Counterside Global Tier List [February 2024]

Leave No Battleship Undealt. Collect the Best Employees For Your Team Now!

The much-hyped SRPG 2D launch by StuioBside, Counterside, is this time here with its Global version. Players as CEOs of a team assemble and strengthen characters known by a rather unusual name, “Employees,” to save the planet. If you are up for battling here, our Counterside Global tier list is the best guide you can get.

Key Takeaways
  • Counterside has multiple competitive gaming modes, including SEA and Global, with different metas for PvE and PvP.
  • The game features over 200 unlockable characters across various modes and metas.
  • Characters are ranked based on critical partial ratings in Raid, Danger Close, Guild Croop, Shadow Palace, Relic Dungeons, Story, and Dive 45-50, with overall efficiency as a crucial factor.
Counterside Global Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers  Characters 
S Xiao Lin, Seo Yoon, Nanahara Chifuyu, Yang Harim, Evelyn Keller, Karin Wong, Gaeun, Rosaria Le Friede, Administration Rifleman, Lin, Xien, Nanahara Chinatsu, Lee Yumi, Arius Esquede, Terminator, Eins and Zwei, Awakened Hilde, Roy Burnett, Kim Sobin
A Dorothy, Felicette, Administration Shieldman, Kyle Wong, Caludia Nelson, Orca, Assault, Trooper, Administration Sword Fighter, Frederick Doma, Shin Jia, Esterosa de Chevalier, Hilde
B Liona, Eddie Fisher, Ironside, Cathy Wade, Ingrid Johanna, Choi Ina, Stronghold, Sylvia Lena Cooper, Kang Soyoung, John Mason, Joo Shiyoon, Lee Jisoo, Cindy Looper, Hayame Sanae, Maria Antonov, Na Yubin, Jane Doe, Nayuka Minato
C Ryan Ferrier, Woodpecker, Elizabeth Pendragon, Miya, Dominic King Reginald, Peacekeeper, Sparrow, Brownie Moore, Jake Walker, Fione Lowell, Han Sorim, Kim Chowon, Joo Shiyoung, Titan, Lee Jin, Yoo Mina, Gabriel, Rifleman, Hound, Frederick Yuma, Lee Sooyeon, Miya, Shieldman, Adamant Sniper, Irie Alford, Eujin, Buzzard, ATL-1 Lincoln
D Ami Strickland, Liv Allen, ATF-35 Thunderbolt, Shim Somi, Ogami Masaki, Black Tail, Reaper, Suppressor, Arachne, Maya Hunt, Recoilless Gunner, Charlie Rockwood, Tactical Transporter, Thaddeus Morgan, Laura Beatrix, Sweeper, Scout, Cho Hojin, Bomi, Benedict Constantine, Mortar Team, Yang Hansol, UBGL Rifleman, Zena Bird, ZSU Shilka, Park Hyunsoo, Yuna Springfield, Lee Minseo, Jessica Green, Hirose Aki, Stinger Gunner, Oh Saerom, Kim Chulsoo, ACH-4 Clan, Nina Anderson, Sniper, Choi Gnagson, MA1 HMMWV, Chariot, Lee Dafoe, HM MRLS, Ballista

Next up, let’s compare all of these Counterside Global characters based on their stats:

Character NameTierRarityTypeRoleHPAttackDefense
Xiao LinS TierSSRCounterSniper19,5977,79438.0
Seo YoonS TierSSRCounterRanger25,5484,905315.0
Nanahara ChifuyuS TierSSRCounterStriker51,7233,9841,234
Yang HarimS TierSSRCounterSupporter35,1763,868308.0
Evelyn KellerS TierSRCounterSupporter23,6672,965279.0
Karin WongS TierSSRCounterSniper19,1815,919289.0
GaeunS TierSSRCounterRanger37,8174,821535.0
Rosaria Le FriedeS TierSSRCounterRanger18,2076,914116.0
Administration RiflemanS TierSRSoldierRanger13,9242,808258.0
Lin XienS TierSRCounterStriker45,4633,695270.0
Nanahara ChinatsuS TierSSRCounterSupporter34,5332,779606.0
Lee YumiS TierSSRCounterDefender49,6313,926717.0
Arius EsquedeS TierSRCounterSupporter28,9152,295436.0
TerminatorS TierSSRSoldierStriker32,9443,089766.0
Eins and ZweiS TierSSRCounterStriker29,5192,567489.0
Awakened HildeS TierASSRCounterDefender70,5954,4683,082
Roy BurnettS TierSRCounterStriker39,0653,681500.0
Kim SobinS TierSRCounterRanger27,9445,586346.0
Administration ShieldmanA TierSRSoldierDefender27,8771,584972.0
DorothyA TierSSRSoldierSniper23,3274,508321.0
FelicetteA TierSSRSoldierDefender47,6152,8221,137
Kyle WongA TierSSRCounterRanger27,2094,699187.0
Claudia NelsonA TierRCounterSupporter27,2462,151239.0
OrcaA TierSSRCounterStriker59,5065,254449.0
Assault TrooperA TierRSoldierRanger9,8682,295142.0
Administration Sword FighterA TierSSRSoldierStriker30,3043,060421.0
Frederick DomaA TierSSRCounterRanger40,0414,821355.0
Shin JiaA TierSSRCounterRanger30,0314,431427.0
Esterosa de ChevalierA TierSSRCounterStriker44,0714,1861,036
HildeA TierSRCounterStriker43,8553,758666.0
Eddie FisherB TierSRSoldierRanger19,4873,050264.0
LionaB TierSSRCounterStriker40,7394,460506.0
IronsideB TierRSoldierSupporter17,2771,331243.0
Cathy WadeB TierNCounterRanger16,0083,872249.0
Ingrid JohannaB TierRCounterStriker23,5312,751348.0
Choi InaB TierSRSoldierTower24,6461,787274.0
StrongholdB TierSSRSoldierDefender28,9642,3831,398
Sylvia Lena CooperB TierSRCounterSniper12,3725,484N/A
Kang SoyoungB TierSSRSoldierRanger22,8312,567297.0
John MasonB TierSSRSoldierRanger31,1384,012186.0
Joo ShiyoonB TierSRCounterRanger21,8214,214157.0
Lee JisooB TierASSRCounterSupporter55,7554,2331,049
Cindy LooperB TierRCounterStriker28,0463,716447.0
Hayami SanaeB TierSSRCounterSniper21,0176,609190.0
Maria AntonovB TierSSRCounterTower38,6023,532546.0
Na YubinB TierSSRCounterRanger34,1105,488363.0
Jane DoeB TierSSRSoldierStriker42,2614,114292.0
Nayuka MinatoB TierSRCounterRanger17,4903,980285.0
Ryan FerrierC TierSRCounterDefender54,1603,291869.0
WoodpeckerC TierNMechStriker28,0092,790409.0
Elizabeth PendragonC TierSSRCounterRanger32,0655,962161.0
MiyaC TierSRCounterSniper22,2416,58238.0
Dominic King ReginaldC TierSSRCounterDefender57,3654,0281,596
PeacekeeperC TierSRSoldierRanger13,7801,986195.0
SparrowC TierNMechRanger12,8231,61251.0
Brownie MooreC TierSRSoldierSupporter20,6031,787303.0
Jake WalkerC TierSRCounterStriker42,4073,695678.0
Fione LowellC TierRCounterDefender37,4492,3261,226
Han SorimC TierSRSoldierRanger19,1593,349236.0
Kim ChowonC TierRCounterSniper13,4834,070204.0
Joo ShiyoungC TierSSRCounterStriker44,6924,070537.0
TitanC TierSSRMechStriker63,2605,687779.0
Lee JinC TierSRCounterSupporter28,4012,595261.0
Yoo MinaC TierSRCounterRanger31,6585,683430.0
GabrielC TierSRCounterTower41,0172,757524.0
RiflemanC TierNSoldierRanger10,1711,61277.0
HoundC TierRMechDefender53,6052,4391,014
Frederick YumaC TierSRCounterStriker52,9714,100550.0
Lee SooyeonC TierSSRCounterStriker52,0634,405828.0
MiyaC TierSRCounterSniper22,2416,58238.0
ShieldmanC TierNSoldierDefender28,290714.0972.0
Adamant SniperC TierNSoldierSniper11,2394,127259.0
Irie AlfordC TierRCounterDefender38,8411,177747.0
EujinC TierSRCounterStriker36,9794,100449.0
BuzzardC TierSRMechSniper22,2714,19887.0
ATL-1 LincolnC TierSSRMechStriker51,5123,5391,097
Amy StricklandD TierRCounterStriker34,7113,246489.0
Liv AllenD TierSRCounterStriker41,8474,244500.0
ATF-35 ThunderboltD TierSSRMechRanger26,2755,110129.0
Shim SomiD TierNCounterSupporter21,4372,411228.0
Ogami MasakiD TierSRCounterDefender46,6554,258713.0
Black TailD TierSRMechRanger23,7705,226258.0
ReaperD TierSRMechSniper4,3124,149138.0
SuppressorD TierRSoldierStriker22,1362,071401.0
ArachneD TierSRMechRanger17,3473,539178.0
Maya HuntD TierNCounterSniper14,6193,815237.0
Recoiless GunnerD TierSRSoldierRanger17,6563,363226.0
Charlie RockwoodD TierRSoldierDefender35,5031,816783.0
Tactical TransporterD TierRMechTower48,361N/A606.0
Thaddeus MorganD TierRCounterRanger20,1833,801171.0
Laura BeatrixD TierSRCounterSupporter24,7502,742254.0
SweeperD TierSRSoldierSniper11,8143,074226.0
ScoutD TierSRSoldierRanger14,2942,672151.0
Cho HojinD TierRCounterRanger16,7072,609228.0
BomiD TierRCounterStriker27,1452,751408.0
Benedict ConstantineD TierSRCounterDefender54,1603,433869.0
Mortar TeamD TierRSoldierTower24,0893,645390.0
Yang HansolD TierRCounterRanger15,5513,891285.0
UBGL RiflemanD TierRSoldierRanger11,9702,26974.0
Zena BirdD TierNCounterStriker27,1473,503471.0
ZSU ShilkaD TierRMechRanger22,5573,928354.0
Park HyunsooD TierRCounterStriker33,5533,404492.0
Yuna SpringfieldD TierRCounterRanger19,0213,539171.0
Lee MinseoD TierRCounterSupporter21,5482,699155.0
Jessica GreenD TierRSoldierDefender29,2332,624449.0
Hirose AkiD TierRCounterDefender37,9523,118939.0
Stinger GunnerD TierRSoldierSniper10,4353,078204.0
Oh SaeromD TierRCounterStriker33,6402,974600.0
Kim ChulsooD TierRCounterDefender47,6152,5811,226
ACH-4 ClanD TierSRMechTower36,6562,313429.0
Nina AndersonD TierNCounterStriker33,2773,631429.0
SniperD TierNSoldierSniper11,4153,688168.0
Choi GangsonD TierNCounterDefender37,0382,028930.0
MA1 HMMWVD TierRMechStriker38,2912,880558.0
ChariotD TierRMechStriker50,1223,121642.0
Lee DafoeD TierNCounterDefender35,6392,482894.0
HM MRLSD TierSRMechSniper28,2254,302107.0
BallistaD TierSRMechTower32,4414,482705.0

