RE4 Remake Krauser Boss Fight [How To Defeat]

Master knife parry skill, landing headshots & a dozen skills before fighting Jack Krauser in RE4 Remake!

RE4 Remake Krauser Boss fight holds significant importance in the game’s narrative and gameplay progression. Krauser, a complex character with a deep-rooted connection to Leon, presents players with a unique challenge that tests their combat skills, especially in the areas of parrying and strategic thinking. As a key antagonist, Krauser’s encounters are pivotal moments that not only reveal more about the story but also act as milestones for players to gauge their mastery over the game’s mechanics. 

Key Takeaways
  • RE4 Remake Krauser Boss fight occurs in Chapter 11 and Chapter 14.
  • In Chapter 11, Krauser tests the player’s parrying skills, while in Chapter 14, he has mutated and become much more aggressive.
  • Krauser has various attack patterns, including close combat, grenades, and mines and traps.
  • To defeat Krauser, players should parry and counterattack, avoid his attacks, and use long-range weapons to damage him from a distance.
  • After defeating Krauser, players receive the Fighting Knife, which can be upgraded to deal more damage and used in various ways, such as conserving ammo and breaking open crates and barrels.
  • To best use the Fighting Knife, players should use it to finish off weaker enemies, perform sneak attacks, and break free from holds and grapples.
  • Combining the Fighting Knife with other weapons can create a versatile combat strategy.

Jack Krauser Boss Fight In Chapter 11

Jack Krauser RE4 remake bos fight

The first RE4 Remake Krauser Boss fight occurs during Chapter 11, where players are introduced to this formidable opponent. Krauser, a former ally of Leon’s, has now become a deadly adversary due to his obsession with power and resentment towards the government. This initial showdown is designed to test the player’s parrying skills and prepare them for the more challenging battles ahead. The tension in the air is palpable as Leon faces off against Krauser, setting the stage for a thrilling confrontation that will leave a lasting impression.

Attack Patterns

Parry and attack back against Jack Krauser
Attack PatternDescription
SlashKrauser slashes with his knife, usually after a player’s attack.
CounterattackHe counterattacks following a parried slash.
GrabThe boss attempts to grab Leon. Button mashing can break free from the grab.

How To Defeat

how to defeat Jack Krauser Chapter 11 – RE4 Remake
  1. Equip the Boot Knife found near your starting position as a backup.
  2. Slash at Krauser whenever possible and parry his counterattacks.
  3. Look for the knife symbol in the bottom right of the screen to time your parries correctly.
  4. After successfully parrying the boss, counterattack with a melee hit.
  5. When Krauser attempts to grab Leon, button-mash to escape if you have spare health to avoid reducing knife durability.

Jack Krauser Boss Fight In Chapter 14

Jack Krause face off Chapter 14

As players progress through Resident Evil 4 Remake, they will face Jack Krauser once again in Chapter 14. This time, the battle takes place within the treacherous ruins, filled with traps, obstacles, and a much more aggressive Krauser. His mutated form showcases the true extent of his power, making this battle a challenging and intense experience. Players must navigate the perilous environment, all while enduring Krauser’s relentless pursuit. This climactic encounter will test players’ skills, determination, and adaptability as they strive to put an end to Krauser’s reign of terror.

Attack Patterns

Attack patterns Jack Krauser
Attack PatternDescription
Laser SightKrauser targets Leon with a laser sight before firing his weapon.
Close CombatHe engages Leon in close-quarters combat, using his knife and mutated arm.
GrenadesKrauser throws grenades at Leon from a distance.
GuardingThe boss defends himself with his mutated arm, guarding his body against incoming attacks.
Jump SlamHe leaps into the air and attempts to slam Leon with his mutated arm.
Mines and TrapsKrauser sets up mines and other traps around the battlefield to catch Leon off guard.
Intermittent AttacksHe sporadically attacks Leon while navigating through the ruins.

How To Defeat

Krauser how to defeat
  1. Avoid Krauser’s laser sight by hiding behind structures and retaliate with a long-range weapon when he misses.
  2. Parry and counterattack when Krauser engages up close.
  3. Navigate the trap-filled section with care, avoiding bear traps, mines, and turrets.
  4. When fighting Krauser in the open area, dodge his laser sight and grenades, and damage him from a distance.
  5. In the final battle, parry Krauser’s mutated arm attacks and use high-damage weapons like the Shotgun between parries.
  6. Avoid wasting ammo when Krauser guards his body with the mutated arm; instead, use this time to recover.
  7. When Krauser is stunned, use powerful weapons like the Shotgun or Magnum to deal significant damage.
  8. Watch out for Krauser’s slam attack by moving to the furthest edge of the arena or climbing ladders to gain elevation.
  9. On higher difficulty modes, moving to the furthest edge is the most effective strategy.
  10. Fight smartly and aggressively to defeat Krauser eventually.

By following these tips and focusing on mastering the parrying mechanic, managing weapon durability, and taking advantage of opportunities to counterattack, you’ll be able to defeat Jack Krauser in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Boss Fight Reward

You not only unlock a trophy/achievement after beating Jack, but you also get one of the high damage-dealing knives in RE4 Remake, the Fighting Knife. This is looted from Jack Krauser’s body, so there is no further step required in obtaining or using this weapon once you’re done with the boss fight. 

Fighting Knife All Upgrades

Fighting KnifeLvl 1Lvl 2Lvl 3Lvl 4Lvl 5
Power11.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 
Durability1.41.5 1.6 1.7 1.8

Once you have upgraded Fighting Knife to its max level, you can buy and unlock the Exclusive perk for 80,000 Pesetas, increasing the base damage up to two times.

Best Usage of Fighting Knife 

While most players would generally know how best to use a knife or Fighting Knife in general, we still have listed all the known methods to make better use of the Fighting Knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake.  

  • Conserve ammo: Use the Fighting Knife to eliminate weaker enemies, saving your ammunition for stronger foes and boss fights.
  • Sneak attacks: Approach enemies quietly from behind and perform sneak attacks for instant kills.
  • Escaping holds and grapples: Quickly press the Melee Button to escape holds and grapples, but remember that this won’t work if you’re grabbed from behind.
  • Parrying attacks: Use the Fighting Knife to parry thrown weapons and punches, but keep in mind that parrying consumes durability.
  • Breaking open crates and barrels: Use the knife to break open crates and barrels to collect valuable items and resources.
  • Finish off wounded enemies: Use the Fighting Knife to finish off enemies that have been weakened by gunfire, saving your ammunition for later encounters.
  • Close-quarters combat: The Fighting Knife is effective in narrow spaces where firearms may not be practical.
  • Combining with other weapons: Use the Fighting Knife in combination with other weapons to create a versatile and effective combat strategy.
  • Breaking free from enemies: Press the Interact Button continuously to break free from enemies that have grabbed you.

Final Remarks

This brings us to the end of the RE4 Remake Krauser Boss fight guide, where we have tried to explain all attack patterns of the boss and the best strategy you should use to beat Jack easily. While knives are very good at CQC, you should also know about the RE4 Remake best weapons as well, such as Red9, Killer7, Riot Shotgun, and Stingray.  


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