FFXIV Leveling & Crafting: Definitive Guide

You can use the various methods mentioned in this FFXIV leveling guide crafting to get your crafter to max level as fast as possible.

 Though, you can say it is much easier to level up your Crafter job since you do not have to engage in any combat. But do make sure to have at least one of the battle jobs leveled up a decent amount, as you will need them to access some of the methods mentioned in this FFXIV leveling guide: crafting

Key Takeaways
  • Start your first ever craft, and after reaching level 10, use the Quick Synthesis method to farm experience points.
  • Use Leve Quests after Quick Synthesis to continue farming experience points if you have enough allowances.
  • You can use Ishgardian Restoration instead of Leve Quests if you do not have enough allowances.
  • Utilize all the different daily Beast Tribe Quests available to you, according to your current level. 
  • Turn in items for your daily Grand Company Supply Mission for additional experience points.

All Crafting Classes

As with all of the other jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, Crafters also start with several different Crafting Classes that have different purposes. Here is a brief introduction to all of the Crafter classes you can start with:

  • Carpenter: Expert in crafting wooden items like furniture and weapons used by various classes in FFXIV. Guild location: New Gridania.
  • Armorer: Specializes in working with metal materials for gear like body armor and mail. Guild location: Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks.
  • Blacksmith: Refines metal into handheld weapons like swords and axes. Guild Location: Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks.
  • Weaver: Master of fabrics, creates light armor and wearable items. Guild location: Ul’dah – Steps of Thal.
  • Leatherworker: Crafts leather-based equipment from monster fur. Guild location: Old Gridania.
  • Culinarian: Prepares buff-giving meals, notably experience points buffs. Guild location: Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks.
  • Alchemist: Masters magic, creating potions and elixirs. Guild location: Ul’dah – Steps of Thal.
  • Goldsmith: Crafts fashionable jewelry and weapons. Guild location: Ul’dah – Steps of Thal.

Exceptions exist to each class’s crafting abilities; this is a general overview. Start with any class that interests you. Ambitious players aim to reach max level with all classes, earning the unofficial title “Omnicrafter.”

This title, shared among all jobs, like “Omnitank” for tanks, brings bragging rights. Maxing all classes grants benefits—craft the highest-level gear. To become an Omnicrafter, maintain all crafters at the same level. Craft gear for other classes or pursue max level with one job using this FFXIV crafting guide.

Quick Synthesis

ffxiv leveling guide for crafters
Quick Synthesis option | By Exputer

Use Quick Synthesis in the crafting log for faster item synthesis. Locate a level 1 recipe, note the required materials, and purchase them from the guild vendor. Craft the item once to unlock Quick Synthesis, allowing you to mass-produce the item quickly. Progress to higher-level recipes for more experience points. Apply this method across all crafting classes for an efficient FFXIV leveling start until Quick Synthesis yields no further progress.

How To Unlock Quick Synthesis

The requirement to access quick synthesis is to be at level 10 with your crafter. If you are a complete beginner, you can quickly get to level 10 by just crafting. You need to make sure to have the “company-issue engineering manual“; you can get it by trading in company seals at a grand company vendor. You will also need a boiled egg, which can simply be purchased from a guild vendor.

When you have acquired these items, use them to start your first craft. You can also put in a free company bonus, which you will most likely have. This step is optional, but it will give you extra experience points and make the process much faster. Once the craft is started, repeat it until you have reached level 10, this will unlock quick synthesis for you.

Tradecraft Leve Quests

ffxiv leveling guide crafting efficient methods
Leve Quests For Crafting Jobs | Screenshot by Exputer

Leve Quests efficiently level crafters, theoretically reaching level 90. The allowance limit, displayed at the quest menu bottom, hinders its full potential. Start with 99 allowances, usually enough from level 20 to 90. Begin quests at levels 20 or 26 for optimal results. Gain 3 allowances every 12 hours; save for shortages.

As a crafter, quests require submitting a specific item, often visible in quest details. Choose between normal or high-quality, with the latter yielding better rewards. Focus on quests for items like potions, yarns, and ingots, available at reasonable market prices.

Upon accepting quests, check market prices. High quality is recommended, but submit normal quality if prices are unfavorable. Leve Quests were more lucrative before Endwalker’s release but remained an excellent crafter leveling method with added rewards.

How To Unlock Leve Quests

To unlock the Tradecraft Leve Quests. You have to continue with the main scenario quests until you reach a certain quest. You also have to be level 9 to access this quest. The quest is different depending on your starting city and your crafting job. 

  • For Alchemist, Goldsmith, and Weaver. You have to complete the Quest “Way Down in the Hole” found in Ul’dah.
  • For Armorer, Blacksmith, and Culinarian. You have to complete the Quest “Just Desserts” found in Limsa Lominsa.
  • For Carpenter and Leatherworker. You have to complete the Quest “Spirithold Broken” found in Gridania.

Once you have completed the quest corresponding to your crafting job, you can head over to your city’s adventurous guild and find the levemate NPC. The NPC will allow you to accept a level 10 quest that will unlock the tradecraft Leve Quests for you. This quest is also specific to your Crafting job. 

  • For Alchemist, Goldsmith, and Weaver. The quest that will unlock the Tradecraft Leve Quests is “Leves of Horizon” found in Ul’dah.
  • For Armorer, Blacksmith, and Culinarian. The quest that will unlock the Tradecraft Leve Quests is “Leves of Swiftperch” found in Limsa Lominsa.
  • For Carpenter and Leatherworker. The quest that will unlock the Tradecraft Leve Quests is “Leves of Bentbranch” found in Gridania.

