Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Solve Hexagon Puzzle

Put your brain to the test by solving the Hexagon Puzzle in RE4 Remake!

Unlike most puzzles from the original RE4, the Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon Puzzle is a new one in Chapter 3. Despite being an optional side challenge, this puzzle has an enticing reward at the end that gives you a considerable headstart just before entering the game’s mid-game phase.

Before You Start: Before proceeding, make sure you unlock Chapter 4 after defeating Del Lago beforehand in order to complete the puzzle.
Key Takeaways
  • You need to follow these steps to solve the Hexagon puzzle in RE4 Remake:
    1. To solve the Hexagon Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players will first need to find and collect its 3 missing pieces.
    2. The first Hexagon piece can be found in a chest opposite the Merchant in his Hideout located just before the docks.
    3. Players will now find the next piece in the western corner of the Fish Farm, which is located northwest of the Hexagon pedestal itself.
    4. The last piece can be discovered in the Small Cave Shrine in Chapter 4 after solving the Stone Dais Puzzle.
    5. After collecting all three pieces, please bring them back to the Hexagon pedestal and insert them individually into the pedestal.
    6. Finally, readjust the pieces by rotating the topmost hexagon trio once and then the leftmost trio once more to fix the image and complete the puzzle.
  • Once players have readjusted the pieces, they can collect the Depraved Idol from the pedestal, which can be traded to the Merchant in exchange for 15000 Pesatos. 

Our video tutorial regarding Hexagon Puzzle may give you an insight better. You can watch it here:

Locating The Puzzle Pieces

After taking a look at the Hexagon puzzle, you’ll quickly notice some of its pieces missing on the pedestal. You’ll have to find the remaining 3 Hexagon pieces and insert them into the pedestal one by one. Fortunately, most of the pieces aren’t too far away from the pedestal, so you won’t have to take long trips fetching each piece.

A Piece

Starting off with the closest shard, you’ll find the Hexagon Piece A beside the Merchant just before the pier with the Hexagon Puzzle pedestal.

  • Upon reaching the Merchant’s Hideout by passing through the Quarry, you’ll find a small wooden chest next to the staircase located opposite of him.
  • Simply open the chest, and you’ll collect the first piece of the puzzle.
Chest in Merchant Hideout RE4 Remake
The Hexagon Piece A in the Merchant’s Hideout (Image by eXputer)

B Piece

The second piece of the Hexagon puzzle is located at the deep western edge of RE4: Remake’s Fish Farm near the house, where also you’ll find the Boat Fuel.

  • After collecting the first piece, head up the staircase and go outside to the pier.
  • From here, follow the walkway and take the first exit to reach the Fish Farm.
Fish Farm Resident Evil 4 Remake
The Fish Farm (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Once you’re at the Farm, continue following the walkway and drop down to the canal, heading straight ahead afterwards to resurface to the pier.
  • Now, take a right turn and go back into the shallow waters, running past or eliminating the Ganados in your way.
  • Take a sharp right after entering the canal again and reclimb to the dock, progressing through the narrow path ahead.
The narrow pathway of the pier (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Finally, as you reach the barricade at the end of the path, jump back down from your left and go through the opening behind you.
  • You’ll see the chest with the Hexagon Piece B and a Blue Medallion beside it that you can shoot down as part of the Merchant’s Request.
second hexagon piece for hexagon puzzle
The Hexagon Piece B in the Fish Farm (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

C Piece

After getting the Boat Fuel as well as the second Hexagon Piece from the Fish Farm, you’ll need to come back to the main dock and start the boat. Here, as you cross the Lake, you’ll immediately encounter Del Lago, the giant fish mutant.

Killing this behemoth will lead you directly to Chapter 4 as well as let you freely roam around the Lake. After making it to this chapter, you can now use the boat to traverse the body of water and obtain the final piece for the Hexagon Puzzle in Resident Evil 4: Remake.

  • From the boat house, jump onto your boat and follow the map to the northeastern edge of the lake.
  • Once you reach the edge, head inside the narrow cave entrance illuminated by the torch outside and make your way through to the Small Cave Shrine.
Small Cave Shrine Resident Evil 4: Remake
Small Cave Shrine entrance at the edge of the Lake (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Climb onto the boardwalk and go inside the shrine, where you’ll see a locked door that can only be opened by solving the Stone Dais Puzzle next to it.
Small Cave Shrine RE4 Remake
Stone Dais Puzzle in the Small Cave Shrine (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • After looking around the tomb and discovering clues, it’s clear that you’ll solve the puzzle by pressing the bottom-right, bottom-left, and leftmost tablets on the Dais.
Stone Dais correct combination
The tablet combination of the Stone Dais (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • Finally, once you’re inside, you can collect the last Hexagon Piece C in the case on your right beside the Blasphemer’s Statue.
third hexagon piece
The Hexagon Piece C in the Cave Shrine (Image Credits: eXputer)
Important: Remember to grab the Blasphemer’s Head before you leave the shrine to progress through the main game.

Readjusting The Pieces And Completing The Puzzle

Now that you’ve collected all the pieces head back to the Hexagon Puzzle’s pedestal on the dock. Insert the pieces individually into the puzzle, and you’ll end up with a jumbled image. For the last step, you’ll need to readjust the pieces to make the correctly organized image and complete the puzzle.

incorrect hexagon puzzle
Jumbled Hexagon Puzzle (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Since the Hexagons rotate in trios, it might be tricky to understand how the puzzle functions at first. Fortunately, you only need 2 moves to easily organize the pieces. Simply rotate the leftmost trio once and rotate the uppermost trio right after to completely solve the Hexagon Puzzle.

hexagon puzzle correctly lined up
Solved Hexagon Puzzle (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Upon completion, you’ll receive the Depraved Idol from the pedestal – a Treasure item that you can sell for 15000 Pesatos. You can now give the idol to the Merchant in his Hideout close to you and collect your hefty reward.

Depraved Idol price RE4: Remake
Selling the Depraved Idol to the Merchant (Image Source: eXputer)

Final Remarks

That wraps up our guide on solving the Hexagon Puzzle in Resident Evil 4: Remake. Whilst the puzzle itself is optional, the reward after solving it can give you a healthy currency boost as you enter the mid-game phase. However, as you can see, this is a slightly lengthy process, and according to this Subreddit Post, a lot of players are finding the puzzle challenging, especially when it comes to readjusting the pieces.

For indulging in more brain-teasing challenges similar to the Hexagon Puzzle in RE4: Remake, take a shot at solving the Church Dial Puzzle. If you want to primarily focus on upgrading your arsenal, here’s a guide on How To Get The Broken Butterfly. Apart from that, you can further also stack up your Jewellery collection by checking out How To Complete More Pest Control to get an extra 3 Spinel in your inventory.


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