A Complete Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths Guide

Explore and Find Every Little Interactable In Abyssal Depths

Risk of Rain 2 is full of small surprises, hidden areas, chests, a dozen enemy types, and rich in-game environments. Even though each stage has a fair share of good and bad things, the Risk of Rain Abyssal Depths environment comes to mind whenever we think about a stage containing good loot, challenging enemies, and comprehensive exploration.

Key Takeaways
  • Players of Risk of Rain 2 must explore, fight different types of monsters, unlock a new survivor, open a legendary chest, and visit Newt Altars in The Abyssal Depths environment, randomly generated.
  • Abyssal Depths guarantees a legendary chest spawn.
  • Players also can benefit from more gold as a reward for defeating enemies.
  • Altars spawn at 5 different locations randomly.
  • Players can explore different cave regions to find and interact with Newt Altar.
  • At the center of the stage, near three giant boulders, players can find the chest in the bushes.
  • Rex is a half robot half, plant playable class in the Abyssal Depths. Players need a unique item to interact and make the class playable in the future.
  • This environment does not spawn Shrine of Blood because it is a way to farm gold.

What Is The Abyssal Depths

The abyssal Depths environment is famous for myriad reasons. It requires a decent amount of exploration, fighting ten different monster types, unlocking a new survivor, opening a legendary chest, and visiting Newt Altars.

For starters, Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths is the first environment where you get a legendary chest spawn. It’s not just a chance of spawning but a guaranteed one. Secondly, it has a wide variety of enemy types, and defeating them gives a survivor lots of gold that not many environments offer. It is probably why the Shrine of Blood does not appear here; more on that later.

Newt Altars

Abyssal Depths contain a plethora of places to check out for Newt Altars. The altars spawn randomly in this environment at five different locations. If you visit the center of the stage, you can spot a hanging crystal of orange glimmer. Reach and climb there and then find the hanging rocks connected by chains with yellow crystals at their end. A Newt Altar sits there, waiting to interact. Huntress can leap faster here than other survivors.

Secondly, if you happen to visit the cave, go to its left entrance, and near the rocks, you may find a Newt Altar. Lastly, inside the cave, there are large, straight crystals. Under these yellow crystals, you will find another possible location for a Newt Altar.

Legendary Chest Location

Abyssal Depths also guarantee the spawn of a legendary chest in the environment. Nine out of ten times, the location for this top-tier loot box is the same. The thing with these legendary chests is that they always guarantee at least one legendary item or equipment.

However, the promise of containing a legendary item inside the chest comes at a price. It is why a legendary chest is sixteen times more expensive than a regular small chest. On a side note, a Rusty box that opens after using a Rusted Key also has a 20% chance of spawning a legendary item.

Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths
Legendary Chest Location

To find a legendary chest in Abyssal Depths, you need to go to the center of the stage near three giant boulders. Once you are there, look for a gap between two small rocks covered by some sort of vegetation. If you get near the bushes, you will see a popup indicating the location of the legendary chest.

Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths
Legendary Chest Location

In addition, your name tag will appear over the chest and on the left side of the message box. See the images here for reference.

Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths
Legendary Chest Location
Image Source: TheAceOfCraze

Unlockable Survivor

Another underlying factor for which Abyssal Depths has become the most demanded stage is Rex: half-robot-half-plant playable class. Yes, you can unlock this survivor if you stumbled upon this environment. If not, there is no way to unlock and play with Rex. However, you must also have a unique item to interact with the robot and make it playable in future runs.

Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths
Rex Location

Unlike Captain or other survivors, for that matter, playing with Rex requires finesse. This playable class lands damage at the expense of sacrificing own health. Many players see this as a weak point for the half-robot-half-plant character in Risk of Rain 2, which is, in a way, true. However, it cannot be denied that playing with Rex is an explicit experience – you get to keep an eye on enemies and your own health with each attack.

No Shrine of Blood

As mentioned earlier, the Abyssal Depths environment does not spawn Shrine of Blood in the environment. Well, there are no direct answers as to why this happens. However, we have a solid theory that rationalizes the absence of said shrine in the area. Unlike Shrine of Order, Shrine of Blood incentivizes the players at the cost of their health.

Shrine of Blood steals a survivor’s health and shields; in return, it gives gold. Since a user can frequently approach the shrine, accumulate the gold, regenerate the health, and redo the whole process to top off more gold. The process beats the purpose of spawning a legendary chest in Abyssal Depths because unlocking them requires a good enough amount of gold.

Abyssal Depths Guide

Since Update 1.0, several known problems have been related to the Abyssal Depths environment. As a result, many players took to Reddit and Steam community platforms to raise their concerns about this stage. Unfortunately, what many assumed to be a bug or glitch problem was actually an in-game mechanic, just like the retool skill of MUL-T.

How to Trigger the Environment?

Like most stages in Risk of Rain 2, Abyssal Depths is a randomly generated stage. The game can take you there after stage 3 or skip it for you and teleport you to Siren’s Call, where you unlock Loader. However, if you want to ensure that the next stage should be Abyssal Depths, here is what you need to do.

Lunar Seer: We mentioned this in our Lunar Coins guide. Basically, what this does is that it shows you an image of the upcoming environment. For example, Abyssal Depths will become a guaranteed environment if you spend three lunar coins here and proceed further through the Blue Portal. To reach and interact with a Lunar Seer, check out the guide mentioned in the link above.

Tunnel Teleporter Spawn Location

The Teleporter device spawns seven out of 10 times in a dark tunnel to escape the Abyssal Depths environment. The problem is the reduced visibility and space to fight the boss and its minions.

Like the issue mentioned above, many players requested fixing the lighting conditions or removing the spawn location of the Teleporter device. However, that never happened because it was not a bug but a design choice. Risk of Rain 2 Abyssal Depths is known for its high-risk, high-reward-yielding environment condition.

The game has much to explore; this environment is nothing short of a surprise. It ticks all the boxes and gives a good challenge even to an expert or skilled game player. This sums up my guide. After mentioning above all the possible places and intractable items, where are you headed first in your next run? Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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