Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts: Unlock, Types, and Codes [2023]

Here is an in-depth guide on the Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts, that have now been covered in 2023 after numerous Risk of Rain 2 Updates.

Risk of Rain 2 artifacts are an example of the sheer ingenuity of the developers as they are hidden in different stages of the game in a way that you can complete the whole game without even noticing their existence. However, finding these artifacts requires a basic understanding of the Survivors so our guide of Ranking all the Characters in Risk of Rain 2 can be your accomplice. 

Key Highlights
  • The Artifacts play the role of a game changer in Risk of Rain 2. You can find its codes engraved on the stone tables shattered in the game.
  • Get to the Compound generator located below the Sky Meadow Map, search, and place in the right artifact code to unlock the Artifacts.
  • The Tier D artifacts include Artifact of Death, Evolution, Frailty, and Vengeance.
  • Tier C has the Artifact of Honor, Soul, Swarms, and Spite.
  • Tier B involves Artifacts of Kin, Metamorphosis, Enigma, and Dissonance.
  • Tier-A includes Artifacts of Chaos and Sacrifice, which make the game easier.
  • Each artifact has different codes located in various Locations, Stages, and game menus.
  • Code of Frailty is located in two parts, Void Fields and Siren’s Call.
  • Code of Honor is located near Portal Generator, Sky Meadows.
  • Code of Kin is located on the cliff of Distant Roost.
  • Hidden Realm in Gilded Coast contains the Code of Sacrifice.
  • Code of Metamorphosis is located in Titanic Planes in the form of the Right Horn of Sculpture.
  • Code of Spite can be found in the ‘Go to Lod Bios panel’ game menu.
  • Code of Swarms is located on Island in Rallypoint Delta.
  • Code of Vengeance is located in the environment section of the Logbook.
  • Code of Evolution is found in Moment, whole on Twisted Scavenger’s body.
  • Bulwark’s Ambry is the location where you can find the Code of Enigma.
  • The fallen stone in Abyssal Depths has the Code of Dissonance.
  • Code of Death is found in N’Kuhana’s Altar, Wetland’s Aspects.
  • Code of Chaos lies between the Abandoned Aqueduct and the Entrance of Boss’s Lair. 
  • Code of Command can be found behind the sculpture of a shopkeeper in Bazaar Between Time.
  • Code of Soul is located in the form of a pattern in Scorched Acres.
  • Code of Glass is located in A Moment, Fractured.

Risk Of Rain 2 Artifacts

Risk of Rain 2 update 1.05 introduced Artifacts to the game, essentially revitalizing the replay value. Unlocking an Artifact requires a tremendous amount of effort, and once it is paved off, you can utilize the effect of the Artifact to bring unique additions to future runs.

Since Risk of Rain 2 tucks away many things in plain sight, exploring 100% of the content requires multiple playthroughs. So, Artifacts, by all means, are just another means to an end. Don’t get worked up as this concise guide is all you need to know about the Risk of Rain 2 artifacts

How to Unlock Artifacts?

To unlock Artifacts, the first step you need to do is visit the Compound Generator. It is located below the Sky Meadow map, and reaching there requires a tad bit of technique. You may need a couple of Hopoo Feather items to jump the enormous gap between you and the Compound Generator. Artificer’s Ion Surge and hover ability can come in handy in crossing the wide gap if you do not have multiple jump ability-related items.

Once you are at the said location, you’ll see a laptop in front of cylindrical interactable. All you are required here is to punch in the correct Artifact code to spawn a portal that takes you to Bulwark Ambry: a hidden realm in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact Portal

These Artifact codes are scattered in various locations of the game’s environment, and finding them requires a keen eye. However, for the sake of convenience, we have mentioned the codes and their locations below. So, just use these codes and step into the portal to proceed with the Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts guide.

How To Complete An Artifact Encounter

Completing an Artifact encounter requires you to visit Bulwark Ambry. Once you are there, you will notice a unique boss in the center of the stage called Artifact Reliquary, surrounded by floating rectangular-shaped platforms. The key objective here is to interact with the boss, trigger the spawning of monsters to defeat, and collect an item called an Artifact key.