Ishgardian Restoration

ffxiv leveling guide crafters most efficient ways
Ishgardian Restoration Menu | Screenshot credit: Exputer

Patch 5.11 introduced the Ishgardian Restoration, tasking crafters with creating collectibles for the people of Ishgard. Instead of the typical quality bar, you aim for a collectability rating, earning experience points based on it. Meeting a minimum collectability rating is necessary for receiving rewards.

Access the Ishgardian Restoration crafts in your crafting log under special recipes. After crafting, submit your collectible to the appraiser, “Potkin.” Gatherers must source ingredients available on the market board.


To save time in crafting, utilize the Macro system in FFXIV. Macros consolidate multiple inputs into a single command, allowing up to 15 actions with one button press.

  • Access the macro section through System Settings > User Macros.

Craft custom macros on the website by entering the item name in the Crafting Simulation. After selecting the item, input your crafting job stats from the in-game character screen. Use the rotation finder to discover suitable macros for the item. Copy and paste these macros into the user macros section for efficient one-button crafting. While manual crafting is still an option, macros expedite the leveling process.

How To Unlock The Ishgardian Restoration

To unlock the Ishgardian Restoration, you need to have at least 1 of your jobs at level 60. It can be any class or job. As we mentioned at the start of this FFXIV leveling guide: crafting is very helpful to have a combat job leveled up a decent amount. You also need to have completed the main scenario Quest, “Litany of Peace.”

You can then go to the Foundation (X:9.7 Y:11.5) and accept the Quest called “Towards the Firmament.” Once you have completed the quest, it will unlock The Ishgardian Restoration for you.

Tribal Daily Quests 

ffxiv leveling guide crafting best methods
Arkasodara Beast Tribe and Hippo | Image credits: Exputer

Beast Tribe Quests offer daily opportunities for extra Experience points, as emphasized in our combat job leveling guide. Utilize these quests, along with crafting, to maximize gains. Due to the daily limit of 3 quests per tribe, supplement them with other methods.

Each tribe provides an extensive pool of quests, and though limited to 3 per day, you can surpass this limit. Accumulate reputation points with each tribe to rank up, unlocking an additional 3 quests on the same day. However, keep in mind the overall daily quest limit remains at 12, even with continued ranking up.

Unlike combat job quests, crafting in Beast Tribe Quests doesn’t involve battles. Crafters can choose tribes based on their level range for optimal efficiency.

  • For level 1-50 Crafters, you should do Ixal Beast Tribe Quests
  • For level 50-60 Crafters, you should do Moogle Beast Tribe Quests
  • For level 60-70 Crafters, you should do Namazu Beast Tribe Quests
  • For level 70-80 Crafters, you should do Dwarf Beast Tribe Quests

Ixal Beast Tribe

crafters leveling guide ffxiv
Ixal Beast Tribe | Image copyright: Exputer

This Beast Tribe’s Quests are located at Ehcatl in the North Shroud (X: 24, Y: 22). This tribe’s quests are best done if you are between levels 1 and 50 with your crafting job. Your objective for the quest will, of course, be crafting items for the Ixal Beast Tribe.

You will need to make use of special crafting facilities in order to craft the item that they require. After you have obtained the materials you need in the quest, you must give them to the workshop supervisor so that you can use their crafting facilities. 

How To Unlock Ixal Beast Tribe Quests

To unlock the Ixali Tribe Quests, you need to complete the level 41 main scenario quest called “In Pursuit of the Past.” Once completed, you can go talk to Scarlet in New Gridania (X: 9.9, Y: 11.4) to start the quest “A Bad Bladder,” which will unlock the Ixal Beast Tribe Quests for you.

Moogle Beast Tribe

ffxiv crafter leveling guide
Moogle Beast Tribe | Copyright: Exputer

Once you have reached level 50, you should move over to the Moogle Beast Tribe quests instead of Ixal. You should do this tribe’s quests from level 50 until level 60. Other than that, the Moogle Beast Tribe’s Quests work exactly the same as the Ixal Beast Tribe.

Namazu Beast Tribe 

ffxiv beast tribes
Namazu Beast Tribe | Image copyrighted by Exputer

As mentioned earlier, the Namazu Beast Tribe’s quests are optimally done if you are between level 60 and level 70. The tasks are the same as the previous 2 tribes as well.

You have to craft some items for the Namazu Beast Tribe, and they will give you experience points and some other rewards in exchange. The only difference is that Gatherers can also do the Namazu Beast Tribe’s quests. You can find this tribe’s quests in The Azim Steppe at Dhoro Iloh (X: 5.8, Y: 23.4, Z: 1.2).

Dwarf Beast Tribe

ffxiv leveling guide for crafters
Dwarf Beast Tribe | Copyrighted by Exputer

Finally, we have the Dawarf Beast Tribe Quests, introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. You can use the Dwarf Tribe Quests from level 70 to level 80 after finishing the Moogle Beast Tribe. This Tribe’s quests also work the same as the previous 3 tribes mentioned.

Grand Company Supply Missions

ffxiv leveling guide crafting fastest methods
Grand Company Supply Mission | Screenshot by Exputer

Crafting jobs, like the Daily Beast Tribe Quests, offer daily and weekly methods for extra experience points. Grand company supply missions, limited to once per day, provide a substantial amount of experience points.

To access them, go to your timer’s menu, click “Next Mission Allowance,” and submit one high-quality item daily to your supply officer for multiplied experience points. Craft the item yourself instead of buying from the overpriced market board. If needed, purchase ingredients from the market board, usually more affordable than the final product.

Crafting in FFXIV is possibly the most complex and in-depth crafting system out of all MMORPGs. On the contrary, as it is a very in-depth system, it is understandable that you feel intimidated to approach crafting. We hope this FFXIV leveling guide: crafting helped alleviate some of that intimidation factor. 


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