Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Get Chicago Sweeper

Pass through hordes of enemies with ease with the help of the infinite ammo Chicago Sweeper in RE4 Remake.

The Chicago Typewriter from the original Resident Evil 4 makes a return in the remake by the name of Chicago Sweeper. This legendary weapon was used to be a fan favorite in the original title and the ideal weapon to have during speedruns; thus, if you wish to recapture the joy of using this rifle in the remake as well, then one must know how to obtain the Chicago Sweeper.

Important: The Chicago Sweeper in RE4 Remake can only be unlocked in the Professional difficulty, and players will need to end the game in any of the existing difficulty levels first before they can unlock Professional difficulty.


Key Takeaways
  • Players will need to complete the “Leon “A” Kennedy” challenge in RE4 Remake to unlock the Chicago Sweeper.
  • This challenge requires the players to end Resident Evil 4 Remake on Professional difficulty with an A rank.
  • Purchase the Chicago Sweeper from the Extra Content Shop after completing the challenge.
  • After that, the weapon will automatically be added to their Storage Box.
  • Infinite ammo perk is unlocked by purchasing the exclusive upgrade from merchant.
  • Players can also trade 30 spinels for an exclusive upgrade ticket.
  • The Chicago Sweeper is not as powerful as the Chicago Typewriter, but it is still a weapon worth investing in.

How To Unlock The Chicago Sweeper

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chicago Sweeper
The Chicago Sweeper [Image Captured by eXputer]
In order to unlock the Chicago Sweeper, players only need to complete the challenge “Leon “A” Kennedy.” Which requires the players to complete Resident Evil 4 Remake on Professional difficulty (not hardcore) with an A rank. Not an easy task, we know, but legendary weapons require you to be worthy enough to wield them.

Once you have finished the challenge, the Chicago Sweeper will automatically appear in Extra Content Shop. Players will need to purchase it for 1,000 CP, and the weapon will be added to their Storage Box. 

  • Power: 0.40
  • Ammo Capacity: 50
  • Reload Speed: 0.78
  • Rate of Fire: 2.50
  • Precision: 3.00

How To Unlock The Infinite Ammo Perk

Resident evil 4 remake chicago sweeper
Unlocking the infinite ammo perk [Image Taken by eXputer]
  • Complete the “Leon A Kenney” Challenge and purchase the weapon from Extra Shop.
  • Players will need to fully upgrade the Chicago Sweeper (which will cost 650,000 pesetas).
  • Then they can purchase the exclusive perk from the Merchant for 10,000 pesetas, and voila, they have successfully unlocked the infinite ammo perk.

Players also have the option to skip this entire grind by going to the Merchant and trading 30 spinels for the Exclusive Upgrade Ticket, then going into the Tune-Up section to purchase the exclusive infinite ammo perk of the Chicago Sweeper from the Merchant.

Chicago Typewrite All Upgrade Levels

Below is a table that lists all the upgrades of the Chicago Sweeper and how much it will cost.

Chicago Sweeper Power Ammo Capacity Reload Speed Rate of Fire Precision
Level 1 0.40 50  0.78 2.50 3.00
Level 2 0.80 (50,000 pesetas) 55 (10,000 pesetas) 0.82 (10,000 pesetas) 2.50 3.00
Level 3 1.2 (100,000 pesetas) 60 (15,000 pesetas) 0.86 (15,000 pesetas) 2.50 3.00
Level 4 1.6 (150,000 pesetas) 65 (25,000 pesetas) 0.89 (20,000 pesetas) 2.50 3.00
Level 5 2.0 (200,000 pesetas) 70 (30,000 pesetas) 0.93 (25,000) 2.50 3.00

My Opinion On The Chicago Sweeper

As a player who has spent countless hours playing Resident Evil 4 on his Xbox 360 and spent more than a few weeks fully experiencing the remake on my Future_Bird profile, the Chicago Sweeper used to be my favorite special weapon in the original, and while it is available in the remake as well, it doesn’t quite shine as well as it used to.

re4 playtime
My RE4 playtime on Steam

Allow me to elaborate: unlike in the original, once you unlock the Chicago Sweeper in the remake, you will still have to make a heavy investment of PTAS before you can unlock the infinite ammo perk. Plus, its damage also feels a bit nerfed, but even then, this legendary weapon is worth the grind and is easily one of my favorite weapons in the Resident Evil 4 Remake simply because I find it too fun to use.

And that neatly wraps up our guide on how to obtain the Chicago Sweeper in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Since some parts of this article were about reminiscing on the past and remembering just how great the original Chicago Typewriter was, you may also want our Resident Evil 4 Remake vs Original guide.

Aside from that, you are not going to survive for long in Resident Evil 4 Remake without having the appropriate weapons. Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC through Steam. Have you played the original? Is this your first time playing Resident Evil 4? How do you like the game so far? Let us know in the comment section below.


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