Risk of Rain 2 Tier List: Ranking All Characters [Version 1.2.4]

An updated RO2 Tier List to enlighten you about all Characters and how they fare in the game!

Developed by Hopoo Games and Published by Gearbox, Risk of Rain 2 is often considered one of the best third-person shooting games in the roguelike category. Our guide is centered around the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List, subject to survivors only. Items can also be ranked, but the problem with them is that there are way too many and with constant updates.

Key Highlights
  • The Roguelike-styled third-person shooting game Risk of Rain 2 consists of 14 competitive playing characters or ‘Survivors’ as the game calls them. 
  • We have formed the tier list based on the popular opinion about each Risk of Rain 2 character’s overall in-game show of power, technical abilities, and compatibility.

  • Loader and Captain are everyone’s favorite in Risk of Rain 2, given their exceptional character stats and viability on the field. Rail Gunner and Bandit are top choices,, too. 

  • Characters that contrastingly display a bit of an underwhelming performance are Mercenary and Commando. They have no out-of-the-box skill to distinguish them from the rest of the mighty options. 
  • Top-ranked characters should be your go-to if you aim to win the Risk of Rain 2 roguelike realms with minimum effort. Otherwise, the rest aren’t much of an issue to go with either.

Risk of Rain 2 Characters Comparison

Let’s have a look at the stat comparison of the characters in Risk of Rain 2:

Character TierHealthDamageArmourHealth Regen
Rail GunnerS110 (+33 per level)12 (+2.4 per level)0 ( Difficulty 70)1.5/s (+0.2 per level)
BanditS110 (+33 per level)12 (+2.4 per level)0.01/s (+0.2 per level)
LoaderS160 (Increases 48 per level)12 (2.4 Increase per level)Over at 20Usually 2.5/s and an increase of 0.5 per level
CaptainS110 (+33 per level)12 (2.4 increase every level)0.01/s (+0.2 per level)
EngineerA130 (39 increase as level increases)14 (+2.8 per level)Down at 01/s (+0.2 per level)
RexA130 (39 increase as level increases)12 (+2.4 per level)20.01/s (+0.2 per level)
MUL-TASignificantly High – 200 (60 increase per level)11 (2.2 Increase per level)12.01/s (+0.2 per level)
HuntressASomewhat low, at 90 but 27 increase each level12 (+2.4 per level)0.01/s ( 0.2 increase per level)
Void FiendA110 (+33 Per Level)12 (+2.4 per level)0 (Difficulty 70)1.5/s (+0.2 per level)
HereticA440 +13218 +3.60.0-6/s -1.2
AcridB160 (+48 per level)15 (Increase of 3 per level)20.02.5 per second with a 0.5 increase.
ArtificerB110 (+33 per level)12 (2.4 increase per level)It stands at 0As of 2023, It stands at 1/s (0.2 increase per level)
CommandoC110 +3312 +2.50.01/2 +0.2
MercenaryC110 +3312 +2.420.01/2 +0.2

Tier List Ranking

Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers  Characters 
S Tier  Rail Gunner, Bandit, Loader, Captain 
A Tier  Void Fiend, Huntress, MUL-T, Rex, Engineer, Heretic
B Tier  Artificer, Acrid
C Tier  Mercenary, Commando

It is impossible to update the stats. After playing Risk of Rain 2 for 500 hours, I recommend playing the game as much as possible. Only experience in the long term will help you sort a better tier list.

Note: Our Risk of Rain 2 character tier list is subjective, so it might vary for you depending on your playstyle.

C Tier

Commando Initially a significant survivor from the first game, Commando struggles in the sequel mainly due to the lack of uniqueness in his abilities. His primary attack, double-tap, lacks consistency, while his secondary abilities, Phase Round and Phase Blast, are relatively better. Despite notable skills like Tactical Dive and the recent Frag Grenade update, Commando falls short in single target DPS, AOE damage, and utility. His fast Proc Coefficient from Double Tap can still be useful in various scenarios, though.
Mercenary Praised as an A-tier character at launch due to his powerful abilities, Mercenary has since been nerfed significantly, affecting his base health, regeneration, and cooldown times. Now considered just an average melee survivor, his abilities are a shadow of their former selves, making him less popular among players. It’s advised for new players to familiarize themselves with his techniques before expecting immediate success.

