FFXIV: Best Ways To Get Company Seals

There are various best ways to get company seals in FFXIV to farm these fast. You can spend them on promotion or buying rare gear.

Joining grand companies is essential in FFXIV if you want to improve your gameplay and keep it exciting. You can buy many valuable items from the grand companies using various company seals, including unique gear and weapons and crafting materials.

Key Highlights

  • Players can join three Grand Companies in the realm of Eorzea.
  • Players can earn Company Seals by serving the Company.
  • You can exchange unimportant gear for seals through Expert Delivery.
  • Clearing the Grand Company’s Hunting Log also grants Company Seals.
  • Leveling Roulette, Levequests and FATEs are also great ways of attaining Company Seals.

Moreover, you can also raise your rank within the company by gathering the required amount of company seals. There is no doubt that company seals play a crucial role in FFXIV in improving your gameplay. So, in this guide, we will discuss the best ways to get company seals fast in FFXIV and what to spend them on.

FFXIV: How To Get Company Seals Fast

There are various efficient ways to get company seals to help you acquire tons of helpful gear and materials from the grand company. In addition, you can increase your rank in the company using these company seals. While you’re at it, consider reading our Best Solo Class FFXIV guide.

Grand Company Delivery Missions

FFXIV best way to farm company seals fast
Grand Company missions

You can access these delivery missions at the front desk of your grand company. Once you click on exchange from the menu, Players can spot three tabs on the screen, namely Supply, Provisioning, and Expert delivery. After delivering the items requested by your grand company, you can get a lot of company seals. You can either get the items by crafting them or gathering various materials.

However, high-quality crafted items would give you more company seals. You can use some of the best retainers classes in FFXIV to gather materials quickly and efficiently.

The items required by your grand company would change every day, and players can submit the necessary items to get experience and company seals. Moreover, there is a daily quest for either a gatherer or crafting job, and players can farm company seal quickly by completing these quests.

These quests would also give players many experience points, so missing out on them is a significant loss. Completing delivery missions is an essential step in farming company seals fast in FFXIV.

Expert Delivery

Players can begin Expert delivery missions once they manage to rank up to sergeant or a higher rank. To raise your rank faster, consider reading our FFXIV leveling guide. These Expert delivery missions will yield significant amounts of company seals when players submit rare items and gear.

Players can obtain these rare items through various raids and dungeons. The higher the quality of the rare item is, the more company seals players would be able to get simply by exchanging them. 

Players can submit rare items and gear if it’s not an item essential to the game’s main story. The more dungeon gear you would gather, the more experience points and company seals players would be able to earn. Though, players can only submit the green and blue-colored gear and not the rare yellow items.

It is also recommended not to sell valuable equipment and weapons as they can be utilized well in building your DPS classes.

Grand Company Hunting logs

FFXIV best way to get company seals
Hunting log

Players can open the hunting log menu from the menu in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hunting logs contain quests that would require players to beat specific monsters to obtain EXP and rewards. Players can access the hunting log of the grand company they have joined and complete those quests to get many company seals and other rewards.

Each grand company hunting log is different, and players would be required to kill many enemies to obtain company seals. You can level up your characters with a training dummy in FFXIV to complete hunting logs efficiently. 

Duty Finder

What to buy company seals ffxiv
Duty Finder

The Duty Finder/ Roulette is probably the easiest and best way to farm company seals in FFXIV. Players can obtain many company seals from the leveling and Guildhests duties. There are various other categories of duties available in the duty tab, but only these two categories will yield players some company seals.

They can check the possible awards in the duty tab before starting a roulette duty. Some of these FFXIV addons might be helpful in completing some duties.

Players can obtain significant exp and company seals after completing a leveling duty, so it’s recommended to complete these duties as it would allow you to level up while also gathering company seals.

Furthermore, players can participate in Guildhests once they reach level 10 or higher in their grand company. Players can get experience, Gil, and company seals after successfully completing a Guildhest duty.

FATEs Quests

The FATE quests would require the players to complete a variety of Tasks to earn Gil, company seals, and various other rewards. The more difficult a FATE quest is, the more company seals players would make after completion. Some of the best FFXIV DPS classes might be helpful in completing these FATEs Quests.

FATE quests would usually require players to defeat bosses, slay various enemies, complete escort missions, and gather materials. Completing these quests is a quick way to earn company seals, as FATE quests would yield a significant amount each time you complete one.


Levequests are greatly rewarding quests that players can repeat to gain many company seals. Players can unlock more Levequests by talking to certain NPCs called Levemetes that can be found in the field. Various classes have different Levequests that would require players to speak with their respective Levemetes. If you have trouble locating Levemets, you can discuss them in the FFXIV novice network.

Players can increase the difficulty of some Levequests to obtain greater rewards. Before starting a Levequest, check the rewards because not all Levequests offer company seals. Players can take a lot of grand Company Levequests to farm company seals in FFXIV easily.

How To Spend Company Seals in FFXIV 

Company seals can be used for various purposes, whether increasing your Grand company rank or buying new gear. Increasing your grand company rank is essential to unlocking more quests and equipment. The higher your company rank is, the more difficult missions you can get assigned to, and completing them would give you a lot of great rewards.

Furthermore, you can get more rare items and equipment with a higher grand company rank. Players can get many valuable items from the Grand company to buy with company seals. You can buy a couple of moonstones with your seals and sell them for a high price to earn Gil easily. Moreover, you can get helpful gear that can aid you in combat.

If you wonder what to buy with company seals in FFXIV, these items and gears should be your priority. Check out our FFXIV best in slot guide on the subject of endgame gear.


FFXIV took over the gaming world back in 2010 when it got released. The game got famous due to its unique MMORPG gameplay requiring players to improve characters and classes constantly. So, FFXIV would introduce three grand companies once you level up to 20. 

That’s all about our best way to get company seals fast in the FFXIV guide. Utilize the steps in this guide, and you will be able to farm company seals effortlessly, gaining many of them in a short period.

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