Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend: Unlock, Best Items & Abilities

Risk of Rain 2 developers are always looking for ways to improve their game. Since its release, the devs have released multiple updates through which they have added a plethora of new content to Risk of Rain 2. And recently, they released a new DLC called Void, which has introduced a lot of unique content, including two new Survivors. To help you get familiar with one of them, we are going to write down a Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend guide. Through it, you’ll be able to tell whether this new Survivor is for you or not.

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The game lets players choose from a wide range of Survivors. With the addition of two new Survivors, we now have a total of 14 playable Survivors. We have already mentioned most of them in our Risk of Rain 2 tier list, which you can check out to see which Survivors are the best. We also did a Risk of Rain 2 best builds guide for all characters. 

Just like how we did it before for other Risk of Rain 2 characters, such as Captain and Loader, we will mention how to unlock Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2 and its abilities. Furthermore, we will also list down a bunch of items that go well with this new Survivor. 

How To Unlock Void Fiend In Risk of Rain 2

Before we get into the abilities, let’s talk about how you can unlock Void Fiend first. You will need to complete a challenge called Dragged Below to unlock him.

Now, there are two methods of completing this challenge. The first method includes fully completing the Void Fields Hidden Realm and then making it to the Planetarium. In the Planetarium, you will encounter the final boss, Voidling. This is a giant crab, and you shouldn’t take him lightly as it has several phases. In fact, it might be the hardest boss to defeat in Risk of Rain 2. After you defeat the final boss, the challenge will get completed, and you will unlock Void Fiend as a playable Survivor. 

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Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend
Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend

As for the second method, it involves surviving 50 waves in the Simulacrum. After you beat 50 waves, Void Fiend will become available in your list of unlocked Survivors. You can choose any of the two methods to complete the challenge. We will suggest you follow the first method as you’ll be able to enjoy the game’s new content and experience the alternate ending as well. 

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Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend Abilities 

Now, let’s get down to Void Fiend abilities. As per his official description, he is the kind of Survivor who relies on Corruption to build energy and further enhance his abilities. Void Fiend likes to switch between his controlled and corrupted form. This is why he has a corrupted version of all his abilities. Void Fiend’s corruption level increases as he takes damage performs critical strikes and acquires void items. And when you heal him, it goes down. 

So without any further due, let’s take a look at Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend abilities. 

Skill NameTypeDescription
Void CorruptionPassiveThe Void Corruption Passive ability transforms Void Fiend’s abilities into the corrupted form. You can see a circular gauge on the screen that indicates the Corruption level.

When the gauge hits 100%, all his abilities are transformed into the Corruption form. In this state, the abilities become more aggressive and deal more damage. 

DrownPrimaryThe Drown ability lets Void Fiend fire a slowing long-range beam that deals 300% damage. 
Corrupted DrownPrimaryThis is the Corrupted version of the ability mentioned above. Unlike the regular version that can take down targets that are far away, the Corrupted Drown ability is for short-range scenarios.

However, it can deal 2000% damage, making it an ideal option to use against tough opponents. 

FloodSecondaryFlood is the kind of ability that deals more damage as you charge it. It can fire a plasma missile that deals 600% at the base level.

But when you fully charge it, it launches a Plasma Ball towards that target that deals 1100% damage. It has a cooldown of 4 seconds, and you can trust this ability against all kinds of enemies. 

Corrupted FloodSecondaryThe Corrupted version of Flood doesn’t require a charge to deal extra damage. It can send out a Plasma Bomb that can do 1100% damage. Like Flood, the Corrupted Flood ability also has a cooldown of 4 seconds. 
TrespassUtilityTrespass is an ability that allows Void Fiend to disappear into the Void while moving in an upward arc. It also removes all the debuffs from him. It has a 5 seconds cooldown time.
Corrupted Trespass UtilityThe Corrupted Trespass also makes Void Fiend invisible and removes the debuffs from him while moving quickly at a forward angle. 
SuppressSpecialThe Suppress special ability is for times when Void Fiend is low on health. By using this ability, he can sacrifice 25% of his Corruption to heal himself for 25% health.

This also means that you will need to keep your Corruption gauge above 25% most of the time in order to make the best use of this ability. 

Corrupted SuppressSpecialThe Corrupted Suppress is the exact opposite of Suppress, as this one sacrifices 25% health in return for 25% Corruption. This should be used at times when you’re fighting a formidable enemy, and you need to fill up the Corruption gauge quickly.

