Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Editions [Comparison]

Each Resident Evil 4 Remake game edition has perks you should not miss & therefore, one should make a wise decision!

Resident Evil 4 Remake has released, and players are confused about which edition to purchase since the game comes with various bonuses depending on what type of edition you purchase. Additionally, the game is cross-gen, and the prices of all editions are the same on all platforms, including PC.

Key Takeaways
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake has three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s, with a free demo available.
  • Standard Edition: Priced at $59.99, no additional bonuses. Pre-order includes mini soundtrack, gold attache case, and handgun ammo charm.
  • Deluxe Edition: Priced at $69.99, offers new cosmetics for Leon and Ashley, attache case designs, charms, Skull Shaker, Sentinel Nine weapons, original RE4 soundtrack, and a treasure map.
  • Collector’s Edition: Priced at $249.99, includes all Deluxe Edition bonuses, a Leon figure, game map poster, art book, remake soundtrack, and a steelbook case.
  • The Chainsaw Demo is free and helps in deciding whether to purchase the game.
  • The Deluxe Edition is considered the best value for money, with justified bonuses compared to the more expensive Collector’s Edition

Resident Evil 4 Remake Editions

There are three different variants of RE4 that you can purchase, including Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s editions. There is also a Chainsaw Demo that you can try out for free, and it lets you play a small section of the game. These editions differ from each other greatly in terms of what they have to offer in addition to the game itself.

Standard Edition (59.99$)

type of game
The Standard Edition Of Resident Evil 4 Remake (Image Captured by Us)

This is the cheapest edition of the game that you can buy, and it basically nets you the license for the game alone if you digitally or the disc if you buy physically. There is nothing additional that you get by purchasing the standard edition.

type of game
Pre-Order Bonuses Of Standard Edition (Image Captured by eXputer)

However, if you end up pre-ordering the standard edition, then you will receive the following benefits in addition to a copy of the game itself;

  • A copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake for your platform.
  • Mini Soundtrack for Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • Gold Attache Case, which is a redesign of the normal attache case that Leon carries.
  • Handgun Ammo Charm that you can hang to your attache case.

Deluxe Edition (69.99$)

resident evil 4 remake all editions
The Deluxe Edition Of Resident Evil 4 Remake (Image Credit: Capcom)

This Deluxe edition In RE4 is actually only 10 dollars more expensive than the standard edition of the game; however, it offers a lot for its price and is actually a bang for your buck. You will also receive additional bonuses if you pre-order the deluxe in addition to DLC bonuses that come with the edition.

resident evil 4 remake all editions
Additional Items Included In Deluxe Edition (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Following are the items that you’ll get by purchasing the deluxe edition

  • A copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake for your platform.
  • Mini Soundtrack for Resident Evil 4 Remake. (Pre-order Bonus)
  • Gold And Classic designs of the Attache Case. (Pre-order Bonus)
  • Handgun Ammo and Green Herb charm to hang on your attache case. (Pre-order Bonus)
  • Casual Costume designs for both Leon and Ashley in the game.
  • Romantic Costumes that Leon and Ashley can wear.
  • Hero and Villain costume design only for Leon.
  • Hero and Vilain filters that you can apply to change the aesthetic of the whole game.
  • Sporty Sunglasses accessory that Leon can wear.
  • Skull Shaker and Sentinel Nine are new weapons exclusive to the deluxe edition.
  • Additional treasure map for Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • The soundtrack of the Original Game that you can swap.

As you can see, you receive various cosmetic upgrades and new weapons in addition to the original soundtrack if you pay for the deluxe edition of the game.

Collector’s Edition (249.99$)

resident evil 4 remake all editions
The Collector’s Edition Of Resident Evil 4 Remake (Image Credit: Capcom)

This is the most expensive version of Resident Evil 4 that you can purchase. There are so many bonuses that you get, but the collector’s edition is not recommended to any average player that wants to play the game only. These editions are for die-hard fans who are ready to spend any amount of money to get the best of the best.

Following are the items that you get with the collector’s edition of the game;

  • A copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake for your platform.
  • Steelbook cover for your copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • Mini Soundtrack for Resident Evil 4 Remake. (Pre-order Bonus)
  • Gold And Classic designs of the Attache Case. (Pre-order Bonus)
  • Everything included in the DLC of Deluxe Edition also comes with the Collector’s Edition, and that includes all of the costumes, weapons, soundtracks, and treasure maps.
  • Digital Soundtrack of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • A Figure of Leon S. Kennedy and a Poster of the Map in the game.
  • Art Book containing various designs of items present in the game.

Basically, the collector’s edition gives you all the bonuses of the deluxe edition and adds on the figurine, more soundtrack, steel book case, poster, and an art book.

Chainsaw Demo

resident evil 4 remake all editions
The Chainsaw Demo Of Resident Evil 4 Remake (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

This is not an edition that you can purchase; it is just a demo that you can try out before purchasing the game. The demo takes you through a small part of the village and makes you familiar with the mechanics of the game. Playing the demo will basically help you decide whether you want to purchase the full game or not. And if you end up liking the demo a lot, then you can purchase the expensive editions of the game as well.

The Best RE4 Remake Edition In My Opinion

Haris Umar Game Hours RE4
Haris Umar Game Hours RE4 (Image by eXputer)

Most of my reruns were possible only due to the Deluxe Edition bonus items, which was, thankfully, the edition I had pre-ordered. The addition of new costumes for both Leon and Ashely paired with two new weapons in the Deluxe edition adds more incentive for replay.

I even loved using the gameplay filters that you get with this edition, and these filters completely changed the aesthetic, making RE4R feel completely new even while replaying. Getting the original soundtrack of Re4 with the Deluxe edition is the cherry on top of all the other benefits.

This concludes our guide on all of the Resident Evil 4 Remake editions that are available for purchase. We have explained every single edition of the game in complete detail and have included the bonuses you get by purchasing each. We hope that the guide was helpful in deciding which edition you should purchase. Let us know if you have pre-ordered Resident Evil 4 Remake and will be playing the game on Day 1 in the comments below!

If you’ve already bought the RE4R, learning the parrying technique is crucial in making the gameplay even more fun.


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