Counterside Global Tier List [December. 2022]

Leave No Battleship Undealt. Collect the Best Employees For Your Team Now!

The much-hyped SRPG 2D launch by StuioBside, Counterside, is this time here with its Global version. Players as CEOs of a team assemble and strengthen characters known by a rather unusual name, “Employees,” to save the planet. If you are up for battling in here, our Counterside Global tier list is the best guide you can get. 

Players as CEOs are free to deploy any Employees wherever they want who will then combat enemies and eventually reach their battleships. The same story is what the enemies will be working on with just one exception—the battleship under target will be yours. 

That said, having weak units by your side is nothing more than fighting with a suicide squad which is not what you want. The ultimate Counterside Global tier list below will help you foresee whether your selected team is the best fit or not. So why are we still here? Let’s go! 

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Counterside Global S

This tier contains all the excellent powerhouses available in Counterside Global. Beating them will be one heck of a challenge for your enemies as they shine in almost all types of formation for both PvE and PvP meta of the game. Moreover, these units also possess massive base stats and some of the best skills. 

Counterside Global Units Role 
Xiao LinSniper
Seo YoonRanger
Nanahara ChifuyuStriker
Yang HarimSupporter
Evelyn KellerSupporter
Karin WongSniper
Rosaria Le FriedeRanger
Administration RiflemanRanger
Lin XienStriker
Nanahara ChinatsuSupporter
Lee YumiDefender
Arius EsquedeSupporter 
Eins and ZweiStrike
Awakened HildeDefender
Roy BurnettStriker
Kim SobinRanger

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Counterside Global A

These units are the next stars of the game you will want to have in your team, thanks to their pretty strong skill set. However, remember that the skills mainly serve a particular situation or content, which is also why our Counterside Global S-tier list is separate. Nevertheless, the tier-A dwellers are still great at performing and shine well in PvP and PvE meta.

Counterside Global Units Role 
Administration ShieldmanDefender
Kyle WongRanger
Caludia NelsonSupporter
Assault TrooperRanger
Administration Sword FighterStriker
Frederick DomaRanger
Shin JiaRanger
Esterosa de ChevalierStriker


Employees from tier-B ain’t the best you can get but not bad either. We recommend you avoid the below units in case better options are available as they perform weak compared to the ones discussed above. For new players with a slow progressive speed, tier-B fellas might still be of help; therefore, don’t ignore them entirely. 

Counterside Global Units Role 
Eddie FisherRanger
Cathy WadeRanger
Ingrid JohannaStriker
Choi InaTower
Sylvia Lena CooperSniper
Kang SoyoungRanger
John MasonRanger
Joo ShiyoonRanger
Lee JisooSupporter
Cindy LooperStriker
Hayame SanaeSniper
Maria AntonovTower
Na YubinRanger
Jane DoeStriker
Nayuka MinatoRanger


Counterside Global C

Keeping the depreciating nature of tier lists in mind, your chances of meeting a powerful companion in this tier are pretty narrow. However, tier-C members may still perform well with some strength in case you are left with no better choice. 

Counterside Global Units Role 
Ryan FerrierDefender
Elizabeth PendragonRanger
Dominic King ReginaldDefender
Brownie MooreSupporter
Jake WalkerStriker
Fione LowellDefender
Han SorimRanger
Kim ChowonSniper
Joo ShiyoungStriker
Lee JinSupporter
Yoo MinaRanger
Frederick YumaStriker
Lee SooyeonStriker
Adamant SniperSniper
Irie AlfordDefender
ATL-1 LincolnStriker


Counterside Global D

Average units of our Counterside Global tier list who can only perform well in the initial levels. However, those sitting on the lower ranks of this tier might not even perform well initially. 

