RE4 Remake: How To Get Broken Butterfly [Stats & Upgrades]

Pierce enemies with unstoppable force using the Broken Butterfly Magnum In Resident Evil 4 Remake!

The Broken Butterfly is a magnum archetype weapon in RE4 Remake which may not prove to be as powerful as the other ones in its category, but it can provide almost the same staggering power. It can be found in Chapter 7 of the game via a special deal from the Merchant. Its notable traits include how it offers penetrating bullets, which can prove to be extra effective against the enemies in the Castle areas.

Key Takeaways
  • Among the Best Weapons Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Broken Butterfly may entice players to pick it up since it’s the first magnum they will find in their playthrough.
  • The weapon’s unique trait is that it allows Leon to fire penetrating rounds that can pierce enemies.
  • It is a great weapon to use against enemies with armor or shields as well as to hit weak points on bosses.
  • Players can purchase the Broken Butterfly via the Merchant at a discounted price of 29,400 Pesetas.
  • The price tag may revert back if players progress past a certain point, so it is recommended that they pick up the weapon since they will also receive the magnum ammo crafting recipe for free.
  • Upon fully upgrading the Broken Butterfly or by using an exclusive ticket via the Merchant, players can unlock a hidden upgrade which will increase the power stat by 1.5x
  • The best upgrades for the Broken Butterfly are easily the power as well as the fire rate, as it will make its penetrating force more powerful against enemies.

How To Get The Broken Butterfly

exputer broken butterfly
The Broken Butterfly (Image Captured by Us)
  • Original Price: 42,000 Pesetas
  • 30% Discount Price: 29,400 Pesetas

The Broken Butterfly will be available to purchase from the Merchant as soon as you start up the 7th chapter of the game. It is the chapter where you will leave the Village with Ashley after defeating Mendez and enter the castle to find Luis.

Upon your first visit to the merchant in this chapter, you will be able to purchase the Broken Butterfly not only for a discounted price, but you will also be able to receive the Magnum ammo crafting recipe if you decide to acquire this gun at its discounted rate.

  • We strongly recommend buying this weapon right there and then, as you might need the gun for later combat sections in the Castle since the enemies can put up quite a fight.
  • Furthermore, the crafting recipe being thrown in for free makes it a no-brainer investment, even though you will find better versions than the Broken Butterfly later on towards the end-game of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Stats And Best Upgrades

re4 remake broken butterfly
Broken Butterfly upgrades (Image Captured by Us)
Stats Power Ammo Capacity Reload Speed Rate Of Fire
Level 1 15 6 1 0.9
Level 2 18 7 2 0.98
Level 3 21 8 3 1.07
Level 4 24 9 4 1.19
Level 5 27 10 5 1.33
  • It is also worth stating you can acquire an exclusive upgrade for the weapon, which will further boost its power stat by 1.5x.
  • This exclusive upgrade can be purchased from the merchant for 100,000 pesetas after fully upgrading the Broken Butterfly.
  • Alternatively, you can also acquire the upgrade by using an exclusive upgrade ticket which is traded by the merchant in exchange for 30 or 40 Spinels.

Overall, the weapon is pretty great if you’re looking to gain an edge against the starting sections of the Castle. There are enemies located here who will be using armor and wooden shields, not to mention that they can also transform into mutant parasitic monsters too. So the Broken Butterfly can prove effective in those dire situations to put these enemies down with ease, plus you really don’t have to invest in any upgrades right off the bat.

While you may be tempted to save up your currency after glancing at the upgrade prices, you will have more than enough spare cash later down the line, so do not worry about purchasing an upgrade or two here. Lastly in terms of the best upgrades, while you can just use the broken butterfly at its default stats, you can upgrade the power or rate of fire to improve its overpowering resiliency in combat.

Summing It Up

Resident Evil 4 Remake surpassed the expectations of players, making it another one of Capcom’s finest titles to date and even surpassing a few elements of the original game from 2005. As stated in a Subreddit Post, it may be valuable to purchase the weapon outright solely for the magnum ammo crafting recipe since the ammo will be scarce to find in the castle areas.

If you’re looking to try other weapons in the game, then you might be interested in the Red-9, which was one of the most popular weapons in the original game and still maintains that same quality, albeit with some tweaks. Shotguns such as the W-870 or even the Riot Gun can shred through enemies at close ranges. Playing as Ashley is also a unique experience, as you will be evading your pursuers and solving the Grandfather Clock Puzzle.

However, for now, this concludes our guide to the Broken Butterfly weapon in RE4 Remake, where you can find it as well as its stats and best upgrades. If you have any further questions about the guide or want to share your experience with the game so far, then please feel free to let us know in the comments section below! As always eXputer wishes you luck with the game!

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