ASTD Trading Tier List – Ranked & Compared

We will discuss the trading worth and demand of each unit and rate them accordingly in our ASTD Trading Tier List.

In our ASTD Trading Tier List, we will be discussing the trade value and demand that each unit has. As the name implies, All-Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game. But instead of the usual turrets and weapons, it uses characters from anime.

Key Highlights
  • There are up to 100 ASTD Trading units/skins. 
  • The units are ranked based on demand and trade value. 
  • ASTD Trading’s most sought-after character units right now are Club Beast/Kaido, Legendary Borul, Dark Wing/Ulquiorra, Sage Hashirama, and Death/Ryuk.
  • Value-less options of the ASTD Trading tier list include Gen Grown, Sonku (Mad Bully) / Senku (Mad Bully), and Snowman.

All ASTD Characters Comparison

TierTower UnitTower TypeDamageRangeSPADPS
SSage HashiramaGround, AoE (Cone)1285.250.06.0214.2
SDeath/RyukGround, AoE (Full)2951.80460.0500.05903.61
SLegendary BorulHill, Single816.025.06.0136.0
SDark Wing/UlquiorraGround, AoE (Cone)1000.030.05.0200.0
SClub Beast/KaidoGround, AoE (Cone)1250.015.04.0312.5
SOld Will/YamamotoGround, AoE (Full)750.
SMartial Artist/Jin MoriGround, AoE (Cone)800.025.06.5123.08
SZaruto (GRR III)/Naruto (GRR III)Ground, AoE (Circle)
SExpert Sorcerer/Reigen [normal]Ground, AoE (Cone)450.010.04.0112.5
SZaruto (GRR II)/Naruto (GRR II)Ground, AoE (Circle)
SChallenger Flaming TigerGround, AoE (Cone)300 (+ 1800 burn damage)
SWater Goddess/AquaGround, AoE (Cone)305.
AExpert Sorcerer (Sad)/ ReigenGround, AoE (Cone)450.010.04.0112.5
AZaruto (GRR I) / Naruto (GRR I)Ground, AoE (Circle)
AExpert Sorcerer (Angry)/ ReigenGround, AoE (Cone)400.010.04.0100.0
ADavi / DabiGround, AoE (Full)
AGhost Girl / PeronaAir, AoE (Cone)400.040.04.0100.0
AAnti Magician (SUPER DEMON) / LiebeGround, AoE (Full)
AElemental (Ultimate) / Kakuzu (Ultimate)Ground, AoE (Cone)900.015.06.75133.33
AIce Dragon / ToshiroGround, AoE (Circle)2050.020.08.0256.25
ADiamond Kogan / Diamond GohanGround, AoE (Cone)
AElemental Water / Kakuzu (Water)Ground, AoE (Cone)500.
AElemental Wind / Kakuzu (Wind)Ground, AoE (Cone)845.025.06.0140.83
AFire King / SaboHill, Single200.
AFlower Trainer / Shinobu KochoGround, Single2000.020.06.0333.33
ABright Reaper / ArimaGround2500.030.07.5333.0
AIce-Jaw / GrimmjowGround, AoE (Cone)1010.030.04.0252.0
ATP / RyoGround, AoE (Circle)1300.030.08.0162.0
AShirtless Devil / GrayGround, AoE (Full)12,95052.59.51363.0
ARodoroki Winter / TodorokiGround, AoE (Cone)196.325.04.049.08
AIce X-MarineGround, AoE (Circle)1732.035.57.15242.0
AMist-man / ZabuzaGround, AoE (Cone)1200.020.08.0150.0
AKovegu / GogetaHill, AoE (Cone)
ADemonside (Ultimate) / AkiraAir, AoE (Cone)1250.030.04.0312.0
AHog Eyezen AngerGround, AoE (Cone)750.050.06.0125.0
