RE4 Remake: How To Beat Verdugo [Guide]

Are you using the right strategies to survive the terror of Verdugo in RE4 Remake?

RE4 Remake Verdugo is a sturdy boss that you face during Chapter 10 of the game. The mutant is pretty menacing and deadly and fighting the monster with the correct strategies is crucial to beat him effectively. So, make sure you’re aware of the right moves to take the mutant down during your exhilarating adventure in the sewers.

Key Takeaways
  • Verdugo is one of the challenging bosses in Resident Evil 4 Remake that features a scary look and an Exo skeletal body.
  • Encounter Verdugo in Chapter 10 in the sewer area while powering the elevator.
  • Verdugo has various attacks like Claw Swipe, Vent Ambush, Ceiling Drop, Tail, and Lunging Attack.
  • Utilize panels to release Nitrogen gas and immobilize the creature.
  • While Verdugo is immobilized, use powerful weapons like Shotguns, Grenades, and Launchers.
  • After the initial attack, Verdugo moves to the ceiling for vent attacks; respond correctly to the prompts.
  • Freeze Verdugo with gas three or four times, using ranged weapons to inflict significant damage.
  • Defeating Verdugo rewards the Wave Goodbye/Right Hand Achievement and a Monocle Gold Chain.

Defeating Verdugo can be frustrating; however, eXputer’s video guide here breaks down how to defeat this boss easily in RE4 Remake.

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RE4 Remake Verdugo Boss

Resident Evil 4 Remake Verdugo
Verdugo [Image by eXputer]
The Verdugo boss fights in Resident Evil 4 will start when you enter the Sewer area during Chapter 10. As you activate the power switch in the sewer, Verdugo will get triggered and will start to chase you down the gutter.

If you want to beat Verdugo effectively, then you must learn about his attack patterns and fighting style. Before entering the fight phase, make sure you’re geared up with some best weapons and equipment, as you’ll be needing them during the fight.

Attack Pattern

Here are all the possible attack patterns of RE4 Remake Verdugo that he might use to pray on you.

Claw Swipe Verdugo uses his sharp claws to tear down his enemy.
Vent Ambush He crawls through the sewer vents and attacks abruptly.
Ceiling Drop The creature swiftly drops down from the ceiling to catch the enemy off guard.
Stalking/Tail Attack Verdugo stalks your movement and uses his tail to attack you.
Lunging Attack He swiftly lunges toward the enemy to strike with his deadly claws.

How To Defeat

Once you’re aware of the attacking patterns, you should read them and act accordingly. Doing so will give you an upper hand over the creature and will help you to knock him down without losing your life.

Verdugo attacks are quite lethal and fast, which makes it almost impossible to parry or block them. The key to dealing with the monster is using Nitrogen gas on him by opening the valves. The gas will not kill Verdugo but will slow him down for sure, allowing you to catch him off guard and deal some serious damage.

Use Nitrogen Gas on Verdugo
Unleash the gas [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
In the sewer, you can find several panels that can release Nitrogen gas. So, once Verdugo is in the exposing range, press the red button to blow a steam of gas on him and start attacking him to get maximum damage. To deal some serious damage, you can use shotguns such as Striker, W-870, and Riot Gun. The Rocket Launcher, hand grenades, and Assault Rifles such as CQBR are also quite effective against the monster.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Verdugo
Attack Verdugo [Image by eXputer]
One thing to remember is that Verdugo will not get down in a single blow, and you have to repeat the process multiple times to kill him. After your first freezing attack, the creature will come to senses again after a while and will attack you more furiously by making vent attacks. To counter the strikes, head towards the locked door and crank the wheel to get to the next section.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Verdugo
Rotate the lever [Image credits: eXputer]
During the vent attacks, you have to input the correct button prompts to evade the attacks. As you successfully counter the vent attacks, Verdugo will get on the ground again and will start chasing you normally.  

Verdugo Trophy & Item Rewards

Verdugo loot drop
Rewards [Image by eXputer]
If you’re playing in Normal difficulty mode, you have to immobilize the monster with the gas three times to knock him down. Once you bring Verdugo down, you can collect the rewards and continue your venture to give a power source to the elevator and get out of the area. Beating RE4 Remake Verdugo will grant you several items and achievements that are listed below.

  • Wave Goodbye/Right-Hand Achievement
  • Monocle Gold Chain

Important: You can also unlock an additional achievement, “Too Cool for Such Tricks,” if you kill Verdugo without using Nitrogen gas.

Additional Tips

RE4 Remake Verdugo tips
Tips to fight effectively [Screenshot by eXputer]
When you’re facing sturdy monsters in RE4 Remake, it’s always good to be cautious, as you never know what’s coming! Here are some additional Tips & Tricks that you must remember to beat Verdugo.

  • Use Nitrogen gas against Verdugo, but avoid staying too close to prevent damage to Leon.
  • Watch for Verdugo’s swift tail attack, which inflicts significant damage.
  • Keep a safe distance from Verdugo due to his deadly close-range attacks; use ranged weapons.
  • Consider using the Rocket Launcher for a one-go takedown if available.
  • Equip healing items before the battle to restore HP.
  • Activate the panel at the right time to successfully hit and freeze Verdugo.
  • You can escape the area without killing Verdugo, but this won’t yield the achievement and reward

Final Verdict

RE4 Remake Verdugo is a challenging boss, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can bring the monster down with some effort. Always remember to maintain some distance, use appropriate weapons and keep your mobility to escape his attacks. Other than that, you can also learn how to beat other sturdy monsters such as Salazar and Krauser.

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