Risk of Rain 2 Captain: All Abilities and Best Items

In our Risk of Rain 2 Captain guide, we are going to discuss the abilities offered by this character along with the items that suit him.

Captain is the most difficult character to unlock in the game. If you ask why? We’ll; you need to beat the game to unlock him. He is a strong character as just like Loader, he also ranks as an A+ character in our Risk of Rain 2 Tier list. Today, in our Risk of Rain 2 Captain guide, we are going to talk about what he offers.

Just like how we did it in our previous guides, we are going to discuss the abilities offered by Captain. In addition to this, we are going to list down some items that we think are well-suited for the character.

Key Highlights
  • Captain is one of the best survivors in Risk of Rain 2, which controls the battlefield and deals with the damage.
  • Defeat the final boss, named Mathrix, to unlock Captain.
  • The Captain has various abilities, including Defensive Microbots, Vulcan Shotgun, Power Tazer, Orbital Probe and Orbital Supply Beacon. Each of these Abilities provide the player the potential to deal the damage and protect you from enemies.
  • A single Alternative Ability named OMG-72 “Diablo” Strike can also help Captain as it deals with 4000% damage. 
  • Use the right items for the Captain to make him stronger and more powerful.
  • Five items that can make Captain stronger and improve the survivor’s abilities include Wax Quail, Hardlight Afterburn, Bandolier, Sticky Bomb, and Red Whip.

How To Unlock Captain in Risk of Rain 2

As we mentioned above, you need to finish the game to unlock captain in Risk of Rain 2. This means that you must defeat the final boss of the game, Mithrix. To challenge him, you will need to first arrive at the Sky Meadows. If you’re not looking for a challenge and want to get things done quickly, then we will suggest you choose the easiest difficulty and play with your favorite survivor.

After you defeat Mithrix, you will need to escape from the scene and rush back to the entrance. You will have a total of four minutes to reach the entrance, so it will be wise to focus solely on running while avoiding any kind of fight. After you reach your destination, you will get on board a ship which will lead to the final cutscene of the game.

Captain Abilities

Now that we have covered the unlocking part, let’s move on to the abilities offered by Captain.

Passive – Defensive Microbots

Captain’s Passive ability allows him to have a Microbot that hovers around him and shoots down every enemy projectile coming towards him. The number of Microbots you have surrounding you will depend upon the number of drones you have purchased. Therefore, the more drones you have, the more Microbots you’ll have protecting you from incoming projectiles.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Defensive Microbots

Primary – Vulcan Shotgun

This is Captain’s Primary ability. This fires a spread of 8 shots that deal 120% damage each. The best part is that the spread will reduce if you charge the attack for a longer period of time. The only downside about this ability is the damage fall off, which starts at 25m and ends at 60m. After this, the total amount of damage it deals reduces by 50%. In addition to this, if the attack becomes a Critical Hit, then all 8 pellets will serve as a Critical Hit.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Vulcan Shotgun

Secondary – Power Tazer

This ability lets Captain fire a tazer that deals 100% damage. Now, the amount of damage it deals is low compared to the other attacks offered by the character. However, the primary use of this ability is linked with its shock effect. When an enemy gets hit by the tazer, it remains in a shock for a few seconds. This gives you enough time to take them down using some other attack.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Power Tazer

Utility – Orbital Probe

Easily the best ability offered by Captain, Orbital Probe allows him to call down 3 Orbital Strikes from his ship in the sky and each strike deals a massive 1000% damage. The ability has a cooldown of 11s, so you should use it only when needed. Orbital Probe is mainly used to take down bosses, but can also help you take down a small group of enemies quickly.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Orbital Probe

Special – Orbital Supply Beacon

By using his Special ability, Captain can call down a permanent Supply Beacon. You can only request a beacon twice per stage, and there are a total of four beacons to choose from. Two of them are available by default, while the remaining two must be unlocked by completing different challenges.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Orbital Supply Beacon
  • Healing Beacon – This beacon heals all nearby allies for 10% of their maximum health.
  • Shocking Beacon – This beacon shocks all nearby enemies.
  • Resupply Beacon – This beacon recharges equipment on use. You first need to complete the “Captain: Wanderlust” challenge before you can start calling down this beacon. This challenge requires you to visit 10 different environments in a single run.
  • Hacking Beacon – This beacon hacks all nearby purchasable items and drops their price down to $0 for some time. To unlock it, you will need to complete “Captain: Worth Every Penny” challenge, which requires you to repair and recruit a TC-280 Prototype.

Alternate Abilities

Unlike most of the characters in the game, Captain only has a single alternate ability.

OGM-72 “DIABLO” Strike

This is Captain’s Alternate Utility ability and it is easily one of the most powerful abilities in the entire game. It allows Captain to call down a Kinetic Strike from the Sky which deals 40,000% damage. Even your allies will get damaged if they end up being within the attack’s radius. The ability has a cooldown of 40s and is enough to take down even the toughest of opponents. To unlock it, you must complete the “Captain: Smushed” challenge. In this, you will need to kill the final boss of the game using a Supply Beacon.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
OGM-72 ‘DIABLO’ Strike

Best Items for Captain in Risk of Rain 2

Captain may seem like a powerful character but you still need to use the right items so that he can reach his full potential. We are going to list five items in our Risk of Rain 2 Captain guide that we think are perfect for this character.

Wax Quail

Some players often complain about mobility issues with Captain. But by using this item, you can overcome them. If you jump while sprinting, then this item will boost you forward by 10m.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Wax Quail

Hardlight Afterburner

As you can see above, both of Captain’s Utility abilities are extremely powerful. As for the Hardlight Afterburner, it can provide you with two additional charges for both of them. In addition to this, it will also reduce the cooldown of the Utility abilities by 33%.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Hardlight Afterburner

Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb is yet another great item for Captain. If you’re looking for something that can help you deal some extra damage, then this item is for you. It sticks on to an enemy and explodes, dealing 180% damage in the process.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Sticky Bomb

Red Whip

This is another item that can help you improve the mobility of Captain. When used, it will increase your movement speed by 30%. It works outside of combat only and can help you reach your destination quickly.

Risk of Rain 2 Captain
Red Whip


The final item we would like to suggest for Captain is Bandolier. Almost all abilities of Captain have a high cooldown, and this item gives you an 18% chance to reset the cooldown of all of them. How cool is that?

Risk of Rain 2 Captain


This was all regarding our Risk of Rain 2 Captain guide. Overall, he is one of the strongest characters in the entire game. Unlocking him might seem like a lengthy process, but it will be worth it. Before you leave, make sure to check out our guides for Bandit and MUL-T as well.

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