Top 12 Resident Evil 4 Remake BEST Charms

All these fancy Charms just increase your chances of survival in Resident Evil 4 Remake!

Charms in RE4 Remake are basically extra bonus elements that your character gets should you slot them on the attache case. There are charms that offer you 100% health recovery, 20% more crit hit rate, discounts from merchants on select items, and many more. Collecting the best charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake and equipping up to three of them allows Leon to have extra perks that you will miss out on entirely if you don’t get/equip them. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 32 charms in RE4 Remake, with 30 being in the base game and 2 being exclusive DLC ones.
  • There is no guaranteed way to get all charms as it’s based on the RNG system.
  • You can slot/equip up to 3 charms to Leon’s Attache case, and you cannot slot duplicate charms. 
  • Charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake are powerful tools that enhance abilities and stats
  • Visit the shooting range in Chapter 3 to begin acquiring charms
  • Complete target shooting challenges and earn tokens to unlock random charms

Here are the Best Charms in RE4 Remake:

  1. The Ashley Graham Charm increases health recovery for green herbs by 50%, making it a highly sought-after item.
  2. The Iluminados Emblem Charm is best used for SMG guns, increasing their melee critical hit rate by 20%.
  3. Upgrading weapons is a core mechanic in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the Merchant Charm offers a 5% discount on all upgrades.
  4. The Chicken Charm and Black Bass Charm both increase health recovery for their respective items by 100%.
  5. The Luis Sera Charm increases weapon resale value by 20%, allowing players to earn more pesetas in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  6. The Striker Charm provides an 8% increase in running speed, making it a valuable asset in tough situations.
  7. The Don Esteban Charm increases shotgun shell craft bonus frequency by 15%, making it a useful item for those who rely heavily on their shotgun.
  8. The Leader Zealot Charm provides a 10% health bonus recovery from green herbs, making it a helpful item for early-game survival.
  9. The Leon w/ Rocket Launcher Charm provides a 20% discount on rocket launcher ammunition at the merchant, making it a cost-effective item for taking down bosses in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  10. The Leon w/ Shotgun Charm provides a 40% ammo resale value for shotgun shells, allowing players to earn more pesetas when selling unused shotgun shells.
  11. The Don Pedro Charm increases health recovery for vipers by 40%, providing players with an alternative healing item.

Best Charms

Out of 32 charms that are currently available in RE4 Remake, we believe the following 12 charms offer the most amazing value you can get. All of these charms increase your replay value, give you more reason to play NG+ and also smoothen your 1st gameplay experience in Resident Evil 4 Remake. 

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effect: +50% health recovery for green herbs
  • Rarity: Epic

This is by far the best charm in RE4 Remake that you can get your hands on, and that too for good reasons. One regardless of whatever difficulty mode you are playing the game at, having this charm equipped will guarantee that you get your health back at a 50% higher rate. Meaning, each usage of green herbs will grant you a double healing effect that you will entirely miss out on if this charm is not equipped. 

Iluminados Emblem

Iluminados Emblem Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effect: +20% melee critical hit rate
  • Rarity: Epic

By all means, the Resident Evil 4 Remake is not a 100% RPG title, but still, there are subtle clues indicating how the developers re-imagined this masterpiece by slotting in a few new in-game mechanics. The Iluminados Emblem is by far the best charm when it comes to increasing Leon’s weapons’ damage. A 20% increase in the critical hit rate is the best thing you can offer to your character, especially if you’re running with fighting knife.

  • You must note that rifles or shotguns or any other ranged weapons will not benefit from this charm. 


Merchant Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effect: 5% off weapon upgrades
  • Rarity: Epic

Upgrading guns in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the core mechanic that you will need to utilize every now and then. With some of the best weapons of RE4 Remake in your arsenal, upgrading all at once will be a taxing adventure. That being said, if you get a 5% discount on every single weapon upgrade from Merchant, then it is not a bad deal after all.

  • The Merchant charm basically gives you 5% off on weapon upgrades such as handguns, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, and much more.
  • While the 5% is not much of a discount per see, considering how expensive weapons get, such as Infinite Rocket Launcher sells for 2 Million pesetas, it is still a sweet deal to get this discount than to pay 100% of the upgrade cost.


Chicken Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effects: +100% health recovery for all egg types
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

Herbs are not the only go-to resource for healing in Resident Evil 4 Remake and you can eat pretty much other items such as Eggs to replenish the lost health. If you have stocked up on many eggs and you have the Chicken Charm available as well, then you should equip the charm to Leon’s attache case. 