Counterside Global Units Role 
Ami StricklandStriker
Liv AllenStriker
ATF-35 ThunderboltRanger
Shim SomiSupporter
Ogami MasakiDefender
Black TailRanger
Maya HuntSniper
Recoilless GunnerRanger
Charlie RockwoodDefender
Tactical TransporterTower
Thaddeus MorganRanger
Laura BeatrixSupporter
Cho HojinRanger
Benedict ConstantineDefender
Mortar TeamTower
Yang HansolRanger
UBGL RiflemanRanger
Zena BirdStriker
ZSU ShilkaRanger
Park HyunsooStriker
Yuna SpringfieldRanger
Lee MinseoSupporter
Jessica GreenDefender
Hirose AkiDefender
Stinger GunnerSniper
Oh SaeromStriker
Kim ChulsooDefender
ACH-4 ClanTower
Nina AndersonStriker
Choi GnagsonDefender
MA1 HMMWVStriker
Lee DafoeDefender 
HM MRLSSniper 

Best Units of Counterside Global Tier List 

CounterSide Global Best
Best Characters of Counterside Global Tier List

These are the best units in Counterside Global version that you must have on your Employees list: 

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Xiao Lin

Xiao Lin is a top-grade unit of the Global Counterside version. It is the game’s best Sniper, whose primary playstyle is being offensive on the Ground domain. What she does best of all his skills is disabling powerful mobs while also dealing strong debuffs to them. 

Being a Sniper, Xiao Lin carries a rifle to inflict single targeted damage, and her famous Door Knocker, AoE, targeted damaging skill. Both the attacks together help inflict massive damage to the foes and knock those who are hit from behind. 

On the other hand, Xiao Lin’s passive called the Falcon Insight helps empower her Basic attack up to 20% depending on how far the target is. Players are also offered a mind-blowing triple hit attack. 

Evelyn Keller

She serves the Support role in Counterside Global and is the best of her kind. Evelyn Keller’s domain supports attacking on the Ground and movement in the Air, meaning you get a dual-skilled Employee. 

Though Evelyn Keller’s rarity is pretty scarce, she performs great as a buffer and healer that every team might need to swell their survivability. Nevertheless, Evelyn Keller has an AOE damage-dealing attack as her Basic ability combined with the very potent Hermes Trismegistus. 

It’s a fantastic attacking plus healing skill that allows Evelyn Keller to help allies inflict an AOE targeted attack while also regaining HP by 30%. Also, this Employee’s Heiress of the Emerald Text ability will restore 2% of an ally’s HP on every 3rd Basic attack.

Nanahara Chifuyu

Nanahara Chifuyu is a Striker of our Counterside Global tier list whose primary domain is similar to Xiao Lin–offense on the Ground. She is an extremely powerful crowd control chaining and debuffer unit of the game with solid base stats that make her a good tank too.  

Like most units, Nanahara Chifuyu offers AOE damage inflicting attacks as her Basics, but her Ultimate skill is quite different. It’s called the Exquisite: Flower Strike–an AOE damaging one that not only inflicts damage to the team’s opponent but also grants Nanahara Chifuyu a 30% Attack Speed bonus for 15 seconds. 

What’s more? Using Cherry Blossom Slash passive ability, Nanahara Chifuyu can shrink 10% of the enemy’s defense for 4 seconds on every 2nd Basic attack. The reduction is then also followed by stunning one of her targets.

Seo Yoon

This is the best Ranger on our Counterside Global tier list. What makes her super unique is that Seo Yoon can attack in any domain, Ground or Air, with movement only on the Ground. Her Basic attacks are also different, given that the last attack can fire an AoE damage rendering bullet. 

Suppressive Fire, as Seo Yoon’s ultimate ability, enables her to fire all weapons that deal AOE targeted damage to all the enemies on target. The unit also has the very praiseworthy Tactical Leader, which lets Seo Yoon increase 20% of the Attack of all her allies for 10 seconds. 

Seo Yoon’s Multi Grenades Special skill is AoE too. It damages all foes and reduces 20% of their Attack Speed for a whole 10-second duration. 

Yang Harim

Yang Harim is another best Support role unit on our Counterside Global tier list that not only revives significant chunks of HP but also shields the team and offers a substantial buff. She can provide various barriers and shields to protect the allies from all types of incoming attacks. 

The unit works in all domains, so you know you are trading for a versatile Support unit when choosing Yang Harim. She offers two massive aspects of her Basic attack. One is when Yang Harim employs a powerful machine gun that attacks all enemies lurking in the Air domain, whereas the second is an AoE damage-dealing sword. 

