Resident Evil 4 Remake Striker Shotgun Guide

Don't let your enemies think with the fast blasts of the Striker Shotgun in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Shotguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake are weapons that are extremely useful during close-range combat. Among these shotguns, the Striker is considered one of the best weapons in RE4 Remake. It is unlocked after all other shotguns. Striker in Resident Evil 4 Remake also has the highest stats when excluding exclusive perks compared to the rest of the shotguns. The shotgun is very useful in boss fights and close-range fights in general.

Before You Start: You must be at chapter 10 to unlock the Striker Shotgun. This weapon will be unlocked in the merchant store once you have reached chapter 10.

Key Takeaways
  • Striker Shotgun is one of the four shotguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
    1. You can unlock the shotgun once you have reached chapter 10.
    2. You can buy it from the merchant for the price of 38000 Ptas and upgrade it to the max level with 434000 Ptas.
  • It has a base power of 9, base ammo capacity of 12, base reload speed of 1, base fire rate of 1.13, and precision of 2.00.
  • It has an exclusive perk that doubles its ammo capacity and costs 60000 Ptas.
  • It is the fastest shotgun of them all and is very useful against bosses. However, it is also the weakest and least precise shotgun of them all.

How To Unlock Striker Shotgun

The Striker Shotgun In RE4 Remake is very easy to unlock. All you need to do is progress in the main story and follow the following steps:

  • The Striker Shotgun can only be unlocked once you are in Chapter 10.
  • Find the Merchant, and he can now sell you the Striker Shotgun. 
  • You will need 38000 Ptas to be able to purchase it from the Merchant. 

Striker Shotgun Stats And Perks

striker stats
Striker Shotgun with max stats.

As mentioned above, the Striker Shotgun is one of the best weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Its stats and overall performance are extremely good, which makes this a great weapon. In fact, it is the fastest the strongest shotgun in the game. Its stats are listed below:

StatsPowerAmmo CapacityReload SpeedRate Of Fire
Level 191211.13
Level 210.81521.19
Level 312.61831.29
Level 414.42141.42
Level 516.22461.57
  • Precision: 2.00
  • Exclusive Perk: 2x Ammo Capacity
  • Max upgrade cost: 434000 Ptas
  • Exclusive Perk Cost: 60000 Ptas

These stats alone make it the strongest shotgun. However, if you include the perks of other shotguns, then Striker is the weakest shotgun of them all. It is also the least precise shotgun as well. Yet, it still remains the fastest shotgun in the game. Not only that, but its exclusive perk is unique compared to the rest. Its exclusive perk gives it double ammo for the cost of 60000 Ptas.

Hence it allows the players to focus on the enemies without worrying much about ammo. It is very useful when you are fighting enemies with a lot of health. It is also very useful against bosses. This is why it is recommended that the player upgrades Striker Shotgun to the maximum level of 5 and adds the exclusive perk to it. It will make boss battles much more tension free than before. 


That sums it up for this guide on how to get the striker shotgun in the Resident Evil 4 remake. There are 4 shotguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake, including W-870, Skull Shaker, Riot Gun, and Striker. Striker is the fastest shotgun in the game and is one of the BEST weapons in the game as well. It has the highest shotgun stats in the game but is the weakest and least precise shotgun of them all. 

It costs about 38000 Ptas to buy the Striker. And it takes 434000 Ptas to upgrade it to the maximum level. It also costs an additional 60000 Ptas to add the exclusive perk on it as well. There are a lot of things that the original and the remake have different. There have been a few changes with the Striker as well, so do check out our Original vs Remake guide as well. If you are still deciding whether to buy the game or not, check out our All Editions comparison guide

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