Resident Evil 4 Remake: BEST Charms [Top 12]

I have listed the 12 best Resident Evil Remake Charms that you should acquire and attach to Leon's case for maximum bonuses.

Charms in RE4 Remake are basically extra bonus elements that your character gets should you slot them on the attache case. There are charms that offer you 100% health recovery, 20% more crit hit rate, discounts from merchants on select items, and many more. Collecting the best charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake and equipping up to three of them allows Leon to have extra perks that you will miss out on entirely if you don’t get/equip them. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 32 charms in RE4 Remake, with 30 being in the base game and 2 being exclusive DLC ones.
  • There is no guaranteed way to get all charms as it’s based on the RNG system.
  • You can slot/equip up to 3 charms to Leon’s Attache case, and you cannot slot duplicate charms. 
  • Charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake are powerful tools that enhance abilities and stats.
  • Visit the shooting range in Chapter 3 to begin acquiring charms
  • Complete target shooting challenges and earn tokens to unlock random charms

Complete Charms List In RE4 Remake

Here are all the charms you will come across in RE4 Remake:

Serial NoCharms NameBest ForCharms Effect
Charm Rarity
1StrikerThe Best Charm For Increased Mobility+8 Running SpeedLegendary
2Cute BearN/A-1 Gunpowder used while craftingLegendary
3Rhinoceros BeetleN/A+100 recovery item resale valueEpic
4MerchantThe Best Charm For Upgrading Weapons5% off weapon upgradesEpic
5Iluminados EmblemThe Best Charm For Melee Builds+20% melee critical hit rateEpic
6AshleyThe Highest HP Recovery Boosting Charm+50% health recovery for green herbsEpic
7ChickenThe Best Charm For Frequent Egg Use+100% health recovery for all egg typesRare
8Ada WongN/A30% of body armor repairsRare
9Luis SeraThe Best Charm For Selling Weapons+20% Weapon Resale ValueRare
10Leon W/ ShotgunThe Best Charm For Selling Shotgun Ammo+40% ammo resale valueRare
11Leon W/ HandgunN/A30 off knife repairsRare
12Handgun AmmoN/ADrop rate up for handgun ammoRare
13J.J N/A+40% off resourcesRare
14W/ Rocket LauncherThe Best Charm For Rocket Launcher Builds20% off the rocket launcherRare
15Black BassThe Best Charm For Frequent Bass Use+100% health recovery for black bassRare
16Green HerbN/A+15% health recovery for green herbsRare
17Don EstebanThe Best Charm For Shotgun Builds+15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequencyCommon
18Don PedroThe Best Charm For Viper Healing+40% health recovery for vipersCommon
19Don JoseN/A+15% handgun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
20Soldier W/ HammerN/A+20% handgun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
21IsabelN/A+30% health recovery for vipersCommon
22MariaN/A+15% magnum ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
23Soldier W/ DynamiteN/A+30% attachable mines craft bonus frequencyCommon
24Soldier W/ Stun-RodN/A+15% bolts craft bonus frequencyCommon
25Don ManuelN/A+15% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
26Zealot W/ ScytheN/A+20% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
27Zealot W/ ShieldN/A+20% shotgun shells craft bonus frequencyCommon
28Don DiegoN/A+15% rifle ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
29Leader ZealotThe Best Charm For Early Heal Support+10% health recovery for green herbsCommon
30Zealot W/ BowgunN/A+20% bolts craft bonus frequencyCommon
31Bella SistersN/A+20% Magnum ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
32Dr. SalvadorN/A+20% Rifle ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon

1. Ashley Graham

The Best HP Recovery-Boosting Charm.
Ashley Graham Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Ashley Graham has the highest HP recovery boost out of all the charms and affects healing received from green herbs, the most common healing source.
  • Charm Effect: +50% health recovery for green herbs
  • Rarity: Epic

This is by far the best charm in RE4 Remake, and you can get your hands on it, too, for good reasons. Regardless of the difficulty mode you are playing the game, having this charm equipped will guarantee that you get your health back at a 50% higher rate. This means that each usage of green herbs will grant you a double healing effect that you will entirely miss out on if this charm is not equipped. 

  • Greatly increases HP recovered from green herbs.
  • Green herbs are the main source of healing and are easily available.
  • It is an epic charm, so it has a low chance to drop.

2. Iluminados Emblem

The Best Charm For Melee Builds.
Iluminados Emblem Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Iluminados Emblem is made for melee enthusiasts as it increases all the melee attacks’ crit rate, which is useful in low ammo situations.
  • Charm Effect: +20% melee critical hit rate
  • Rarity: Epic

By all means, the Resident Evil 4 Remake is not a 100% RPG title, but still, there are subtle clues indicating how the developers re-imagined this masterpiece by slotting in a few new in-game mechanics. The Iluminados Emblem, in my opinion, is by far the best charm for increasing Leon’s weapons’ damage.