ADungeon Queen / Asuna [Shadow]Ground, AoE (Cone)500.020.04.0125.0
BShirtless MagicianGround, AoE (Cone)
BHog EyezenGround, AoE (Circle)715.050.06.0119.8
BIce MarineGround, AoE (Cone)1650.035.07.15230.0
BShield MasterGround, AoE (Circle)960.030.08.0120.0
BWater BenderGround, AoE (Cone)1125.030.08.0140.0
BRuffy (Zambe)Ground, Single15.
BLucky FiremanGround, AoE (Cone)400.
BJoke Da FoolGround, AoE (Cone)400.030.04.0100.0
BThe AssistantGround, AoE (Cone)600.015.04.0150.0
BLightning BoltGround, AoE (Circle)2450.020.08.0306.0
BRimimaro (Insane)Ground, AoE (Circle)495.030.04.5110.0
BMechanicalGround, AoE (Cone)700.030.05.0140.0
BShaveGround, Single1400.020.04.0350.0
BDual ServantGround, AoE (Full)
BRimimaroGround, AoE (Circle)450.030.04.5100.0
BElemental FireGround, AoE (Cone)
BMaid WaifuGround, AoE (Cone)999.015.05.0199.8
BThe Cursed One (Summer)Ground, AoE (Cone)320.
BIkki (BW)Air, Single30.
BMysterious X (Summer)Ground, AoE (Full)
BRed HeadGround, AoE (Cone)300.
BZIOGround, Single30.
CPuppet / GowtherGround, AoE (Full)
CLegendary Leader / Madara UchihaGround, AoE (Circle)2450.045.06.45379.84
CLava Moth / Mei TerumiGround, AoE (Full)
CFalconGround, Single25.
CGinbei / JinbeiGround, Single34.
CAll Powerful (Summer) / All Might (Summer)Ground, AoE (Cone)
CBorul / Broly (Summer)Hill, Single25.
CEyezen / AizenGround, AoE (Circle)650.050.06.0108.0
CMaskice / HakuGround, AoE (Cone)
CWood Master / YamatoGround, AoE (Circle)
CEnvi / LustGround, Single100.
CBox/IppoGround, AoE (Cone)1015.013.03.0203.0
CSnowman IVGround, Single15.
CElemental (Lightning) / Kakuzu (Lightning)Ground, AoE (Circle)765.015.06.0128.0
CNezichi (Sword skin) / Nezuko (Sword Skin)Ground, AoE (Full)691.032.04.0172.0
CBlossom (Cherry) / Sakura (Cherry)Ground, AoE (Cone)
CSpirit Detective (Hip) / Jusuke (Hip)Ground, AoE (Cone)
CToad Clone / Kashin KojiGround, AoE (Circle)
CIkki (Hollow)Ground, AoE (Cone)
CBuddha ChairmanGround, AoE (Cone)
CZazashi Drip / Kakashi DripGround, Single25.
CKoku (Drip) / Goku (Drip)Air, Single50.
C4-Eye SorcererGround, AoE (Cone)
CSnowman IIGround, Single15.
CKing Ruffy/King LuffyGround, Single16.
CSnowman IIIGround, Single15.
CSnowman VGround, Single15.
CWild AnimalGround, AoE (Cone)590.
CIkki (SUMMER) / Ichigo (SUMMER)Ground, Single10.
CSuper Koku (Jacket) / Super Saiyan Goku (Jacket)Hill, Single190.
CThe Man / Van HohenheimGround, AoE (Cone)
CZorro (Wild West) / Mihawk (Wild West)Air, AoE (Cone)
CGen GrownGround, AoE (Cone)
CTatsu (Alternative) / Natsu (Alternative)Ground, AoE (Full)
CVampire Vegu / Vampire VegetaGround, Single432.014.03.0144.0
CZomurai / RyumaGround, Single17.
CIkki (White I) / Ichigo (Hollow)Ground, Single200.06.01.0200.0
CSnake (Cloak) / Orochimaru (Cloak)Ground, Single76.
CRuwabara (Fancy) / Kuwabara (Fancy)Ground, Single12.
CSonku (Mad Bully) / Senku (Mad Bully)Ground, Single14.
CSnowmanGround, Single15.

