Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Bosses [How To Defeat]

Master the attack patterns of all bosses in Resident Evil 4 Remake & hit them where it hurts!

Resident Evil 4 Remake all bosses encounter contains a mixed bag of 10 unique and repeated fights. For instance, the Armored El Gigante will appear at least two times, which is repeated, but the encounter or scenario is unique. Understanding the attack patterns and how to defeat each boss in RE4 Remake will help you clear the game in good ranking, such as S+ & transition into NG+ smoothly.   

Key Takeaways
  • There are 10 unique boss fight encounters in Resident Evil 4 Remake.   
  • Del Lago: A ferocious creature that Leon encounters in a lake and must defeat while avoiding damage to his boat.
  • El Gigante: A giant troll-like boss with a lot of health that Leon encounters in the Quarry area and must weaken by hitting its tentacle.
  • Chainsaw Sisters: A boss duo that Leon must defeat by using grenades, positioning to use against Ganados, and avoiding parrying their attacks.
  • Mendez: A towering, imposing boss with a spider-like transformation that Leon must defeat by staying mobile, utilizing resources, and stabbing him multiple times.
  • Armored El Gigante: A puzzle-based encounter that requires players to dodge debris attacks and navigate the area’s hazards to reach a cannon located in a tower.
  • Verdugo: Utilize freezing nitrogen traps, followed by powerful weapon attacks while it is temporarily incapacitated to overcome this agile and swift boss.
  • Dos Gigantes: Target the unarmored El Gigante first with medium-range weapons and wait for Luis to throw dynamite to expose the armored giant’s weak point.
  • Krauser: Employ strategic parrying and attacking techniques to overcome this formidable former U.S. Special Forces operative with exceptional combat skills.
  • Ramon Salazar: Use automatic or semi-automatic firepower to shoot Salazar while he’s on the move, and take cover behind the staircase with a pillar to evade attacks.
  • Osmund Saddler: Prioritize eliminating Novistadors, target the glowing eyes on Saddler’s limbs, and use a variety of weapons to deal damage and avoid his attacks.

Del Lago

Del Lagoa Boss Fight RE4 Remake

Del Lago, a ferocious creature, is one of the earliest and most notable results of the twisted experiments carried out by Los Iluminados. What was first a harmless salamander, became the unwitting host of a parasitic organism that triggered a terrifying transformation resulting in the Del Lago creature. That being said, Leon first encountered the beast near the church, where he learned of its existence from a letter left for the ganado, warning them of its reawakening under the control of the infamous Prophet Saddler.

Attack Patterns

Del Lago Attack patterns
Attack PatternWhat You should do
Charges with open mouthThe most damaging attack that can be canceled with a harpoon throw.
Emerges above the surfaceHit with harpoons, aim for the middle portion.
Halt and submerge underwaterBe alert for reappearance and charge.
Approaches boatHit the upper jaws or the center of the mouth to prevent boat damage.
Other hindrancesAvoid debris and other obstacles.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Del Lago in RE4 Remake
  1. Avoid damaging your boat at all costs. Steer clear of any obstacles on the surface of the lake and keep steering left and right to increase your chances of dodging the monster’s attacks.
  2. When Del Lago charges at you with its mouth open, hit it in the mouth with a harpoon to cancel the attack and do the most damage.
  3. Keep throwing harpoons at the monster whenever it’s above the surface of the lake. Aim for the middle portion of its body to land a hit.
  4. Del Lago may go beneath, but it may resurface from anywhere and swim straight toward your boat.
  5. Avoid having the monster smash your boat by striking its top jaws or the middle of its mouth.
  6. In order to keep the boat from sinking, you should steer clear of any obstacles, such as floating trash, that may arise in the lake.
  7. Keep throwing harpoons until you spot Del Lago profusely bleeding, indicating that it’s close to death.
  8. Successfully defeating the Del Lago boss will earn you the Harpoon Hunter trophy/achievement, indicating the end of Chapter 3.

El Gigante

El Gigante Giant Troll Boss Fight

El Gigante is a boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake that Leon encounters in the Quarry area. It has a lot of health and is one of the most early-game challenging bosses. Gigante’s appearance reminisces of a troll or ogre, with large muscles and grayish-brown skin.