  • This is particularly useful for NG+ runs where you get hit like a truck and need health recovery every now and then.
  • Even though charms are RNG based, we keep getting Chicken charm more often than other rare ones.

Black Bass

Black Bass Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effects: +100% health recovery for all Black Bass
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

Similar to the Chicken charm and recovering health via consuming the Egg items, if you happen to have the Black Bass charm and the item itself, then this could also work as an alternative. The effects of both charms are the same, making them on equal footing with each other. The only difference is the replacement or usage of Eggs and Black Base. 

Luis Sera

Luis Sera Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effects: +20% weapon resale value
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

While Luis Sera is a very charismatic character in RE4 Remake, having his charm attached to Leon’s attache case does increase Leon’s charisma a little, but not literary though. What this charm does is it gives you a +20% weapon resale value when you have a gun or two in no use and you approach the merchant.

We recommend equipping this charm before you approach the merchant and only then selling all the guns that you no longer use in Resident Evil 4 Remake to avail the +20% more resale value than the actual rate. 


Striker Charm RE4 Remake
  • Charm Effects: +100% health recovery for all Black Bass
  • Charm Rarity: Rare

As we mentioned above Resident Evil 4 Remake is far from being an RPG shooter, still, there are subtle in-game mechanics that easily make this title an RPG title. That being said, there are moments when Leon is outnumbered by enemy mobs and you wish only to run faster than to kill them faster.

In situations like these, having a little bit extra running speed will be considered no less than a boon. This is where the Striker Legendary charm comes into play as this is the only in-game charm that increases Leon’s running speed by 8%. The effect does not hold a significant value compared to other rare and epic tier charms, even though Striker is a legendary one. Still, it’s better to have one and utilize it in tough situations than to run at a snail’s speed. 

Don Esteban

  • Charm Effect: +15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency
  • Rarity: Common

The charm’s effects is pretty self-explanatory as every time you craft shotgun shells, Leon’s crafting frequency will be increased by 15%. 

Leader Zealot

  • Charm Effects: +10% health bonus recovery from green herbs
  • Charm Rarity: Common

While most common charms in this list have mediocre applications at best, the Leader Zealot charm has by far the best usage if you get many early in the game. This expired with single-use so every time you consume a green herb item, you do get 10% extra health but the charm will no longer be usable. 

Leon w/ Rocket Launcher

  • Charm Effects: 20% off rocket launcher at merchant
  • Charm Rarity: Common

Rocket Launcher is the only high damaging weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake that literally one-shots enemies and mobs alike. However, the lack of ammunition and expensive RPG are the two downsides for Rocket Launcher in RE4 Remake. That being said, if you have a couple of Leon with Rocket Launcher charms hanging in your inventory, we recommend you equip one and then approach the merchant to buy more ammo for Rocket Launcher as he will give you a 20% discount on its ammunition. 

Note: You only use Rocket Launcher one-time only and it can be bought again. So technically, you buy the whole thing each time you want to fire it. 

Leon w/Shotgun

  • Charm Effects: +40% ammo resale value
  • Charm Rarity: Common

The effect of Leon with Shotgun charm is pretty easy to understand as you get 40% more value from selling shotgun shells at the merchant. This is a one-time use charm only and if you have made a trade with the merchant, selling shotgun shells, then you need to equip another iteration of Leon with a Shotgun to get its benefits. The first one will be exhausted upon usage. 

Don Pedro

  • Charm Effects: +40% health recovery for vipers
  • Charm Rarity: Common

Similar to the Egg consumable that replenishes health, the viper is a new item introduced in the RE4 Remake version of the game. If you have the Don Pedro charm slotted onto your attache case, using the viper consumable will give you 40% more health. 

