FF14 Class Tier List: Ranking All Classes [2024]

Learn how all FF14 classes fare against each other in our tier list.

Classes in FFXIV are incredibly well-balanced and can perform at all levels. However, there are some gaps in power between all jobs. It is important to know which job is META so you can perform your best in all content in FFXIV. So here’s our ff14 class tier list.

Key Takeaways
  • Every job is viable in FFXIV. It just comes down to the matter of which one performs better in content.
  • S tier is META (Most Effective Tactic Available). These jobs are used by top players in raids and normal content.
  • A Tier is viable but with some weaknesses compared to an S tier. It is still a solid choice overall.
  • B Tier can still work, but these jobs suffer from poor design choices. There are better options compared to these jobs. 

Here’s a brief look at the comparison between the Classes of FF14:

GunbreakerSDisciple of WarTankRadovanVitalityGunblades
WarriorSDisciple of WarTankCurious GorgeVitalityAxes
Dark KnightSDisciple of WarTankIshgardVitalityGreatswords
SamuraiSDisciple of WarMelee DPSMusosai and Makoto ObinataStrengthKatanas
NinjaSDisciple of WarMelee DPSOboro TorioiDexterityDaggers
DragoonSDisciple of WarMelee DPSAlberic BaleStrengthLances
MonkSDisciple of WarMelee DPSErik, Widargelt BeakeStrengthKnuckles
DancerSDisciple of WarPhysical Ranged DPSNashmeiraDexterityThrowing Weapons
BardSDisciple of WarPhysical Ranged DPSJehantel FointeaumeDexterityBows
SummonerSDisciple of MagicMagic Ranged DPSY'mhitra RhulIntelligenceCodexes and Grimoires
ScholarSDisciple of MagicHealerSurito Carito and Alka ZolkaMindCodexes and Grimoires
AstrologianSDisciple of MagicHealerJannequinard de, Durendaire, and Leveva ByrdeMindStar globes
Black MageADisciple of MagicMagic Ranged DPSLalai LaiIntelligenceRods and Staves
Red MageADisciple of MagicMagic Ranged DPSX'rhun TiaIntelligenceRapiers
ReaperADisciple of WarMelee DPSDrusillaStrengthTwo-Handed Scythe
White MageADisciple of MagicHealerRaya-O-SennaMindRods
SageADisciple of MagicHealerLalah JinjahlMindNouliths
PaladinBDisciple of WarTankJenlyns AescVitalitySwords and Shields
MachinistBDisciple of WarPhysical Ranged DPSStephanivien de HaillenarteDexterityGun

Final Fantasy 14 Class Tier List Criteria

Final Fantasy 14 provides many amazing classes for a player to choose from. Each class performs its respective roles, including Tanks, Healers, and DPS. Each class is ranked based on how it compares to other jobs in its respective roles. Their performances in high-end savage and ultimate content and normal content are also taken into account.  

S Gunbreaker, Warrior, Dark Knight, Samurai, Ninja, Dragoon, Monk, Dancer, Bard, Summoner, Scholar, Astrologian
ABlack Mage, Red Mage, Reaper, Sage, White Mage
BPaladin, Machinist


These jobs in FFXIV are considered META (Most Effective Tactic Available) in both hard endgame and normal mode content. These jobs are the strongest, and nothing can go wrong with picking any one of these jobs.

S Tier | Picture By Us


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Tank Radovan Vitality Gunblades

Gunbreaker, also known as GNB, is part of the raiding META in FFXIV for its absurd damage output. Players use this job to kill the boss as fast as possible. GNB shines, especially when the raids are new and strong gear is unavailable. In level 70 ultimate raids, more precisely “The Unending Coil of Bahamut” and “The Weapon’s Refrain,” GNB is able to eclipse even some DPS jobs, such as Bard, with ease.

It boasts strong mitigation with “Heart of Corundum,” which mitigates 30 percent damage and has free heal on it. Its party mitigation, called “Heart of Light,” is also strong at 10 percent. In dungeons, Gunbreaker is able to solo most bosses easily, thanks to its self-sustain. It is an easy S tier in our tier list and a strong pick for anyone.

