Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner: Unlock, Best Items and Abilities

This Risk of Rain 2 railgunner survivor guide will give you tips on how to optimize your Railgunner to her full potential!

With the all-new patch update, Risk of Rain 2 has recently released a new Survivor by the name of Railgunner. The new Survivor (Railgunner) was released alongside the Survivors of the Void DLC. Players can buy the new character for $10. Before you make the purchase, you must know everything about the Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner Survivor Guide.

Key Highlights
  • Players can purchase “Survivors of the VoidDLC for ten dollars. It also includes Railgunner, who is a new survivor in the game.
  • Players can benefit from Railgunner’s number of different and unique abilities. These abilities include Magnetic Accelerator, XQR Smart Round System, M99 Sniper, HH44 Marksman, Concussion Device, and many more.
  • Len’s Maker Glasses, Crowbar, Backup Magazine, and Runald’s Band are some of the best gunslinger items that help in damage output, critical hits, and provide other benefits.
  • Players can land an extra 500% damage on the enemies by taking note of the Perfect Reload area on the shooter when playing as Railgunner.
  • Players should take into account the HH44 Marksman ability because if not reloaded perfectly, it can lower its cooldown time.
  • If the Supercharged shot skill is not used perfectly, it disables the gun with a 15-second cooldown. Players should also aim for weak points on enemies for increased crit hit damage and buff.

Here’s information on all the best items in Risk of Rain 2: 

ItemsRarityBuffsMax Crit RateStack TypeStack LimitMax Dmg RatePer Stack Buffs
Len’s Makers GlassesCommonCrit Chance: 10%100%Linear Type10 timesN/AN/A
CrowbarCommonDamage: 75%N/ALinear Type3 times225%1 use of your secondary skill
Backup MagazineCommonCharge: 1N/ALinear TypeN/AN/AN/A
Runald’s BandUncommonSlow Duration: 3 secs
Damage: 250%
N/ALinear TypeN/AN/A– +250% Total Dmg
– +3 secs enemy slow down time

How To Unlock Railgunner In Risk of Rain 2

Railgunner Risk of Rain 2
complete guide about Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner

First up, let’s quickly go through some basic stats of Risk of Rain 2:

Character NameSpecialtyHPHP RegenDamageSpeedArmor
Railgunner- Long Range
- High Damaging Attacks
110 [+33/lvl]- Drizzle: 1.5/sec [+0.2/lvl]
- Rainstorm: 1/sec [+0.2/lvl]
- Moonsoon: 0.6/s [+0.2/lvl]
12 [+2.4/lvl]7 m/s0 (Drizzle => 70)

With the newer versions of Risk of Rain 2 being released time by time, it is no secret that there has to be some sort of premium DLCs that players need to give in to get hold of their newest survivors and this new update is no more minor. 

With the newest “Survivors of the Void” DLC now available globally for purchase, players can access all kinds of new content. The content includes newer and worthier opponents that players can defeat, slashing their way through the most difficult of stages to gain victory, as well as tons of new game modes and a lot of new items. 

Along with the premium DLC new content comes the newest Railgunner that you can purchase for a total of 10 dollars. After purchasing the DLC you will have the Railgunner survivor unlocked from the get-go. 

Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner Abilities 

Moving forward, the survivor Railgunner in Risk of Rain 2 comes with some impressive abilities that we will talk about now. 

S.No NameTypeCooldownDescription
1Magnetic AcceleratorPassiveNoneAs railgunner is unable to get random critical strikes, Magnetic Accelerator makes it so that every crit rate is converted to instant Crit damage. 
2XQR Smart Round SystemPrimary1.0 secondsConsistently launching Firing attacks will cause enemies to take 100% increased overall damage output, and the skill will not end even if there are no foes nearby. 
3M99 SniperSecondaryNoneTravelers can easily activate their long-range viewing abilities, allowing them to view opponent’s weak points, target them and stun them, then launch a surprise attack, dealing a total of 1000% increased damage. 
4HH44 MarksmanSecondaryNoneComplementing M99 Sniper, you can activate your short-range viewing abilities, target opponent’s weak points, stun them and deal 400% increased overall damage. 
5Concussion DeviceUtility6sLaunch a certain device that can cause your foes to launch themselves far away from you, protecting you and your HP bar. 
6Polar Field DeviceUtilityNoneAn easy way to slow down enemies, upon casting this ability, you can launch a device that will slow enemies’ movements, allowing you to hurt them severely. 
7SuperchargeSpecial15sLaunch out a Pierce damage towards foes that will cause 150% increased Weak Point damage and foes will intake 4000% Pierce damage. 
8CryochargeSpecialNoneLaunch out a Freeze damage towards enemies that will make them intake 2000% increased Freeze damage. 