Risk of Rain 2 artifacts
Artifact Reliquary

Artifact Reliquary is immune to all sorts of incoming damage from the survivors. The only way to hurt it is to equip the Artifact key that drops after killing enemies in the area. Once you do that, all Artifact keys in the area or in other survivors’ possession get wiped. Additionally, all survivors and enemies get pushed away from Artifact Reliquary by a shock wave, causing the whole process to repeat until its health is depleted 100%.

So, to end the encounter, you need to repeat this process four times to take down the Bulwark Ambry boss completely. Once you achieve this, the Artifact item (based on the Artifact code you punched at Compound Generator) will drop for you to pick up. A portal also appears as soon as you defeat the boss, indicating your ticket to get out of this godforsaken place.

It’s noteworthy that the effects of all artifacts are applicable for this Trial with the exception of Artifact of Kin. Moreover, Time is also paused in this realm just like Gold and Celestial Portals.

Tiers and Types of Artifacts:

No.Artifact NameTierDescription
1Artifact Of CommandS TierAllows the player to choose their items
2Artifact Of GlassS TierDamage: +500 percent
Base Health: 10 percent
3Artifact Of ChaosA Tier- Additional Dmg while using explosives
- Effects survivors as well as monsters
4Artifact Of SacrificeA Tier- Item drop after an enemy kill
- Removal of chest spawning
5Artifact Of KinB TierMonsters spawn of the same type
6Artifact Of MetamorphosisB TierEnter a game as a random survivor
7Artifact Of EnigmaB TierRandom equipment granted when spawned
8Artifact Of DissonanceB TierAny type of monster can be spawned anywhere
9Artifact Of HonorC TierEach enemy spawns as an Elite
10Artifact Of SoulC TierDead enemies produce more lesser wisps
11Artifact Of SwarmsC Tier- 2x Enemy Spawned
- Each with 50% health
12Artifact Of SpiteC TierAfter each enemy kill different explosive bombs will appear
13Artifact Of DeathD Tier1 teammate death leads to death of all
14Artifact Of EvolutionD TierRandom items get granted to monsters
15Artifact Of FrailtyD Tier2x fall damage
16Artifact Of VengeanceD Tier- After every 10 min a Copy of your player will spawn
- Identical items and equipment

Artifacts are game qualifiers that innovate the gameplay experience drastically depending upon the type and combination of different artifacts being used. Basically, Artifacts are the modifiers that developers introduced in the ‘Artifacts Update’ on March 31, 2020.

Currently, there are sixteen Artifacts in Risk of Rain 2, and unlocking them allows you to toggle modifiers at the character selection screen. They alter the in-game scenario and may make a run extremely challenging or breeze depending on what Artifact you enabled before starting the run.

The explanation of these artifacts which includes their purpose, pros, cons, and their standings on the tier-list are explained in the following sections. However, it’s worth mentioning that ranking all the Risk Of Rain 2 artifacts is difficult and there’s always an underlying probability of inaccuracy primarily due to the hidden details associated with these artifacts.

Nonetheless, after considering all the efficacious features and flaws, we did our best to make a tier list in which all artifacts are listed and ranked according to their relative contribution to survival on the planet, Petrichor V.


Tier-D includes Artifact of Death, Evolution, Frailty, and Vengeance which makes the game more challenging for the players. A brief explanation of all these artifacts is as follows:

Artifact of Death

If one player in your team dies, everyone dies.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of Death

This artifact is mocked as the most useless out of all the Risk of Rain 2 artifacts by the players. It can be used if you want to hone your skills to achieve next-level competence.

Artifact of Evolution

Monsters will get random items between stages.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of   Evolution

This artifact can be pretty perilous as monsters can obtain items that will deal damage. This artifact can be used if you are grinding at lower levels but it can be annoying at higher difficulties. Monsters can’t get special items like Lunar and Boss items.

Artifact of Frailty

It doubles the fall damage making it a lethal practice.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of Frailty

It’s one of those artifacts that makes the gameplay harder due to the irregular topography of the game which includes rocky ridges and cliffs. Accidental falls can now be fatal so it’s better to keep your distance from the edges of cliffs. However, few characters are capable of nullifying this effect due to their special abilities. For instance, Loader is immune to this damage due to its specific perk which prevents fall damage. Huntress is also an effective survivor of this artifact. Hoopo Feather could come in handy as well if you jump just before striking the ground.

