How To Find Teleporter In Risk of Rain 2 [Tested Fixes]

Teleporter is pretty well-hidden in levels. So today, we'll help you solve the risk of rain 2 can't find teleporter problem.

In Risk of Rain 2, you may face frustration when, after investing time collecting items and growing stronger, you suddenly come to a halt without locating the essential teleporter. This device is crucial for progressing to the next stage and confronting the final boss, Mithrix.

The game challenges you to survive waves of enemies and gather power-ups for an easier journey. However, in later stages, the absence of the teleporter becomes apparent, the cause of the issue might just be because the game is bugged out.

Key Highlights
  • Teleporters might get stuck in inaccessible areas, halting gameplay.
  • Overlooked areas might hide the teleporter, necessitating thorough exploration
  • No direct cheats exist; finding the teleporter involves a mix of skill and chance.

Tricks you can try to find teleporters:

  1. Visualize the teleporter’s distinct shape—pedestal, horns, and altar—for quicker identification.
  2. Look for glowing orange particles from a higher vantage point to lead you to the teleporter.
  3. Thoroughly explore the level, as the teleporter might be concealed in unexpected spots.
  4. Increase texture details through higher graphics settings for better teleporter visibility.

Your Teleporter Bugged Out

Risk of Rain 2, typically polished without glitches, can surprisingly encounter issues with its core mechanic—the teleporter. Randomly generated within levels, it might become lodged within or beyond accessible areas, making it impossible for players to locate.

Consequently, despite a lot of searching, players might struggle to find it, halting their progress. If confirmed as a bug, the best action is to restart the run, despite the invested time, to ensure reaching the final boss and concluding the journey.

You Haven’t Explored the Entire Map Yet

After several updates and patches, developers of Hoppo Games have reduced any glitches or bugs that can plague your playthrough. So in case, you can’t find the teleporter in Risk of Rain 2, chances are you haven’t looked around the map well. 

The levels in Risk of Rain 2 are swarmed with changing landscapes and structures. While whizzing through enemies, drunken on powerups, sometimes you might miss the teleporter. And it’s no shame in admitting that teleporters are hard to locate. I mean, it’s like they are playing a dangerous game of hide and seek where we are always it. 

So instead of giving up and admitting defeat, let’s explore different ways you can make your hunt for teleporter a little easier.

How To Find Teleporter in Risk of Rain 2

Allow me to clear something up, there are no straightforward tricks to bend the game mechanics to your will, it’s simple RnG and we all are bound to it. If everything goes great, considering it doesn’t bug out, you can expect a smooth ride.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips we gathered that can help you locate the teleporter a little faster. So let’s begin with our first tip.

Tip# 1 Keep How the Teleporter Looks Like in Your Mind

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
The Teleporter (ROR2 Wiki)

Remember the teleporter in Risk of Rain 2? Visualize its odd pedestal shape, the devilish horns rising from the ground, and the central altar. Keeping this mental image sharp helps spot the teleporter instantly, even in your peripheral vision.

It’s a fascinating subconscious trick, training your brain to recognize it swiftly as you play. With practice, this becomes second nature, an instinctual response alerting you the moment you pass the teleporter. It’s a skill that takes time to hone but becomes an invaluable tool once mastered.

Tip# 2 Look Out for Floating Particles

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
Particles Around the Teleporter (Image by eXputer)

Spotting teleporters in Risk of Rain 2 can be challenging due to their distant or concealed locations. A helpful trick is to find high ground and look for glowing orange lights, a distinctive color not replicated by other in-game effects. Following this luminous trail guides you to the teleporter’s location.

Recent patches have enhanced the visibility of these particles, making them visible from longer distances and through obstacles. With this method, discovering the teleporter becomes more efficient, ensuring a smoother progression to the next level.

Tip# 3 Hidden Areas Often Hide the Teleporter

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
Hidden Areas in Risk of Rain 2 (Image by eXputer)

Before I tread any further, please note I am referring to areas hidden in the level and not hidden realms that you may teleport to. 

One of the most fun things about Risk of Rain 2 is its rogue-like nature. After 100-ish playthroughs, I still stumble upon new hidden areas where the teleporter is hidden. The stages are mixed up every time you visit them creating a feeling of fresh playthrough every time. 

Some of the time, even after exploring a level for over 20-30 minutes, the teleporter is nowhere to be seen. But keep in mind that even if you know a level from top to bottom, it can still hide secrets from you. So keep at it, don’t leave any stone unturned, or any path untaken, and you are guaranteed to find the teleporter lurking in areas you least expect. 

Tip# 4 Turning Up Graphics Helps A lot

Risk of Rain 2 Can't Find Teleporter
The Graphics Settings (Image by eXputer)

To spot the teleporter in Risk of Rain 2 more easily, try boosting your graphics settings. This enhances the game’s texture detail, making the teleporter more visible even from afar without affecting your frame rate. Additionally, utilizing Nvidia or AMD’s built-in sharpening filters can further refine texture clarity without taxing your system’s performance.

Keep in mind that while these adjustments can be helpful, excessive sharpening might create an unnatural appearance for the textures. Use this as a last option if you’re still having trouble finding the teleporter.

My Thoughts 

The Risk of Rain 2 can’t find a teleporter affects many players (Steam and Reddit), causing frustration and progress halts. Fixes focus on spotting the teleporter rather than direct bug resolution, with developers prioritizing overall game mechanics.

Official responses and reports haven’t directly addressed this issue, indicating broader gameplay enhancements are in focus. The problem isn’t so much a system-related issue but rather how the developers have made the teleporter blend with its terrain.

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It would be nice to know wich of the graphics settings influence the particles of the teleporter

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