ASTD Trading Tier List

ASTD Trading Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers Units
S-Tier Club Beast/Kaido, Dark Wing/Ulquiorra, Legendary Borul, Death/Ryuk, Sage Hashirama, Zaruto (GRR II)/Naruto (GRR II), Expert Sorcerer/Reigen [normal], Zaruto (GRR III)/Naruto (GRR III), Martial Artist/Jin Mori, Old Will/Yamamoto, Water Goddess/Aqua, and Challenger Flaming Tiger
A-Tier Ghost Girl / Perona, Davi / Dabi, Expert Sorcerer (Angry)/ Reigen, Zaruto (GRR I) / Naruto (GRR I), Expert Sorcerer (Sad)/ Reigen, Elemental Water / Kakuzu (Water), Diamond Kogan / Diamond Gohan, Ice Dragon / Toshiro, Elemental (Ultimate) / Kakuzu (Ultimate), Anti Magician (SUPER DEMON) / Liebe, Ice-Jaw / Grimmjow, Bright Reaper / Arima, Flower Trainer / Shinobu Kocho, Fire King / Sabo, Elemental Wind / Kakuzu (Wind), Mist-man / Zabuza, Ice X-Marine, Rodoroki Winter / Todoroki, Shirtless Devil / Gray, TP / Ryo, Dungeon Queen / Asuna [Shadow], Hog Eyezen Anger, Demonside (Ultimate) / Akira, and Kovegu / Gogeta
B-Tier Water Bender, Shield Master / Naofumi, Ice Marine, Hog Eyezen / Hogyoku Aizen, Shirtless Magician / Gray Fullbuster, Lightning Bolt / Laxus, The Assistant / Kabuto, Joke Da Fool / Hisoka, Lucky Fireman, Ruffy (Zambe) /Luffy (Zombie), Rimimaro / Kimimaro, Dual Servant / Emiya Shirou, Shave, Mechanical / Franky, Rimimaro (Insane) / Kimimaro (Cursed Mark), Mysterious X (Summer) / Satoru Gojou (Summer), Ikki (BW) / Ichigo (Blood War), Maid Waifu / Rem, The Cursed One (Summer) / Yuji Itadori (Summer), Elemental Fire / Kakuzu (Fire), ZIO / DIO, and Red Head / Shanks, Miss Toro
C-Tier Ikki (White I) / Ichigo (Hollow), Snake (Cloak) / Orochimaru (Cloak), Ruwabara (Fancy) / Kuwabara (Fancy), Sonku (Mad Bully) / Senku (Mad Bully), Snowman, Zorro (Wild West) / Mihawk (Wild West), Gen Grown, Vampire Vegu / Vampire Vegeta, Tatsu (Alternative) / Natsu (Alternative), Zomurai / Ryuma, Snowman V, Wild Animal, Ikki (SUMMER) / Ichigo (SUMMER), Super Koku (Jacket) / Super Saiyan Goku (Jacket), The Man / Van Hohenheim, Koku (Drip) / Goku (Drip), 4-Eye Sorcerer, Snowman II, King Ruffy/King Luffy, Snowman III, Spirit Detective (Hip) / Jusuke (Hip), Toad Clone / Kashin Koji, Ikki (Hollow), Buddha Chairman, Zazashi Drip / Kakashi Drip, Box/Ippo, Snowman IV, Elemental (Lightning) / Kakuzu (Lightning), Nezichi (Sword skin) / Nezuko (Sword Skin), Blossom (Cherry) / Sakura (Cherry), Borul / Broly (Summer), Eyezen / Aizen, Maskice / Haku, Wood Master / Yamato, Envi / Lust, Falcon, Puppet / Gowther, Legendary Leader / Madara Uchiha, Lava Moth / Mei Terumi, Ginbei / Jinbei, and All Powerful (Summer) / All Might (Summer)

The game has a wide range of characters, including heroes, antagonists, and characters from One Piece and Demon Slayer. The objective of the game is to go as far in the storyline as you can or to climb the scoreboard for Infinite Mode.

The characters with the most incredible value and demand are found in the S-Tier, whereas the least valuable units are found in the C-Tier. Additionally, the units at the top of each of their tiers are regarded as being rarer than the units below them. All the tradable units are displayed in this tier list as of January 2024.

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ASTD Trading Tier List Criteria

Tier lists have been arbitrary and get adjusted in response to player feedback. However, we make every effort to give you accurate, up-to-date tier lists.

Moreover, these tier lists have been made by our staff at eXputer for a very long time to help gamers. Additionally, user comments and neutral research were used to build the Tier List.

After that, we rated every skin in ASTD to create an unbiased trading tier list. Please leave your comments in the space provided below if you have any ideas for how to make this  tier list better.

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This article was last updated on 12th July 2023

Information added: Added Miss Toro to the Tier List

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