Gunbreakers can go fully invulnerable with Superbolide for 10 seconds. Keep in mind that this skill will reduce your HP to 1. This skill is one of the best invulns in the game thanks to its long duration and relatively shorter cooldown at 360 seconds. GNB can also heal itself using the Heart of the Corundum to mitigate the HP loss.

It also boasts the most fun combo rotation out of all the tanks. Also, with the recent range buffs to GNB, all of its movement issues have been fixed. 


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Tank Curious Gorge Vitality Axes

While Warrior, also called WAR within the game, has the weakest tank damage in the game, it makes up for it with its borderline broken self-healing using Bloodwhetting. A warrior can effortlessly heal himself back to full HP without any need for a healer. Coupled with its healing, it also has strong damage mitigation, which makes you indestructible in normal content. WAR can also kill all of the mobs in a dungeon alone, without a healer.

Warrior also has the strongest party mitigation, “Shake it off, ” a 15 percent shield. Warrior is also able to augment it by 2 percent by sacrificing a defensive shield.

A Warrior struggles to deal with great damage in hard content such as Savage when optimal BiS (Best in Slot) gear is not available. However, this weakness can be easily mitigated by bringing META DPS jobs and a META co-tank such as Gunbreaker or Dark Knight. Because of the strong solo heals, and party mitigation a Warrior brings, it is easily S tier in our tier list.

Dark Knight

Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Tank Ishgard Vitality Greatswords

The Dark Knight, abbreviated as DRK, has the weakest tank mitigation out of all the tanks. It compensates for weak mitigation by having the uncontested best tank damage in the game. During Dark Knight’s opener combo, It can easily outclass ALL jobs in the game in pure damage. This is why people bring Dark Knight in fresh raids and farming.

Dark Knight previously had the worst invulnerability in the game called Living Dead. If you took lethal damage while Living Dead was active, you had to receive heals equivalent to 100 percent of your HP by a healer. Needless to say, it was very inconvenient for players. 

Dark Knight has a solid party mitigation called “Dark Missionary.” It works similarly to Gunbreaker’s as it reduces party damage taken by 15 percent.

These qualities make Dark Knight a META tank and an easy S tier.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Melee DPS Musosai and Makoto Obinata Strength Katanas

The Samurai, also called SAM, is a Melee DPS job that has undergone some changes in recent patches. They simplified the combo rotation, which had mixed reception, but those changes undeniably made Samurai very strong. Samurai lacks the ability to buff party members’ damage, but it compensates for that by having incredibly high damage

Samurai has the passive ability to make its hardest-hitting attacks a critical hit every single time. If a Samurai is given buffs by his teammates, he is easily able to melt the boss with Midare Setsugekka and Ogi Namikiri attacks. It is an adequate choice for hard content.

It also does strong AoE damage, which is why it is a solid choice for normal content as well.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Melee DPS Oboro Torioi Dexterity Daggers

Ninja is a Melee DPS job that is often named a ranged DPS, thanks to its flexibility that allows it to attack from a distance. It is part of the endgame raiding META thanks to its ridiculously high damage. Ninja also boasts a strong raid buff called Mug that allows the party to do inflict 5 percent more damage to the boss every 2 minutes.

Ninja also boasts exceptional movement capabilities with its gap closers and shifts. It is S tier in our tier list as it performs exceptionally in both hard and normal content.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Melee DPS Alberic Bale Strength Lances

Dragoon is the best Melee DPS job in the game right now. It is part of the raiding META due to its exceptional damage and its raid buff, “Dragon Litany.” Dragon Litany will increase the chances of your party members getting critical hits by 20 percent every 2 minutes. This will skyrocket your party’s damage and easily alleviate the boss’ DPS checks.