  • A 20% increase in the critical hit rate is the best thing you can offer to your character, especially if you’re running with a fighting knife.
  • You must note that rifles, shotguns, or any other ranged weapons will not benefit from this charm. 
  • Increases the crit chances for all melee attacks.
  • Highly resourceful when facing ammo deficiency.
  • Only affects melee attacks.
  • There are only a few melee options, in contrast to the guns.

3. Merchant

The Best Charm For Upgrading Weapons.
Merchant Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Merchant can decrease the prices of all upgrades for weapons, allowing you to max your favorite weapon easily.
  • Charm Effect: 5% off weapon upgrades
  • Rarity: Epic

Upgrading guns is the core mechanic you will need to utilize occasionally. With some of the best weapons in your arsenal, upgrading all at once will be a taxing adventure. That being said, if you get a 5% discount on every single weapon upgrade from Merchant, it is not a bad deal.

  • The Merchant charm gives you 5% off on weapon upgrades such as handguns, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, and more.
  • While the 5% is not much of a discount per see, considering how expensive weapons get, such as Infinite Rocket Launcher sells for 2 Million pesetas, it is still a sweet deal to get this discount than to pay 100% of the upgrade cost.
  • Grants a discount to upgrade costs, reducing your grind.
  • Highly useful for high-cost upgrades like the Rocket Launcher.
  • A 5% discount is not too significant of a difference.
  • It’s one of the epic charms, so it’s harder to acquire.

4. Chicken

The Best Charm For Frequent Egg Use.
Chicken Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Chicken Charm is helpful for beginner players who need constant healing from random sources like eggs.
  • Charm Effects: +100% health recovery for all egg types
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

Herbs are not the only go-to resource for healing in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and you can eat pretty much other items, such as Eggs, to replenish the lost health. If you have stocked up on many eggs and have the Chicken Charm available, you should equip the charm to Leon’s Attache case. 

  • I must say, this is particularly useful for NG+ runs where you get hit like a truck and need health recovery every now and then.
  • Doubles the healing obtained from eggs.
  • Eggs are also a common source of healing.
  • Green herbs are more suitable for healing than eggs.

5. Black Bass

The Best Charm For Frequent Bass Use.
Black Bass Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Black Bass, just as the name suggests, increases the effect of healing provided by basses, which can be a lifesaver in difficult content.
  • Charm Effects: +100% health recovery for all Black Bass
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

Similar to the Chicken charm and recovering health via consuming the Egg items, if you have the Black Bass charm and the item itself, this could also work as an alternative. The effects of both charms are the same, putting them on equal footing with each other. The only difference is the replacement or usage of Eggs and Black Bass. 

  • Healing obtained from black basses is doubled.
  • Black bass heals more than other common sources.
  • Black basses are relatively rare to find if not purchased.

6. Luis Sera

The Best Charm For Selling Weapons.
Luis Sera Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Luis Sera increases the profit earned by selling old, useless weapons, which can be very useful for upgrading recent weapons.
  • Charm Effects: +20% weapon resale value
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

While Luis Sera is a very charismatic character in RE4 Remake, having his charm attached to Leon’s attache case does increase Leon’s charisma a little, but not literary though.

  • This charm gives you a +20% weapon resale value when you have a gun or two in no use and approach the merchant.
  • I recommend equipping this charm before you approach the merchant and only then selling all the guns you no longer use to avail of the +20% more resale value than the actual rate. 
  • Allows you to recover more pesetas after selling weapons.
  • Not useful after maximizing your build.
  • Extra money is obtained only by selling weapons and not parts or materials.

7. Striker

The Best Charm For Increased Mobility.
Striker Charm RE4 Remake
  • Why I Chose This: Striker is the best charm for situations where you get ganked up by many mobs as it increases your running speed, allowing you to escape effectively.
  • Charm Effects: +8% Sprinting Speed
  • Charm Rarity: Legendary

As I mentioned above, Resident Evil 4 Remake is far from being an RPG shooter; still, there are subtle in-game mechanics that easily make this title an RPG title. That being said, there are moments when Leon is outnumbered by enemy mobs, and you wish only to run faster than to kill them faster.

  • In such situations, having a little extra running speed will be considered no less than a boon.
  • This is the only in-game charm that increases Leon’s running speed by 8%.
  • The effect does not hold a significant value compared to other rare and epic tier charms, even though Striker is legendary. Still, having one and utilizing it in tough situations is better than running at a snail’s speed. 
  • Can help you escape when surrounded.
  • Allows you to position yourself in boss fights effectively.
  • Doesn’t affect movement speed and stamina consumption.
  • The effect is not high enough for a legendary charm.