Moreover, she has superb attacking plus buffing skills as her Ultimate provides a 15-second Attack boost and inflicts AOE damage to enemies. The skill can also shrink a target’s Skill Haste by 20%. Players also get an ally summoning skill called the Cheerful Friends summons. Use it to multiply damage-dealing companions in your team who will also reduce 10% of the enemy Attacks for 5 seconds. 

Nanahara Chinatsu

Nanahara Chinatsu also belongs to the Supporter class of Counterside Global, who masters just the Ground domain of the game. Players can use Nanahara Chinatsu as a great crowd control hero or just a debuff user. She is known for employing swords that help deal her Basic AoE single target damage. 

The unit can quickly transform into a highly lethal tornado as part of her Dance of Tiger Lily Ultimate skill. This enables Nanahara Chinatsu to deal substantial AoE damage to whoever comes in contact with her while also helping allies regain 30% HP. 

On the other hand, the ones hit by the skill’s damage get a 15% shrink in their Attack Speed for a whopping 15-second period. What’s more? When deployed on the field, Nanahara Chinatsu makes all allies gain a massive Damage resistance worth 15% for some time. 

Lin Xien

Lin Xien is an in-game Striker who usually stays on the Ground for attacking and movement. While Lin Xien’s damage potential is pretty sturdy, what really excels the unit to the best characters sections of our Counterside Global tier list is her good crowd controlling skills. 

As far as Lin Xien’s Basic attack is concerned, she employs a very Basic but truly mind-blowing shotgun. It deals AoE targeted damage to the opponents while knocking them backward. Coming to the most exciting part, the ultimate skill in this unit’s arsenal can actually act as a battery helping players recharge their Deployment costs. 

The skill is called I Have a Lot of Money and instantly gains three deployment costs. Also, Lin Xien’s passive adds up to the recharging process by restoring one deployment cost whenever the unit is deployed on the battlefield.


Gaeun is one of the best Rangers of the Global arena who rules only the Ground domain for attacking and movement. She doesn’t own a great weapon but just a standard Pistol weapon for her Basic attacks. What lands Gaeun here then is her Prestissimo Ultimate AoE damaging ability.

The ability can send more than a few projectiles toward different targets simultaneously. Via her passive, Gaeun can deal large-scale damage around her target on every 3rd Basic attack as well as shrink 10% Attack speed of everyone who’s hit. 

Kyle Wong

Kyle Wong is another Ranger that has made its way to the best Counterside Global characters list. He mainly focuses on attacking and movement in the Ground domain only and is one of the best semi-tank units in the game right now. Kyle Wong employs a powerful rifle to carry out his Basic AoE-focused attacks. 

The unit’s ultimate skill also deals with AoE attacks by releasing projectiles. Kyle Wong’s passive ability, however, is a little different and also what makes him one of the best. Via the power, this unit can cast 4-second long buffs on himself at every Basic attack. As soon as the buff assembles four stacks, Kyle can deal extra damage worth 6% of the enemy’s HP. 

And that’s all about our Counter Side Global tier list. If you are an experienced player looking forward to reaching the end game as soon as possible, the tier-S and tier-A dwellers might be the best picks. Rookies, however, can still pick companions from the rest of the tiers, as even if those units aren’t influential like the S-tier ones, they’ll still help you pass the initial levels. 

Counterside Global Tier List Criteria 

It took us a lot of effort to bring you the most updated Counterside Global tier list of the game’s best Employees, so you don’t have to. Our team gauged the strengths and weaknesses of every single unit available to give them a spot that they truly deserve. 

We did this after skimming through various authorized sources on the web and community feedback. The rank of a unit in our tier list doesn’t by any means define it relative to any specific other. Instead, the hierarchy above is just a general representation of how effective a particular unit performs compared to the entire roster. 

We look forward to keeping the tier list under constant modification, given the frequently changing nature of Counterside and its meta. These updates can, of course, cause significant changes in how the above-presented ranking looks, so don’t forget to check back often! 

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