However, this ability comes with only two charges, and they are restored after the Survivor transforms to his regular form and then becomes Corrupt again. 

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend Best Items 

Risk of Rain 2 allows players to choose from a wide range of different items. These items come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them have their own unique effect. For instance, there exist items that can heal you, provide you with a shield, make your movement faster, or let you deliver a powerful attack to your enemy.

In our Risk of Rain 2 item tier list, we have already mentioned all items available in the game and ranked them from best to worst. But not all of them are going to work well with Void Fiend’s playstyle. Therefore, we will mention a total of eight best items for Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2 that you should get. 

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Lens-Maker Glasses

Lens-Maker's Glasses
Lens-Maker’s Glasses

As discussed before, Void Fiend has a Corruption gauge that gets filled when you take damage or acquire void items. In addition to this, it also increases when you land Critical Strikes. And by using the Lens-Maker Glasses, you can increase the chances of landing a critical strike by 10%. This is something that can help you with filling up the Corruption gauge quickly. 

Soldier’s Syringe

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend
Soldier’s Syringe

Void Fiend offers some powerful attacks that can help you annihilate the enemy. And if you want to transform him into an even more powerful killing machine, then we’ll suggest you get the Soldier’s Syringe for him. This is because the Soldier’s Syringe will increase his attack speed by 15%, which will let him land more attacks on his target within a short period. This item also works well with Engineer’s current abilities and Commando, the weakest Survivor in the entire game. 

Paul’s Goat Hoof

Paul's Goat Hoof
Paul’s Goat Hoof

It is a must for every Survivor in Risk of Rain 2 to have a good movement speed. We previously discussed how Paul’s Goat Hoof could be useful for Bandit, and the same applies for Void Fiend as well. By using this item, his movement speed will increase by 14%, which will let him reach destinations quickly. 


Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend

If you’re someone who’s planning to sacrifice his health a lot to increase the Corruption gauge of Void Fiend, then you should definitely get Infusion. This item will provide you with 1HP every time you kill an enemy. The maximum amount of health you can gain by it is 100HP. 

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Genesis Loop

Genesis Loop
Genesis Loop

Genesis Loop is yet another amazing item in our Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend guide. It is the kind of item that will prove to be extremely useful when you’re low on health. If you have this item equipped and your health falls below 25%, you will explode and deal 6000% damage to all nearby enemies. This item is perfect for times when you are fighting against a group of tough enemies. 

Royal Capacitor

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend
Royal Capacitor

Although Void Fiend already has powerful attacks in his arsenal, there is no harm in gaining an additional one. You can call down a lightning strike on a single enemy for 3000% damage with the Royal Capacitor. The best part about it is that it will also stun all nearby enemies, thus providing you with the luxury of landing other attacks on them while they’re unable to move. 

Berzerker’s Pauldron

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend
Berzerker’s Pauldron

The Berzerker’s Pauldron is yet another item on our list that can transform Void Fiend into a lethal killing machine. If you have this item equipped and you kill three enemies within a second, your movement speed will increase by 50%, and your attack speed will increase by 100%. Both of these things can assist you in taking down your targets quickly and easily. Also, you can trigger this item’s effects pretty fast if you’re using Mercenary.

Disposable Missile Launcher

Disposable Missile Launcher
Disposable Missile Launcher

The eighth and final item that we would like to recommend for Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend is the Disposable Missile Launcher. By using it, you can send out a total of twelve missiles towards your target, and each one will deal 300% damage. This means that through the Disposable Missile Launcher, you can deal a total of 3600% damage. If you pair it with your other abilities, such as the Corrupted Drown, you can quickly take down even the most formidable opponents. 


This marks the end of our Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend guide. He is definitely a fantastic Survivor. While he may not be as powerful as MUL-T or Huntress, who are the best Survivors in Risk of Rain 2, Void Fiend is still extremely powerful and someone you can trust against multiple types of enemies.

The kind of abilities he offers can help you eradicate targets quickly. Both of his forms are meant for different situations. In his regular form, Void Fiend is the kind of Survivor who can deal a decent amount of damage and prove to be useful in multiple situations. However, in his Corrupted form, he becomes a killing machine. The amount of damage he deals in his second form is massive. The Corrupted form should be used when fighting against a powerful opponent. 

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