Resident Evil Remasters Of Veronica, Outbreak and File 2 On The Way

The original 3d models were retextured to look better

The legacy of Resident Evil is of a few decennia, yet each game brings a new flavor to the table. The succession of prominent horror titles has reached monumental climacterics. It’s fair to contend that the Resident Evil series triumphally merged the genres of horror and story-telling into an enchanting experience. The series is regarded as one of the best in horror video games. Various indie horror games use the Resident Evil series as inspiration. The premature Resident Evil titles are a source of euphoric memories for a horror enthusiast.

Many gamers have grown up playing the infamous titles. It’s no wonder that players are proactive regarding the possible remasters of the earlier titles. There have been few remasters of the old resident evil games. The remasters received, adequate meta critics. Although most were stellar in retaining the original feel, they failed to live up to the hype of everyone. It’s no wonder that players are proactive regarding the possible remasters of the earlier titles.

Resident Evil Possible Remasters “Might” Be On The Horizon

Resident Evil Village was a stellar success for the series. Although fans are always craving newer titles, a group, on the other hand, seeks the remasters of infamous RE nostalgic titles. Every little buzz concerning a possible remaster sweeps the Resident Evil community like a wildfire—the euphoria of re-living the older titles through the lens of next-gen hits differently than a newer title.

Now take this upcoming news with a hefty pinch of salt. Resident Evil History Page was revised with upscaled artwork, screenshots, and descriptions of CODE: Veronica, Outbreak, and Outbreak File 2. The question that arises is why would they be updating Outbreak’s 3D models and re-rendering the artwork? The most conceivable opinion amidst the community cites that this points towards possible remasters. However, that is mere speculation as of now. 

The Resident Evil community was quick to point out this enigma. Numerous fans noticed that the artwork for Outbreak File #1 & #2 is not mere reuploads. They are the retextured 3d models made to look up-to-par. There have been more than a few touchups to the artworks. However, any announcements for the remasters seem far-fetched.

Reaction Of Fans Regarding The Possible Remasters

The fans on Reddit have reacted positively to this rumor. Many are hoping that this rumor ends up as a remaster in the future. Although a few exhibited their doubts. As one fan on Reddit cited, “Outbreak art is more than a simple upscale. It looks like they completely changed the textures and even updated some of them. Just a reminder that Outbreak was in the Nvidia leak.” 

The Resident Evil Outbreak was a memorable success. A trio of remasters would be the best surprise for the Resident Evil community. The Nvidia leak seems to further support the possibility of a remaster. Though so much optimism can lead to a bundle of disappointment. So, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. It just appears improbable for Capcom to release a type of classic collection of RE1-3, CV, and Outbreak, especially right now of nowhere.

We may find out more about this puzzle as we uncover more pieces. This saga may lead us into a rabbit hole in the future. What are your thoughts about it? Do you see possible remasters on the way? Let us know in the comments below.

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