FF14 Class Tier list: Ranking All Classes

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMO RPGs trending worldwide. With a huge roster that keeps expanding, Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of classes. These classes have their unique traits. You can choose a variety of classes to perform various functions. Some classes are well adapted for combat, while others are great as support classes. So, we have ranked various classes depending on their potential in this FF14 class tier list.

You can unlock and level up each of the different classes for a good variety with different traits in your team. A lot of classes are amazing and can be useful in different situations. Final Fantasy XIV has introduced many well-balanced classes in the game. No class is truly bad in terms of gameplay. Still, Knowing the best classes to create a truly destructive team is important.

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ff14 class tier list

These are the best classes that perform outstandingly in their respective roles. Choosing these classes is recommended if you want less challenge in-game as compared to the classes in the lower tiers we mentioned in our tier list guide.

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Red Mage

The Red Mage is a versatile class in Final Fantasy XIV. They are well balanced as they can act as a good DPS alongside convenient abilities. Red Mages are a great Magical ranged DPS class that can prove destructive to opponents. Obtaining them is easy as you are not required to level up any base class before you unlock this class. Red mages were introduced in the Stormblood expansion. You need to be level 50 before obtaining this class.

Red Mages can deal great damage and provide sufficient healing to the team. They can even revive your dead teammates, making themselves greatly useful. Red Mages can also act as Melee DPS if they use their spears to attack opponents. They wield Rapiers and a magical focus as weapons. Red Mages’ armor has magical defense but low physical defense. Focus on the ‘Intelligence’ attribute to increase magical attack potency. Various secondary attributes can also boost the Red Mages’ attacks. Their destructive attack potential and healing abilities make them an amazing class in our Final Fantasy XIV class tier list.


The Dancer is often considered one of the strongest ranged DPS classes in the game. They can devastate the opponents with their tremendous damage. The Dancer class was introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. They start at level 60, so you would have to level up quite a bit when you unlock this class. You can obtain Dancer after completing the quest ‘Shall we dance.’

They use various dances to inflict severe damage on your opponents. Dancers’ speed and attack can increase greatly if the dance is performed in the correct sequential order. Their deadly dance can prove highly lethal. Dancers use chakrams and other throwing weapons to deal damage. They have an average defense, though Dancers can increase their attack further with their primary and secondary attributes.


Samurai is a great DPS class introduced in the Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. It can be extremely destructive at damage dealing. Samurais use a Katana as the main weapon. They can slash your enemies away with their lethal blades. So, many players often prefer the Samurai class to be used as DPS. They can deal massive damage to the enemies because ‘Strength’ is their primary attribute. Samurai can also make use of various secondary attributes to increase their damage. To utilize them at maximum potential, you should focus on various secondary attributes.

You are not required to level up any class before unlocking the Samurai class. This class starts at the base level of 50. It’s recommended to use Genta and Genji armor sets for the Samurai class for a much more traditional look for your characters. Even though Samurais’ defense is weak, they are amazing at combo attacks. Their destructive damage potential makes them one of the best classes in our FF14 class tier list.


You can access the Summoner class by upgrading your Arcanist when it reaches level 30. It is a versatile class that can be effective in many battles. Summoner can act as a great Magical DPS. They can summon various beasts, which are different in their abilities. In addition to damage-dealing, Summoners can also heal themselves and allies in your team. Furthermore, they can also be used as a good support class to buff up attacks.

Summoners use books as their weapon. Their armor has high magical defense but low physical defense. Summoners can deal severe damage to your opponents as their magical damage can reach great numbers. Their primary attribute, ‘Intelligence,’ can increase attack magic potency, further boosting damage. Summoners’ secondary attributes can buff up their damage-dealing capabilities even further.


Paladins are pure tanks with one of the highest defenses. They can be hard to take down because they can survive the enemies’ many dangerous attacks dished out. Furthermore, Paladins can also create barriers and healing spells for the rest of the allies in your team. You can obtain the Paladin class after upgrading Gladiator once it reaches level 30.

Paladins wield a sword and a shield as weapons. They can use their shield to block various attacks. Paladin’s armor is one of the most defensive in the game. They can further increase their defense and attack power with their primary attributes, namely ‘Strength’ and ‘Vitality.’ The secondary attributes can further increase damage, defense, and healing potential.

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Best classes in FFXIV

These classes are second to none and worth choosing if you prefer them. They are not the best or top-tier ones, as we mentioned above, but still, they can get pretty much any job done in the game.

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Astrologian is a class first introduced in Heavensward expansion in Final Fantasy XIV. You are not required to level up any class before you unlock this class. Astrologian class starts at the base level of 30. They are often considered the best healing class in the game. In addition to healing, Astrologians can also buff up various allies making your team hard to take down. So, this class can prove to be useful in many situations. Astrologians are one of the best healers FF14.

Astrologians wield various astrological equipment as weapons. They often use tarot cards to buff up the allies. Astrologian’s armor is well suited for their healing capabilities. They have low physical defense but a higher magical defense. It would be best to focus on ‘Mind’ as Astrologians’ primary attribute because this increases their attack and healing capabilities. Their ‘Piety’ attribute would aid in MP regeneration, allowing you to use magic at a consistent rate.

