Street Fighter 6 For Xbox Series X|S Discounted To £43 On Amazon UK

The time is nigh to grab the latest Street Fighter hit.

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  • Street Fighter 6 has launched to universal acclaim on the second of June for a multitude of different gaming systems. The title is the sixth mainline entry in the Street Fighter franchise, boasting new gameplay modes, a revised character roster, and next-gen visuals. 
  • Following the game’s release, Street Fighter 6 has already received a fair discount on Amazon UK for Xbox Series X|S owners. The title is now available to purchase for £43.36 for the console in question, while the PlayStation 5 version will set you back about £48. 
  • Moreover, it’s the Standard Edition that has seen a price cut in the UK. Best get it now if you’ve been waiting for the right time to jump in on the fun.

In case you’ve been waiting for a price cut on Street Fighter 6—Capcom’s latest venture in the Street Fighter franchise—the time is nigh to dive right in. However, there is a catch to factor into account here. The Amazon deal is only available for UK residents and nowhere else. The freshly released fighting game genre giant’s Standard Edition can be grabbed for as low as £43.36 for the Xbox Series X|S consoles at the moment.

Street Fighter Discounted to £43.36 on Amazon UK for the Xbox Series Consoles
Street Fighter Discounted to £43.36 on Amazon UK for the Xbox Series Consoles

There’s a discount on the PlayStation 5 version of the title as well. As opposed to its £59.99 recommended retail price, Amazon UK is giving away Street Fighter 6 for £48 for PlayStation 5 owners. There’s a meager discount for the PlayStation 4 version of the game as well, allowing players to buy it for about £55. Not the much generous of concessions, I know, but at least it’s something. 

As for Street Fighter 6 itself, talk about leaving a top-end industry-spanning impression that has many publications—including us—labeling it the perfect fighting game bar none. It’s been a success story for Street Fighter 6 all along; from its well-received closed beta to its fanfare-centric full release, this one was bound to be top-tier and now that we’ve got our hands on it, there’s no doubting Capcom‘s perpetual efficacy.  

In recent times, the sixth mainline installment in the franchise blew past the peak concurrent player count on Steam of all Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and previous Street Fighter games, making it one of the most prominent fighting games out there right now among these colossal franchises. Even more so, the all-time peak at the time of covering that story was 65, 800 players.

Since that time, this number has risen to 70, 573, according to what SteamDB tells us. In case you were wondering, the fighting game that has amassed the highest number of concurrent players is Warner Bros. Games’ MultiVersus, which amounted to more than 153,000 players about 10 months ago. Unfortunately, the title’s open beta will be pulled later in June, and players won’t be able to access it until full release. 

All-Time Peak Player Count of Street Fighter 6 at the Time of Writing
All-Time Peak Player Count of Street Fighter 6 at the Time of Writing

Anyhow, Street Fighter 6 is enjoying a high-class Metascore as well right now. Based on the initial 24 critic reviews, the fighter title has been rated 93 on Metacritic for PC, and glad tidings for other platforms have followed in similar, if not equal, fashion as well. Apparently, all the new mechanics apart from fresh characters and that sensational World Tour mode, have appealed more than just well to the community. 

Another noteworthy new feature of Street Fighter 6, which was apparently much-needed by the fighting games community, is that the title tells you whether your opponent is using a wired or a wireless connection. Oh, and if you’d like to gauge your PC’s hardware for the spec requirement of the game, make sure to download Capcom’s recently released PC benchmark tool to assess your device’s technical specifications on the fly.

Street Fighter 6 is out now for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. 

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