Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom: Obtain, Usage And Tips

Everything you need to know about Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom

Risk of rain 2 Corpsebloom is a lunar item: items with powerful characteristics but equally considerable drawbacks. This makes using lunar items tricky, with some simply not being worth their drawbacks. That is the case with Corpsebloom, essentially a confusing mess with some players regarding it as the worst item in Risk of Rain 2 thus far.

Key Highlights
  • Corpsebloom is a lunar item in Risk of Rain 2 that grants players an increase of healing by +100% with an additional +100% per stack. 
  • It can only be found in Lunar Pods and marketplaces using the premium currency, Lunar Coins.
  • Its drawback is that the health stacks linearly, whereas the regeneration stacks hyperbolically, which makes it one the worst item in the game.
  • However, it can be combined with the Rejuvenation Rack to increase healing and bypass the regeneration cap.
  • Only use one Corpsebloom at a time, as the healing cap decreases by half per stack.
  • Avoid using Corpsebloom when playing as REX, as certain “plant” skills already recover health upon inflicting damage.
  • “Planula” is a boss item that can work well with Corpsebloom by adding 15HP per damage received.
  • “Strides of Hersey” is a lunar item that can complement Corpsebloom, as it increases healing over time.
  • Avoid using Eclipse 5 with Corpsebloom, as it reduces healing twice.

Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom

risk of rain 2 corpsebloom
Risk of rain 2 Corpsebloom item screenshot from the game

Players are granted an increase of healing by +100% with an additional +100% per stack. However, the drawback is that regeneration is affected per stack, specifically being decreased by half per stack (-50% per stack). It is important to note that the health which is being discussed is only your base health (green bar) and not your shields.

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What does that mean? Well, basically, it means that unlike some other items such as Rejuvenation Rack, your regeneration does not increase. Healing is applied over time, with the user being regaining up to 2% of their current maximum health every 0.2 seconds. With some basic math, 0.2*2 equals 10% of max health being recovered per second.

Addressing the stack drawback, if you were to have a stack of 2 Corpseblooms, you would be given +200% health in the pool; however, the regeneration would be halved. That essentially means that it will take twice the time to regenerate health, only 5% of your max health per second, as it did with one stack. With three stacks, it will halve further and so on.

Due to this, the health stacks linearly, whereas the regeneration stalks hyperbolically.

To break down the Math into a table, it would look like this:

 AmountHeal per second

The formula for calculating the result is:  0.1/amount

How to acquire Corpsebloom

Like all 14 lunar items, Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom cannot be found in chests or through other loot-able activities. The method of finding such items is limited to Lunar pods and marketplaces throughout the various environments. But considering Lunar Pods’ rarity, your best shot is Bazaar Between Time; that is also the place to acquire Transcendence. Regardless of the method, you need to spend the premium currency, Lunar Coins, instead of gold. Also, you will need to learn all the Newt Altar locations so that you can enter Bazaar Between Time.

Corpsebloom with Rejuvenation Rack

The 10% cap with a decreasing regen makes this item not just a double-edged sword but a sword without a handle, hurting anyone who’d pick it. However, with Rejuvenation Rack, you can find a way around the problem and, in fact, get eight times as much healing. Not only that, but with more stacks of the Rack, you can perhaps even push Corpsebloom to become quite overpowered.

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Rejuvenation Rack is said to increase the healing upon being stored and once again upon the healing being applied. But the magical moment is that the Rack’s healing comes after Corpsebloom’s healing and its regeneration cap. This means that the rack will increase the total amount of health and also the health that gets recovered per second. To be precise, it recovers 20% of health per second upon using 1 Rejuvenation Rack and Corpsebloom.

But things get wild when you begin to increase the number of rejuvenation racks whilst keeping the Corpsebloom constant. Let’s break down the Math:

  • One rack = 2x healing, with Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom 8x healing with 20% heal cap 
  • Two racks = 3x healing, with Corpsebloom 18x healing with 30% heal cap
  • Three racks = 4x healing, with Corpsebloom 32x healing with 40% heal cap
  • Four racks = 5x healing, with Corpsebloom 50x healing with 50% heal cap
  • Five racks = 6x healing, with Corpsebloom 72x healing with 60% heal cap

The formula is essentially [x * (c + 1) * (r + 1) (r + 1)]. With x = healing item, c = Corpsebloom and r = rejuvenation rack amount.

Tips on Using Corpsebloom

At this point, you can probably assume that you need to be careful while using Corpsebloom. Regardless, here are some general tips to help you use the item more efficiently while playing Risk of Rain 2.

  • Getting the obvious tip out of the way, having more than one Corpsebloom in Risk of Rain 2 is like asking for a death wish. You should stick to just holding one because the healing cap becomes half per stack.
  • The item can act as a substitute for Rejuvenation Rack; however, this only applies for shorter runs. During longer runs, you would be more likely to face enemies who would inflict damage more often due to their abundance. Corpsebloom and its delayed healing would leave you in a pickle in such a situation.
  • REX, one of the many playable characters in Risk of Rain 2, should refrain from Corpsebloom. Specifically, whilst using certain “plant” skills that cost health points. This is made apparent with the fact that the skills already recover big chunks of health upon inflicting damage.
  • “Planula” is a boss item dropped by the “Grandparent”. It basically adds 15HP per each damage received. (+15 per stack). As it does not often exceed the healing cap, it can work well with Corpsebloom.
  • Strides of Hersey is another lunar item introduced in the Skills 2.0 update. It replaces your utility skill with “Shadowfade”. This skill heals 18.2% of the player’s max health over a 3 second period. With Corpseblooms double and capping, the user gets 30% of their max health in Shadowfade and the remaining 6.4% after 1 second.

General facts

According to the fandom wiki, Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom used to give a 5% critical strike chance alongside “critically heal”, which would double the amount of HP that got restored. They used the formula (crit stat/Corpseblooms) to determine the chance, with it getting lowered with more Corpseblooms. However, the idea became null in the early development.

Having the opposite effect of Rejuvenation Rack, Eclipse 5 reduces healing twice upon calculating heal for Corpsebloom. Making it useless to pick up Corpseblooms with Eclipse 5.

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