am referring to areas hidden in the level and not hidden realms that you may teleport to. 

One of the most fun things about Risk of Rain 2 is its rogue-like nature. After 100-ish playthroughs, I still stumble upon new hidden areas where the teleporter is hidden. The stages are mixed up every time you visit them creating a feeling of fresh playthrough every time. 

Some of the time, even after exploring a level for over 20-30 minutes, the teleporter is nowhere to be seen. But keeping in mind that even if you know a level from top to bottom, it can still hide secrets from you. So keep at it, don’t leave any stone unturned, any path untaken, and you are guaranteed to find the teleporter lurking in areas you least expect. 

Tip# 4 Turning Up Graphics Helps A lot

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
The Graphics Settings

This is a simple one, just bump up your graphics settings. Risk of Rain 2 is a fairly light game on the GPU and doesn’t require you to have an RTX 3090 and those extra tensor cores to give you maximum performance. A decent CPU and GPU combination can easily win you over 100+ FPS. 

So, focus on bumping up as many graphics settings as you can without compromising on FPS. The higher your graphics settings, the more detailed textures the game will load. Better textures will help you spot the teleporter even from greater distances. 

This tip will probably work for most of you, but if you want to go a step further, there is another thing you can do to boost texture sharpness in-game. 

There are several first-party sharpening filters that Nvidia and AMD offer. You can quickly bump up the sharpening of the game and enjoy crip visuals with zero impact on performance. Why no performance impact? Well, since it’s just a cosmetic change, your GPU doesn’t have to work extra hard to process all those textures. 

However, this feature can also make the textures of your game feel unnaturally sharp. For some it might be good, for others, it might not be as pleasant. So I recommend trying the tips above and keeping the sharpening option as a last resort in case you really can’t find the teleporter in Risk of Rain 2. 

Ending Words

So we’ve covered everything, from the problem and its possible causes to some tips to help you overcome it. I really hope this breakdown of the problem and solution was able to help you find the teleporter in Risk of Rain 2. In case you’re having trouble following any of the tips or have any questions regarding anything, hit us up in the comments below. Good luck surviving the wild alien lands and ma the RNGesus bless you with legendary items. 

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