Players as CEOs are free to deploy any Employees wherever they want who will then combat enemies and eventually reach their battleships. The same story is what the enemies will be working on with just one exception—the battleship under target will be yours. 

That said, having weak units by your side is nothing more than fighting with a suicide squad which is not what you want. The ultimate Counterside Global tier list below will help you foresee whether your selected team is the best fit or not. So why are we still here? Let’s go! 


Counterside Global S

This tier contains all the excellent powerhouses available in Counterside Global. Beating them will be one heck of a challenge for your enemies as they shine in almost all types of formation for both PvE and PvP meta of the game. Moreover, these units also possess massive base stats and some of the best skills. 

Counterside Global Units  Role 
Xiao Lin Sniper
Seo Yoon Ranger
Nanahara Chifuyu Striker
Yang Harim Supporter
Evelyn Keller Supporter
Karin Wong Sniper
Gaeun Ranger
Rosaria Le Friede Ranger
Administration Rifleman Ranger
Lin Xien Striker
Nanahara Chinatsu Supporter
Lee Yumi Defender
Arius Esquede Supporter 
Terminator Strike
Eins and Zwei Strike
Awakened Hilde Defender
Roy Burnett Striker
Kim Sobin Ranger


Counterside Global A

These units are the next stars of the game you will want to have in your team, thanks to their pretty strong skill set. However, remember that the skills mainly serve a particular situation or content, which is also why our Counterside Global S-tier list is separate. Nevertheless, the tier-A dwellers are still great at performing and shine well in PvP and PvE meta.

