RE4 Remake Jewel Thief: Location & Reward

Get the Merchant's precious Jewel back from the thieving crow & get free Spinels in RE4 Remake.

After using the elevator at the start of Chapter 12 and making your way to the surface, you’ll see two new request posters, just outside the Merchant’s shop. The first is the Salazar Family Disgrace and the other is Jewel Thief in RE4 Remake. Apparently, a crow has stolen a precious jewel owned by the Merchant, and it is now up to Leon to recover it for him.

Key Takeaways
  • The Jewel Thief request is available in Chapter 12, and its poster can be found outside the Merchant’s shop near the Clock tower chairlift.
    1. After accepting the request, head towards the Castle Courtyard, where the crow can be found squawking.
    2. The crow will get spooked once you get near and will run back to its nest.
    3. Its nest can be found above the Merchant’s hideout near the Courtyard.
    4. Shoot down the nest to retrieve the stolen heirloom from the Jewel Thief in RE4 Remake.
  • After retrieving the Jewel, sell it to the merchant in order to complete the Jewel Thief request in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • The reward for completing this request is 5000 Pesetas and x3 Spinels.
Important: The “Jewel Thief” side request can be initiated as soon as you begin Chapter 12, and it must be completed by the end of the chapter, otherwise it will fail.

Location of Jewel Thief

Jewel Thief side request | Image By eXputer

You can initiate the request by picking up the Request Poster after taking the elevator to the surface in Chapter 12. In case you missed it, the Request Poster can be found in the northern portion of the Ballroom, just outside the Merchant’s shop.

request location
Jewel Thief poster location | Image By eXputer

After you have picked up the poster, backtrack all the way to the castle Courtyard instead of heading toward the clock tower. You’ll see the crow squawking near the entrance of the Courtyard, and the moment you get near, it’ll get spooked and fly back to its nest.

Castle Courtyard | Image By eXputer

The crow’s nest is located on top of the Merchant’s hideout near the Courtyard. Once there, look for the Crow’s nest on top of the Merchant’s hideout. Take aim, and shoot down the vile thing’s nest in order to retrieve the stolen jewel. 

Jewel Thief’s nest | Image By eXputer

Sell the jewel to the merchant in order to complete this request.


As a reward for completing the “Jewel Thief” request in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll get 5000 Pesetas and x3 Spinels from the Merchant. Use the money and spinels wisely in order to upgrade your best weapons like Riot Gun, and Bolt Thrower.

The new “side requests” aren’t the original things Resident Evil 4 adds to the game. In terms of puzzle variety, RE4 Remake not only brings back the old puzzles like Church Dial Puzzle from the original game but also adds tons of new ones too, like Grandfather Clock Correct Time Puzzle, Treasury Sword Puzzle, and Wall With Four Slots Puzzle.

Likewise, the Remake also didn’t shy away from adding the best weapons from the original game, like Red9, Matilda, Blacktail, W-870 Shotgun, and the beloved Infinite Rocket Launcher. This concludes our guide on the complete walkthrough of the “Jewel Thief “side quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Let us know of any concerns in the comment box below.


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