RE4 Remake Salazar Boss Fight [How To Defeat]

Bring high damage & fast rate of fire guns while fighting Ramon Salazar in RE4 Remake.

RE4 Remake Salazar Boss Fight emerges as a pivotal antagonist moment whose presence shapes the trajectory of the game. As the primary adversary in Chapter 12, Salazar’s sinister intentions and malevolent actions propel the narrative forward, placing both Leon and Ashley in grave danger. That is why understanding Salazar’s attack patterns will give you an edge in devising strategies to defeat the boss faster & easily. 

Key Takeaways
  • RE4 Remake Salazar Boss Fight takes place in Chapter 12.
  • Phase 1 of the fight tests the player’s resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness.
  • Phase 2 of the fight increases the stakes, introduces new attack patterns, and pushes the player to their limits.
  • The intensity of the boss fight solidifies Salazar’s role as a formidable opponent.
  • Ramon’s Lip Rouge is a valuable item obtained after defeating Salazar, which can be sold for in-game currency.
  • Two notable trophies or achievements can be unlocked after defeating the boss: “No Thanks, Bro!” and You Talk Too Much!.
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Ramon Salazar In Phase 1 

Ramon Salazar RE4 Remake boss fight

The first phase of the Ramon Salazar boss fight holds great significance in the overall narrative of Resident Evil 4. As the main antagonist of Chapter 12, Salazar’s battle represents a critical turning point in the story, where Leon faces a formidable enemy who has kidnapped Ashley.

  • This encounter tests Leon’s resilience and adaptability in the face of an adversary who displays impressive mobility and a diverse range of attacks.
  • The battle against Salazar is crucial in determining the fate of both Leon and Ashley and serves as a memorable encounter that challenges the player’s skills and resourcefulness.

Attack Patterns

Stabbing Salazar
Attack Description
Continuous Acid Spray Salazar spits a continuous stream of acid, which can be avoided by hiding near the undamaged column.
Shotgun Acid Spray The boss spits acid in a shotgun-like blast, covering a wider area.

Best Strategy

how to defeat Ramon Salazar
  • Position yourself near the undamaged column on the side of the arena.
  • This location provides cover from Salazar’s acid spray attacks and allows you to shoot at his weak spots.
  • Use a rifle or a pistol with upgraded damage for precise, long-range shots.
  • Focus on hitting Salazar’s yellow eye or body whenever he is not performing an acid spray attack.
  • When Salazar starts an acid spray attack, hide behind the undamaged column at an appropriate angle.
  • Be prepared for both the continuous acid spray and the shotgun acid spray.
  • Bring your best RE4 Remake weapons, such as the Matilda, LE 5, CQBR Assault Rifle, Red9, or grenades, for when Salazar falls down after taking enough damage.
  • At this point, you can either use the melee prompt or unload your most powerful weapons on his eye.

Be patient and persistent, as the RE4 Remake Salazar Boss Fight first phase may take some time to complete.

Ramon Salazar Phase 2

Ramon salazar boss fight phase 2

The second phase of the Ramon Salazar boss fight escalates the stakes of the battle and pushes the player to their limits. Salazar’s increased speed and aggression in this phase symbolize his desperation and determination to defeat Leon.

  • The tension in the narrative rises as Salazar reveals his true power and introduces new attack patterns, making the fight even more challenging for the player.
  • Successfully overcoming Salazar in this phase is essential for the progression of the story, as it allows Leon to move forward and eventually rescue Ashley.
  • The intensity of this fight solidifies Salazar’s role as a formidable opponent and serves as a memorable moment in the game, etched in the player’s memory.

Attack Patterns

Attack Description
Continuous Vertical Spray Salazar spits a continuous vertical stream of acid. 
Acid Pods Salazar drops black goo-like blobs that explode when approached. Shoot them from a distance to avoid damage.
Ground Positioning Salazar positions himself on the ground more frequently, providing opportunities to cause damage with more powerful weapons.

Best Strategy

Ramon Salazar
  • Position yourself near the undamaged column for cover throughout the battle.
  • Use the undamaged column for avoiding Salazar’s attacks in the second phase.
  • Hide under the platform attached to the undamaged column to evade Salazar’s continuous vertical spray attack.
  • Utilize the rifle or pistol to damage Salazar’s yellow eye or body, as in the first phase.
  • Be prepared for Salazar’s increased speed and aggression in the second phase.
  • Watch out for acid pods dropped by Salazar, shooting them from a distance to avoid damage and gain resources.
  • Seize opportunities when Salazar positions himself on the ground, using powerful weapons like the Magnum or Shotgun.
  • Continue hiding from Salazar’s acid sprays, focusing on hitting his weak spots between attacks.
  • Expect a longer battle in the second phase and persist with the right strategy to defeat Ramon Salazar

Collect the rewards, including Ramon’s Lip Rouge, and enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming the RE4 Remake Salazar Boss Fight.

What Is Ramon’s Lip Rouge?

Ramon’s Lip Rouge is a valuable item obtained after defeating Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4.

  • The Lip Rouge is a unique treasure in the game with no practical use.
  • It can be sold to the Merchant for a substantial amount of Pesetas, the in-game currency.
  • Selling the Lip Rouge provides funds for purchasing weapons, upgrading the arsenal, and buying healing items.
  • The item serves as a reward for overcoming the challenging boss fight against Salazar.
  • It aids players in preparing for upcoming challenges in the game

Trophy/Achievements Unlock After Defeating Salazar

After defeating Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4, players can unlock two notable trophies or achievements, depending on the platform they are playing on.

  1. “No Thanks, Bro!”: This trophy or achievement is unlocked by defeating Ramon Salazar for the first time. It serves as a recognition of the player’s skill and perseverance in overcoming a challenging boss fight. 
  2. “You Talk Too Much!”: This trophy or achievement is earned by throwing a grenade into Ramon Salazar’s mouth during the boss fight.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of the RE4 Remake Salazar Boss Fight, and we have tried our best to entail all the attack patterns and best strategies to defeat this boss in the game. There are a lot of players who are struggling to beat Salazar as he moves too fast and strikes quickly. Let us know in the comments section if our guide was helpful to you. Before you leave the page, read our RE4 Remake: How To Get The Bolt Thrower, Riot Gun, and Chicago Sweeper guns guides. 


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