RE4 Remake: Wall With Four Slots Puzzle [Solution]

Place the right stones on the four slots of wall to unlock your path in RE4 Remake!

During Chapter 8, players will come across a wall with four slots, and it is actually a puzzle in RE4 Remake that you need to solve in order to progress further in the story in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The puzzle cannot be solved instantly as you’ll need to collect some key items first as well. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Chapter 8 of RE4 Remake, players encounter a wall with a four-slot puzzle.
  • Before solving, collect three Lithographic Stones within the same room.
  • In Hardcore Difficulty:
    • Stone B is in a pot near the fireplace.
    • Stone C is behind cloth-covered furniture.
    • Stone D is on a chair near the entrance.
  • In Standard Difficulty:
    • Stone B is inside a bookshelf near the wall.
    • Stone C is on a pile of stones near the entrance.
    • Stone D is inside a glass cupboard.
Important: You need to get your hands on Lithographic Stones first; otherwise, the game will not allow you to solve the puzzle in RE4 Remake.

Solving Wall With Four Slots Puzzle

resident evil 4 remake wall with four slots puzzle
The Wall With Four Slots (Image Captured by eXputer)

As soon as the cutscene finishes where Leon meets Ada in Chapter 8, the players will come across a wall with four slots in the same where the interaction happened. Now one of the slots will already be filled, and we need to find three other Lithographic Stones in order to start solving the puzzle. Basically, we’ll need to find three more stone slabs located in the same room before we can interact with the puzzle.

Finding Lithographic Stones

Lithographic stones have different locations in the standard difficulty and hardcore difficulty of the game.

Location In Hardcore Difficulty

  1. Lithographic Stone B:
    resident evil 4 remake wall with four slots puzzle
    Lithographic Stone B in Resident Evil 4 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    • Located in a room.
    • Near the only fireplace.
    • Inside a pot near the fire.
  2. Lithographic Stone C:
    resident evil 4 remake wall with four slots puzzle
    Lithographic Stone C in Resident Evil 4 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
    • Hidden behind furniture covered with cloth.
    • Look for the single place where furniture is covered.
  3. Lithographic Stone D:
    challenge in game
    Lithographic Stone D in Resident Evil 4 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    • Located near the entrance of the room.
    • On a chair near the entrance.

Location In Standard Difficulty

puzzle in game
Location Of Lithographic Stones In Standard Difficulty (Image Captured By Us)

The locations are almost similar as the stones are placed quite near their hardcore difficulty locations.

  1. Lithographic Stone B is placed inside the bookshelf near the wall with four slots.
  2. Lithographic Stone C is present near the entrance of the room on top of a pile of stones.
  3. The final Lithographic Stone is present inside the glass cupboard, which you need to break in order to access the stone.

Placing Stones And Solving Puzzle

challenge in game
All Of The Lithographic Stones Placed In The Slots (Image Captured by Us)

After placing the Lithographic Stones, the game will allow you to interact with the puzzle now. You can rotate each slab to reveal the opposite color and symbols. The solution to the puzzle is the same in both the standard and hardcore difficulties of the game.

  1. The stones with the blue sword symbol will have the red shield symbol on the opposite side and vice versa.
  2. The stones with the blue chest armor symbol will have the orange helmet armor symbol on the opposite side and vice versa.
  3. Each of these symbols will be either inside a square shape or a hexagonal shape.
  4. We have to place the stone with the correct symbol in each slot.
resident evil 4 remake wall with four slots puzzle
The Puzzle Solved (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  1. Place the stone with a red shield symbol with a square border in the slot above.
  2. Put the stone with a chest armor symbol with a hexagonal border in the slot below.
  3. The stone with a sword symbol with a square border will be placed in the slot on the right.
  4. Lastly, you will need to put the stone with a helmet armor symbol in a hexagonal border in the slot on the left.

You will have to rotate each Lithographic Stone to get the right symbols, but once you place the correct stones in their right slots, the puzzle will be solved. Next, the wall will move out of your way, and your path will open up, which will take you to your next location.


Resident Evil 4 Remake is an amazing survival horror game with some of the best third-person shooter mechanics. You play as Leon and kill zombies with flashy weapons like the Red9, Punisher, Bolt Thrower, or Riot Gun whilst trying to save the President’s Daughter. Like the original game, RE4 Remake is back to shake the third-person shooting genre with even better mechanics like parrying.

This concludes our RE4 guide on the solution of the wall with four slots puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake. We have entailed the location of the Lithographic Stones that you need to solve the puzzle in complete detail. Additionally, the correct slots where you have to place these stones have also been mentioned. If the puzzle was hindering your progress, then we hope that our guide was helpful. Let us know what you think about Resident Evil 4 Remake in the comments below.


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