Artifact of Vengeance

An identical copy of the Player will spawn having the same items and pieces of equipment.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of  Vengeance

Another artifact that will prove challenging for you because a Copy of your Player will spawn after every 10 minutes. This can be a good artifact for practice as the AI of your Copy is pretty strong having the same number and variety of items. So, keep an eye on the timer as the AI will spawn automatically, once it hits the ten-minute mark.


The artifacts that belong to this category are Artifact of Honor, Soul, Swarms, and Spite. The concise details of Tier-C artifacts are explained below:

Artifact of Honor

Enemies spawn as Elites.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of Honor

If this artifact is activated, it becomes difficult to fight all enemies because every foe will spawn as an Elite. Elites have extra abilities, and additional health buffs so defeating them can be troublesome. However, facing them will become easier if you use Old Guillotine (that we mentioned in our Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List) because it can instantly kill an Elite if its health drops below 13%. Avoid the use of this artifact if you aren’t playing with a competitive survivor like Captain, Loader, Huntress, etc.

Artifact of Soul

Lesser Wisps will originate from dead enemies.

Artifact of Soul

This artifact adds additional thorns in your venture as you have to deal with additional enemies, Lesser Wisps, given that you have already taken care of their predecessors. The number of Lesser Wisps might increase as time progresses.

Artifact of Swarms

The number of Enemy Spawns is doubled with 50% Health.

Artifact of Swarms

Each enemy will spawn with its Identical Twin or Clone but the health of both twins will be 50%. Each enemy and its Clone will drop an item if this artifact is paired with Artifact of Sacrifice. So using this artifact can be a decent approach if you want to loot a number of items of the same variety. Do keep in mind that each enemy and its clone will not drop different items as they are identical copies of each other.

Artifact of Spite

Bombs will spawn when enemies are killed.

Artifact of Spite

This artifact seems dangerous but its harmful effects can be avoided easily. Enemies will now release several bouncy and exploding bombs that can deal damage. You can avoid them by staying away from their small explosion radius.


This category involves Artifacts of Kin, Metamorphosis, Enigma, and Dissonance. These are unpredictable artifacts that can either make the game easier or tougher due to their random characteristics.

Artifact of Kin

All Monsters will be of the same variety.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of Kin

If you are using this artifact, you will encounter only one type of monster in that particular stage. It doesn’t matter if you are going up against a boss or a regular enemy, the effect of this artifact remains the same in both cases. For example, Lesser Wisps will appear as regular monsters as well as bosses.

Keep in mind, this artifact doesn’t work in the realm related to the Trial of the artifact, Bulwark’s Ambry. It can make your gameplay easier or harder depending on the type of monster that will spawn.

Artifact of Metamorphosis

You will spawn as a random Survivor.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Artifact of  Metamorphosis

By using this artifact, you can enter the game as a random Survivor. This arbitrary artifact can be a good opportunity for you to tinker with different Characters. Likewise, it will be challenging for you to face bosses. Use this artifact if you want to become the Jack of all Trades by playing with every character.

Artifact of Enigma

It gives you a piece of random equipment when you spawn.

Artifact of Enigma

This dynamic artifact can be a blessing or misery depending upon the piece of equipment that you’ll get. It includes Lunar types of equipment as well. Your equipment will change into another piece of equipment once it’s activated.

Artifact of Dissonance

Every variety of Monster can spawn at any stage.

Artifact of   Dissonance

This artifact breaks the barricades and you’ll have to get ready for facing enemies outside their usual habitat. You should avoid this artifact if you aren’t using a potent character because you can encounter a tougher enemy in the early stages. 


This tier includes two artifacts, Artifact of Chaos and Sacrifice. These artifacts make the game relatively easier.

Artifact of Chaos

Enables Fire Damage to Survivors as well as Monsters.

Artifact of Chaos

As evident from the name, it brings chaos in the form of Fire Damage. You can get additional damage while using explosives, for instance, items like Gasoline, Whil-o’-the-Whisp, and Brilliant Behemoth should be avoided at any cost. You can read our guide of Items Tier List for a thorough understanding of these items.

Artifact of Sacrifice

Enemies will drop items on death, Chests will not appear.

Artifact of Sacrifice

This artifact allows you to enjoy extra loot after killing enemies because enemies will now drop items after getting killed but at the same time deprives you of regular loot as Chests will no longer appear. Nevertheless, you can still get Gold shrines and Blood shrines, etc.


Artifacts of Command and Glass are the most favorite and frequently used artifacts by the Risk of Rain 2 players.

