RE4 Remake: How To Solve The Stone Dais Puzzle

Overcome the Stone Dais puzzle with your sharp wits in RE4 Remake.

The Stone Dais puzzle in RE4 Remake is encountered in two different places in Del Lago. Players will have to solve this puzzle by selecting the correct symbols in order to obtain the church key.

Important: Do not worry about the order of the buttons during this puzzle, as pressing the correct ones in any order will easily solve the puzzle. 
Key Takeaways
  • There are two Stone Dais puzzles in RE4 Remake encountered in the small and large cave shrines; respectively.
  • These puzzles require the player to press the correct symbols to advance forward.
  • Players can find the correct symbols marked on the walls near the pedestal.
  • Keep in mind, the order of pressing the buttons on the pedestal does not matter. 
  • In both of these areas, there are a lot of powerful monsters so preparation is important.
  • After solving both of these puzzles, players will be able to obtain the church key.

You can watch our video guide on Stone Dias Puzzle or continue reading & learning more about it.

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Stone Dais Puzzle In The Small Cave Shrine

  • The first Stone Dais puzzle in RE4 Remake is encountered in the Small Cave Shrine.
  • It is located toward the northern side of the lake.
RE4 Remake Small Cave Shrine
The Small Cave Shrine’s Location | Image By eXputer
  • Once players have arrived at the destination mentioned above, they must kill all enemies and advance til they reach the pedestal.
  • After arriving at the pedestal, press the buttons marked with a red circle on the image below.
RE4 Remake Stone Dais Puzzle
The First Stone Dais Puzzle | Image Credit: eXputer
  • Successfully pressing these buttons will solve the puzzle and players will be ready to solve the next puzzle.

Stone Dais Puzzle In The Large Cave Shrine

  • The second Stone Dais puzzle can be accessed in the Large Cave Shrine.
  • It is located toward the southwest side of the lake.
Location Large Cave Shrine
The Large Cave Shrine’s Location | Image By eXputer
  • After arriving at the destination marked above, players must deal with a mob of monsters to reach the pedestal.
  • Players must press the buttons marked below after arriving at the pedestal.
Solved Stone Dais Puzzle
The Second Stone Dais Puzzle | Screenshot By eXputer
  • After pressing these buttons, the puzzle will be solved and players will be able to obtain the church key later on.


Resident Evil 4 Remake is the latest addition to the REmake series by Capcom. RE4 Remake expands upon the beloved story and horror aspects. It also improves the characters, and adds a variety of fun features in the game’s combat; such as the new parry system. In addition, the game’s PC Port is incredibly well-optimized. All in all, RE4 has reclaimed its throne as the magnum opus of Resident Evil and horror games in general.

And there you have it; with our guide on how to solve the confusing Stone Dais puzzle in RE4 Remake, you will be able to clear this confusing obstacle in your path with ease.

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