Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom: Obtain, Usage And Tips

Everything you need to know about the Corpsebloom

Risk of Rain 2’s Corpsebloom is a lunar item: items with powerful characteristics but equally considerable drawbacks. This makes using lunar items tricky, with some simply not being worth their drawbacks. That is the case with Corpsebloom, essentially a confusing mess with some players regarding it as the worst item in Risk of Rain 2 thus far.

Key Highlights

In Risk of Rain 2, Corpsebloom is an item that boosts healing but comes with drawbacks:

  • Obtainable in Lunar Pods with Lunar Coins.
  • It provides linear health stacks but hyperbolic regeneration.
  • Considered one of the worst items due to its drawbacks.

Here are some tips for using Corpsebloom:

  • Combine it with Rejuvenation Rack to increase healing and bypass the regeneration cap.
  • Use only one Corpsebloom; having multiple decreases the healing cap by half per stack.
  • Avoid using it with the character REX as it has redundant health recovery skills.
  • Consider using the “Planula” boss item, which adds 15HP per damage and complements Corpsebloom.
  • “Strides of Heresy” lunar item enhances healing over time and works well with Corpsebloom.
  • Avoid Eclipse 5 with Corpsebloom, as it reduces healing twice.

Risk of Rain 2 Corpsebloom

risk of rain 2 corpsebloom
Corpsebloom item screenshot from the game

To summarize the effects of Corpsebloom in a table:

Number of Stacks Healing Bonus Regeneration Rate
1 Stack +100% 10% Max Health/s
2 Stacks +200% 5% Max Health/s
3 Stacks +300% 3.33% Max Health/s

With Corpsebloom, the healing bonus increases linearly with each stack, but the regeneration rate decreases significantly with each additional stack, resulting in a hyperbolic decrease in regeneration efficiency. This information helps players understand the trade-offs when using Corpsebloom in the game.

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 Amount Heal per second
1 10%
2 5%
3 3.333%
4 2.5%
5 2%
6 1%

The formula for calculating the result is:  0.1/amount

How to acquire Corpsebloom

Like all 14 lunar items, Corpsebloom cannot be found in chests or through other loot-able activities. The method of finding such items is limited to Lunar pods and marketplaces throughout the various environments.

But considering Lunar Pods’ rarity, your best shot is Bazaar Between Time; that is also the place to acquire Transcendence. Regardless of the method, you need to spend the premium currency, Lunar Coins, instead of gold. Also, you will need to learn all the Newt Altar locations so that you can enter Bazaar Between Time.

Corpsebloom with Rejuvenation Rack

When combining Corpsebloom with Rejuvenation Rack, you can achieve a significant increase in healing, making it a powerful synergy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Corpsebloom: Normally, Corpsebloom has a 10% cap on healing and decreases the regeneration rate with each stack.
  2. Rejuvenation Rack: Rejuvenation Rack increases healing upon being stored and once again upon the healing being applied. Importantly, the Rack’s healing comes after Corpsebloom’s healing and regeneration cap.

Here’s a breakdown of the synergy with different numbers of Rejuvenation Racks while keeping Corpsebloom constant:

  • One Rack: 2x healing, with Corpsebloom 8x healing with a 20% heal cap.
  • Two Racks: 3x healing, with Corpsebloom 18x healing with a 30% heal cap.
  • Three Racks: 4x healing, with Corpsebloom 32x healing with a 40% heal cap.
  • Four Racks: 5x healing, with Corpsebloom 50x healing with a 50% heal cap.
  • Five Racks: 6x healing, with Corpsebloom 72x healing with a 60% heal cap.

The formula for calculating the total healing is [x * (c + 1) * (r + 1) * (r + 1)], where:

  • x = healing item (in this case, Corpsebloom)
  • c = Corpsebloom stack amount
  • r = Rejuvenation Rack stack amount

By increasing the number of Rejuvenation Racks while keeping Corpsebloom constant, you can achieve a remarkable increase in your healing capabilities, making your character incredibly resilient and powerful in the game.

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Tips on Using Corpsebloom

At this point, you can probably assume that you need to be careful while using Corpsebloom. Regardless, here are some general tips to help you use the item more efficiently while playing Risk of Rain 2.

  1. Stick to one Corpsebloom: Having more than one Corpsebloom is not recommended, as it reduces the healing cap by half per stack. Stick to a single Corpsebloom to maximize its effectiveness.
  2. Use it as a Rejuvenation Rack substitute: Corpsebloom can act as a substitute for Rejuvenation Rack, especially during shorter runs. However, be cautious during longer runs when facing enemies that deal frequent damage.
  3. Avoid it with REX: If you’re playing as REX, avoid using Corpsebloom, especially when using certain “plant” skills that already recover a significant amount of health upon dealing damage.
  4. Consider “Planula” boss item: The “Planula” boss item, dropped by the “Grandparent,” adds 15HP per damage received (+15 per stack). It can complement Corpsebloom’s healing mechanics well.
  5. Utilize “Strides of Heresy” lunar item: “Strides of Heresy” replaces your utility skill with “Shadowfade,” which heals 18.2% of your max health over 3 seconds. With Corpsebloom’s double healing and capping, you can benefit from significant health recovery.

General facts

According to the fandom wiki, Corpsebloom used to give a 5% critical strike chance alongside “critically heal”, which would double the amount of HP that got restored. They used the formula (crit stat/Corpseblooms) to determine the chance, with it getting lowered with more Corpseblooms. However, the idea became null in the early development.

Having the opposite effect of Rejuvenation Rack, Eclipse 5 reduces healing twice upon calculating heal for Corpsebloom. Making it useless to pick up Corpseblooms with Eclipse 5.

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