Dragoon boasts a unique combo rotation alongside a strong AoE potential, which is why it is an easy S tier in our tier list.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Melee DPS Erik, Widargelt Beake Strength Knuckles

Monk, also called MNK, is one of the most reworked jobs in the entire history of FFXIV. It has seen many highs and lows, and now, in Endwalker, it is enjoying its peak. Monk has been simplified through the removal of its positional attacks and given incredibly strong attacks. Monk’s party buff “Brotherhood” buffs your party’s damage by 5 percent for 10 seconds every 2 minutes

Monk can also act as a pseudo Tank in dungeons with its shockingly good personal mitigation, provided a healer is there to heal up the Monk. MNK can also increase the healing received by your party by 15 percent through “Mantra”. Monk is easily S tier because of its exceptional utility and personal damage.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Physical Ranged DPS Nashmeira Dexterity Throwing Weapons

Dancer, aka DNC, is a physical ranged DPS. Its personal damage is nothing special, but it compensates for that with its incredible raid buffs. Dancer has cemented its place in the META with its 2 party buffs. One of them is the raid buff “Technical Finish,” which grants the party up to 5 percent increased damage for 20 seconds every 2 minutes. It is the strongest raid buff available in the game right now.

The Dancer’s second raid buff is called “Dance Partner.” A DNC will partner with the strongest job in your party and grant it a passive 20 percent increased chance to land a critical and direct hit throughout the entire fight. Dancer also has “Shield Samba” that mitigates the damage taken by every party member by 10 percent.

Dancer does have some RNG in its combo rotation, which can be unsatisfying for some. However, Dancer’s phenomenal utilities has cemented itself as the strongest physically ranged DPS and an S tier in our tier list.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Physical Ranged DPS Jehantel Fointeaume Dexterity Bows

Bard (BRD) is a magical ranged DPS. This job is part of the META because of its incredible utilities and party buffs. Bard’s skill “Battle Voice” increases the chance of your party members landing a direct hit by 20 percent, which can be used every 2 minutes. Alongside that, BRD can also use “Radiant Finale,” which will increase your party’s damage by 6 percent every 2 minutes. 

This job can also use the “The Warden’s Paean” skill, which removes detrimental effects from a target party member. As if it was not enough, BRD has yet another defensive skill called “Troubadour” which reduces party damage by 10 percent.

BRD’s incredible raid buffs and defensive utilities make it the definitive magical ranged DPS and an easy S tier in our list.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Magic Ranged DPS Y’mhitra Rhul Intelligence Codexes and Grimoires

Summoner, aka SMN, is a magical ranged DPS. It has been completely reworked and simplified in Endwalker. While many people do not enjoy the easy rotation SMN offers, none can deny its effectiveness in combat. It is the META magical ranged DPS right now.

Summoner attacks from a distance away by using summonses such as Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan to attack the enemies. It is visually appealing but can get boring for some people.

Summoner is one of the 2 DPS jobs that can revive fallen comrades in battle. Coupled with a raid buff and the second-highest magical ranged damage, It proves itself as part of the META and an S tier in our tier list. 


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Healer Surito Carito and Alka Zolka Mind Codexes and Grimoires

Scholar, also called SCH, is a shield Healer in FFXIV. Scholar’s main focus is nullifying damage as much as possible with its strong shielding. Coupled with its amazing mitigation and shields, it also boasts a raid buff called “Chained Stratagem” that increases the chance for your party members to land critical hits by 10 percent every 2 minutes.

The scholar also has Excogiation. This skill will automatically heal the party member you place it on if they fall below 50 percent HP or if the effect expires. This ensures you can do damage while not worrying about healing. It also has “Expedience,” which increases movement speed and makes you take less damage. The increased movement speed is very helpful in some fights like Abyssos: The Fifth Circle (Savage)

Because of these skills, Scholar is the META shield healer in FFXIV and S tier on our tier list.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Healer Jannequinard de, Durendaire, and Leveva Byrde Mind Star globes

Astrologian aka AST is a pure Healer in FFXIV. This healer is oriented around keeping the party topped off with incredible burst healing rather than mitigation. It boasts two different kinds of raid buffs. The first one is called “Divination,” which increases your party’s damage by 6 percent every 2 minutes.

The second party buff is from Astrologian’s cards. AST can draw a card and give a beneficial buff to a Melee DPS, Tank, or Ranged DPS, depending on the card. “The Balance,” “The Spear,” and “The Arrow” cards work best on a Melee DPS or Tank. “The Bole,” “The Ewer,” and “The Spire” cards work best on Ranged DPS.