Counterside Global Units  Role 
Administration Shieldman Defender
Dorothy Sniper
Felicette Defender
Kyle Wong Ranger
Caludia Nelson Supporter
Orca Striker
Assault Trooper Ranger
Administration Sword Fighter Striker
Frederick Doma Ranger
Shin Jia Ranger
Esterosa de Chevalier Striker
Hilde Striker


Employees from tier-B ain’t the best you can get but not bad either. We recommend you avoid the below units in case better options are available as they perform weak compared to the ones discussed above. For new players with a slow progressive speed, tier-B fellas might still be of help; therefore, don’t ignore them entirely. 

Counterside Global Units  Role 
Eddie Fisher Ranger
Liona Striker
Ironside Supporter
Cathy Wade Ranger
Ingrid Johanna Striker
Choi Ina Tower
Stronghold Defender
Sylvia Lena Cooper Sniper
Kang Soyoung Ranger
John Mason Ranger
Joo Shiyoon Ranger
Lee Jisoo Supporter
Cindy Looper Striker
Hayame Sanae Sniper
Maria Antonov Tower
Na Yubin Ranger
Jane Doe Striker
Nayuka Minato Ranger


Counterside Global C

Keeping the depreciating nature of tier lists in mind, your chances of meeting a powerful companion in this tier are pretty narrow. However, tier-C members may still perform well with some strength in case you are left with no better choice. 

Counterside Global Units  Role 
Ryan Ferrier Defender
Woodpecker Striker
Elizabeth Pendragon Ranger
Miya Sniper
Dominic King Reginald Defender
Peacekeeper Ranger
Sparrow Ranger
Brownie Moore Supporter
Jake Walker Striker
Fione Lowell Defender
Han Sorim Ranger
Kim Chowon Sniper
Joo Shiyoung Striker
Titan Striker
Lee Jin Supporter
Yoo Mina Ranger
Gabriel Tower
Rifleman Ranger
Hound Defender
Frederick Yuma Striker
Lee Sooyeon Striker
Miya Sniper
Shieldman Defender
Adamant Sniper Sniper
Irie Alford Defender
Eujin Striker
Buzzard Sniper
ATL-1 Lincoln Striker


Counterside Global D

Average units of our Counterside Global tier list who can only perform well in the initial levels. However, those sitting on the lower ranks of this tier might not even perform well initially. 

Counterside Global Units  Role 
Ami Strickland Striker
Liv Allen Striker
ATF-35 Thunderbolt Ranger
Shim Somi Supporter
Ogami Masaki Defender
Black Tail Ranger
Reaper Sniper
Suppressor Striker
Arachne Ranger
Maya Hunt Sniper
Recoilless Gunner Ranger
Charlie Rockwood Defender
Tactical Transporter Tower
Thaddeus Morgan Ranger
Laura Beatrix Supporter
Sweeper Sniper
Scout Ranger
Cho Hojin Ranger
Bomi Striker
Benedict Constantine Defender
Mortar Team Tower
Yang Hansol Ranger
UBGL Rifleman Ranger
Zena Bird Striker
ZSU Shilka Ranger
Park Hyunsoo Striker
Yuna Springfield Ranger
Lee Minseo Supporter
Jessica Green Defender
Hirose Aki Defender
Stinger Gunner Sniper
Oh Saerom Striker
Kim Chulsoo Defender
ACH-4 Clan Tower
Nina Anderson Striker
Sniper Sniper
Choi Gnagson Defender
MA1 HMMWV Striker
Chariot Striker
Lee Dafoe Defender 
HM MRLS Sniper 
Ballista Tower

Changes Due to Patch Update 

Updated Till: [22nd Of Mar.] Patch Notes and 3/29 Update. 

Though the recent updates don’t bring any significant nerf or buff to the table that deserves your attention, they have introduced three new characters for the Counterside Global version. The latest additions to the roster are as follows: 

  • Dorothy (Role: Sniper).
  • Liona (Role: Striker).
  • Felicette (Role: Defender).

Counterside Global Tier List Criteria 

It took us a lot of effort to bring you the most updated Counterside Global tier list of the game’s best Employees, so you don’t have to. Our team gauged the strengths and weaknesses of every single unit available to give them a spot that they truly deserve. 

We did this after skimming through various authorized sources on the web and community feedback. The rank of a unit in our list doesn’t by any means define it relative to any specific other. Instead, the hierarchy above is just a general representation of how effective a particular unit performs compared to the entire roster. 

We look forward to keeping the tier list under constant modification, given the frequently changing nature of Counterside and its meta. These updates can, of course, cause significant changes in how the above-presented ranking looks, so don’t forget to check back often! 

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