Risk of Rain 2 Mods: 10 Best Mods To Try [2023]

Risk of Rain 2 features a diverse roster of survivors, each having unique abilities. Since the game’s launch, Hopoo Games developers are bringing new playable characters, each time giving more reasons to replay Risk of Rain 2. The Anniversary Update added Bandit to the expanding roster of the game, and players can expect a couple more survivors later down the year.

However, if you cannot wait for the developers to release official characters in the game, you can always download the Risk of Rain 2 mods and experience runs from a different angle.

Modders have created a ton of Risk of Rain 2 mods to counter the inevitable boredom, supporting the game unofficially. Unfortunately, these mods are not available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and you can only mod the game if you are on a PC.

Risk Of Rain 2 Best Mods Summary
  • Gunslinger Mod: adds a new playable character inspired by the Bandit a playable character in Risk of Rain 2, including abilities and skins.
  • MinerUnearthed Mod: adds the Miner character from the first Risk of Rain game as a playable character, including abilities and a custom boss mod called Direseeker.
  • Enforcer Mod: adds the Enforcer character from the first Risk of Rain game as a playable character, including abilities and a large-sized shield.
  • Sniper Mod: adds a new playable character, the Sniper, with a sniper rifle as the primary weapon and quickscope ability.
  • Lemurian Mod: allows players to play as the Lemurian enemy, including fire-spewing abilities and the Imp buddy and Lunar Exploder.
  • Bigger Bazaar Mod: expands the contents of the Bazaar Between Time.
  • Atrox Mod: add the character Atrox from the game “League of Legends” known for his aggressive playstyle
  • Goku Mod: add Goku a character from the anime/manga series “Dragon Ball Z” known for his incredible strength and fighting abilities
  • Share Suit Mod: this mod adds a new playable character that is inspired by the Share Suit from the game “Risk of Rain.” The character has abilities that allow it to quickly move around the battlefield, deal damage to multiple enemies at once, and increase its damage output. 
  • These mods allow players to experience the game from a different perspective and add new challenges and gameplay styles.
  • Players should note that some mods require all players in a multiplayer lobby to have the same mod installed in order to play together.

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Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods


This mod is inspired by the Bandit playable character in Risk of Rain 2. Even most of the modded character’s abilities resemble quite closely with Bandit. Modder Dragonyck designed the character, its abilities, various skins, new unlockables, and bonus content related to the Gunslinger survivor.

Androxus, a playable champion from Paladins, is also an unlockable skin of Gunslinger that can be equipped after completing Gunslinger: Mastery Challenge. On the topic of Paladins, if you want to know more about the game’s champions, check out the Risk of Rain 2 tier list guide here that ranks all playable characters from the best to the worst in the current meta.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Gunslinger Mod & Unlockable Skins


The first Risk of Rain featured a playable character called Miner; however, he did not make it into the character roster of the second game. Luckily, modder Rob managed to re-create the character in 3D and added the Miner to the expanding list of Risk of Rain 2 mods – rejoice and live the nostalgia. Additionally, the Miner mod features at least three abilities that were also part of the character in the first game: Drill Charge, BackBlast, and To The Stars!

Like Acrid, who is lethal in close combat, the gameplay style of Miner also requires getting closer to enemies and slashing them up using the pickaxes. Additionally, Miner also relies heavily on the quick-dash ability to close the distance between him and the enemy or to run away. 

If you download the ‘MinerUnearthed’ mod, you will also get a custom boss mod called Direseeker, which is also taken from the original Risk of Rain game. You can use Miner in multiplayer mode and enjoy companionship with other survivors from a unique perspective.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Miner Character Mod & Abilities


Just like Miner, Enforcer is another character from the first game that can be made playable by using the mod by Enforcer Gang. This survivor uses a large-sized shield for offense and defense. Other than that, he has a high-impact shotgun that comes with three alternate unlockable modes. Enforcer also uses tear gas as well to impair enemies for 16 seconds. Moreover, he can use his shotgun and shield simultaneously to attack and defend himself, but doing so reduces his movement speed significantly. Enforcer is slowed down if players use both abilities together.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Enforce Character Mod and Abilities


Modder Rein created the Sniper character mod from the ground up, and the survivor does not resemble with anyone else in the game. On side note, his movement style may resemble Huntress, but none of the Sniper’s abilities were taken inspiration from her. The primary weapon, sniper rifle, is the go-to arsenal for this playable character which deals 600% to 900% damage to enemies. The quickscope ability allows extra damage but can be used conveniently from a distance.

While playing with Sniper, the playstyle favors remaining and maintaining medium to long-range distance from the monsters in the game. You can use the Snipe and Spore ability in close combat. Still, the former has a slow rate of fire, making it viable for medium-long ranges only. To use the Sniper character in multiplayer, all other players joining the lobby must equip the same mod; otherwise, the game does not allow random survivors to join the lobby.