Attack Pattern

El Gigante Giant Troll Boss attack patterns
PhaseAttack Patterns
Phase 1
  • Heavy, slow strikes that deal a lot of damage
  • Tentacle grab that drags Leon close for a grabbing attack
Phase 2
  • No new attack patterns
  • Players need to deal more damage to cause El Gigante to fall
  • Melee the tentacle prompt that shows up to weaken El Gigante

How To Defeat

how to defeat El Gigante Giant Troll Boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • Save ammo and resources throughout the game, as El Gigante has a lot of health and can be difficult to defeat.
  • In order to offer a useful diversion during the battle, it is necessary to free the dog that was previously kept in a bear trap outside the Village Chief’s House.
  • Prioritize many headshots throughout phase 1 to do maximum damage to El Gigante. Evade under El Gigante’s legs if it gets too close, and be prepared to mash R2 and stab its hands if it grabs Leon with its tentacle attack.
  • In phase 2, continue to deal damage to cause El Gigante to fall and expose its weak spot – a tentacle that players can melee through a prompt that shows up.
  • Repeat this process until El Gigante is defeated and the Yellow Diamond item is collected to progress the story.
  • Keep an eye out for crates around the arena, as El Gigante will break them, and they could contain herbs or ammo.
  • Don’t forget to use healing items if necessary and make use of any explosive barrels or other environmental hazards in the arena to deal additional damage to El Gigante.

Chainsaw Sisters

Chainsaw Sisters Boss Fight

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll face off against a boss duo known as the Bella Sisters, or the Chainsaw Sisters. Neither sister is impossible to beat, but they both provide significant difficulties for players just starting out. Rather than spend bullets on the easy-to-kill Ganados, it’s best to employ the Bella Sisters themselves to wipe out the swarm.

Attack Pattern

Attack patterns chainsaw sisters
Attack PatternDescription
Chainsaw SwingSisters swing their chainsaws horizontally.
Chainsaw LungeBoth bosses lunge forward with chainsaws.
Chainsaw ChargeThey charge at Leon with chainsaws.
Team AttackSisters coordinate an attack together.
Fodder SummonThey summon additional Ganados.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Chainsaw Sisters Boss – RE4 Remake
  • Instruct Ashley to hide: Command Ashley to hide in a locker before the fight to focus on the boss without worrying about her safety.
  • Use grenades: Begin the fight by throwing grenades at the Sisters, including flash grenades to stun them and follow up with melee attacks.
  • Reposition to use Sisters against Ganados: Stand in a way that the Sisters hit the Ganados, helping clear them out and save ammunition.
  • Avoid parrying chainsaw attacks: Parrying causes significant durability damage to the combat knife; instead, keep your distance and use firearms.
  • Equip TMP or shotgun: Both weapons are effective against the Sisters; TMP can be purchased from the merchant in Chapter 3.
  • Control the crowd: Thin out the horde of Ganados by using environmental hazards, choke points, or grenades to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Conserve ammo: Use the Sisters to eliminate Ganados, saving ammo for the boss fight.
  • Focus on one Sister: Try to defeat one Sister first, making the fight more manageable.
  • Maintain distance: Keep a safe distance to avoid their chainsaw attacks and take time to aim for headshots.


Mendez boss fight – Resident Evil 4 Remake

Mendez, also known as the Village Chief, is a significant boss in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. As the leader of the rural village infected with the Las Plagas parasite, he oversees the villagers and enforces the will of the main antagonist, Osmund Saddler. Mendez is a towering, imposing figure who transforms into a monstrous, elongated creature with an elongated spine and additional limbs during the boss fight. Players face him in a slaughterhouse, where they must utilize strategy and quick thinking to overcome his various attack patterns and phases, ultimately defeating him and obtaining the crucial item, Mendez’s False Eye.

Attack Pattern

fighting Mendez
Attack PatternDescription
Light SwingsMendez swings at the player in his first phase.
Exhausted StateHe becomes briefly exhausted, allowing players to stab his weak spot.
Spider TransformationThe boss transforms into a spider-like creature in phase two.
Burning Wood ThrowMendez throws large, burning pieces of wood at the player.
Explosive Barrel ThrowHe throws explosive barrels, which can be shot for extra damage.
Charge AttackCharges forward quickly to attack the player.

