Good Luck Trying To Platinum The Resident Evil 4 Remake

Potential spoilers ahead if you haven't played the original.

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  • The Resident Evil 4 remake has suffered a flurry of leaks in recent times ahead of its release. Although the highly anticipated third-person shooter will make landfall on March 24, 2023, there’s already much out there in terms of the title’s gameplay footage and some hidden footage.
  • The latest scoop of word that has furthered the developing story of Resident Evil 4 pertains to the survival thriller’s trophy list, which has already been outed as per different sources.
  • The 2023-released remake will have a total of 40 trophies, including hidden trophies whose descriptions are kept secret in plain sight.  

The trophy list of the forthcoming Resident Evil 4 remake is out already, detailing the measures that players will need to take in order to obtain the Platinum trophy of the game. Let me tell you here and now, though, as per what’s been visualized, the 100% completion of this one is going to be hard—quite hard. For starters, one of the trophies tasks you with finishing off the mainline campaign on Professional difficulty with an S+ rank. 

While the official trophy list of the remake isn’t officially talked about yet, an eagle-eyed user on ResetEra has managed to jot down the entire trophy selection of Resident Evil 4 during a Twitch live stream of the title. Again, this live stream is a leak on its own, and it seems that a couple of people have gotten their hands on the remake before its actual release. That is why Resident Evil 4 has leaked out in the wild at the moment.

The ResetEra Post in Question
The ResetEra Post in Question

Here is the trophy list of Resident Evil 4 that seemingly confirms various of Leon’s encounters with different individuals in-game. It also authenticates some of the bosses from the original iteration making their return to the remake. 

Resident Evil 4 Trophy List
Resident Evil 4 Trophy List

Seasoned gamers, especially the likes of those that like to speedrun From what appears to be the game’s full list of unlockable trophies, here are seemingly the hardest and what will certainly give players a ton of trouble: 

  • Real Deadeye – Earn an S-rank in all games at the shooting range
  • Peerless Agent – Complete the main story on Professional mode with an S+ rank
  • S+ Rank Investigator – Complete the main story on Hardcore mode with an S+ rank

Another person posted a video on YouTube, showcasing graphical proof of the existence of these particular trophies. The individual in question goes over the trophies one by one, and even unlocks the descriptions of the hidden trophies for public viewership. You’ll also find the person saying that their very much into the game and trying to hunt trophies already. Not sure how they got the copy of the game this early though.

  • Update: The video in question was removed following a copyright strike. 

The emergence of this trophy list has left fans divided on one particular note. We’ve already seen some of the major bosses of the game make an appearance whether through official Game Informer gameplay footage or through circulating leaks, but there is still one titan of an adversary that still hasn’t shown its horrendous face—the U-3. Talk about being one of the franchise’s most iconic villains, let alone a noteworthy foe in Resident Evil 4. 

Resident Evil 4's U-3
Resident Evil 4’s U-3

None of the enlisted trophies mention anything about the U-3, nor do the hidden ones. On the other hand, what gives fans some semblance of hope is no related trophy to the El Gigante or the chainsaw-equipping Bella Sisters either – all three of which have been confirmed to be part of the remake. Only time will validate the case for us though and it’s not too much of a waiting period that we have to endure before the game finally drops.

Resident Evil 4 releases on the 24th of this month for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Those on the Xbox One will have to sit this one out. 

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