Risk of Rain 2 Death Do Us Part Guide: Finding Secret Area, Boss and Items

Become Overpowered, Hurl Fire Tornadoes and Ice Blasts

The world of Risk of Rain 2 is full of monsters, epic hidden loot and randomly generated in-game mechanics. You, as a player, are forced to fight through hordes of enemies, level up your offensive and defensive attribute, and get out using the teleporter device. However, the meat of doing runs is to find and loot hidden items. They make your characters strong and enable you to fight waves of monsters without much trouble. 

Key Highlights
  • Risk of Rain features secret areas, bosses, and items for exploration.
  • To find the abandoned aqueduct, visit the desert location on Petrichor V and reach Stage 2.
  • Locate two randomly generated buttons/pressure plates nearby to open the gateway.

Finding The Abandoned Aqueduct

To find the abandoned aqueduct, you need to visit the desert location on Petrichor V and reach its Stage 2 environment. Therefore, instead of going haywire in search of the abandoned aqueduct in the game, we suggest you to get to this point first to proceed further with the death do us part challenge.

Two bosses and two loot items tied to this challenge lies inside a hidden chamber whose entry is shut off by a gateway. Here is an image for your reference. If you see this place, know that you are in the right spot. After discovering this place, all that remains is finding a way to open the gateway and get inside the secret area.

Abandoned Aqueduct
Abandoned Aqueduct Entrance – Blocked

Opening the Blocked Gate

After locating the abandoned aqueduct, you’ll realize that a gateway barges the entry point to this ancient place. As a wasteland survivor, you will now need to locate two randomly generated buttons/pressure plates nearby. Opening the gate is essential to progress through the challenge. Once you have found the hidden buttons, step on them to activate the mechanism that opens the gateway. You also get notified by the message “An ancient gate begins to shift,” indicating that the obstruction is no longer in place.

Pressure Plates
Pressure Plates

You do not need to time your jump and press the pressure plates together. The buttons remain pressed as long as an object stands on them. The door, too, is opened permanently.

Once again, if you are with a friend, you can communicate and get done with the mechanism in no time. However, if you are playing solo, you need to develop a plan or trick to press both buttons. Find more on doing this step solo below.

Abandoned Aqueduct
Abandoned Aqueduct – Obstruction Removed

Kjaro and Runald, Elite Lemurians Encounter

Now that you have reached the battle arena, you are minutes away from completing the Death Do Us Part challenge in Risk of Rain 2. Here, you’ll find two tall elites breathing fire and ice attacks at you. As mentioned earlier, this fight will be won over within minutes if you have other players by your side. Both elite Lemurians have ranged and close combat attacks; the latter are the most lethal than the former.

The easiest way to defeat them is to distract their attention. Whenever one of the bosses locks his attacks on a player, the other teammate should take this window of opportunity and open fire. While one survivor unleashes everything in his arsenal onto a Lemurian, the other one should just run around and try his best to evade attacks. Rinse and repeat his process, and both Kjaro and Runald will fall without much trouble.

Loot Items and Their Stats

After triumphing in the battle, both elites will drop loot items titled with their names. Kjaro, the fire elite, will drop Kjaro’s Band. Runald, the Elder Lemurian breathing ice attacks, will yield over Runald’s Band. Here are the stats both ring items offer to the player.

S.no Loot Item Item Stats Status Effect Damage Cooldown Status Effect Activation Condition Pro-Tip
01 Kjaro’s Band Your survivor gets a chance on strike to land a runic flame tornado on monsters Deals 300% additional damage to the base damage 10 seconds Activates after dealing 400%+ damage to an enemy Equip both bands to launch status effects  simultaneously


02 Runald’s Band Your survivor gets a chance on strike to land a runic ice blast on monsters Deals 250% damage and slows enemy moment by 80% for 3 seconds

Workaround for Solo Players Doing The Challenge

We have two workarounds for you to complete solo. All the steps in our guide are mentioned above. Engineer class makes this challenge easy and quick. He can place two turrets on pressure plates, thus opening the gateway to enter and proceed ahead. Once again, the turrets will be your offense and distraction when it comes to taking the fight head-on as a single survivor with two elite Lemurians.

Whichever boss focuses his attacks on the turret, you, as an engineer, must focus fire on him first. The battle becomes a tad bit easy when one of the two elites is defeated. Strategize your encounter, and you will emerge victoriously!

The second workaround is using the pots scattered around the pressure plates. It can be achieved by using any playable class in the game. All you need to do is clear the area first infested with monsters, then displace a pot on one of two buttons. Next, run around to another button, press it, and activate the mechanism.

There are also a few glitches associated with the dash ability of the Mercenary and Huntress class to bypass the obstruction. However, we do not recommend using any method to glitch yourself inside the gateway as it may waste more time.

Now that you know everything after reading our Death Do Us Part guide for Risk of Rain 2, which approach are you taking first? Will you complete this challenge with a friend? Or will you try it solo? Let us know more in the comments section below.

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