B Tier

Acrid Acrid shines in multiplayer scenarios, especially when combined with different builds like Blight and Poison, making for a dynamic duo with a friend. Solo play reveals his limitations as a hit-and-run specialist with less effectiveness in later stages compared to characters like Mercenary. Despite recent buffs to regeneration, Acrid struggles to finish off enemies and heavily relies on specific items for survival and damage in later game stages. Recommended for multiplayer use with a focus on gathering items that boost melee attacks and survivability.
Artificer Artificer, often debated upon, recently received buffs that improve her performance, including increased nano bomb damage and adjustments to her Ion Surge and other abilities, pushing her from a C to a B tier. She excels in early game with high DPS but faces mobility challenges and reduced effectiveness as the game progresses. Success with Artificer in later stages requires strategic item collection and skillful use of her abilities, especially the Flamethrower and Fireball.

A Tier

Engineer Known for his powerful ranged attacks and the highest damage output among survivors. Despite average mobility, his Bubble Shield utility compensates well. The Engineer’s gameplay can feel passive as turrets do most of the work, but he’s incredibly effective in gameplay with strategic planning required for optimal use.
Rex A self-sufficient survivor with a balance of damage and survivability. Rex’s abilities allow for effective crowd control and damage but at the cost of health, limiting his A-tier ranking due to this self-damage mechanic. His playstyle involves careful ability management to maintain health and deal damage.
MUL-T After recent buffs, MUL-T has excellent health, weaponry, and the unique ability to carry two equipment pieces. His updates have significantly improved his damage output and mobility, making him a top choice for ranged combat. Despite slight mobility reductions, his attack speed and base acceleration enhancement make him formidable.
Huntress Versatile survivor known for her high DPS and mobility, able to attack while sprinting, which offers great combat and escape capabilities. Her main limitation is the requirement to engage at closer ranges due to her primary attack range, balancing her high movement and damage output with vulnerability.
Void Fiend A character that utilizes corruption energy to unleash powerful abilities. He excels at controlling the battlefield with his unique abilities, transforming into a more aggressive form once his energy bar is filled, making him ideal for taking down tough opponents with his Corrupted Drown ability.
HereticS Secret character unlocked through acquiring all four Lunar items, transforming the survivor into a heretic. Her abilities offer high damage, crowd control, healing, and burst potential, making her a potent but risky choice due to the transformation’s permanent nature and the challenge of acquiring necessary items.

S Tier

Railgunner A formidable sniper character ideal for players adept at long-range combat. Her M99 Sniper offers high damage output, with each critical strike chance boosting critical strike damage. The Railgunner’s Supercharge Ability delivers massive weak point damage, making her a powerhouse from a distance.
Bandit Bandit excels with stealth and high-damage attacks, capable of turning all attacks from behind into critical strikes. His abilities allow for a mix of shotgun and melee attacks, with the potential to reset cooldowns on kill, making him lethal against bosses and regular enemies alike.
Loader Known for her high mobility and damage, Loader stands out as the best melee survivor. Despite being challenging for new players due to her unique swinging mechanic, her high health pool and ability to traverse quickly make her a dominant force in close combat.
Captain Captain combines defensive and offensive capabilities, with his Vulcan Shotgun being notably powerful. While his hacking ability enhances efficiency by accessing valuable resources, mastering his Orbital Strikes requires practice, especially against aerial targets. Despite these challenges, Captain’s versatility makes him a favorite for many players.

Who Is the Best Character In Risk of Rain 2?

After the recent patch, Captain and Loader are without a doubt the best survivors in Risk of Rain 2. They are very independent of their gameplay and aren’t affected by any sort of enemy. Both Captain and Loader are capable of winning games on their own.

Changes Due To Latest Patch

Last Updated: Version 1.2.4

Here are all the changes in Risk of Rain 2 that players need to be aware of.


  • Flame bolt damage has increased from 220% to 280%.
  • Plasma bolt damage has increased from 220% to 280%.


  • The captain’s first beacon’s stock is now increased by Lysate Cell.
  • The captain can only have two deployed beacons active at once.

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List At A Glance

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List
Final Risk of Rain 2 tier list.

Our Risk of Rain 2 Tier List was solely based on personal preferences, and honestly, we weren’t biased with any survivor in the game. Moreover, at the end of the day, all tier lists are made from gameplay styles and compatibility.

Suppose you like Commando and can get decent runs through him. Forget about this tier list and keep playing him. The goal in Risk of Rain 2 is always to find the right combination in terms of items and game style.

I also recommend multiplayer users find a useful meta between two survivors and use them efficiently. I use Acrid with my friend so we can get decent poison and melt all enemies out there.

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Feedback From Our Fellow Gamers

Loader in RoR2 is pro lol

it tells me who to play as in my opinion loader is a S tier

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