RE4 Remake: You Talk Too Much Trophy [Guide]

You Talk Too Much is one of the missable trophies in RE4 Remake; thus, one must know how to unlock it in order to get their platinum.

RE4 Remake You Talk Too Much trophy may look complicated and hard to pull off, but it is, in fact, extremely easy to unlock if you use the correct method. Therefore, in order to unlock this trophy, one must know the appropriate course of action before heading into Ramon Salazar’s boss fight in RE4 Remake.

Key Takeaways
  • The RE4 Remake You Talk Too Much achievement/ trophy is a missable achievement that is only unlockable in chapter 12.
  • It can be unlocked by throwing a grenade at Salazar’s mutilated face when he opens it up during the boss fight.
  • The best time to throw the grenade is when Salazar is stationary while preparing for his acidic attack.
  • In terms of how to defeat the actual boss, one must take advantage when Salazar leaves his weakness wide open at the beginning of the boss fight and keep moving around the arena, as staying idle can make you an easy target.
  • Use your knife when Salazar is stunned, and do mind the acidic bubbles that occasionally appear in the boss arena.

How To Unlock The “You Talk Too Much” Trophy

You Talk Too Much RE4 Remake
Aiming a Grenade at Salazar [image Captured by eXputer]
For those of you who are unsure of what exactly they are supposed to do for the trophy, the description states that you need to throw a grenade at Salazar’s mouth when he opens it up to speak. This achievement is only unlockable in Chapter 12 during the Ramon Salazar boss fight.

Once you are in the middle of the fight, do keep in mind that the achievement will not appear if the damage done by the grenade is on the outer skin of Salazars mutilated body and not its mouth, which is its main weak point.

In case you are having trouble with the timing, then we have some tips for you. From our experience, we have found that the best time to throw the grenade at Salazar’s mouth is right at the beginning of the boss fight, as you can see in the image above, or during the time when he is stationary during his monologue and preparing for his acid attack.

He will remain stationary for some time, thus giving you ample time to equip your grenade, take proper aim, and shut Salazar’s mouth for good; thus, the name “you talk too much.” Players do not have to worry about the timings of the grenade’s explosion because if you time it correctly and throw it at the proper angle, the grenade will explode as soon as it is in front of Salazar’s mouth.

Tip For Defeating Salazar

you talk too much re4 remake
End of Salazar Boss Fight [Image Taken by eXputer]
Since this is not the main topic of discussion in this article, allow us to highlight a few points and keep it brief.

  • At the beginning of his boss fight, Salazar leaves his weakness wide open for a few seconds to start his monologue. Use that to your advantage and blast his weakness with your best RE4 Remake weapon (which should preferably be the Magnum or Killer7).
  • At this phase, Salazar is not aggressive, so it is best time to move around the area, destroy all the crates and barrels, and collect resources so you don’t have to worry about them during the later phases of this boss fight.
  • Do mind those acidic puddles/bubbles on the ground while traversing the arena, as they can become a real pain by costing you your valuable health points and your armor’s durability. Shooting them from a distance is preferable.
  • Keep moving around the arena; keeping still can make you an easy target unless you are taking cover behind or below one of the pillars during Salazar’s acidic attacks.
  • Be sure to use the knife attack on Salazar when stunned, or use the moment to attack his weakness with your most powerful weapon.

Wrap Up

And that neatly wraps up our guide on how to unlock the RE4 Remake You Talk Too Much achievement/ trophy. Like Ramon Salazar, there are a ton of bosses who are bound to give you a hard time, like Krauser, and even Saddler, so in case you struggle with them as well; then we also have a How To Defeat Every Boss In Resident Evil 4 Remake guide prepared just for players like you.

But that’s all from us; Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC through Steam. In case you have already played the original Resident Evil 4, then you may be curious to know how about all the differences between the original and the RE4 Remake. But if this is your first time playing Resident Evil 4, then do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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