Complete Charms List In RE4 Remake

Here are all the charms you will come across in RE4 Remake:

Serial NoCharms NameCharms Effect
Charm Rarity
1Striker+8 Running SpeedLegendary
2Cute Bear-1 Gunpowder used while craftingLegendary
3Rhinoceros Beetle+100 recovery item resale valueEpic
4Merchant5% off weapon upgradesEpic
6Iluminados Emblem+20% melee critical hit rateEpic
7Ashley+50% health recovery for green herbsEpic
8Chicken+100% health recovery for all egg typesRare
9Ada Wong30% of body armor repairsRare
10Luis Sera+20% Weapon Resale ValueRare
11Leon W/ Shotgun+40% ammo resale valueRare
12Leon W/ Handgun30 off knife repairsRare
13Handgun AmmoDrop rate up for handgun ammoRare
14J.J+40% off resourcesRare
15W/ Rocket Launcher20% off the rocket launcherRare
16Black Bass+100% health recovery for black bassRare
17Green Herb+15% health recovery for green herbsRare
18Don Pedro+40% health recovery for vipersCommon
19Don Jose+15% handgun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
20Soldier W/ Hammer+20% handgun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
21Isabel+30% health recovery for vipersCommon
22Maria+15% magnum ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
23Soldier W/ Dynamite+30% attachable mines craft bonus frequencyCommon
24Soldier W/ Stun-Rod+15% bolts craft bonus frequencyCommon
25Don Manuel+15% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
26Zealot W/ Scythe+20% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
27Zealot W/ Shield+20% shotgun shells craft bonus frequencyCommon
28Don Diego+15% rifle ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
29Leader Zealot+10% health recovery for green herbsCommon
30Zealot W/ Bowgun+20% bolts craft bonus frequencyCommon
31Bella Sisters+20% Magnum ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon
32Dr. Salvador+20% Rifle ammo craft bonus frequencyCommon

How To Get Charms In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Shooting Range in RE4 Remake

In the thrilling world of Resident Evil 4 Remake, charms have emerged as powerful tools to enhance your character’s abilities and stats. With 30 unique charms to discover and acquire, understanding the most effective ways to obtain them is essential. Let’s delve into the secret to charm acquisition and mastery within the game.

  • To start your charm-hunting journey, you must first venture to the shooting range operated by the enigmatic merchant.
  • Conveniently located near the lake in Chapter 3, the entrance to the shooting range is accessible via an elevator just beside the merchant.
  • Once you’ve descended into the range itself, prepare to face some target shooting challenges.
  • As you conquer each challenge, you’ll be rewarded with valuable tokens in bronze, silver, or gold tiers.
  • Insert various combinations of earned tokens into the vending machine, and you will get random charms as a reward.
Vending machine in RE4 Remake

Keep in mind that certain weapons are designated for specific challenges, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay. To obtain even more gold tokens, unlock the bonus round by meeting the additional conditions. This will not only help you secure higher scores but will also grant you access to more charms.

  • Although the village area has only one shooting range, fear not, for multiple shooting ranges await you in the castle and the island.
  • Each subsequent shooting range presents a new set of challenges, enabling you to hone your skills and collect even more charms.
  • And if you ever feel the need to revisit previous challenges, the game allows you to do so without any penalties.

Importance of Charms

Obtaining and equipping Charms is a new mechanic that has made its way into the Resident Evil 4 Remake. While the applications are not many for these charms, they still are important and helpful in a number of ways that you’d anticipate. Here are a few reasons why hunting the epic or rare charms is important in RE4 Remake:  

  • Enhance gameplay experience: Charms provide various benefits that can improve your overall gameplay experience, making it more enjoyable and immersive.
  • Boost character abilities: By attaching the right charms to your Attaché Case, you can enhance your character’s abilities, giving you an edge in combat and other in-game challenges.
  • Customization options: Charms allow you to customize your character’s playstyle, making the game more personal and tailored to your preferences.
  • Encourage exploration: Obtaining charms encourages players to explore the game world and engage in side activities, such as the shooting ranges, adding depth and variety to the game.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Charms

  • Missed opportunities: If you don’t obtain charms, you will miss out on the potential benefits and enhancements they offer, making the game more challenging.
  • Limited customization: Without charms, your options for customizing your character’s abilities and playstyle will be limited, which can make the game less engaging.
  • Reduced replay value: Charms add variety and depth to the game, encouraging players to try different strategies and approaches. Without them, the game might feel less replayable and dynamic.
  • Potentially slower progress: Without the benefits provided by charms, you might progress through the game at a slower pace or find some challenges more difficult to overcome.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our Resident Evil 4 Remake best charms guide. There are a few common and rare charms that are still better and have varying usage & application based on random scenarios, but the best RE4 charms we have listed are by far the best ones in the game. Also, before you leave, read our Resident Evil 4: How To Get Riot Gun, How To Get Matilda, and Chicago Sweeper weapons guides. 


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