How To Defeat

How to defeat Mendez boss RE4 Remake
  • Stay mobile in phase one: Keep moving around Mendez, focusing on his head and using the evade prompts for extra shots. Use the Riot Gun for effectiveness.
  • Utilize resources: Search for crates containing gunpowder and resources during the first phase.
  • Move to the upper floor in phase two: Gain a better angle on Mendez, who will throw items and charge forward.
  • Shoot explosive barrels: When Mendez grabs explosive barrels, shoot them for additional damage.
  • Avoid flaming boards: Run across the catwalk when Mendez throws flaming boards to dodge them.
  • Counter rushing attack: Move to the opposite side of the walkway when Mendez charges, then switch to your shotgun or handgun and deal damage.
  • Use flash grenades: They are effective in the second phase of the fight.
  • Stab Mendez multiple times: You’ll need to knock him down and stab him at least two times to finish the fight.
  • Collect Mendez’s False Eye: Obtain it after defeating him and search for any missed items before leaving the burning building.

Armored El Gigante

RE4 Remake – El Gigante Armored Boss Fight

Armored El Gigante is a formidable boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake, found within Salazar Castle. As one of two armored El Gigante monsters, it serves to guard the upper sections of the castle. Out of Resident Evil 4 Remake all bosses encounters, this fight is more of a puzzle-based encounter, requiring players to dodge debris attacks and navigate the area’s hazards. Taking cover behind mobile shields or castle structures is vital to surviving the assault while also contending with cultists roaming the battlements.

  • The ultimate goal is to reach a cannon located in a tower, maneuvering it into position while avoiding the boss’s relentless attacks.
  • Once the cannon is aimed, lighting the fuse will deliver the final blow, defeating the Armored El Gigante.

Attack Pattern

Aiming the cannon at Armored El Gigante
Attack PatternDescription
Debris ThrowThrows large debris at the player, requiring cover to dodge.
Collateral Damage (Cultist Attack)Cultists attack the player while dodging El Gigante’s moves.

How To Defeat

How to defeat El Gigante Armored Boss Fight
  • Utilize cover: Take cover behind mobile shields, boxes, or castle structures to avoid the debris thrown by Armored El Gigante.
  • Time your movements: Move between cover and dodge attacks when the boss is not throwing debris or attacking.
  • Eliminate cultists: Defeat cultists on the battlements while keeping an eye on the boss’s attacks.
  • Follow the path: Progress through the level by following the wall, using dropdown sections, and reaching new towers.
  • Use the lever: Find and pull the lever to alternate the moon and sun doors, creating new paths to advance.
  • Shoot the weights: Ascend the second tower and shoot the weights holding down the cannon to position it for firing.
  • Be patient: Don’t rush when rotating the cannon; wait for the right moment between the boss’s attacks to make adjustments.
  • Deliver the final blow: Aim the cannon at the Armored El Gigante and light the fuse to defeat the boss with one shot.


Verdugo Boss fight

Verdugo is a menacing boss in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, found in Chapter 10 within the underground laboratory’s sewer system. As one of Ramon Salazar’s right hands, this creature boasts a terrifying appearance with its insect-like features and exoskeleton. Known for its exceptional agility and swift attacks, Verdugo is a challenging adversary that requires strategic use of the environment to defeat. The key to overcoming this fearsome boss lies in using freezing nitrogen traps, followed by powerful weapon attacks while it is temporarily incapacitated.

Attack Pattern

Verdugo Boss attack patterns
Attack PatternDescription
Claw SwipeVerdugo swipes at Leon with its sharp claws.
Lunge AttackThe boss lunges forward to strike Leon with its claws.
Ceiling DropIt drops down from the ceiling to surprise and attack Leon.
Vent AmbushVerdugo attacks Leon from the vents above, requiring evasive action.
StalkingThe boss stalks Leon around the area, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Verdugo Boss – RE4 Remake
  • Prepare powerful weapons: Equip shotguns, grenades, and a rocket launcher for dealing maximum damage to Verdugo.
  • Use the environment: Activate panels around the tunnels to trigger freezing nitrogen, which will immobilize Verdugo.
  • Time panel activation: Activate the panels a few seconds before Verdugo approaches to ensure the gas affects the boss.
  • Attack when frozen: Unload your strongest weapons on Verdugo when it is incapacitated by the freezing nitrogen.
  • Proceed with caution: After the first successful counterattack, crank the wheel to open the locked door and move to the next section while evading Verdugo’s vent attacks.
  • Ensure the boss is following: Make sure Verdugo is actively following Leon before activating the next panel to avoid triggering the trap too early.
  • Repeat the freezing process: It will likely take three freezes and plenty of firepower to defeat Verdugo on normal difficulty.

Dos Gigantes

Dos Gigantes

Dos Gigantes are a pair of formidable El Gigante bosses found in Chapter 11 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Encountered in the Blast Furnace, these two monsters consist of one armored and one unarmored giant, presenting a unique challenge for players. To defeat them, players must utilize a combination of evasion, firepower, and strategy.