Risk of Rain 2: Railgunner Tips 

We hope that you are finding this Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner Survivor Guide helpful; there are some tips that you should follow when pursuing Railgunner; here they are as follows: 

  • A certain period and a cursor will appear on the “Reload Area.” Taking note of the “Perfect Reload” area on the shooter and aiming for the reload button when the cursor is located in the “Perfect Reload” area will allow Railgunner to take advantage of this perk she will launch an additional 500% damage to her foes. 
  • Take note of the reload times between each use of HH44 Marskan Ability; Simultaneously, you do not necessarily need to reload every time you attempt to make a consistent shot output; you do need to consider that her cooldown will lower down. Still, perfect will be more challenging to attain. 
  • Make sure that you take full advantage of the Supercharged shot and that the player uses the skill wisely. Failing to do so will cause the gun to disable itself, and the 15-second cooldown will instead start. 
  • Railgunner has excellent equipment called Ocular HUD that she can benefit from, and essentially what it does is that it gives her the ability to “Full Crit” for a total of 8 seconds”, and during the duration of these 8 seconds, Railgunner is sure to land a crit on her opponents every single time. 
  • While Railgunner can hit quite well against crowds of enemies, there is a known fact that she works well at landing single-hit damage; if you want to boost her damage, you can take into account the use of Crowbars and Runald’s Band. 
  • Attempt to take hits at multiple enemies at any one time, as Railgunner is designed in a way where she can easily Pierce her way through enemies and instantly defeat them, so taking advantage of her Piercing skill can make her a lot more viable on the battlefield. 
  • The weak points of enemies are always sure to land crit hits, and since Railgunenr always gets a buff when aiming for weak spots, make sure to abuse the buff and get as high of damage output as possible, and the easiest way to do this is to always go for crit hits at weak points of her foes. 

Railgunner Best Items 

Making our way through the Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner survivor Guide, these are some of the best items that will highly benefit Railgunner herself. With her focus significantly on buffing her crit rate and increasing her overall damage output, it is fair to say that items that will boost her damage are more viable. 

Len’s Makers Glasses 

risk of rain 2 lens glasses
Len’s Maker Glasses
RarityBuffsMax Crit RateStack TypeStack Limit
CommonCrit Chance: 10%100%Linear Type10 times

The Len’s Makers Glasses is an essential item present in Risk of Rain 2 that essentially focuses on buffing your crit rate by 10% to efficiently deal as much damage as possible. The item itself can stack for a total of 10 times, with each attack stacking on top of another; by the time the 10th stack has been made, Railgunner will have a 100% crit rate. 

Take into consideration that the item itself will not stack past the limit of 10. As Railgunner highly benefits from crit rate buffs, this item is of most value to her, as her damage against her foes will be increased by a high amount, and it will cause her to wipe off enemies within seconds.


Risk of rain 2 crowbar item
crowbar risk of rain 2
RarityBuffsMax Dmg RateStack TypeStack Limit
CommonDamage: 75%225%Linear Type3 times

Following along, Railgunner’s next best slot item is the Crowbar, which will benefit Railgunner yet again in her combat. When the player taking hold of the Crowbar launches an attack against an opponent that has more than 90% of its overall HP in its health bar standing, the player will effectively continue to increase their overall damage output by a total of 75%. 

There can be more than two stacks of Crowbar at any given time, and if you manage to stack it three times, then you will deal around 225% additional damage based on 3 stacks; therefore, it is recommended that the player uses this to their advantage and deal massive amounts of damage against their opponents. 

Backup Magazine 

risk of rain backup magazine
Backup Magazine
RarityBuffsStack TypePer Stack BuffsStack Limit
CommonCharge: 1Linear Type+1 use of your secondary skillN/A

Going right on with the Backup Magazine, this item is yet another amazing one for Railgunner, as it offers up the benefit of allowing the player to use their Secondary skill another time instantly without needing to cool down the trigger, without which it would have been troublesome. For Railgunner, she can benefit from resuing her Secondary skills a lot. 

If you have more than a few Backup Magazines in your arsenal, it allows for a consistent damage output as you can trigger the skill again and again. The player can spam the skill with ease, and Railgunner can use her M99 Sniper and HH44 Marksman skill excellently with this item. 

Runald’s Band

risk of rain runald's band
Runald’s Band
RarityBuffsStack TypePer Stack BuffsStack Limit
UncommonSlow Duration: 3 secs

Damage: 250%

Linear Type– +250% Total Dmg

– +3 secs enemy slow down time


The next item is the Runald’s Band which offers Railgunner with an Ice based explosion when Railgunner attacks enemies with 400% additional damage based on her damage output. The opponent will also be massively be slowed down for a total of 3 seconds, which gives the player ample time to attack and take them down. 

With that, we hope that you enjoyed this Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner Survivor Guide. Make sure to give us feedback on how you like the guide in the comments down below! 

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