Resident Evil 4 Remake Red9: Location, Stats & Upgrade

Blow off the Ganados' heads by using one of Resident Evil 4 Remake's iconic weapons, the Red9.

Red9 was one of the most impressive and powerful guns in the original Resident Evil 4, and it retains its charm and slick design in the remake as well. However, unlike the original, there is a way to acquire this weapon via exploration instead of paying a moderate sum of Pesetas to the Merchant. That is not to say it doesn’t become available for purchase, it does, but not until you have made considerable progress.

Key Takeaways
  • Red9 can be found in Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, right after beating Del Lago.
    1. After defeating Del Lago, Leon gets access to the boat, which can be used to explore the Lake and all of its surrounding areas.
    2. There is a shipwreck right in the center of the lake, which is where the chest containing Red9 is.
    3. In case you miss Red9 and can’t backtrack, you can purchase it from the Merchant in Chapter 5 for 14000 Pesetas.
  • Red9’s exclusive upgrade unlocks after fully upgrading this weapon, which increases its power by 1.5x and costs 100,000 Pesetas.
  • Alternatively, players can also use the Exclusive Weapon Upgrade Ticket to pay off the sum.
  • The Exclusive Weapon Upgrade Ticket can be purchased from the Merchant for 30 Spinel.
  • The precision of Red9 can also be enhanced by using the Red9 Stock, which also is purchased from the Merchant for a price of 9 Spinel.
  • Red9 stock is available for purchase in Chapter 6.
Important: Red9 can be found on the lake in Chapter 4, right after beating Del Lago. In case you missed it, the weapon can be purchased later on in Chapter 5 for 14,000 Pesetas.

Here is our video guide on how to find Red9 in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Location Of Red9

In order to get your hands on Red9, you’ll need to progress the story until the end of Chapter 3 and defeat “Del Lago” (The Sea Monster). After you defeat it, Leon will gain total access to the boat, enabling you to freely explore the lake and any of its optional areas. The chest that contains Red9 can be found on a shipwreck in the middle of the lake.

Location of Red9 [Image by eXputer]
Use the boat to head towards the above-marked location, open the blue-colored chest and pick up Red9.

Riding Boat
Boat ride [Image by eXputer]
There is no time limit here; as long you can access the boat and make your way to the middle of the lake, you can get Red9; it doesn’t necessarily have to be right after beating Del Lago.

Red9 in Re4
Picking up Red9 from the Blue Chest [Image by eXputer]
In case you have missed your chance and cannot backtrack all the way to the lake, the option to purchase the gun from the Merchant for 14,000 Pesetas will always be there. Red9 is available for sale in Chapter 5.

Red9 Stats & Upgrade Costs

Stats of Red9 [Image by eXputer]
StatsPowerAmmo CapacityReload SpeedRate Of Fire
Level 11.580.850.9
Level 21.8100.950.96
Level 32.1121.051.05
Level 42.4141.151.16
Level 52.7161.251.26
  • After fully upgrading this weapon, an exclusive upgrade will unlock for Red9, which will increase its power by 1.5x for a price of 100,000.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Exclusive Weapon Upgrade Ticket, which can be purchased from the merchant for 30 Spinel to pay off the sum as well.
  • Additionally, its precision can also be increased to 4.80 by equipping the Red9 Stock, which can also be purchased from the merchant in Chapter 6 for 9 Spinel.

The upgrade cost for all Red9 stats is as follows:

StatsPowerAmmo CapacityReload SpeedRate Of Fire
Level 215000600080007000
Level 33000080001000010000
Level 445000100001100014000
Level 5650001200014000019000


Red9 isn’t the only classic handgun that makes a return. Resident Evil 4 Remake brings not only back old classic weapons like Matilda, Punisher, and TMP but also brings new weapons like Skull Shaker and Bolt Thrower to the table as well. For ranking of the game’s best weapons along with their locations, consider going through our guide on the best weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Also, consider going through our guide on Resident Evil 4 Remake All Editions in order to know what weapons, skins, and bonuses are included in each edition. This concludes our guide on the location and stats of Red9 in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Let us know your queries in the comments below.


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