The Backflip and Blink Knife abilities are designed to give a retreating opportunity to the Sniper character and at the same time land a couple of hits as well. In a similar context, the Rebar Puncher ability of MUL-T is also a great addition to the character should players want to experience a sniper-esque playstyle in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Sniper Character Mod and Abilities


Ever wonder if you could play as a Lemurian in Risk of Rain 2? If you did, then you are in for a treat. Modder Tymmey successfully managed to make this enemy a playable character/survivor through a mod. Most of the modded character’s abilities are heavily influenced by the Artificer survivor in the game.

Other than playing with the fire-spewing Lemurian, you can also use his Imp buddy and the Lunar Exploder as well through the mod in Risk of Rain 2. You can use the mod in multiplayer games as well. Although, players have reported a lag while spawning the fire projectiles on the enemies.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Lemurian Character Mod

All the mods mentioned above share their roots with the first and second Risk of Rain games. However, the creative modders have more to offer than just the characters tied to the game’s lore. Modders are the reason players get diversity in the expanding world of Risk of Rain 2. Some mods can even alter the user interface, make specific maps bigger than they are in the game, and control playable characters that are not a part of the Risk of Rain lore. Take a look at our top five random Risk of Rain 2 mods.

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Bigger Bazaar

As self-explanatory as the name of mod is, modder MagnusMagnuson revitalized the contents a survivor can buy while exploring the hidden realm Bazaar Between Time. After using Lunar Coin at a Newt Altar, the blue portal takes you to Newt, the merchant selling Lunar items and others in the said hidden realm. Besides Lunar coins, after applying the mod to your game, you can use the gold to purchase the items as well from Newt. Additionally, you have the liberty to configure the mod settings and adjust the base cost and rarity of items appearing at Newt’s shop.

Using the Bigger Bazaar mod makes sense because it allows you to purchase items from gold the survivors accumulate while completing a stage. The gold vanishes from your inventory when you move to the next environment and continue the run. Hence, using the gold to buy rare items from Bazaar Between Time seems a sound idea.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Bigger Bazaar Mod


Aatrox mod allows you to control a Dante look-a-like playable character in Risk of Rain 2. Like Rex (half-plant-half-robot), Aatrox sacrifices its health to execute high-impact combos on the monsters in the game. Most of his attacks drain his health and inflict heavy damage on the enemies, making Aatrox mod a high risk, high reward character in the game. He uses a long sword to deal with thrust, uppercut attacks, and executes three combo attacks.

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Released nearly ten months ago, modder Rob included a Dante-like character to the game and integrated the unique combo style ranking of Devil May Cry games to the mod as well. I have always loved all DMC games, and maybe that is why out of all Risk of Rain 2 mods, this one is close to my heart.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Aatrox Character Mod and Abilities


If you can play as Dante in Risk of Rain 2, prepare yourself to play as a Saiyan. Modder Kinggrinyov created a fully functional Goku enabling players to obliterate monsters in the game using Kamehameha, and Spirit Bomb signature attacks.

Using the Ki Charge ability, Goku accumulates inner energy from the surroundings of Petrichor V planet and unleashes it on the monsters. Besides his signature moves, Goku can also strike enemies in close combat using fists. Most of his attacks deal a good amount of damage to the monsters, and his powerful fists resemble closely with Charged Gauntlet ability of Loader survivor.

Using a powerful character mod such as Goku should be fun while playing at Monsoon difficulty. His mighty blast attacks will wreak havoc on the minions and bosses alike, and all monsters will tremble and perish by Goku’s Kamehameha.  

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Goku Character Mod and Abilities


While playing multiplayer in Risk of Rain 2, players often steal items that may drop after killing the boss or spawned after purchase from a loot chest. It adds a tad bit of frustration because while playing with random players without communication, you tend to miss out on items that others take away accidentally. In addition, it sometimes makes a particular player in the lobby overpowered. At the same time, you feel left out after equipping the weak or common items. To balance out this problem, modder FunkFrog-and-Sipondo created an item sharing mod that allows you to tweak features granting equal sharing or hoarding of items while playing multiplayer games in Risk of Rain 2.

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Out of all Risk of Rain 2 mods mentioned above, ShareSuite takes the cake if you love hanging out with other players in multiplayer games. Here is a list of features the mod currently offers to the players.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Sharesuite Mod Features

Multitudes By Wildbook

The environments in Risk of Rain 2 sometimes feel empty because of the limited number of enemy spawn and loot items. Nevertheless, it allows you the freedom and space to explore the horizons and gradually beat enemies to death to get gold and loot items. However, if you want extra cheese and toppings, you can add a bigger slice to the meal. Meaning, you need to force the game into thinking that a higher player count is approaching the game environment, which renders a tremendous number of enemies and loot items in the area.

Multitudes player scaling mod by Wildbook easily convinces the game into thinking a higher player count is entering the game’s world. Unfortunately, applying the mod takes some time as the game loads assets based on the higher number of players approaching the level. However, you will find stages in Risk of Rain 2 riddled with enemies and loot once it loads.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods
Multitudes Mod Description

That is pretty much everything we had to share about our top Risk of Rain 2 mods. There are tons of other mods you can find based on your liking at Thunderstore. Let us know more about which mod from the list you are going for in the game. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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