With the skill called “Microcosmos,” an AST is able to compile incoming damage and heal the party with a strong heal that is equivalent to 50% of the damage taken. This ability shines really well when heavy damage is incoming in fights like Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage).

These incredible heals, and damage buffs make AST the definitive pure healer and easily S tier on our list.


A-tier jobs are decently strong. While they are not as strong as the META S tier jobs, they are still a solid option for clearing any type of content and are fun to play.

A Tier | Image Credits: eXputer

Black Mage

Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Magic Ranged DPS Lalai Lai Intelligence Rods and Staves
  • Role: Magical Ranged DPS
  • Known for high damage but lacks a raid buff.
  • Requires standing still while casting, making it challenging.

This skill barrier is why BLM is not part of the META and is an A tier on our tier list.

Red Mage

Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Magic Ranged DPS X’rhun Tia Intelligence Rapiers
  • Role: Magical Ranged DPS
  • Offers good damage and a raid buff called “Embolden.”
  • Can revive fallen allies.

Red Mage is strong and a viable option for any type of content, but Summoner’s existence gives little reason to choose RDM over it. That is why RDM is an A-tier job in our tier list. 


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Melee DPS Drusilla Strength Two-Handed Scythe
  • Role: Melee DPS
  • Dominated initially but now falls behind in damage.
  • Offers raid buff “Arcane Circle” and healing utility.
  • A-tier job with reliable damage and utility.

White Mage

Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Healer Raya-O-Senna Mind Rods
  • Role: Healer
  • Known for “Benediction” instant full heal and “Holy” AoE stun.
  • Lacks party healing and raid buffs.
  • Considered A-tier due to its strengths.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of Magic Healer Lalah Jinjahl Mind Nouliths
  • Role: Healer
  • Offensive healer with high damage output.
  • Utilizes “Kardion” for healing through offensive actions.
  • Offers good shields but lacks the strength of Scholar’s shields.

Regardless, Sage is still a viable choice and an A tier is on our list.


There is truly no “bad” job in FFXIV. Every job can work in all content; however, two jobs right now suffer from poor design choices. It is not worth investing time in these jobs if you want the best results.

B Tier | Screenshot Grab: eXputer


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Tank Jenlyns Aesc Vitality Swords and Shields
  • Role: Tank
  • Strong mitigation with “Holy Sheltron,” which mitigates up to 35% damage.
  • Poor invulnerability with long cooldown for “Hallowed Ground” at 420 seconds.
  • Struggles with fitting its rotation into raid buffs and offers mediocre damage.
  • Party mitigation with “Divine Veil” requires healing activation.
  • “Passage of Arms” forces the player to stop attacking to protect party members.
  • Considered B-tier due to these design limitations.


Type Role Master(s) Primary Attribute Arms
Disciple of War Physical Ranged DPS Stephanivien de Haillenarte Dexterity Gun
  • Role: Physical Ranged DPS
  • Shares a role with Dancer and lacks reasons to choose it over Dancer.
  • Lacks raid buffs and defensive utilities compared to Dancer.
  • Deals decent damage but falls behind Melee DPS and Black Mage.
  • Capable of clearing high-end content but outclassed by Dancer.

NOTE: Blue Mage is unranked as it is not available for use in recent content. It is just a side job that breaks old content for fun.

Final Fantasy XIV Job Balance

FFXIV has a great job balance, even in the B tier. All jobs are capable of clearing high-end content. Some jobs suffer from poor design choices, but the team is working hard to fix all those problems.

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

This FFXIV class tier list was created by our writer (Zaiko Kazer in FFXIV), who is in the top 10 on the EU leaderboards with 2 years of experience and 2000+ hours raiding in FFXIV. With 4 raid tiers finished and experience with every job in the game, you can be sure our tier list is as authentic as possible. FFlogs were also taken into account during our research.


Final Fantasy XIV is the most popular MMORPG out right now. With the latest expansion, Endwalker, the game has been updated with various exciting new features and raids. This is why the game got so popular. Square Enix had to stop selling copies of it at one point.

There you have it. With our FF14 class tier list, you will be able to understand the game’s META much better and pick the job that suits your choices. Whether you are new or a veteran, you can go through this tier list to learn more about the game.


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