Black mage

You can unlock the Black Mage class by upgrading your Thaumaturge with a soul crystal once it reaches level 30. They are considered powerful spellcasters in Final Fantasy XIV. They can deal with elemental attacks, including fire, ice, and lightning attacks. Though, Black Mages are not very mobile as they cast their magic.

Black mage is a good choice to be used as a DPS due to its high attack. They are well adept at ranged attacks. Black Mages’ armor has low physical defense but great magic defense. They mainly use staff and rods as their main weapons. Their primary attribute is ‘Intelligence,’ which would increase their damage; you can also focus on many secondary attributes to increase their potential. Black Mages are one of the strongest magical DPS.


Warrior can be unlocked once your Marauder reaches level 30 and you upgrade it with a soul crystal. They wield strong axes that can crush your opponents. Warrior has the most defensive armor in the game, making it a great tank for your team. Moreover, they can do destructive damage while also healing themselves. Warriors have one of the highest Hp and defense, which effectively fulfills its role as a Tank.

The primary attributes of the Warrior class are ‘Strength’ and ‘Vitality’ that will allow it to increase its damage. The secondary attributes can increase the damaging and healing potential even further. While Warriors are great Tanks, they can deal damage as great as DPS under the right conditions. However, this class has a poor rotation that affects its attack potential. 


Dragoon is often considered a great melee DPS by many Final Fantasy XIV veterans. It can deal great damage with the help of its lance and combo attacks. Dragoon can deal tremendous damage on the enemies while it leaps from above. Their playing style can be hard to get used to, especially for rookies. A lot of players find rotations difficult. Though, Dragoon is worth it if you can master its playstyle.

You can upgrade your Lancer to get Dragoon. Dragoon’s use polearms as their weapon. They have great abilities with high attack power. You can further buff the attack by focusing on its primary attribute, ‘Strength.’ Moreover, you can increase Dragoon’s overall damage dealing capability with various secondary attributes.


The Reaper class is a great DPS class that uses a scythe as its main weapon. They are well adept at close combat. Reapers can summon an avatar to join the battle. They start at level 70, so obtaining them would require you to level up quite a bit.

Reaper’s skill can allow them to absorb the opponent’s souls, which can then be used to enhance their weapon. Their primary attribute is ‘Strength’ that can further increase its damage potential. Reapers can further improve their damage with secondary attributes.

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Final Fantasy XIV class tier list

While not as great as classes in the above tiers, these classes are certainly good and can prove useful in many situations. They have decent attack, defense, and support characteristics that make them good enough to play.


Ninja is a versatile class in our Final Fantasy XIV class tier list that can perform various buffing functions for your party. Boosting their and your allies attack greatly. You can get Ninja after upgrading your Rogue with a soul crystal once it reaches level 30. They can deal great damage with their sneak attack. Ninjas have a wide variety of useful abilities, such as they can help you crowd control. Moreover, they can stun and lower your opponent’s speed.

Ninjas use daggers as their main weapons. Their armor is light with average defense. You can increase Ninjas’ attack significantly with the ‘Dexterity’ attribute. You can also improve their critical damage with various secondary attributes.


Sages are well adept at healing. Moreover, they have a wide variety of damaging spells out of all other healers. Additionally, Sages can create various barriers to healing your team and increasing defenses. Obtaining this class can be hard as it starts at level 70 though no base class is required to obtain them.

Sages wield nouliths as their weapons. Their ‘Mind’ attribute can increase their healing magic effectiveness. You can also use various secondary attributes to improve healing capabilities.


Gunbreaker is often considered a great Tank class. They have high defense and can inflict great damage on the opponents. Gunbreaker was first introduced as a part of the Shadowbringers expansion. You are required to level up to level 60 before you complete the quest ‘The Makings of a Gunbreaker’ to obtain Gunbreaker.

Gunbreaker is a competitive tank and offers a lot of convenient abilities such as defense and healing barriers. This class wields a Gunblade that can be highly lethal to the enemies. Moreover, they can also do a variety of combo attacks, increasing their damage potential. You can focus on the ‘Strength’ and ‘Vitality’ attributes for damage and health increase. Gunbreaker has access to the ‘Tenacity’ attribute significantly increases its attack. However, their playstyle can be hard to get used to, especially for newer players. 

Dark Knight

The Dark knight class is great at dealing substantial damage to their opponents. They can act as a great Tank for your team. Dark Knights were first introduced in the Heavensward expansion. No base class is required to obtain Dark Knight. This class is easy to obtain, as you can get it when you reach level 30. The Dark Knight class wields greatswords as their weapons. They can use Dark magic to strengthen their weapon, increasing their damage greatly. Moreover, Dark Knights can also protect the allies from enemies’ attacks.

They can drain hp from your opponents, proving themselves dangerous. Dark Knights’ armor has a strong defense making this class much more formidable. Focus on the ‘Strength’ and ‘Vitality’ attributes to increase damage and HP. Their ‘Tenacity’ attribute can reduce damage taken, increase healing, and boost damage. To use Dark Knight efficiently, you must effectively manage your blood and mana consumption, which can be hard during combat. They are still a good choice for damage dealing.