  • The unarmored El Gigante should be targeted first, with players employing medium-range weapons to inflict damage.
  • The armored El Gigante, however, requires a different approach.
  • Players must wait for Luis to throw dynamite, then shoot it to detonate and expose the creature’s weak point.
  • By luring the weakened monster to the central part of the furnace and activating the hatch, players can ultimately triumph over the Dos Gigantes bosses.

Attack Pattern

Armored Gigante
Attack PatternDescription
Ground PoundBoth giants slam the ground, causing shockwaves.
Overhead SmashA powerful downward smash targeting the player.
ChargeA fast charge towards Leon, causing damage.
Grab and SlamThe giant grabs the player and slams them down.
Double TeamBoth giants coordinate their attacks on Leon.
Armored El Gigante’s Shield BashThe armored giant uses its armor to bash the player.
Unarmored El Gigante’s Backhand SwipeThe unarmored giant swipes at Leon with its hand.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Dos Gigantes RE4 Remake
  • Prioritize the unarmored El Gigante first, as it is more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Keep moving to avoid getting cornered or trapped by the giants.
  • Use a shotgun or a medium-range weapon to attack the unarmored El Gigante.
  • Focus on dodging and evading attacks from the armored El Gigante; don’t waste ammo on its armor.
  • Once the parasite emerges on the unarmored El Gigante’s back, target it with gunfire.
  • When the unarmored El Gigante kneels, perform a melee attack to climb and attack the parasite with a knife.
  • Repeat the process of attacking the parasite until the first El Gigante is defeated.
  • Wait for Luis to throw dynamite onto the armored El Gigante.
  • Shoot the dynamite to detonate it when the armored giant is near the central furnace hatch.
  • Quickly use the lever to open the large hatch in the furnace, causing the armored El Gigante to fall into the lava.
  • Collect loot from the arena throughout the fight to replenish ammo and supplies.


Krause Knife parry attacks

From our list of Resident Evil 4 Remake all bosses, Krauser is a formidable one, and he is encountered twice during the game in Chapters 11 and 14. A former U.S. Special Forces operative, Krauser was presumed dead before his appearance in RE4, where he serves as one of the antagonists. Now working for the mysterious Albert Wesker and the sinister Los Illuminados cult, Krauser’s primary goal is to obtain a sample of the powerful Las Plagas parasite.

Throughout the game, he engages in intense battles with the protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy, using his exceptional combat skills, cunning tactics, and a dangerous mutated arm. Players must employ strategic parrying and attacking techniques to overcome Krauser’s relentless onslaught and ultimately defeat him.

Attack Pattern

Kraused Transformed

Chapter 11:

Attack PatternDescription
Knife SlashBasic knife attack
GrabGrabs and attempts to choke Leon
Melee ComboQuick melee combo

Chapter 14:

Attack PatternDescription
Knife SlashBasic knife attack
GrabGrabs and attempts to choke Leon
Melee ComboQuick melee combo
GunfireShoots at Leon from a distance
Mutated Arm StrikeSwings with a powerful mutated arm
Mine PlacementPlaces mines in the area
Grenade ThrowThrows grenades at Leon
Aerial SlamJumps and slams down onto the arena

How To Defeat

Krauser how to defeat

Chapter 11 Tips:

  • Grab the Boot Knife at the beginning of the encounter.
  • Focus on parrying Krauser’s attacks and counterattacking with your knife.
  • Watch the knife symbol above your health bar to help with parry timing.
  • If grabbed, use your knife to escape if low on health; otherwise, button mash.

Chapter 14 Tips:

  • During the ruins fight, take cover behind debris and shoot Krauser with a long-range weapon.
  • Engage in knife fights, focusing on parrying and counterattacks.
  • Watch out for mines, bear traps, and turret cameras in the trap-filled section.
  • In the boss arena fight, parry Krauser’s mutated arm strikes and use a shotgun or high-damage weapon to attack.
  • Avoid Krauser’s slam attack by moving to the edge of the arena or climbing up a ladder.
  • Consider using the Broken Butterfly Magnum if you’re struggling, but be mindful of limited ammo.

Upon defeating Krauser, you’ll obtain his Fighting Knife and possibly unlock the ‘You Used to Be a Good Guy’ Trophy or Achievement.

Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazar is a challenging boss encountered in Chapter 12 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. As the young and twisted castellan of the castle, he is deeply connected with the Los Illuminados cult and serves as a key antagonist. Salazar has merged with a monstrous creature, making him a formidable opponent in the game. Consider the Resident Evil 4 Remake all bosses; Salazar’s redesign & boss fight feels more underwhelming than the original 2005 version of the game. 

Attack Pattern

Stabbing Salazar
Attack PatternDescription
Acid SpitSalazar’s monster spits acid at the player
Acid PodsLaunches acid pods that can damage the player
ChompThe monster attempts to bite the player
Ceiling MovementSalazar moves across the ceiling to change position

How To Defeat

how to defeat Ramon Salazar
  • Get your hands on some automatic or semiautomatic firepower, like the TMP or Stingray, to make shooting Salazar simpler while he’s on the move.
  • Have enough of healing supplies; Salazar’s assaults are lethal and may rapidly kill you if you’re unprepared.
  • Shoot the monster when it spits acid: Focus on hitting Salazar’s body when the monster spits acid, as this is when he is vulnerable.
  • Wait for the melee prompt: After inflicting enough damage, Salazar’s body will drop, allowing you to approach and deal melee damage.
  • Take cover behind the staircase with a pillar: This position helps you effectively evade attacks like acid spit, acid pods, and the chomping attack.
  • Shoot acid pods for loot: Acid pods drop useful items when shot, but keep your distance when they explode.
  • Use the magnum or rifle for maximum damage: When Salazar’s body is exposed, use high-powered weapons to inflict significant damage.
  • Stay in corners of the map: These spots can sometimes act as “safe zones” from Salazar’s ranged attacks.
  • Consider using a Rocket Launcher: If you have the resources, a Rocket Launcher can deal massive damage and save you time and ammunition.

Osmund Saddler

Saddler boss fight

Osmund Saddler is the primary antagonist and final boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake, serving as the leader of the Los Illuminados cult. Saddler is responsible for the Las Plagas parasite outbreak that plagues the game’s setting, using it to control villagers and other infected creatures in his quest for power.

Saddler’s ultimate goal is to infect high-ranking officials, including the U.S. President’s daughter, to extend his control on a global scale. In the final confrontation, Saddler mutates into a monstrous spider-like creature, showcasing his immense power and the horrifying effects of the Las Plagas parasite.

Attack Pattern

stabbing Saddler
Attack PatternDescription
SwipeSaddler swipes with claws; run or keep distance to evade.
Debris ThrowClimbing on beams, Saddler throws debris; you should dodge to avoid it.
Jump AttackThe boss jumps on Leon; watch for prompts to evade.
Corrosive SpitHe vomits corrosive spit; you must dodge to avoid it.
Limb SlamSaddler slams sharp limbs; move around to avoid.
Minion SummonThe boss summons Novistadors; you should eliminate them quickly.
Red Explosive BarrelsShoot barrels when Saddler is close to stun and deal damage.
Mutated Tendril Trap (Final Stage)Trapped by tendrils, damage remaining eyes before time runs out.

How To Defeat

Popping eyes of Saddler
  • Prioritize eliminating Novistadors: They can swarm and distract you; take them out quickly to focus on Saddler.
  • Target glowing eyes on Saddler’s limbs: Damaging all eyes will make him stumble, allowing you to melee or shoot the eye on his head.
  • Keep moving and evading: Watch for prompts to avoid Saddler’s swipes, debris throws, jumps, and corrosive spit.
  • Loot the area early: Saddler gradually destroys the arena, limiting space and access to resources; collect items early if needed.
  • Use a variety of weapons: Fully upgraded pistols, shotguns, and rifles with Biosensor Scope are effective at different distances and situations.
  • Utilize grenades for extra damage: Use Hand Grenades or Mines to stagger Saddler when he’s on the ground.
  • Aim for explosive barrels: Shoot red barrels near Saddler to deal damage and momentarily stun him.
  • Focus on remaining eyes in the final stage: When Saddler traps you with his tendrils, you must quickly damage his remaining eyes.
  • Use Ada’s rocket launcher for the final hit: Aim carefully to avoid missing, as Saddler can kill Leon if you miss the shot.

Final Remarks

This brings us to the end of our Resident Evil 4 Remake all bosses guide, where we have given insights regarding boss attack patterns, tips, strategies, and how to defeat each one of them in the game. Before you leave the page, read our Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Get Thermal Scope, Jewel Thief, and How To Unlock Cat Ears guides.  


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