Artifact of Command

It provides an effective way through which you can choose your items.

Artifact of   Command

This artifact is arguably the favorite out of all the Risk of Rain 2 artifacts and makes the game hilariously easier. The items will drop in the form of small boxes called “Command Essence”. A separate interface will appear if you interact with this box which allows you to choose anything of the same rarity and category as the original item. Take Boss Items as an example, you can only choose from Regular Boss Items.

Artifact of Glass

You will deal 500% more Damage with 10% Base Health.

Artifact of Glass

Yet another artifact that makes the game way easier by allowing you to deal a ridiculously huge amount of damage but its special Perk comes with a special Cost. You will have only 10% Base Health. Additionally, One-Shot Protection is disabled.

A Key Fact to consider here is that this Enhanced Damage applies to the base amount. Additional Perks will further bump up the digits. For example, if you’ll use a single Shaped Glass, you will deal 10 times more damage. Likewise, using two Shaped Glass will further increase your damage by 20X.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Tier List of all Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts

Please do consider the fact that this list has been made by careful analysis of different Artifacts, however, the rankings can vary extensively from person to person

Location of Codes Related to Artifacts

No.Code NameLocation
1Code Of Frailty1st Part => Void Fields
2nd Part => Siren's Call
2Code Of HonorOn Top Of The Tombstone in the Sky Meadows
3Code Of KinOn A Cliff In Distant Root
4Code Of SacrificeCan Be Found Underwater In The Gilded Coast Hidden Realm
5Code Of MetamorphosisOn The Right Horn Of The Giant Sculpture in Titanic Planes
6Code Of SpiteSetting => Lod Bios Panel => Custom/Low => On The Stone Near The Wrecked Ship
7Code Of SwarmsOn An Island In Rallypoint Delta
8Code Of VengeanceEnvironment Section Of Log Book => Hidden Realm: A Moment Fractured
=> Zoom and Flip The Map
9Code Of EvolutionIn Moment, Whole as a tatto on twisted scavenger's body
10Code Of EnigmaCan be found in Bulwark's Ambry
11Code Of DissonanceCan be found on a fallen stone in Abyssal Depths
12Code Of DeathIn N’Kuhana’s Altar that is in the Wetland's Aspect
13Code Of Chaos1st Part => Abandoned Aqueduct => Stone Near The Entrance Of The Boss's Lair
2nd Part => Abandoned Aqueduct => Runald And Kjaro Gate Boss Fight Win
14Code Of CommandBehind The Sculpture Of The Shopkeeper in the Bazaar Between Time
15Code Of SoulIn Scorched Acres A Pattern Formed By Stones
16Code Of GlassCan be found in A Moment, Fractured

Risk Of Rain 2 Artifacts can be acquired through specific Codes scattered all over the Exoplanet, Petrichor V. Codes are in the form of a 3×3 Grid of different shapes that include: Diamond, Square, Triangle, and Circle. They are usually inscribed on a Stone resembling Tombstones.

Each Artifact has a distinct Code located at different Locations, Stages, and in Game Menu as well. You should have a basic notion about the locations of certain points like Siren’s Call, Distant Roost, Titanic Planes, etc. However, if you don’t know about these locations, our Guide of Altar Locations can save your day as you will get the exact locations of all these spots with their pictures. Hopoo Games did an incredible job with the details related to these codes and their locations.

Finding the perplexing codes of 16 different Artifacts can be a jaw-clenching journey as most of the Codes are hidden and some are difficult to decipher due to their vague appearance. Nonetheless, this section provides easy directions that will lead you to these codes. 

Code of Frailty

This code is divided into two parts, One Part is located in the Void Fields, near the bones of dead organisms, and the other part is located in Siren’s Call

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
Void Fields

Here is another picture from the Siren’s Call perspective.

Second Half of the Artifact Code
Siren’s Call

Code Array:

Code of Frailty

Code of Honor:

It’s inscribed on the Tombstone located near the Portal Generator, in Sky Meadows.

Artifact Code located near Portal Generator
Sky Meadows

Code Array:

Code of Honor

Code of Kin:

It can be found on the cliff of Distant Roost. You will get there by climbing the cliff.

Climb the hill and get another Artifact Code
Distant Roost

Code Array:

Code of Kin

Code of Sacrifice:

It’s located underwater in Hidden Realm: Gilded Coast. You have to use Gold Portal to reach there.