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Best jobs final fantasy 14

They are not bad but using these classes should not be your priority. They have a challenging learning curve and will take good enough of your time to master their playstyle. 

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The Scholar class can prove to be a good healer in the game. In addition to healing, they can also buff up your party’s attacks. You can obtain Scholar once your Arcanist reaches level 30 and upgrade it with the soul crystal. Fairies accompany them; these fairies are useful in healing and protecting your party from the opponent’s damage by creating barriers.

Scholars wield books as their weapons like summoners. Their healing armor has low physical defense but high magical defense. Focus on their ‘Mind’ attribute to increase your healing potency and attack. With their ‘Piety’ attribute, Scholars can also generate MP faster. However, the Scholar class is not as good as many other healers that we mentioned.


The Monk class is a great choice in our Final Fantasy XIV tier list. They are well-versed in being a melee DPS as they can deal great damage and easily take down many opponents. You can unlock the Monk class after upgrading your Pugilist when it reaches Level 30. Using them might be useful for your party, especially if you lack a good DPS.

Monks focus on meditation and chakra than usual combat. Their Beast chakra can prove dangerous to the opponent. Monks wield fist weapons to deal great damage. Their armor is light with moderate defense. Focus on the ‘Strength’ attribute to boost Monks’ attack. Various secondary attributes can also improve damage-dealing capabilities.

White Mages

White mages are great healers while also dealing a decent amount of damage. However, they play their role well if you want a dedicated healer in your team. However, White Mages deal less damage than other healer classes. They can save your team from many difficult situations because they can heal the allies to full health. You can get the White Mages class by upgrading Conjurer once it reaches level 30.

White Mages wield staves and rods as their weapons. Their armor has high magical defense but low physical defense. White Mages can further boost their attack and healing with their ‘Mind’ attribute. Moreover, they can generate a lot of MP with their ‘Piety’ attribute. Overall, White Mages are a good healing class in Final Fantasy XIV classes.


FF14 class tier list

They are poor in utilizing their roles well. Choosing these classes is not recommended, as utilizing them would be difficult. There is really no need to pick these classes in Final Fantasy XIV as you have better options to pick from, as mentioned in the above tiers.


Bard is a ranged DPS that can deal good physical damage. In addition to dealing damage, they can also buff the defense of your allies. However, Bard is lacking compared to other DPS. You can upgrade your Archer with soul crystal to obtain the Bard class.

Bards wield bows as their primary weapon. They can play various songs to enhance your allies’ abilities. Bards’ damage increases over time, so it can prove useful when used under the right conditions. Their damage potential can greatly increase if you upgrade their advanced archery skills. Bards have light armor with average defenses. Focus on the ‘Dexterity’ attribute and other secondary attributes to increase damage. Overall, Bards are a decent ranged DPS though better choices are available.


Machinist is a ranged DPS class. They wield guns as their main weapons. Machinists can take down enemies with the help of various firearms. However, they are not as good as other classes in our ff14 class. Machinists’ damage is lacking compared to other DPS classes. Moreover, they do not provide any buffs or support to your team.

You can obtain this class easily as no base class is required to obtain Machinist. Their armor is light with average defense. Focus on the ‘Dexterity’ attribute to increase Machinists’ attack power. Various secondary attributes will boost damage greatly.

Blue Mage

Blue Mage is a versatile class that is decent at damage dealing. Moreover, they also possess a lot of convenient abilities. Initially, Blue Mages have weak attacks, but they can deal a lot of damage in the right situations. They can freeze their enemies for a good duration. Furthermore, Blue Mages can also heal all your allies. You can improve their usefulness with the right skills used at the right time. Blue Mages are a well-balanced class, though you can use them in limited situations, so they are ranked lower in our Final Fantasy XIV class tier list.

Though you cannot use Blue Mage in the main game scenarios, this greatly reduces their usefulness. They can only participate in instanced duties in a preformed party. Moreover, Blue Mages can’t participate in PvP, Deep Dungeon, and Daily Roulettes. They have a low-level cap compared to many other classes. Blue Mages wield canes as their main weapons. Their armor has a low physical defense but great physical defense. Focus on the ‘Intelligence’ attribute to increase the damage done by magical attacks.

Final Fantasy XIV Tier List Criteria

Final Fantasy XIV provides many amazing classes for a player to choose from. Each class performs its respective roles, including Tanks, Healers, and DPS. Each class is ranked based on how well it performs its respective role.

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

The Tier list was created after thorough research into the character’s abilities. Moreover, players’ experience with various characters was also taken into account.

Why Trust Us?

After thorough research, we strive to create unbiased tier lists based on the character’s abilities and potential. However, we understand that tier lists are subjective, and your opinion might be different from ours.


Best classes final fantasy 14
Summary of the Tier list

That was all about our ff14 class tier list. What classes are your favorite? Who do you prefer to use in your gameplay? Let us know in the comments below! Here is a summary of the tier list:

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