8. Don Esteban

The Best Charm For Shotgun Builds.
  • Charm Effect: +15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency
  • Rarity: Common

The charm’s effects are self-explanatory, as Leon’s crafting frequency will be increased by 15% every time you craft shotgun shells. 

  • Increases the amount of shotgun shells crafted.
  • It is a common charm, so easily obtainable.
  • Not suitable for those who do not prefer shotguns.
  • Why I Chose This: Don Esteban is very useful for shotgun users as it increases the shotgun ammo obtained from crafting, very useful for boss fights.

9. Leader Zealot

The Best Charm For Early Heal Support.
  • Charm Effects: +10% health bonus recovery from green herbs
  • Charm Rarity: Common

While most common charms in my list have mediocre applications at best, the Leader Zealot charm has by far the best usage if you get many early in the game. This expires with single-use, so every time you consume a green herb item, you get 10% extra health, but the charm will no longer be usable. 

  • Provides additional healing after using a green herb.
  • Is a common drop due to its rarity.
  • Is not useful if you get better variants like Ashley Graham.
  • Has only a one-time use and expires after that.
  • Why I Chose This: Leader Zealot can provide great support in early-game stages, as it provides additional healing by using green herbs.

10. Leon w/ Rocket Launcher

The Best Charm For Rocket Launcher Builds.
  • Charm Effects: 20% off rocket launcher at merchant
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

Rocket Launcher is the only high-damaging weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake that literally one-shots enemies and mobs alike. However, the lack of ammunition and expensive RPG are the two downsides of Rocket Launcher.

That said, if you have a couple of Leon with Rocket Launcher charms hanging in your inventory, I recommend you equip one and then approach the merchant to buy more ammo for Rocket Launcher, as he will give you a 20% discount on its ammunition.

  • Greatly reduces the cost of rockets.
  • Best for those who like to use the Rocket Launcher.
  • It cannot be acquired in large numbers due to low drop rate.
  • Only usable one time per purchase.
  • Why I Chose This: If you love the excitement of one-shotting enemies, then Leon w/ Rocket Launcher is your best choice as it decreases the cost of rockets.

11. Leon w/ Shotgun

The Best Charm For Selling Shotgun Ammo.
  • Charm Effects: +40% ammo resale value
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

The effect of Leon with Shotgun charm is pretty easy to understand as you get 40% more value from selling shotgun shells at the merchant. This is a one-time use charm only, and if you have made a trade with the merchant, selling shotgun shells, then you need to equip another iteration of Leon with a Shotgun to get its benefits. The first one will be exhausted upon usage. 

  • Greatly increases profit earned from selling shotgun shells.
  • Allows you to discard extra shotgun ammo effectively.
  • Not that useful as shotguns are very powerful weapons.
  • Lost upon use, so it requires multiple copies to utilize properly.
  • Why I Chose This: Leon w/ Shotgun makes organizing inventory more convenient by selling ammo like shotgun shells at a higher profit.

12. Don Pedro

The Best Charm For Viper Healing.
  • Charm Effects: +40% health recovery for vipers
  • Charm Rarity: Common

Similar to the Egg consumable that replenishes health, the viper is a new item introduced in the RE4 Remake version of the game. If you have the Don Pedro charm slotted onto your Attache case, using the Viper consumable will give you 40% more health. 

  • Has the best overall effect out of all common charms.
  • Considerably buffs the already high-healing vipers.
  • Vipers are comparatively rare and expensive to get.
  • Green herb-buffing charms can be a better alternative.
  • Why I Chose This: Don Pedro is also very valuable in situations where healing from multiple sources is required as it greatly increases health recovered by vipers.

Other Honorable Mentions

Here are other noteworthy Amulets in Remnant 2 that you might find beneficial for your build/class and playstyle.

  • Twisted Amulet: Increases Encumbrance by 15 and armor effectiveness by 30%.
  • Scavenger Bauble: Enhances Scrap accumulation during terrain runs, although it lacks a damage perk.
  • Black Cat Band: Prevents instant death by reducing the wearer’s health to 1 and grants 25% movement speed for 10s

My Thoughts On The Best Charm

After collecting almost every charm on my first playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake, the charm that I utilized the most and considered the best was undoubtedly the Ashley Graham charm. It grants you a whopping 50% additional recovery from Green Herbs, a bonus that any playstyle can benefit from.

While the Ashley Graham charm is of Epic rarity and particularly hard to get, the effect it has is far more noticeable than any other charm in the title. This item becomes especially useful against late-game bosses like Krauser or Salazar, who have extremely high damage and thus can kill you within a few hits.

This brings me to the end of my Resident Evil 4 Remake best charms guide. There are a few common and rare charms that are still better and have varying usage & application based on random scenarios, but the best RE4 charms I have listed are by far the best ones in the game. Also, before you leave, read my Resident Evil 4: How To Get Riot Gun, How To Get Matilda, and Chicago Sweeper weapons guides. 


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