Artifact code can be seen in pond water
Gilded Coast

Code Array:

Code of Sacrifice

Code of Metamorphosis:

It’s rather hard to distinguish due to its murky appearance, however, it can be seen as a vague grid of different shapes on the Right Horn of Giant Sculpture which is present in Titanic Planes

To get this artifact you will need a Survivor with better mobility stats
Titanic Planes

Code Array:

Code of Metamorphosis

Code of Spite:

It can be found in Game Menu. Open Settings, Go to Lod Bios panel, change it to Custom or Low, Code will appear on the stone near the Wrecked ship.

Game Menu

Code Array:

Code of Spite

Code of Swarms:

It is located on an Island which is present in Rallypoint Delta. You have to reach the island by crossing the river so it’s better to have a Character with decent Mobility Stats. However, if you don’t know how to unlock certain characters with decent agility our Character Unlock Guide will be of great help.

Artifact Code Located on an island
Rally Point Delta

Code Array:

Code of Swarms

Code of Vengeance:

Open Environment section of the Logbook. Open Hidden Realm: A Moment, Fractured. Zoom and flip the map, and an obscure code will appear.

An unclear Code artifact that is present in game settings
A Moment, Fractured, Environmental Log

Code Array:

Code of Vengeance

Code of Evolution:

It’s found in Moment, Whole on Twisted Scavenger’s body in the form of Tatto. Use Celestial Portal to reach there.

Artifact inscribed on Twisted Scavenger's body
A Moment, Whole

Code Array:

Code of Evolution

Code of Enigma:

It’s located in Bulwark’s Ambry. You can reach there by using the Artifact Portal. However, just like Artifact of Swarm, you should have a Survivor with decent mobility stats.


Risk of Rain 2 Artifact Code located in Bulwarks Ambry
Bulwark’s Ambry

Code Array:

Code of Enigma

Code of Dissonance:

It’s located on a fallen stone in Abyssal Depths. The dimensions of this code are varied due to the fall so flip it on the right side from the bottom. For your convenience, I have also attached the picture of the actual code below.

This artifact code is flipped sideways.
Abyssal Depths

Code Array:

Code of Dissonance

Code of Death:

It can be found in N’Kuhana’s Altar in Wetland’s Aspect.

Yet another Vague code of Artifact.
Wetland’s Aspect

Code Array:

Code of Death

Code of Chaos:

This is again divided into two halves, both halves are located in Abandoned Aqueduct. The Flipped Piece or Top piece is located on a stone near the Entrance of the Boss’ Lair.

Half code of artifact
Abandoned Aqueduct (Top Piece)

The bottom piece can be found if Runald and Kjaro Gate is opened. You have to fight the boss to get this piece.

Artifact code obtained after defeating the boss.
Abandoned Aqueduct(Bottom Piece)

Code Array:

Code of Chaos

Code of Command:

It can be seen as a fuzzy reflection in the fluid behind the sculpture of the shopkeeper in Bazaar Between Time. You can reach there through Blue Portal. You can have an idea about Blue Portals by going through our guide of Long Road Challenge.

The code of this artifact is unclear but it can become visible after tinkering with settings.
Bazaar between Time

Code Array:

Code of Command

Code of Soul:

It’s located in the form of a Pattern formed by certain stones, the missing part is near the tree. This pattern is seen in Scorched Acres.

Scorched Acres

Code Array:

Code of Soul

Code of Glass:

It is located in A Moment, Fractured. You can reach there by using the Celestial Portal. Make your way to the Obelisk by hopping through the floating rocks.

Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts
A Moment, Fractured

Code Array:

Code of Glass

Conversely, The following image is the summary of the above section consisting of all artifact names with their code array and code locations.

Chart containing the details of Risk of Rain 2 Artifacts, their code array and locations
Complete list of Artifact Codes and their Locations

In a nutshell, Artifacts are game alterants that can change the gameplay notably. Artifacts can be attained by winning a one-stage trial in a separate realm, Bulwark’s Ambry. The portal to this Dimension can be opened by decoding the code of artifacts in a Compound Generator. These codes are hidden in different areas of Petrichor V or in Game Menu.

That’s all you need to know about Risk of Rain 2 artifacts. So, are you satisfied with our Tier List and brief guide? Don’t forget to share your valuable opinions in the comments section.

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